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My Mothers New Husband, Mr Honeywell Part 3 (part 2 is in the lesbian category)

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My Mother finds she now has two owners, her 40 year old new husband Mr Honeywell, and her 14 almost 15 year old daughter , ME.

I slowly slide up my Mothers body before kissing her on the lips, she didn’t kiss me back she just laid there breathing heavily and I felt her hand go to my head and she was gently rubbing me, she went to speak but she couldn’t , a small sound came out of her mouth that I could not understand and she gave out a huge sigh as her hand went onto my bottom, and she croaked” I love you Elizabeth “.
We laid there for a little while before she said “we have to go”, putting on our damp clothes we walked across the field to the lane that led to our house in silence.
I think my Mother was as confused as I was about what had happened, we both knew it was wrong, but I didn’t care, it made me feel so happy I had made my Mother climax, and I guessed she had enjoyed it as well because for the first time in a long time she seemed to have a spring in her step.
For several days life returned to normal, each night after dinner I went to my room to read and sew, Mr Honeywell, his son and my Mother would go into the parlor where Mr Honeywell and his son would drink several glass’s of brandy, then I would hear Young George go to his bedroom and Mr.Honeywell and his wife ,my Mother would sit in the parlor and talk.
Our house overlooked the village green, where every Sunday in the summer Mr.Honeywell and his son would open the batting or bowling for the village cricket team. It wasn’t that they were the best players on the team, it was that Mr Honeywell bought all the equipment the team used ,paid for the local baker to supply the cakes for tea, bought the keg of beer that was shared by both teams after the game and even bought the heavy roller the greens keeper who he also paid ,used to roll the pitch before ,between innings and after the match was over,so it was a small price to pay to make him captain every year and let them open the bowling or batting.
Mother and I were sitting in the shade under a large oak tree in the shade pretending we were interested in the cricket match, when I asked her what she and Mr Honeywell talked about in the Parlor of an evening ? She looked at me and said “what do we talk about” and I said “yes, he never ever says more than a dozen words to me at dinner most nights ,so what does he talk about to you, or do you sit in silence just looking at each other “,I said laughing.
” Of course we don’t” she said ,” Mr Honeywell and young George normally talk about business, and things that are going on in town, your not missing out on anything, it’s not very exciting believe me”. I burst out laughing and said ” thank you very much for that information ” “Now when young George retires to his room half drunk” I said sarcastically , ” what do you and Mr Honeywell talk about thats so important he has to lock the parlor door” .
” He doesn’t lock the door” she said looking away from me, “yes he does I have stood on the landing and heard the door close and then he locks , so don’t tell me he doesn’t lock the door ” I said getting a bit exacerbated.
Mother sighed and said “it doesn’t matter what we talk about” she said ” it’s none of your business” and she laughed trying to make a joke out of it “. I looked at her and got up and started to walk away, “Elizabeth” she called ” don’t walk away come back “and I turned to face her and said, ” I didn’t think we had secrets ” and she said ” we don’t,come here and sit down I will tell you,come here please darling don’t walk away.”
I walked the few steps to where my Mother sat and stood over and said “well , what do you talk about”. She looked at her feet and said ” he makes me do things to myself while he watches” she said softly. I knelt down behind her and whispered in her ear “what sort of things does Mr Honeywell make my Mommy do”, and I giggled” She answered me with her usual comments of ” Oh I don’t know “, so I said ” I will go and ask Mr Honeywell what he makes you do, and I stood up and pretended I was going to go and find Mr Honeywell ” . ” Elizabeth sit down” she said laughing , “no I said ,I am going to find Mr Honeywell and ask him” and she said ” sexual things if you must know , now sit down I am not going to shout it out so the whole world can hear.”
I knelt down again behind her, “tell me” I said and I could feel the excitement running through my entire body,” tell me what you do” . Mother just kept looking at the men playing cricket, “he makes me play with myself” she said softly, I put my chin on her shoulder so we were almost cheek to cheek and I was laughing and I said in a silly big deep Mr Honeywell type of voice ,” tell me what you do, Jane” and she laughed and said “what ever he wants me to do.”
“OK I am going to ask Mr Honeywell if your not going to tell me” I said and she blurted out” he makes me sit in the chair put my legs over the arms and rub myself down there, so now you know, are you happy now ” ?
I whispered in here ear “you whore” and her entire body shook, she grabbed her ear and rubbed it hard, “that tickles” she said laughing “,don’t do that” she said loudly and she was giggling. “What else does he make you do” I said,”come on tell me or I swear on my life I will go and ask Mr Honeywell”
” Elizabeth” she said quietly ” I don’t know where to start telling you what he makes me do, he enjoys humiliating me ,it’s something different all the time, and I find it hard to talk about it to my own daughter”.
I don’t know why, but I felt hurt, not only hurt but angry and I was over 50 yards away walking towards our house before I turned around and saw my Mother getting up, she had only just realized I had left her sitting there.
I hurried up the garden path, ran upstairs to my room, locked the door , kick off my shoes and laid on the bed. A few seconds later my Mother was knocking on the door and trying to open it , she was calling out ” Elizabeth, Elizabeth darling open the door , open the door darling it’s me Mommy.” “Go away I shouted” ,I was hurt that my Mother who herself had told me I was her only friend had not told me what Mr Honeywell made her do. “Please Elizabeth she said ,open the door.”
I got off the bed and stood by the door, ” what do you want” I said through the door. ” Darling she said, open the door , I am sorry I will tell you anything you want to know, just open the door and let me in darling please.”
Smiling to myself I unlocked he door and stepped back, Mother opened the door and almost fell into the room in her hurry to get to me to cuddle and kiss me,to tell me she loved me, and my response was to tell her to show me her cunny.
I felt her slowly letting go of me, she took a step back and just stood looking at me, then she bent down and took hold of the hem of her skirt and slowly pulled it up over her knees and then to her waist she was naked underneath just like Mr Honeywell had ordered her to be.
“Open your legs” I said to her and she did as she was told, I took a step closer to her and put my hand on her honeypot, pushing my finger into her she let out a tiny squeal and dropped her head onto my shoulder. I don’t know why ,but suddenly I felt very different from the way I felt one half hour ago when Mother and I had sat under the big oak tree talking about a making a cake for my birthday in a few weeks. I felt I owned my Mother, I said to her “I am going to punish you for not telling me what Mr Honeywell does to you in the parlor do you understand “, and she had trouble saying yes, her breathing had become heavy and I felt her hand drop to her honeypot and her finger start rubbing her clitoris .
I don’t know why but I wanted to hurt my Mother, not just hurt but just punish her to show her someone now owned her ,and that someone was me . ” I am going to horse whip you , whip you until you say your sorry you did not tell me what you husband does to you” I said, “do you hear what I am saying ” but she didn’t answer.
I could feel her fingers rubbing more and more furiously on her cunny, her breathing was getting heavier and heavier and I bit her ear lobe where he earrings were and I whispering to her ” what am I going to do to you ” and she said ” horse whip me, your going to horse whip me ” and she fell on my shoulder again “saying horse whip me ,horse whip me over and over again as her whole body started to shake as she began to reach her climax.clinging onto to me kissing my mouth hard she screamed “horse whip me” as the waves of her climax swept over her , her earthly world had ended, she was gone with the sex angles to wherever it is that climaxing women go, pushing her crotch hard against me she rubbed her cunt up and down my leg as her climax began to wain and her legs became weak
Returning to earth where the rest of us were she began sobbing and she whispered ” horse whip me” , before she let go of me and slowly began to slide down my body until she knelt on the floor, bent over as if she was in pain, her forehead on the ground between my feet , my Mother didn’t move she just laid there and cried.

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