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My horse destroyed me

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My horse raped me and destryed me completly

This is a true story

I am a 15 year old girl I live in india state jharkhand my family consists of me my mother and my father my family has a male husky a cow and that monster a horse I loved my horse till that day the caretaker of the horse was on leave due to some reason and whenever he was on leave I used to give him bath feed him and ride him that day I was on my periods and my parents were not home so I was naked in my room and I saw the time it was the time to feed him so I decided to go to barn naked because my parents were out for a party and no one was home I went to the barn and I took his food in a bucket and as I bent ove rhis eating place to drop the food he ran towards me put his front legs over my shoulders and I was confused but then I felt something between my legs something thick long and hot and then I realised it was his cock he started humping and after a few strokes he fund my pussy and then he started humping and withing the first stroke he broke my hymen and went through my cervix and I was in extrem pain withing a few seconds I fainted right there leaning over his feeding place he tookn advantage of this destroyed my pussy afer my parents returned from the party they found me in the barn and I was rushed to the hospital and my mother told me that I was leaning over his feeding place and there was bloud flowind through my pussy and the horse was fucking me he must have fucked me several times my parents sold that horse after that I had to stay in hospital for 3 months

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