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My little brother will have to do

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I pulled down his pyjama bottoms, revealing his boyhood in all its glory, I pressed my lips around his twitching cock, coating it in a layer of saliva

We’d been in lockdown and stuck at home for months, my parents were key workers, both nurses at the local hospital, they worked the night shift so my brother and I were left alone in the house all night, every night, we couldn’t have anyone over because of the house mixing rules the stupid government imposed on everyone, even at night we couldn’t sneak anyone in, my parents had instructed our neighbours to keep an eye on us.

My name is Chloe and I’m 14, Simon is my younger brother, he’s just turned 11, and a major pain in the backside, you know what boys are like, running around all day, being really noisy and always pissing off his siblings, meaning me, the little shit.

Simon didn’t really mind being at home and off school for so many months, he had his games console and mountain of toys to play with, so he was happy, me on the other hand was restless, bored, tired, and as my hormones were really starting to kick in, I was really horny, I was craving physical contact, and my brother, even though he was a pain in the backside, was looking more and more delicious with each passing day.

It was about 01:00 AM in the morning and I was still in bed, unable to sleep, my pussy was soaking wet and my body was aching, the biological urge to reproduce was overwhelming me, my body craved physical sexual contact, I couldn’t take it any longer, I jumped out of bed, walk across the landing and in to Simon’s bedroom, he was asleep in his bed, wearing his blue Fortnite pyjamas, the sheets were bundled in a mess at the bottom of his bed, I guess he got too warm in the night.

I closed the door, leaving it slightly open to let a bit of light in to the room, just enough so I could see, then I approached the foot of his bed and climb on to it on my knees, I took hold of the bottom of his pant legs and slowly and carefully pulled them down to his knees, constantly checking he was still asleep, then I rubbed my hand against the bulge of his Y-Fronts, it was warm and lumpy, then I yanked down his Y-fronts, revealing his boyhood in all its glory.

I gasped, I’d only ever seen a cock in pictures online and in sex education class at school, never in the flesh, until now, it looked like a slug resting on pillow, he didn’t have any pubic hair yet, his cock felt smooth, his sack was squishy and a little sticky to the touch, I liked the way it felt in my hand, I lifted his little chubby, gently gripping my hand around it and I started to rub it up and down.

I gasped again when it started to grow in my hand, I could actually feel it getting wider and longer, it even had a pulse, my heart was racing with sexual desire, here I was, holding my little brothers throbbing cock in my hand, I’d already passed the point of no return so why stop now, I leaned forward and licked the head of his shaft with the tip of my tongue, I briefly recoiled, analysing the taste, “Mmm” I sounded, then I leaned forward again, opened my mouth, slid his inside and clamped my lips around his shaft, then I slowly sucked it up and down, sliding it in and out of my mouth.

His cock tasted so good, I can’t describe what it tastes like, there’s nothing like it, it just tasted so good, as I coated and juiced up his cock with a layer of saliva, I enjoyed the sensation of his cock resting and twitching against my tongue, then I froze, hearing a voice, “Chloe?!”, Simon had woken up and caught me with his cock in my mouth, I rolled my eyes up to look at him, then rolled them back down and continued sucking, without saying a word.

“- what – what are you – “ he said, shocked and panicking, “ – Chloe – what – “ he mumbled, a thousand questions running through his mind.

I stopped sucking and lifted my head, I kept my grip on his cock, “Sshh” I sounded, adding a smile to reassure him everything was fine.

He put his head back down on his pillow and started to groan as I pleasured his cock, “Ooaar”, I don’t know if he’d ever jerked himself off, or played with himself, this could very well be the first erection he’d ever had, the first sexual feelings he’s ever experienced, well, it was new to me too, I released his cock and sat back up and removed my night shirt, exposing my breasts, they weren’t huge, but were firm and bouncy, enough to make his eyes pop out of his head when he saw them.

“Woohw!” he said, under his breath.

I crawled up his body on all fours and kissed him, first I pecked him on the lips, then I started to kiss him like he was my lover, “No. No.” I said, giggling at his awkward kisses, “Do what my lips do, copy me.” I said, teaching him how to kiss, and he quickly got the hang of it, “Ooaar” he groaned, as we exchanged saliva and I continued to tug on his cock.

I allowed him to touch my body, my breasts were his first port of call, typical, he touched, caressed and cupped them with his little hands, exploring them with curiosity and wonder, “How do they feel?” I asked.

“Really nice.” He replied, nodding and smiling, but still groaning with pleasure.

“Take off your pyjamas.” I commanded, as I moved aside and removed my knickers.

He wasted no time in ripping off his pyjama top and kicking off his bottoms and Y-fronts, which were already half way down his legs, then he lay back down, completely naked, I giggled, seeing his erection laying flat against his belly, lightly twitching up and down as he became more and more aroused.

I lay myself down next to him on the bed, so we were side by side, both on our backs, we looked each other’s naked bodies up and down, “It’s okay, you can touch me, if you want.” I said, with permission granted he proceeded to rub his hands all over me, starting at my chest and then rubbing my pussy, “Ooo” I gasped, then I looked in to his innocent eyes, “Do you know what shagging is?” I asked, speaking simply, I wasn’t sure if he’d know what sex meant.

He blushed and went red, “Yeah.” He chuckled.

“Can I shag you?” I asked, I reached down and gripped his cock once again, “You’ve already got a stiffy.” I added, lightly laughing.

He suddenly looked confused and a bit scared, “Are you going to tell mum and dad?.” He asked.

I giggled, shaking my head, “I won’t if you don’t.” I replied.

“Okay…” he replied, smiling again, “But what do I do?” he asked, clearly he was uneducated in the subject.

I smiled at him, he looked so sweet, I put my arms around him and pulled him on top of me, and I looked in to his eyes, “We’ll find out together.” I said, then I started to kiss him, I pulled up my knees so my feet were flat on the bed and I opened my legs, allowing him to lay himself between them, “Ungh” I gasped, after feeling the tip of his cock touch my virgin petals.

We kissed for a few minutes, then his hips started to move, very gently pushing his cock against my pussy, “Where does it go in?” he asked, “Just keep pushing. Maybe a bit harder.” I replied, so he pushed harder a few more times, then, in an instant, his cock tore through my barrier and entered me, “Oooooh – ungh” I groaned as it slid in to me.

“I’m sorry.” He shouted, looking like he was about to cry, thinking he’d really hurt me or done something wrong.

I shook my head rapidly, “No. Simon. Honey. That’s what’s meant to happen, it’s okay, keep going.” I replied, I was in pain and shock with my little brother just popping my cherry.

He continued to push it, sliding it further and further inside, then when he was half way in he pulled back, we groaned together, our heavy breathing in sync, he pushed it in a couple more times and then the pain started to fade and turned in to pleasure, “Oooh, Simon.” I said, then we started kissing again and I wrapped my legs rightly around him.

“Ooh – ooh – ooar – ooar” he groaned, over and over, while pumping his cock in and out of me.
I could feel the length of his cock sliding up and down inside me, my inner walls were squeezing against his girth, “Ungh – Ungh” I groaned, it felt so fucking good.

Unfortunately, this being his first time, he didn’t last very long, after only a few minutes he held me tightly, rested his head between my breasts, and started to pick up speed, he was really ramming himself in to me now, I could feel his balls banging against my buttocks as he pushed his entire length in to me, “Ungh – ungh – ungh” I groaned, “Oh my god!” I shouted.

“Chloe – I’m scared.” He confessed, gasping for breath.

I wrapped my legs tighter around him, digging my heels in to his little butt cheeks, using then to force him forward, “It’s okay. – ungh – Keep going, it’ll be fine. I promise. – ungh – ungh” I replied, reassuringly.

Then he suddenly thrust himself deep inside me and froze, lifting his head off my chest and groaning very loudly, “Oooooooooarrrh!” he groaned, it was then I felt his cock swell inside of me, followed by a warming sensation as he ejaculated his load.

“Ooooh – my – ooooh.” I screamed, “Yeah – ooh – yeah.” I groaned.

Then he collapsed on top of me, his whole body going limp from exhaustion, I stroked his sweat soaked hair and kissed him, “That was – it was – wow.” I said, “Simon?” I said, trying to get his attention.

He just grunted in response.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

He nodded in response.

“You were amazing. You did it.” I said, hugging him tightly, I felt his cock shrink and plop out of my opening, “Is your cock okay?” I asked, jokingly.

“Yeah…” he replied, laughing.

We lay on the bed for about an hour afterwards, we both promised not to tell, then I went back to my room. We’ve been having sex almost every night after that first night, it felt so good, both of us wanted to do it more and more, we were both still young and still learning about each other, our bodies and sex, it is so much fun.

If you have a younger brother or sister, you should spontaneously have sex with them, you won’t regret it. My brother was a pain in the ass, but now I couldn’t love him anymore if I tried, and he’s the one giving me a pain in the ass, with his cock. There’s no bond like that of siblings.

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    U need an older man to fill u up

  • Reply Kaiser ID:13ptpqcgmzx0

    Thanks for sharing this great story, I can relate with you but for me it was with my niece and we had sex for like 10 years. From when we were 10 till we turned 20.

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    I think, Chloe, you ought to spend more time pleasuring your brother’s ass. There’s nothing more beautiful than an 11yr old boy’s bum! So smooth and soft to feel and kiss and then the lovely nutty taste of his asshole. Bliss!

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  • Reply Phill ID:150gg9a74g4r

    Very well narrated. You are such a good story teller.

    • Jeff ID:kzlfsp14de7

      Got me excited I agree

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    I was 13 my Sister 16 the first time. I’m 63 her 66 now and we still get together a few times a year

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    This is hot! It sucks that I never got a sister. Alas, it is probably too late anyways.

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    I was 13 my Sister 16 when we first did it I’m 62 now and we still get together from time to time.

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      Keep it up

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