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My step dad and brother molests me

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My kik is frogswithswag im 14 and ny names kora

I remember always my brother watched me because my mom is always gone and everyday id sit in front of him and watch his jerk off too me in my school uniform which consisted of a red yellow and black skirt and white stocking too my knees and a white collared shirt and I usually wore the black school sweatshirt.

I always let him because my brothers my only friend so I let him and usually he cum on my panties and id wash them.after until one day I got curious and he asked if I wanted him to be my first kiss and I said yes I was helpess and vulnerable.

He stripped me naked and my nerves calmed down when he kissed me his cock was about 7 inches and the mushroom tip was running through my pussy while we kissed and his lips were soft and my mom car pulled up so he forced me in the shower while he got dressed.

I didn’t talk about it and it was awkward so we do our daily routine for a while then things changed quickly my got a boyfriend he moved in mom got new hours her new boyfriend started touching me.

It started with butt slaps and pecs on the lips to hugs that were me in his lap while he roughly grinded me into him while he kissed. My brother watched feeling guilty while he jacked off.

Then it got as far as me on my knees taking turns suckung them off and I’d get cum on my face and drink there piss it wasn’t bad honestly.

Until my brother did the honors nd raped me everyday I got raped and molested and I still do to this day and I hate and love it.

Just an hour ago I got a my step father’s load in my butt and now I’m gonna go into the weekend with a gaping sore butt THANKS TOM

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  • Reply Not alone

    Kora i hope its a false story, if its not please do yourself a service, report it to the cops, do not do the same mistake i did.

  • Reply Billyd33

    Frogswithswag is a 14 day old kik account with a dude for a profile pic


      The profile picture is from the internet I know the own of it so that account is a fake account to attract people to it

  • Reply Anonymous


  • Reply Anonymous

    What’s your Snapchat? 😛

  • Reply Kimfslut

    Hard to follow

  • Reply Just this once

    I meant to say it’s a good story. We all make grammer errors so it’s a bit confusing but readable

  • Reply Just this once

    Not bad, could use proof reading before posting, and a spell checker

  • Reply AP

    Kora, for everyone’s sanity, please note if this is well written fiction or not.