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Possessed Toys

1992 Words | 10 |4.92

Another Short story following Erin(13) and Emma(11), After surviving the last ghost attack they find their possessed toys have perverted plans

You don’t need to read part one to enjoy this story but it helps. It is written in two sections Erin story is first then Emma’s

Erin laid on her bed and stared at the ceiling in her dark room. It had been a month since she and her little sister had been attacked by the spirits in the board. It was a hot night and she laid with most of her thin body exposed to the cool night air. She wore a thin purple cami and pair of blue boy shorts; her dirty bond hair was done up in a messy bun on her head. She thought back to the attack as she often did when she was alone in her room with her thoughts. Initially the thoughts had been dominated by a sort of dread and fear about the entire event. How the ghostly objects had violated her and her sister. The last few nights however when she thought about the attack Erin found a shameful warmth begin to build in her crotch. The feeling grew and made her think more about how the tentacles had made her feel that night, which made the feeling grow more. This feedback loop grew and grew until she had no choice but to find some release.
Erin found herself in such a loop tonight. She sighed and rolled over looking at her stuffed bear that laid in the corner of her room. She had gotten the bear when she was only 6 and it had been her favorite toy growing up. At 10 however she realized that it could have even more uses. She swung her feet off the edge of the bed and walked over to the bear. It was a large toy about 4 feet tall only a few inches shorter than Erin herself She wrapped her arms around it lifting it up and awkwardly moving it onto her bed. She laid the bear on its back and startled its head. She then lowered herself down so that her crotch rested on the bear’s hard plastic nose. Erin then leaned forward gripping the bear’s stomach. She then started to move her hips back and forth across the bear’s face. The movement rubbed her tiny pussy against the fabric of the bear, its nose sliding between the lips of her pussy and pushing against her clit. Soon she felt her pussy become wet and slick. She increased the feeling of pleasure building up inside of her as she did so. She lifted one hand up and squeezed her small breast, letting out a soft moan of pleasure. Her heart pounded and her breath quickened. A soft sheen of sweat glistened on her soft pale skin in the light of the moon. She arched her back and gripped the sides of the bears head as a wave of pleasure broke over her. Erin picked up the pace not wanting to stop with just one. She continued to grind the bear orgasming for a second and third time. Eventually she collapsed on top of the bear exhausted.
She rolled off of the bear and pushed it onto the floor with her feet. She would pick it up in the morning. She was about to fall into a restful sleep when something grabbed her leg. Erin sat up with a start and looked down to see a soft stuffed arm grabbing her leg. Before she could react the arm pulled hard. Erin was yanked off of the bed landing hard on her butt with a thud. Erin gazed in disbelief at the figure in front of her. It was her bear. It stood towering over her on the floor. It was unchanged except its eyes now glowed with a pale blue light and between its legs was a large glowing blue cock. Erin tried to back away but her back hit the wall. The bear reached down grabbing her legs and pulled her towards him. With one large paw it pushed her down on her back and with on the other it reached down to her crotch. Erin was too scared to make any sound she just stared at the bear in disbelief. The paw by her crotch suddenly grew pale blue claws. With one quick motion the bear cut off her panties leaving her bottom half exposed. Her still wet pussy showed hairless in the pale light. The bear pushed her legs apart and lowered itself down between her legs. Erin knew what was going to happen next and it snapped her out of her trance. She opened her mouth to scream in terror but the bear shoved the ruined scraps of her panties in her mouth. All that came out was a muffled cry. She swung her arms pounding the soft body of the bear but it did nothing. She felt something hard and cold press against her pussy. She looked down and saw the bear’s ethereal cock was being pressed into her. She let out another muffled scream and hot tears blurred her vision. The cold rod bore into her crotch. It didn’t hurt as much as the last time she was attacked but the feeling of violation rushed over her as the bear’s cock pushed deeper inside of her. The bear pushed itself all the way in. Erin felt its cock slam into something deep inside her and she let out a muffled cry. The bear’s face was level with hers, its glowing blue eyes peering into hers. The bear began to speed up. Erin felt it like a knife stabbing to her, filling her up. Much to her shame Erin began to feel pleasure build up in her crotch. She arched her back and gripped onto the sides of the bear as the wave of pleasure broke over her. The bear kept pounding her. Erin’s long thin legs twitched with pleasure beneath the bear’s body. The bear pounded Erin’s tiny body for a long time, eventually after her 5th orgasm Erin’s body fell limp. She was exhausted. The bear took this as its que and slammed once more hard into Erin, she let out a cry and felt cold liquid fill her body. The stuff filled her up to bursting. Then with a flash the light in the bear’s eyes went out and the bear collapsed on top of her. As it did so the cock inside her disappeared and the liquid inside her shot out all over the floor between Erin’s legs. Erin lay there for a while too tired to move. Eventually she pushed the bear off of her and crawled back into bed. As she pulled the blankets around her she thought what the fuck was wrong with this house.
Emma was woken up by a loud thud. She sat up her short dark brown hair moving around her shoulders. She was wearing a short purple nightgown, her small budding breast pressing out against the fabric. Beneath that she had on a pair of green panties with a blue frilly border and a little blue bow in the front. Emma had not slept well since the night of her attack. For the first two weeks she had been unable to sleep alone, she had spent every night upstairs with Erin. As time passed however and nothing further happened Emma finally made the move back to her room. Emma looked around her room for the source of the sound. It was lit by the orange glow of her nightlight. The sound had seemed to come from somewhere above her, probably Erin’s room. Emma decided she should probably go check on Erin. She swung her legs on the side of her bed and then began to walk towards the door. She got about half way when she felt something wrap around her foot. Emma tripped and fell hard. Emma was dazed from the fall. As her head cleared so could feel she was being dragged across her floor. She lifted her neck. She could see wrapped around her feet was her jump rope. That must have been what tripped her. She followed it up and could see the other end was in her closet. Something was pulling on the other end dragging her along, though whatever it was Emma couldn’t see it. Memories of the attack last month flooded back into her mind. Emma was filled with terror. She reached around trying to find something to grab onto to stop herself being pulled into whatever was waiting in her closet. Her tiny arms reached out for the edge of her bed. Her fingers brushing the wood of the leg post just out of reach. Emma looked again towards the closet, she could see what was pulling her now. To her horror it was her collection of dolls and toys. She stared in disbelief somehow they had come to life, their eyes glowing a pale blue. The worked together pulling on the jump rope. She was now only a few feet away from the closet. Her toys poured out into the room. The surrounded her holding her down. One of them shoved a pair of her panties into her mouth and another duct taped it in. still more pulled and pushed her into the closet. Emma struggled to push them off but there were too many of them and they were surprisingly strong. They wrapped the jump rope around her arms and hosted her up over the bar in the closet until her legs danged helplessly off the ground. They then tied ribbons and belts around each of her legs and pulled them apart. Emma struggled and let out muffled screams but she was completely immobilized. She looked across the room and saw the door open. Two more of her toys came in carrying what looked like a giant white match. Emma had seen it before. She had found it well looking around in her moms clothing drawer. Emma had thought it was some kind of massager. The toys brought it over to her and pressed the head of it against her pussy. They then taped it to the side of her legs and flipped the on switch. The head began to vibrate against her pussy. The feeling felt good but it was too intense. It was similar to when someone holds you down to tickle you. The feeling made Emma panic and she struggled against her bindings. The intense feeling shot through Emma’s tiny body. She jerked and twitched. Emma could feel a wetness building up between her legs. She let out a moan as a powerful feeling washed over her. The feeling didn’t stop though it kept coming and coming. By the 10th time Emma began to feel really panicked. I am going to lose my mind, She thought this has to stop, please just make it stop. But it didn’t stop. She hung there orgasming 20- 30 times. Eventually she lost count. Stayed in the closet for hours every time she would start to pass out, another jolt would rush though her and wake her back up. She whimpered and cried her mind blank to everything but the intenseness of the feeling inside her. Eventually Emma was slightly aware of her door opening. She gazed up, it was her sister Erin. Erin rushed forward and untied her, laying her down on the floor. At this point Emma wasn’t really aware what was going on. She could hear a voice ask her if she was ok, but It seemed a long way off. Emma didn’t answer, instead she felt her eyes close and she passed out.

I hope you have all enjoyed the story. As always please make sure to rate the story and please let me know what you thought about it and if you have any ideas or stuff you would like to hear in future stories. Thank you again.

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  • Reply Lurker

    My dick got hard the moment I saw it was these girls. Keep up the great work! Be a real shame if the girls became addicted to the demon and brought school friends or family over for “sleepovers”

    • Sweet-tarts

      Not a bad idea!

  • Reply Anon

    Different from other stories out there 5 stars

    • Sweet-tarts

      Thank you!

  • Reply Anonymous


    • sweet-tarts

      What age are we talking here?

    • AP

      Much younger and the spooks would have to be taking the girls’ diapers off!

    • Sweet-tarts

      My thoughts exactly

  • Reply AP

    I totally freaking love the bear’s ghost cock. Spooky and erotic all at the same time. The ectoplam cum was a nice touch.
    Maybe Erin ‘s next visit can be from a couple of exoplasmic boys or a phantom exact copy of herself… with ghostly powers.
    It looks like Erin got off easy compared to Emma with her 20-30 forced orgasms. She’s lucky the didn’t ream her ass too.
    Maybe tantric energy from the girls’ adolescent sexuality is driving things? That would mean the more energy that is generated, the more orgasms they have, will only build up and feed whatever this is, making it more and more powerful for each next encounter. As they get older and more and more hormones pour into them imagine how much energy is going to be generated then.
    Maybe the girls need to go onto the web to do some research. Of course that means if they learn about all sorts of unusual sex practices, once exposed to them, they could be subject to whatever your mind cares to write.
    Great stories Sweet-tarts. Thanks for the work you put into them and thanks for sharing.

    • Sweet-tarts

      As always I am glad you liked it! Also great notes and ideas. I was already thinking about some of them but you definitely have me some more inspiration! Thank you again