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Playing house

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When I was 12 my mom would go on these business trips when I knew she was just visiting her husband and new family and I’d go with my 20 year old cousin Joel he had a nice 2 bedroom apartment and a kitchen with a living room.

The 2nd room had gaming equipment and storage so I had a small space in his closet and I slept with him and he insisted I showered with him

I never thought on how he’d hug me in the shower or kiss me on the lips even when he put his hands up my shirt and joke about how I was big for a 5th grader.

And let’s not forget the groping on my Crotch and ass his friend he knew he had an attraction to me and kids told me it was normal and I should let him.

I did no matter how much I didn’t like it until one day in the shower he had groomed me so much with toys snacks and clothing to think and sucking and licking his cock was good and I enjoyed it I still do to this day sucking cock is a favorite

It would always end with a ‘I love you princess’ or a good girl thats where my praise kink came from when i turned 13 I spent it with him and we spent the whole day starting with him cooking and then taking my virginity we went for hours and that year my mom gave him custody of me so I no longer lived with her

I was happy with him.and what he did until his friends came in the mix id take cock all the time and when I turned 15 his best friend who cleaned me up and never neglected me knocked me up I moved out after threatening to call the cops with his best friend Joseph soon after having little girl named Amelia I moved in with Joel again and we fell in love and he treated my daughter like his and treated me good surprisingly we had 3 children with no defects 2 babygirls rylee and rae and another boy Parker

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    Oh okey, My snap is wiktorokboi, see you there!


    Riya are you going to let Joel fuck your daughters?

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  • Reply Psiberzerker

    First cousin Incest is about twice as likely to reinforce recessives. However, we’re talking about 1, or 2% here. With a complete stranger (Of the same ethnic group) you have about a 1, or 2% chance of birth defects. With your cousin, that goes up to 3, or 4%.

    Of course, that doesn’t count other risk factors like getting pregnant at 12, or having a premature child at 13, a cesarean because your hips won’t displace enough to give birth, or what that does to your developing body.

    Not to mention the consent issues here.

    • Riya

      Never was pregnant at 12 or 13 i said 15 years old fo back and read and I didn’t feel the need to speak on many miscarriages and children that were stillborn those are just the lucky three I was able to birth healthy and not even perfect my 2nd born was premature and wasn’t likely to survive but she did

  • Reply RoXonB

    It’s sad to hear you were tricked and treated like that, but It’s great to hear you’re feeling happy now, be strong and keep going, I wish you good and your family

    • That guy who beat you up behind school

      Holy shit, look at this fucking SIMP

    • AP

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    • Riya

      Thats not what a simp is that guy that’s. RoXon and totally right AP

    • RoXonB

      There is something called “empathy” ever heard of it?

    • Riya

      I don’t think he heard of empathy, want to message each other on insta?

    • Riya

      Talking to RoXonB since he shows EMPATHY unlike that guy

    • That guy who beat you up behind school

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    • RoXonB

      Sure riya, what’s yours? Mines roxon_b

    • Riya

      RoXonB, sorry I meant snap. I won’t get unwanted messages on snapchat