My little brother is a little panty sniffing pervert

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My name is Cindy I’m 17 I senior in high school I have an older brother 20 and a younger brother 14 and I found out like sniffing my undies

This happened about a month ago my brother is 14 nice looking teen I am 17 I am 5’8 blonde hair blue-eyed 108 lb girl I guess I’m rather attractive I do have boyfriends and I’m going to graduate this year and all started one day when I came home and I went upstairs to my bedroom and my brother’s door was slightly ajarred what I seen him doing freak me the hell out he was watching a p**** on his phone I could hear it just barely nobody else was home my mother and father were both working so he thought he had the house for himself a little bit he know I quietly come up the stairs and surprise them and I peeked in and could just see his lower part of his body and he had his cock out and was masturbating he had a rather nice cock for a 14-year-old boy curiosity took over as I watched then I kind of position my body so I could just barely see his head and what I noticed was he had a pair of my dirty panties that I wore yesterday sniffing and licking them I didn’t know what to do I wanted to open a door and scream but then again I didn’t want to embarrass him so I just decided to watch the next thing I knew his body tensed up and he stuck the panty gusset in his mouth and started sucking on it the next thing I knew he was shooting one hell of a massive load of cum all over his chest some hit my panties I have to admit I was kind of turned on thinking that my brother was sniffing in sucking out my vagina juice and it definitely must have turned him on cuz I’ve never seen a guy shoot a lot of semen like my little brother did now that turned me on I went to my bed room locked my door watch the p*** of men shooting their loads and masturbating thinking of my brother but I seen him in real life I never seen anything like that before it was definitely a turn-on now I know way have sexual video once for my brother but that did turn me on.I have noticed my clothes in the hamper being kind of mixed up and I definitely are missing some pairs of my panties but I never thought of anything I didn’t know that that turned people on sniffing panties and stuff I googled it and my God it’s a big fetish so now I laid the bait I would masturbate heavily in the morning through my panties and come in them so when my little brother left and sniffed them they would be gooey and fresh and a lot of discharge in there. I took my shower put my pajamas in my pair of panties I wore on top of the hamper in the bathroom I noticed my brother every time I took a shower would go to the bathroom after after he went to the bathroom and left and went to his room I ran back up went into the bathroom looked in the hamper and sure enough my panties were gone I quietly snuck back to his room his door was shut I gently opened the door just say crack and sure enough there he was on the bed my panties in his mouth and another pair that I wore to three days ago he was had them wrapped around his head sniffing them that headphones on he must have been listening to porn on his phone his eyes were covered with my ass part of my panties covering his eyes so I snuck in. In lock the door behind me he couldn’t hear he had this headphones on nor could he see my mother and dad were both working my sister was at college I snuck right up and his cock looked beautiful long about six and a half inches long with a nice shape head on it and he was masturbating and a medium pace when I seen he was getting ready to come his balls tightened up I took out my phone and started recording and caught it all on my camera phone he said at least nine ropes of semen out of that 14-year-old cock and immediately put my hand down my shorts I was wearing and started fingering myself I didn’t care if you seen me I had him on video doing something really nasty after he was done jerking off he just dropped his phone and turned his head never took the panties off his head I reached over and pulled the panties off his had took my fingers out of my shorts and stuck them in his mouth he didn’t know what to do his eyes were as big as silver dollars I said you want to eat my pussy little brother. Then here suck the juice off my fingers fresh juice he grabbed my hand and ripped it out of his mouth he covered up would come all over his chest through the panties to the floor and said I’m sorry sis I’m so embarrassed I’m so so sorry I don’t know what to say don’t say nothing brother it’s okay it’s probably something never water Brothers due to their sister they’re curious I know I looked it up on the internet they’re just a horny teenager your hormones are going wild at your age did my panties taste especially good today brother he looked at me with curiosity I told him that I masturbated in them and came in them he had a shock look on his face he said I can’t believe it how did you know I caught you a couple of days ago it’s no big deal now at this time I was very horny and I didn’t want to commit incest but at that time and place I wanted to get myself off or have somebody get me off and I knew that my brother liked the taste of my vagina so I told him now listen I won’t tell mom or dad or show him this video if you do what I tell you I will erase this video on my phone anything he said anything I told him you like tasting my pussy. And I will let you taste my cunt the real thing not off my panties he had a surprise look on his face he was trembling a little bit with fear I pulled my shorts and panties off pulled my t-shirt and bra off and he couldn’t believe it his jaw dropped I grabbed his hands and said feel my breast we’ve ever felt the girl up before he shook his head no I took the covers off of him he was rock hard again his cock was actually throbbing and jumping around are you horny again little brother. He shook his head yes I laid on the bed spread my legs and told them to eat my pussy. He said to me I never done that before I’ve only fingered a girl before my girlfriend that’s as far as we go and she jacks me off once in awhile I will teach you brother has he knelt down stuck his head between my legs I grab the back of his head and push them in he started sucking and looking and doing a pretty good job it started turning me on I was getting very hot how do I taste brother he said oh my God you taste so good I can’t believe how good fresh pussy taste. Now little brother I think I did his mouth to my clit I told him to lick and suck on my clit I want you to make me come.and to my amazement he was doing a fantastic job within two or three minutes I was having one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had knowing it was my little brother sucking me down there and that dirty thought of incest just made it intense of high watching him as he was moaning and I was moaning he got enjoyment on making me come

After I was done with my intense orgasm I told him we have to do something about your boner it was leaking pre-c** all over the place I told him to stand up I melt on the floor and started jerking him off oh my God sis this is so hot I want you to come for me brother I looked him straight in the eyes if I grabbed his balls with my other hand pulling on them ripping my four finger and some around the top and holding his balls in my hand I knew he was going to come I could feel the balls tighten up in my hand now I like to eat cum I have to admit that. Wait when I knew he was ready to shoot I said just pretend brother that you’re in my vagina deep inside and you’re going to release your low deep inside your sister vagina and that threw him over the edge and I knew I was going to surprise him with what I was going to do next when I felt his cock started to throb I put my mouth on his cock and started just sucking him off taking his deepest I could in my throat and he started shooting load after load it was just as big as the first one I had a hard time keeping up swallowing at my boyfriend don’t even come like that it was amazing his young sperm was so sweet not salty yucky like my boyfriend and I suck them dry every last drop I kept sucking him knowing he was done with his orgasm but he kept hard so I kept going within a minute and more he said he was going to come again and I sucked him for all I was worth another big road so tasty down my throat it went then we were done I took some kleenexes off his nightstand and wiped him off and wiped my mouth off and said you taste good little brother he looked at me and said sis that was the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me in my life I told him we can’t tell anybody about this this is our little secret he said I swear please can we do it again some other time I will see about that little brother is there any chance this that we could he paused I said what do you want to ask brother he said never mind I said I think I know what you want to ask if you want to fuck me don’t you. You want to bury your cock deep in your big sister don’t you yes that’s what I was going to ask this I am a virgin and I’ve never thought in my life that I would be talking to you about this but every time I masturbate I think about me deep inside of you how did it feel and it makes me come real hard and I suck on your pants and sniff your vagina smell

Well we will see about that I had to think about it I do have a boyfriend but I don’t think we’re the brother there would be cheating that’s incest it’s a totally different kind of sex in my opinion but definitely I will let you beat me out again if you want to oh God yes I want to anytime you want need to do that for you meanwhile until that time I will leave my dirty panties always would come in them for you little brother if they kiss them on the lips kind of sexually no tongue but open lips and told them I love you he said I love you too sis and thank you so much two or three days went by and my boyfriend was on up golf tournament out of town and I was getting horny it was a Saturday night and every morning I did leave my dirty panties for my brother. That was horny that night I was just going to go in my room watch a little p*** and masturbate what’s I do often but I decided I’m going to have my brother bring me to an orgasm after dinner I washed the dishes we cleaned out we were watching TV and my brother went into the kitchen I follow him in there and said tonight after Mom and Dad go to bed I want you to come to my room which is the farthest room from my mother and father’s room he looked at me and said really I said yes we going to do it sis I said I don’t know about all the way but what we did the other day you eat me out and I’ll give you a blow job. And maybe someday I’ll let you lose your virginity inside me sure enough about 9:30 I heard him come up to my room he opened the door a little bit and said is it okay sis then I said yes come on in and lock the door and she did what do I do sis he says I says take your clothes off and clean in bed with me to my surprise he was already heard when he pulled his pants down and took his shirt off I said you a little excited brother he said I was thinking about it ever since you asked me I was hard for all that time I think come on then get in bed with me.

is he claimed in the bed with me I grabbed him and started French kissing him he was trembling his whole body was twitching he was breathing heavy and he was rather a nice kisser too tongue in each other swapping step I reached down and grabbed his cock and started massaging him I grabbed his hand and put it on my vagina and told them to stick your fingers in my vagina as he did can I suck on your boobs since I told him yes and he went and did that now can I eat you out sis I can’t wait I’m dying to eat you out again I said go for it yes he did and brought me to another orgasm this time he was sucking really good he knew where I wanted it and liked it and I like that about that some men are selfish but this 14-year-old was like a pro when I was ready to come he sucked even harder on my clit sucking it in and out of his mouth moaning on it as vibrations just drove me over the edges like had a amazing orgasm and after I was done having an orgasm I was really horny and I did need a cock in me and I told my brother go ahead have at me it’s time you learned how to fuck

He looked at me and said are you serious I said yes he claimed on top of me I took his hard cock and pointed it into my vagina and said push as he pushed all the way balls deep into me and he let all the sigh his whole body stepping up into my surprise he was ejaculating I could feel his cock throbbing in my vagina as he was moaning saying oh my God I’m coming to this I so sorry I’m coming didn’t even get to pump once just stuck it in and that was all it took it was took him over the edge pre-ejaculation I said brother that’s okay oh it feels so good it feels so good and I’ll pump brother and go in and out of me that’ll make you feel even better as he started to pump in and out of me releasing the last of his load HE collapsed on top of me you said that I love you sis I said I love you too it’s okay that was your first time can I keep going sis my amazement when my boyfriend was done he went soft immediately I told my brother yes keep going if that’s what you want and to my amazement he started hammering on me that was unbelievable within three or four minutes I felt intense up again as he shot another load inside me telling me he was going to come and I told him to come in me come in your oldest sister and I had an orgasm with him to my surprise he kept going in this time he lasted about 10 more minutes I must have came three or four times and then he let go his third load of cum inside my pussy. And this time he collapsed on me and I felt him go soft my God little brother you have a lot of ability to come three times in me I was amazing as we kissed some more sucking on each other’s neck and then some more kissing we talked for a little bit how much we enjoyed each other’s sex he told me then I’m going to break up with my girlfriend I told him no no no this is something that we just do behind closed doors I have a boyfriend you still going to go with your girlfriend but this is something different yeah says you said it was incest yeah that’s what they call it when family members have sex yeah boo you’re not supposed to do it but there are many families that you don’t even know about maybe people you even know that do this but will never tell and you must never tell brother well I have to say I’ve had sex with my brother in the last three weeks five times one time we almost got caught I don’t know how long I’ll keep doing that but my God it’s totally different than any other sex I’ve ever had with a member of your family I must be a horrible person because it’s not right to do it but I don’t know it feels right to me let me know what you people think the reading must leave a comment is it normal for me to be turned on by my brother lust for me maybe I should see a doctor hell no I’m going to keep this up for as long as I have this feeling do you agree with me let me know thank you for reading my story this is no πŸ‚ shit it is
trueand I kind of stumbled on this site looking through different things on the computer and I read many stories and some turn me on and I figured what the heck I’m also shared what’s going on with my life right now with all this covid shit. So there you go I hope you enjoyed it thank you maybe in a month or two I will let you people know more of what’s going on with my life and my brother if it continues which I think it will

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  • Reply MRT1771 ID:3i7mqa5rd99

    Was very hot a little bit hard to read with all the spelling mistakes, but all in all still five stars

  • Reply Veraz sniffer ID:7lxwjy1d9a

    Hello “sniffer” that reply asking me too give my email id was not meant for you , ok ?

  • Reply Veraz sniffer ID:2vqwfqgyb0i

    Thank you my dear unknown friend for your lovely reply to make me feel about my sniffing mom & sister private parts scent though they are almost pungentn stink.

    • To veraz sniffer ID:ndooleot0i

      Leave your email if you need to know more

    • , Sniffer ID:7lxwjy1d9a

      Sure I ll give my email id if I need more talks . Thank you so much Are you a lady ?

  • Reply Raj the Sniffer ID:7lxwjy1d9a

    Cindy your story is hot . Your brother is lucky to get regular supply of dirty panries . My suggestion to you & other interested ladies please wear your panties for 3/4 days atleast that makes the smell stonger with your fermented sweat , piss & juice .

  • Reply Sedienta ID:5rhtfpx18j

    I ve sneaked my younger brother sniffing mine & mom’s dirty panties & masturbrating several times . Is he becoming a pervert ? How van he be helped ?

    • Raj the Sniffer ID:7lxwjy1d9a

      Sediemta your brother is abs normal

    • Mom who knows ID:ndoolerm9d

      Males sniffing in used panties is just as normal as males sniffing and sucking pussy. The pheromones from the females are suppose to be trapped by molecular sieves in pubic hairs. Cotten panties have similar molecular sieves and hold the female phermones well. So assuming the female practices good hygiene her used panties and emissions from her pussy can become irresistable to males. The pheromones enter through the olfactory organ in the nose and have an effect on.the motivationsl centres of the male brain. Theres lots of positive benefits for the male. Thats why you will see the males of most species sniffing at the females pussy before mounting and fucking

    • Moms dope whore ID:7pqjmgx142

      My mom caught me wearing her panties jacking off and sucking on her 12 inch dildo and she got furious with me and she said she was going to be honest with me she was going to tell me to get my stuff and move in with my dad but I got a better idea and she said you were just smelling my dirty panties eat all this cum out of my pussy and she said lay on the floor with her sitting on my face she said lick that cum out my pussy and farted in my face and she said smell that dirty lil perv and she said lick my ass when your done son and she stood up and she said lick my dildo all the way down and clean it real well and she open her purse and she pulls out a bag of meth and she pulled two syringes out and made up two shots and she said it’s good and clean come here and give me your arm and I did and she stuck the needle in my arm and gave me the shot and she done hers immediately I was so hard and horny and wanted to be fucked in my ass and throat and she said now on my nightstand Is a bottle of Astroglide and in the top drawer is some but plugs and a cell phone bring them to me in the living room and she said take the lube and lube your ass and cock take and bend over and she took a plug and shoved in my ass and she said be quiet and called someone on the phone and said you can come over everything’s clear

    • Veraz sniffer ID:7lxwjy1d9a

      Thank you mom who knows . Till I was 12 I slept with mom & dad & often late at night I used to hear my mom’s angry whishper I THINK HE IS AWAKE but I pretended to be asleep .I enjoyed that sound & smell of fuckings . For me mom & dad are partners & me & my sister S were natural partners but she used to e away in a private school in the hills & only when she was in a long holiday I got the chance go sleep in between mom & her . as usual I touched my mom’s pussy for long , sniffed my hand , humped her thighs till I reched climax without discharge & slept nicely . Now I put my face near my sister panty covered pussy inhale her very strong smell & jerk till I climax . I feel its my natural right to treat S as my sex partner….

    • To veraz sniffer ID:ndomrl3oik

      Most boys grow up taking comfort from moms, grans,aunts and older sisters pheromonal emissions. This is why when young boys are bullied or emotional upset they tend to go to the woman in their family and press their faces up against their moms pelvic area or bosoms. Their pheromones calm and encourages. And when puberty kicks in the pheromones when the females are in estro will cause those early uncontrolled erections. So boys entering puberty might fantasize about mom sister or teacher..
      And theirs nothing wrong with mom or sister allowing the youngster to use them until he gets over his phase

  • Reply John v ID:mnha6xky26g

    I always loved sniffing my moms panties

    • NAUGHTY LITTLE BROTHER 😈 ID:1d7e9si1hyog

      Without a doubt my beautiful older blonde hair Sister BETTY ANNS Dirty Panties πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ‘…πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ‘…πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ‘…

    • NAUGHTY LITTLE BROTHER 😈 ID:1d7e9si1hyog

      Absolutely Fabulous Big Ass Including A Long Deep Ass Crack COMPLETELY All The Way Down The Middle Of My Gorgeous Older Blonde Hair Sister BETTY ANNS Breathtaking Big Ass πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ TOTALLY REMARKABLE TO Have A Beautiful Older Sister With A BREATHTAKING BIG ASS πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈLike This For Her Naughty 😈 Little Brother To TOTALLY ENJOY Her Dirty Panties πŸ‘…

    • NAUGHTY LITTLE BROTHER 😈 ID:1d7e9si1hyog

      PUSSY HAIRS πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  • Reply Wolfe ID:sfabdz0wve5

    Great story. I’ve always wanted to have sex with my older sister. When we much much younger. Unfortunately it never happens. But if I were in your situation. I would make it last as long as I could.

  • Reply Mom who knows ID:ndomrl3k0j

    Cotton panties act in similar way to pubic hair…they trap pheromones. When boys come into puberty as well as prepubescent boys are very sensitive to these female pheromones. All males respond unconsciously to female pheromone.
    So its quite common for boys to sniff the panties of older sisters, moms, grans, aunts…..

    • Anonymous ID:5s5t4rkvoii

      I used to sniff all my female relative’s panties, but the ones that I loved best belonged to my mom and my oldest cousin on my mother’s side of the family. Both of theirs were never really stained but their aroma always made my young cock rock hard. I started sniffing theirs when I was around 14. I also used to spy on my mom when she was bathing. I loved watching her lay back and push her pussy out of the water and soap her fingers and wash her sweet pussy, seeing that, I always jerk off when she did that.y cousin, I accidentally walked in on her bathing as well. Everytime I visited her she walked around in just her panties and bra, man she was gorgeous. I usedsn to steal her dirty panties and sniff and jerk. Sadly both my Mom and my cousin passed away years ago.

  • Reply John Kennedy ID:7zv3dr1i8i

    Not bad good story

  • Reply Michael ID:pvw1pjoii

    Very good story very hot and I imagine you were hot to don’t listen to any other stupid comments about spelling and grammar they must be f****** school teachers or something break the story the way you want to write it I understood it perfectly if they don’t understand it get the f*** off the page you homo sapiens

    • Psiberzerker ID:vuf1mu43

      I understand that people write on their phones, and other devices. I’m tapping this in on my phone, right now.

      Paragraphs make stories easier to read. Easy to read stories are easier to enjoy.


  • Reply James ID:1jybr2qj

    I got caught by my sister wanking into her knickers. But at least she licked my cum off her own dirty knickers. Not many sisters would do that.

    • Psiberzerker ID:vuf1mu43

      What kind of knickers?

  • Reply Sean ID:7ylren3fii

    I’m 44 years old. I wish you had been my sister when I was 14, I would’ve masturbated with your panties, not smell them.

  • Reply Me ID:vufuvkd1

    Paragraphs. Couldn’t read.

  • Reply Pantyperv ID:5u1d7c3v9d

    Hi Cindy love your story I wish I had a sister I would want.to fuc k her and I think it alright and its good to keep your boyfriend. But your not sick just like your brothers Dick and I hops you keep fucking him the rest of your life even if you got married still let l brother fuc k you. I love your story and got my moms panty s around mine now stroking hope to here from you

    • Chuckie ID:1dmmqu18dhh6

      I fucking still do smell and lick and shoot cum in all my femalereitives panties if I get a chance! Been doing it 50 years nowπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Reply william ID:hzjvdzj

    Hot did you fuck him take his cum inside you let him Eat you out after bf fucked you pumping you full of cum deep throat your little brother him shoot his load down your throat
    Love to see the pictures and vides

  • Reply Sft ID:3ywrtgzra

    Mmmmmmm damn very good sis you keep doing it send him pics n video of you cumin in them panties. πŸ˜‰

  • Reply AP ID:1db7syr54g3u

    Interesting story & a bit fun. WhatJust this Once is saying in his special way is that with just a little bit of work you can really make this and your next stories stand out.
    When you do dialogue, use quotation marks and line breaks.
    An easy way to check if you need to start a new paragraph is to read your story out loud when you’re done. If it’s a spot where you would normally pause more than a second or so it probably needs a paragraph break.
    Also, since you are writing this on your phone, when you’re done go back in and take out the auto censoring. You know words like, ‘p***’ that should be ‘porn’.
    In your next story, tell us your brother’s first name, Cindy.
    And as for your little brother, if you tell him that he can have access to any hole you have anytime he wants, you will have a very interesting story to tell us in a month.

  • Reply Just this once ID:bo2qeow41

    Did you or did you not go to elementary school? I know when I was in school they always harped about PUNCTUATION, grammar and spelling! Try using it. This story was difficult to read and comprehend

    • Just this once ID:10zh1t9td9a

      I apologize for the rant. Ranting makes me feel calm during difficult times

    • Just this once - the original ID:bo2qeow41

      Please don’t reply pretending you are someone who you are not. I stand by my orginal comment. This story was uncomprehendable and impossible to read

    • Just this once - the original ID:10zh1t9td9a

      I should get a therapist, please stop using my username. It isn’t cool and it is annoying. Thank you

    • Michael ID:pvw1pjoii

      Are you on medication if not you need to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply Jim.m77 ID:21c92s6r44

    I thank you just dont stop tell us more in a wreck or so………. Your a good sister i wish you were my sister

    • sid ID:5uo51pbk0c

      Wow sounds like you both had a great time …. keep it going and enjoy