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Never Too Old To Have Some Fun! Pt2

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Myself & Dan had started sending nude pics to each other quite often, But the big thing was i had agreed to take part in a Gangbang too!

After I had sent my picture to Dan I started to think it may not have been such a good idea but was still a real turn on all the same,
It was around 10 minuets before Dan sent back a message…FUCKKK Sue your cunt is
fucking awesome, Its huge & I’m stroking to it, My cocks rock hard,
Reading this sent me in to a frenzy again with me going like the clappers rubbing my clit,
I replied saying…Ha ha thanks glad ya like it, Yes it is quite big I suppose but I think your cock would still open it up more, Don’t know about that but I love a big cunt like yours that has huge lips that stick out!

Next day at work as i got to my desk Dan was already there & looked like he was waiting for me, Morning Sue, Do anything existing last night then ha ha,
Hmmm let me think! I wasn’t sure whether to really send the picture or not at first,
Well I’m glad ya did as it was ace, Your pussy looks very cock friendly,
‘Really’…thanks, But yeah you were right when ya said I’d open it up more,
By the look of it i reckon you could take my cock quite easy!
Oh i reckon i could fit you in alright, The girl that normally sits near us was on holiday so we could chat away more freely than before,

Can i ask you something, Yeah ask what ya like Dan, Have you ever been fist fucked? Ha ha yes lots of times, I could do that to myself when i was in my teens,
Cool…the full fist in side? Sure..my puss is very flexi so its never been any problem, Yeah it looks like it could stretch quite a bit!
Well yeah ya not wrong….its can super stretch to take anything you can throw at it lol,
That’s why my husband got me that blow up dildo i think!
So dose he fist you then, Oh sure but not as much as he used to,
Yep it sure dose look very fuckable Sue, I looked up to see Dan looking
at the picture on his phone, “Bloody hell” put it away ya plonker before someone sees you!
Anyway let me take a look as i want to see how it looked,

Hmm yeah its not a bad photo is it, Still can’t believe I’ve done it!
Do you regret it now then? No no it was good & a mega turn on,
Well if you want to do it again & send me some more then we can do if ya like!
Hmm we will see ha ha, He dose go to play snooker again this Friday so could we could do it then i suppose, Yeah cool, If ya like we could even do live vid chat too,
Blimy..vid chat, Yeah you could watch me stoking my cock to your huge cunt,
Yeahhh I’ve got it on my phone so know how to use it,
You would really do that then if we vid chat? Sure if ya want to, Maybe you could do the same if ya liked!

Ha ha i don’t know about that, I was thinking about it for the next 2 days whether or not to do any self porn vid chat this Friday, I did say I’d probably take some more pussy pics for him,
This time he wanted some close ups,
Friday came & i said i would call him as soon as Dave had gone out,
I did kind of feel bad in one way doing this behind Dave’s back but the turn on from it was to much to turn down,

Dave went out a bit earlier than normal so i had chance to play with my self why looking at a video of Dan with around 7 others double dicking what looked like quite a young girl,
I found quite a number of him on the website after he told me where to look,
One was of him & a mate doing a cheating wife, Underneath the video it said that they have fucked her many times as her husband stays over a lot at work in London,
Don’t know if She’s aware that videos of her are all over the net?
By now i was so turned on i decided to have the phone right in front of my cunt when i phoned him!

I had the phone lent up on a pillow & about to press call when it started ringing & was asking if i would accept the video call? It was him ringing me,
I pressed Yes & there he was with quite a shocked look on his face,
FUCKING JESUS…is that you Sue?
Ha ha yeahh its me Dan, I could see what he was seeing at the bottom corner of the screen,
My cunt did look really huge with the lips sticking right out,
Blimy you’ve got well in to in quick enough haven’t you!

I thought i would surprise you ha ha,
Yeahh.. ya did, That really is one big juicy cunt you’ve got there Sue,
Well I’ve had no complaints ha ha,
That deserves a proper cock up it not the tiny pecker your fella’s got,
I bet its like waving a pencil in a cathedral,
Ha ha yeah i suppose it is a bit but he dose like to get his whole fist in there & he sometimes even dose it with his cock in me too lol,

Ha ha cool…That’s quite hot.
You don’t sound that surprised at me saying I can take a fist & a cock in me at the same time!
Well not much really as we do all sorts of shit like that to some of the bitch’s we fuck,
There is this old slut we sometimes do that’s 61 I think but she yells at us to fuck her harder all the time, She really loves us to punch fist her arse hole like mad, We’ve even double fisted it fully,
Wow she must have been well gaped out!
I could see Dan was stroking his rock hard cock so I asked him to hold the phone up close to the bell end then got him to pull the 4 skin up & down over it,

I still couldn’t get over just how fucking huge his bell end was,
Each time he pulled it back it revealed the deep ridge around it,
Wow its fucking huge & fat, Dave’s bell end is tiny at the side of that!
That would really open my cunt up wide Dan,
Yeahh ya reckon? I think your cunt would eat it all up quite easy,

As we were talking i found i was pulling my cunt lips wider & wider all the time why still holding the phone up close,
Fucking hell Sue..yeah spread that fucker…That’s it really pull it open,
I’d not spread myself this open for a long time & was now really going for it,
Jesus if we were with you now we’d definitely be double dicking your cunt like crazy!

Blimy really?
Sure, Your puss looks like it could take 2 cocks balls deep easy,
Hmmm i like the sound of that, It can stretch super wide so prob could do yeah,
Yeah we’d be in you but going in different directions so to really stretch the crap out of your cunt, Hmmmm yes please, Have you double dicked a lot of pussy like that then?
Ha ha most of the Milfs or cheating wife’s we do always love to be double dicked up their cunts really
Hard & nasty, Some are really yelling at us to pound them harder & harder too,
They love it,

Lets see that pussy of yours really super stretched then,
I really went for it pulling my cunt wider then started to slide my hand in & almost went fully in at the first push,
Fuck yeahh get it in there Sue, Fist ya cunt,

He moved his phone down to show his cock, He was stroking it quite fast as he was looking at me & egging me on to fist myself,
My puss was so wet my whole hand went fully in very easy indeed,
Yeahh that’s it Sue work it,
I had my hand in as far as i could bend my arm & wrist to get it deeper,
We’d have some fun with you Sue if we were with you now,
As he was telling me what he & his mates would be doing to me i found i was going in & out harder & faster all the more,
All of a sudden i heard a Fuckkkkk & his phone picture started to blur a tad as he was shooting his load, My eyes almost popped out at seeing the amount that was flying out his cock, Four huge thick jets shoot feet up in the air & some must have landed on his phone as the screen went blurred,

On seeing this it sent me over the edge too & my hips thrust up & started jerking up & down why still pounding my fist in myself as fast as i could,
I’d not fisted myself this full on for age’s,
Fucking hell Sue that was nasty ha ha,
Yeah it was a bit full on…did ya like it ha ha, By the looks of it ya did seeing the amount you shot out, That was a “Huge” load you shot!
Ha ha yeah it was a fair amount it would have been more if I’d been balls deep up your cunt or ass.

Blimy “More”..That was by far the biggest cum load I’ve ever seen before,
That would have been ace if you had been throat fucking me & cum like that,
Yeah i would have pulled ya head hard forward so you couldn’t get away too,
Really? Yeah we know some real dirty slut milfs that like to really be used hard,
Like a said before some are really quite posh & loaded or hold high end executive jobs, There the ones that seem to be in to gangbang & nasty shit the most,

We were chatting for ages before i looked at the clock only to see Dave could be back at any time now…Blimy is that the time..See you tomorrow,

Walking to work the next day i couldn’t believe what I’d done the night before,
I kept saying to myself..Sue what the hell are you doing ffs!
But also knew i would most probably be doing it again as i was starting to get hooked on it & porn in general,

As i got to my desk Dan was there smiling, I looked at him & shook my wrist..
I’ve got wrist ache lol, Ha ha I’m not surprised.. You were really going for it,
Loved the way you were punching ya fist in & out like that,
Yeah I’ve not done it like that to myself for ages,
Dose Dave like to fist fuck you like that then?
Ohh god yeah… He can really go for it big time, His hands are much bigger than mine but sometimes he’s been punching them in & out as hard & fast as he can ha ha..I love it,

Cool, Like i say Sue we’d have a ace time fucking you alright,
Yeah i know you would but don’t know what Dave would think,
Drop him a hint or something, Yeah like what…Oh Dave is it ok for a group of teen black lads to double fuck my arse tonight lol,

But i was thinking of letting on to him that I’ve started looking at Porno’s on DVD’s & on line,
Yeah do it, He might be well in to it,
Hmmm he might be i suppose, Its funny as i feel we’ve never done that much that’s very existing but then again its not every one that gets their cunt punch fisted by their husband in the way i do? Plus totally love things shoved up my arse too,

Yeah that’s why you would be in heaven with us doing you,
I have been telling some all about you ya know!
Ohh really, Even the vid calls?, Yeah..they said you sound like you would be a mega fuck, Blimy do they know how old i am then?
Yeah….I sent then your photo’s,
What! OMG…even the nude one’s?
Yeah..they loved them, They all said your well fit for your age & your cunt looks fucking awesome,
When you say ‘They’ how many have you sent my pictures to then?
Errr..all of them really, As he said this i was a bit shocked but at the same time really turned on as i felt a warm feeling come over my cunt,

So the lots seen them then, Yeah they all been sending them to each other i think,
They asked me to ask you if you can take some more or some vids of you with dildo’s or such up your ass!
What!…The cheeky fuckers, Ha ha yeah i know but that’s what their like,
What would they do with them then?
Don’t know..just jack off over them i suppose,
Most prob post me on pornsites to know doubt too,
Hmm well I’ll see

I didn’t want to let on to Dan at that time but secretly i was well up for doing it,
I had to wait 2 days before Dave went to his snooker again so went shopping the night before & got a couple of the thickest & longest cucumbers i could find,
As i was setting up my phone to film it my cunt was running with pussy goo so i had lots of lube to use if i needed it,
I wasn’t to sure what i was going to do as such but as soon as i said ‘record’ i just went a bit mad,
I was pulling my cunt all over the place for a bit before i took one of the cucumbers & started to run it up & down my cunt lips,
My cunt was so wet it just shot in the moment i put it between my lips,
I had that fucker in around 10 inch’s in a matter of seconds & was ramming the thing in & out like mad,

I’ve used cucumbers on myself many times but never gone crazy with one like i was doing now, It must of been knowing this was going to be seen by young black lads that was doing it for me,
My fingers were now slipping of the end as only the very tip was sticking out,
Fuckk… i was saying to myself as even i was a tad shocked to see the whole fucking thing now totally inside, After a bit i started to push the thing out around 9 inch’s before sliding it fully back in & kept doing this over & over,

I remembered Dan told me to film in times of around 5 min’s each so not to make the file to big to send him, My puss was taking the one cucumber so easy i knew i could get both in there easy enough,
For around the next 40 minutes i was ramming them in myself like a crazy woman, As i knew Dans mates had asked for some anal i went overboard with it as even got my 12inch dildo out that is thicker than the cucumbers & pounded the thing in & out my ass harder than I’ve ever done before,
My puss was taking both cucumbers at once with me pulling them around in opposite directions that really spread me super wide,

I was having a brill time before looking at the clock to see Dave was due back anytime soon!
I still had time to send the vids to Dan why i was still really turned on as might thick better of it if i waited, Each time i hit the send button my clit was throbbing like crazy from the hammer i was giving it,
Next day at work Dan told me he had got them all but then sent the lot to loads of his mates!
Fucking hell Sue you should have been a porn star…the vids you sent were fucking ace,

Ohh really thanks…yeah i did get a tad carried away,
You took the whole fucking cucumber up your ass easy,
Yeah I’ve not done that for ages,
So all ya mates now have the vids too then?
Err..yeah, OMG ..do you think they well repost them somewhere?
Don’t know but prob will do yeah,
I was now a bit worried but at the same time hugely turned on by the thought of anyone seeing me like this, Just think Sue guys could be jacking off to you anywhere In the world right now !
You should think of doing some cam girl stuff ya know as guys love ladies that can shove huge toys up their ass & cunts, Plus you could make shit loads of money too,
Yeah well I’ll think that one over a bit first,

A couple of days later Dan told me that his mates keep going on to him to ask you if you would really be up for a gangfuck with just black guys !
Secretly I was well up for it but said only if Dave agreed to it,

I started to think of how I could bring it up in conversation with him!
I could just come out with it saying –
Ohh yeah a load of black guys asked if i want to be gangfucked to shit by lots of them next week!
That might be a tad much lol

So after mulling it over for some time i told him i could get a porno DVD from work if he was up for watching one?
To my surprise he said – Really…Yeah go on then that would be fun,
I thought it best to watch a simple One on One first to see how it went,

He was glued to it the whole time & had a rock hard hard on the whole time too,
We had a good shagging after around an hour of it being on, Think the amount of cum he shot was the most for quite some years,
He told me to get some more from work but a bit more ‘Full on’ if I could,
This was music to my ears as it was him that wanted harder stuff without me trying to prompt him,

After around 4 Porno’s i told him i liked to watch Really full on nasty gangbang porn where mostly just one girl or woman is being pounded by many men or just black guys,
I thought he might have been a tad shocked but quite the opposite happened,
He asked me to get them again so he could watch them & told me to get my fev ones so he could see what did it for me,
Over the next week we watched around 5 DVD’s of mostly gangbang with lots of anal & double anal double pussy etc,
So would you like to be done like that then?
Errr well actually…..I wouldn’t mind giving it a go yeah!

Would you like to see me being done like that then?
Hell yeah I’d love to see you taking 2 huge black cocks up ya arse & both hard to the balls yeah,
How come you’ve never said so before then?
Well its not the kind of thing ya just blurt out really is it !
We talked for ages about it & what i would like to do etc,
To my total surprise he was a lot more in to kinky stuff than i ever knew,
Funny how you can be married all this time & not know stuff like that,

It was then that i dare tell him about the black lad at work & told him he had shown me some porn on his phone, Dave seemed to really like this & was asking all about it until in the end i just came out with it and told him that he sends me pictures of his cock!

To my surprise he started laughing & grabbed my phone to take a look!xxxxxxxx
Holy Fuck Sue is that thing really his cock…its fucking Huge!
And he’s only 18 ya say? Yeah i thick so, After i showed him the Video’s of what he had sent me i told Dave i had taken some pictures of my puss to Dan’s phone,
What!…when did ya do that then?
When you go to play snooker,
Ahhh so that explains why you always seemed a bit eager for me to go!
Yeahh ha ha, So what else you been up to with him then?
Oh nothing apart from him & his mates want to gangfuck the living daylights out of me!

What…he really said that? Yeah he sent the pics to all his mates & they reckon i have a very fuckable cunt & ass hole,
Dave’s cock was rock hard why i was telling him all this & i was slowly wanking him all the time,
Go on keep telling me what they want to do to you,
Ha ha the fucking lot i think, He was really in to it much more than i ever thought he would be, He went over the edge when i said they want you to watch as they all take turns to double dick my arsehohe,
Dave’s spunk shot higher in the air more than I’d ever seen before,

I thought now was the time to say….So can i tell him Yes then?
To gangfuck you ya mean?
Yeahhh…..Yeahh lets fucking do it….tell him they can come over & pound the crap out of you but only if I’m here & can watch!

I text Dan at once to tell him its on if he’s really up for it,
Only moments later i had a reply….FUCK YEAHHH SUE,
I will spread the word, So Dave is up for seeing his wife being used like a human pin cushion then?
How many guys do you want doing you?
OMG i don’t know! 7 or so or even more really,
Yeah i could get that many easy, Leave it with me…See you at work tomorrow.

Already i was thinking…God what have i let myself in for but Dave was now really in to it as he didn’t stop going on all night about it & what they were going to do to me etc.
Next day Dan showed me some of the texts he had got back from his mates,
I was a bit shocked at what some were saying as it sounded like they sure were going to make full use of my 3 holes with no mercy!
Dose she do ATM? Double anal & pussy ? Tell her I’m going to fist her cunt why fucking her up the ass,
Ass to mouth! Ha ha i don’t thick i might have much choice by the sounds of it,
So they know i like lots of anal then do they?
Ohh yes, I told them that your really in to that a lot & that’s got them all worked up ha ha,
Don’t worry Sue ya going to get lots of cock up your arsehole alright !

Ya like them young as well don’t you Sue!
Yeah..i don’t mind ha ha, Well i know a couple of young teen lads that have really fucking huge cocks on them, They are still at school but have fucked quite a number of Milfs etc,
Blimey….how old are they then? Well put it this way..when ya see their cocks you won’t give a shit,
OMG underage school boys fucking me ha ha,
Yeah their good alright, Last time i saw them together doing the nasty was when we were fucking this very high ranking Police woman who had contacted me on the web site,

Them two fuckers were double dicking that bitch up her ass for fucking hours lol
Mind you we kept our promise not to expose her or such & have done her 4 or 5 times now,
She don’t know we have it all on vid ha ha,

Dan asked if a week on Saturday would be ok as most could make it on that day,
After talking to Dave i told him yes that would be fine,
It was getting dark by around 6pm so i told them to come over around 7 ish as i didn’t really want all the neighbours seeing a load of black guys going in to the house….What would they think lol.
Part 3 to follow

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