My son want it, I give it

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Craig had been interested in my body ever since he was 18. He would steal glances always. Do you know what it’s like talk to your son while all he does is glance at your boobs instead of your eyes? And feeling his eyes on your ass whenever he can? For me it was uncomfortable. But you can’t blame him ’cause at 41, I have a 38D with a fat round ass. Many men drop dead at a glance of me and young boys in their teens or twenties see me as a MILF and my son isn’t an exception. He is our only son so far, but my husband, James and I are thinking of getting a second one. Craig has made some fairly tight muscles over the years to complement his 5’11 height and handsomeness. If you were a girl, you would easily fall for him. I always noticed an erection in his pants whenever I got closer to him and his eyes on my boobs.

One evening, I decide to give him what he wanted. A talk. He was on his phone, on the couch texting and stuff when I joined him with two glasses of lemonade. “Here, some lemonade.” I said. He grabbed the glass and, without looking, said thanks to me. He had avoided eye contact with after noticing that I noticed I always turned him on. He was shy lately. “Can we talk, Craig?” I asked. His fingers started to tremble and his heart to beat louder and faster. He could guess what we were to talk about and he was ashamed and scared. He said yes. I got closer and turned fully to him. “Look at me, son. Don’t be shy.” I said softly. I was in a tight sleeveless top and loose pants. His eyes stopped at my bulky boobs momentarily before looking in mine, shyly, full of shame. “I have noticed you, glancing at my boobs whenever you get the chance and I want to tell you it’s quite natural. You’re growing up into a man and it’s normal for a man to get attracted to a woman. Even if it’s your own mom.” Craig started trembling even more. “I’m sorry, mom. I just can’t control it. I’m a bad child.” Craig mumbled in fear. “I know you’re just curious about a woman’s body. That natural too. You can’t control it.” I touched his hand which rested on his lap and caressed it with a comforting brush with my thumb before guiding it to one of my boobs. Craig’s eyes went wide open in surprise and then I said “Feel free to feel these things you’re obsessed with.” He hesitated, probably because it seemed like a dream but quickly picked up and squeezed it. I lay down on my back and he was now more welcome. He grabbed the other boob and squeezed it too. I felt my nipples point hard against my son’s palm. He squeezed the harder and harder and I closed my eyes with pleasure. Before I knew, one hand let go of one of my boobs and in the next second, I felt a hand poking my vagina which was concealed under my loose pants. He had crossed the line without official permission from me. “Uh, Craig….you’re going beyond your boundaries. Uh, mmmm, Craig.” I moaned with pleasure taking over. I couldn’t stop him. He kissed me on the lips and when he pushed his tongue against them, I opened them and knew I was being the worst mother on Earth, yet I wasn’t ready to turn back. Craig slid his hands down to my waist, and pulled my blouse up, raised some inches from my back to let him pull all the way up over my head and now my full, fleshy tits were bare before my son. I heard his say “wow”. He hadn’t seen a woman’s bare tits except in the thousands of porno videos he had watched, and here he was seeing the tits of his mom. It was inappropriate, we both knew but we both has no regret in this moment.

Craig sucked on my tits and he continued to squeeze them. I remembered 19 years ago when he sucked on them for his food, now he was sucking on them for his pleasure. I moaned louder and louder. Again, his hands went down and this time, traced the waistline of my pants, I knew he now wanted to fuck me and who was I to resist after letting him do all the playing. Am a woman and a dick was a dick, even my son’s He is a boy and a pussy is a pussy, even his mom’s. In a split second, my pants were out down to my feet. He took his tshirt off and his jeans pants followed. A boxer away from a dick and a panties away from a pussy. That was me and my son. I knew I was bout to be banged. Craig, inserted a finger in the cunt that helped him out of my womb. It was wetter than ever. He searched for my clit and stroked it until I moaned with no control. Getting wetter and wetter. I was so horny and I was getting hornier by the time he pulled my panty down and out of my feet, I was the horniest woman in the world and still getting hornier. Craig pulled his boxers. His dick swang out in the fullness of it’s hardness and he stepped out of his boxers to get on top of me and finish up his mother. I opened my legs to welcome his unbelievably big dick. He looked me in the eyes, I looked him in his and we both knew mother and son were going to have sex. Penetrative sex. In the first effort to shove his dick in me, my tight pussy lips resisted. Craig’s father fucked me at least thrice a week but Craig’s dick was too big for my vagina to take with ease. That didn’t stop him, in fact it was another motivational factor. He knew that once he got in, he was going to have the best fuck, his first moreover. My son then shoved it all the way in and the moan I let out was of pain. He pulled out, went in again. This time, my pussy hugged his dick tight but let him ride in smoothly in the wet woman thing. Craig thrusted slow, picking pace and rhythm, now going faster. On the fifth, thrust, Craig was about to cum. Thank goodness, he pulled out, most men fail. I came just at the same time. His shot we’re loaded on the floor. I was still hungry to be fucked as much as he was to fuck. Young men/boys get hard again easily after cumming and I was hoping he would very soon. He went down between my thighs, snoated like a dog and breathed in the scent. I knew he was going to eat my pussy. I reached for his dick to masturbate the motherfucker back to hardness when he we both heard the gate bell ring. We jumped out of the couch and fidget trying to dress up “It must be dad.” “It must be your dad.” We said both at the same time. This sex has to be continued and so is this story.

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