My Insane Granny

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After reading stories of granny and grandson, I decided to tell my story. Its @ 50 % true story almost.

If you are looking for an unususl sex story then this one is for you. My name is Raj and I am from Chandigarh. I was an only son of my parents. My father worked as cashier in a small hotel. I was in tenth standard When my mother died. After that I lived with my father but just after three years he met with an accident and died. I was compelled to leave my studies and start working. My job was that of a sales agent who books orders from the shops. This enabled me to adjust my timing of work. Apart from my grandparents, I was left with no close relatives. They lived in a remote village and I seldom met them. After about a year the news came of my grandfather’s death. I went to the village for his last rites. Frankly I was hoping to get my share in his property. Another claimee was my aunt, who agreed to give me my share on the condition that I will I take responsibilith of my grandmother. My aunt admitted that due to her in-laws she can’t take this responsibility. It was not an ideal offer but I accepted it under social pressure. A selfish man inside me told me that grandma will look after my household. So when I returned to my small flat in the city my grandma Sudha was with me.

She was a village woman who was shy to live in city but she had no choice. Her dressing was traditional and she was not ready to change it. I put an extra bed in the living room for her as there was only one bedroom in my flat. She took charge of my household but occasionally I felt she was not a very sane person. Sometimes she Kept silent for days without a reason and sometime talked constantly without a logic. Sometime she liked to sit close to me while watching TV and sometime on floor away from me.

She was my grandma but she was under sixty. The reason was the early marriage tradition in villages. Despite her age she had a tight set of boobs and a fit body. I couldn’t avoid looking at her assets as she used to roam inside the house in blouse and petticoat. Her hair was only slightly grey. Her eyes were large and she had a narrow mouth that looked good on her face.

My circumstance cut me from women so my only contact to sex was through porn clips and stories on net. After watching them I liked to masturbate. Talking of porn I must admit that I have a tilt towards the mature ladies. One day I discharged in sleep and threw the dirty cloths in wash basket. When my grandma found them she was very angery. She refused to wash them and asked me to take them to laundry. Sometime I thought I made a mistake by bringing her to city.

One evening we were watching a movie on TV when a semi nude scene appeared on screen. I tried to change the channel but she asked me to put it back. She said, ‘hey Raj there are no children around here’.

One night I was about to sleep, when I heard grandma Sudha calling me from outside. “Hey Raj, come quick.” I came out of my room and saw her holding her stomach. When I asked about her problem she told me that she is feeling pain inside her belly. I looked at the clock and it was showing 12 O’clock midnight. I told her that finding a doctor will be difficult so I can give her a tab for killing pain. She said that her pain can be cured by a little massage at her belly and waist. I agreed to give her that massage.

“Alright Maa Sudha, I will massage you under your guidence.” I said

“Then go bring some mustard oil from the kitchen.” She said.

I moved inside the kitchen quickly but failed to find mustard oil there. She told me from outside where she stored it. She also asked me to heat it up a little. It took me a few minute to come out with warm mustard oil.

Seeing me coming close she left the bed and moved to the small carpet near sofa. She lay down on her back in her usual white petticoat and blouse. One shocking thing she did was to loosen the ribbon of her petticoat and push it slightly down. I felt a bolt of lighting strucking me because her pubic hairs were visible partially. Gathering courage I sat down near her. Her belly looked smooth and flat due to her posture and I can’t help admiring its beauty.
After sitting down on floor I noticed that she was not wearing a bra under her blouse. One can see shape of her large boobs and outline of her nipples. But thinking that she was in pain I put all my wrong thought away.

“Just rub with soft hands Raj, all around my belly button.” She requested.

I put oil on my hands and started rubbing it on her belly. I was a bit shy in going below her navel. The touch of a female body had its effect on me. Her navel was looking quiet tempting from a closer angle. She closed her eyes and released a few sounds of satisfaction. After about two minutes she said, “you have magic in your hands but why are you not rubbing below navel.” On her demand I let my hand rub her belly near her pubic hairs. Now I couldn’t help keeping my cock soft. It reacted naturally to the look of a cunt.
I was torn between my lust and my respect for her. I started rubbing at the sides of her belly and she moaned in satisfaction.

“Are you feeling better maa Sudha?” I asked

“Yes, but If you are tiring then it’s ok Raj.” She replied

“No, I can rub you all night.”

“Then please rub a little higher also,” she said,

“How much higher as your entire belly is oily already?”
I said

She kept silent but then pulled her blouse up and revealed her breasts. I was shocked to see them nude. There was almost no sign of her age on them. I was reluctant to touch them because I was already very horny. She suddenly touched my cock over my Lungi.

“Why are you so hard Raj, what’s the matter, do you want something from me?”

It was a clear offer of sex but I was afraid due to our relation, so I said, “No, I don’t want anything.”

“Dont be shy Raj, come hare.” She held my hands and pulled me over her.

Her boobs hit my chest. She kissed my lips and I kissed her back. My hands automatically started playing with her body. She pushed my head to one of her breasts and I started sucking her nipple. With my other hand I stared rubbing her second breast.

“Should I take my dress off too?” I whispered.

She nodded in yes and I dropped my dress. Meanwhile she slided her petticaot further down and pushed it away by her feet. Sittining between her legs I pulled them towards her shoulders. By pulling her legs up Her ass cheeks became rounder and bigger. Now I could look at her cunt. I wont deny that it was a mature cunt as it was swollen from outside and red inside. I touched her cunt and found it wet.

“You can check it later Raj, I am waiting.” She said

I was not experienced in sex but knew my next step. I put my cock head on the mouth of het cunt and pushed. I slipped in her slowly. What fate! My grandma was the first woman I was fucking. In my wildest dreams I never thought of fucking a 60 year old woman let alone my grandma. I was committing a sin but it was like living in heaven. When I started moving my cock in and out she felt a little pain but soon overcame it.

“Ufff re, you are tearing me apart. Have mercy on me Raj …. keep it slow.” She said

When I slow down on her demand she wrapped her legs on my waist and asked me to increase my speed.
She kept moaning, “Ummm, Ahhhh, Uffff, Haye”. She started getting tense and holding me tight. I kissed her face and kept fucking. Soon she took a long sigh and dropped her legs down. In few more jerks I dropped my cum in her belly.

Just when it ended she touched her cunt and said,
“Raj, I asked you to rub my belly and you fucked me instead, rascal.”

“I am sorry grandma” I said.

She hurled a couple of abuses to me like, “I was a widow and an old woman but you paid no respect to me, you bastard.” I was shocked but can’t do much. I walked back to my room and bolted the door from inside. As expected she came to my door and knocked. Finding it close she shouted, “Why are you hiding from me Raj, because you raped me.”

Fearing someone might hear her, I opened the door and slapped her, “Are you trying to attract neigbors. Shut up. In the morning I will take you to police and you can report everything.”

We were both standing nude. Suddenly her mood changed and she hugged me to her. She started sobbing and then fell to my feet. She said, “I cannt live without you Raj. Promise you will never leave me.”

I took her to my bed and she sat her down on its edge. I offered her some water and she relaxed. I assured her that I will never leave her. She took my head in her hands and started kissing me on lips. I kissed her back. Soon our tongues were licking each other. She maybe a little mad and uneducated but she knew how to spark lust in a male. I was hard again.

I grabbed her and rotated her on her belly. I knelt behind her and pulled her ass apart with my hand to make it easier to hit my dick in her cunt. When her vagina completely clenched my dick and she didn’t want to let it go, she started twitching and yelling loud, I felt like she had an orgasm, then I couldn’t take it anymore. I spewed my semen inside her again and
pulled my dick out of her beautiful cup. This time she was very happy. She told me, “I was thinking of ending my life Raj – but now I will live for you.”

“I promise to treat you like my wife, Maa Sudha.”

“You are a busy man so we will have sex on week ends only.” She replied.

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    My grandson is 14. He fucks me regularly, and we often have oral sex.

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      That’s so fucking hot!!!! We should talk!

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      Sex with grandsons in their early teens is a fantastic experience. I have 4 such grandsons. Being fucked by them leaves me totally exhausted. Each of them fucks me 3 or 4 times in each session. My ravished cunt is satisfied for days afterwards.

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      Gwen I would like to read moore or even better I would like here it rather way its kinda hot , I had that relationship