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My Competitive Side

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Part 1:
I was broke and desperate. My rent was due, my car was about to be repossessed and I had a negative bank account balance.

My friend Zach was treating me to much needed drinks and after I explained my situation he told me about this competition he knew about but he was super vague with the details on what it all entailed. But like I said I was broke and he said it paid out $50,000 cash in hand. “I can’t believe it, is that even legal? What all do I have to do?” I asked in curious disbelief. He told me “Well, you’re gonna have to work hard and you’ll need a male partner there for, uh, support. I’ll gladly be your partner for free.” “Zach, is it porn? Just be honest, I’m not above fucking you on camera for money I’d happily fuck you for that kind of cash.” “No, it’s not quite porn. You won’t be filmed but there is a small, select audience who funds the winnings but you will be fucked by me and some toys. Think of it as a private show for a lot of cash.” See, I didn’t mind this because Zach and I were fuck buddies and still are to this day. He has such a fantastic cock. It’s long and thick and he knows how to use it! I’ve always had trouble taking all of it though and he always tells me how one day he’s just gonna force me to take it. I honestly can’t wait for that day to come!

So Zach sets me up for the next show that weekend. As he’s driving me to the old warehouse it’s at he’s fingering me to get me ready. He still hasn’t explained what all I have to do but I am desperate here, and now there’s no turning back. I signed a contract that states I had to compete and I had to show up. There’s no backing out now and I’m so wet and horny I could have fucked anybody right then and there on the drive in.

So we pull up and were greeted by a doorman who checks out our credentials and he blindfolds me and tells Zach were at table 3 and Zach leads me away. He picks me up, puts me on the table, takes off my underwear and puts my feet into stirrups. Now I’m a little nervous. My glistening pussy is on full display but I have no idea what’s around me. I hear more couples shuffle in and get ready, presumably into the same position I’m in. There’s chatter amongst others in your room and I hear “The bitch in #3 looks really tight, poor girl doesn’t know what she’s in for!” followed by laughter. Uh oh. What does that mean? A few more minutes pass by and I hear feedback from a microphone and an announcer say “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Pussy Olympics! We have two returning champs and three newcomers this evening. You ladies will have the most memorable fuck of your life. So without further ado let’s get started!”

Zach lubed me up and slipped his big throbbing cock into my warm pussy with one long stroke. He bottoms out with that last inch left for me to take. He fucks me for about 5 good minutes and all of the sudden he forces the extra inch in deeper than my walls have ever expanded. It was so sudden and quick but it felt incredible. I never thought I’d ever be able to take that extra inch! I always thought that was just dirty talk. I am in heaven and every sensation is amplified because I still have my blindfold on. After about another 5 minutes or so a buzzer stops and the next round is announced. Zach comes back to my pussy and I hear him squeeze more lube out and I feel the cold head of a hard plastic object find my slit and part my hole open. I can already feel it’s so much wider than Zach’s cock. I’m telling myself “You can do this! It’s just a dildo.” when I feel the shaft plunge into my depths, straining my walls. Zach let’s out a lusty groan as I feel his balls slap my asshole. He must be wearing a cock sleeve. It feels like the sleeve runs the entire length of his 9 inch monster. My pussy is really starting to feel the stretch! I feel my orgasm build up and I almost climax when the announcer gets on the Mic and says “Alright gentlemen, let’s move onto the next series of games.” I’m so frustrated I just wanna cum! I then feel a hard, round object being pushed into me. My pussy is resisting with all its might. Zach strokes my clit and says “Relax, this is just the beginning! Relax your muscles.” And as soon as my pussy relaxes the object is nuzzled inside my pussy. It feels perfectly round, heavy and huge, kind of like a baseball sized glass ball. Zach continues to stroke my clit while he drives that ball as deep as it could possibly go. Then I feel a second one try to invade me. All I can think of is how stretched my poor pussy is and how much more will she be able to handle? Zach told me on the drive over there is at least 10 rounds and they get harder and harder as they progress. Now I’m curious as to what exactly that means…

The second ball is in, driven back deep just like the first one. Zach says “Alright, take a deep breath.” And I feel a third make its way to my entrance. I’m in agony. It hurts so good but I just wanna cum! They’re so heavy and its hard getting the third one to stay inside. The announcer then says “Alright, once you have all three balls inside you must keep them in, unassisted by your partner, for 5 minutes then you have 5 minutes to push them out, again unassisted.” I thought for sure I would lose. I kept feeling the last one peek out of my hole but I held on tight. I think I honestly held by breath because I was afraid any movement would expel the ball. After an agonizing 5 minutes Zach tells me to push. The first one feels like it flew out of my twat, the second one came soon after. I was pushing so hard to get the third one out and I knew the clock was ticking. I pushed and pushed I felt like I was really in labor pushing a baby by the way I was moving against my restraints and grunting. Finally with just thirty seconds on the clock it slowly comes out. I pant like a dog I am so exhausted. It’s only round three. I’m in trouble. And I still haven’t cum.

Part 2:
Round 4 is announced and I feel an even bigger ball make its way inside me. Fuck It hurts. It feels about as heavy as the last size but much bigger. It’s got to be the size of a softball. I hear one of the other contestants shout “I can’t, its tearing me open please no!” with ‘no’ ending on a higher octave. She must have gotten it inside finally. Poor thing sobs “Ow, my pussy!”. I feel Zach’s fingers push the ball as far back as it’ll go and then he quickly pushes another ball in. I hear the other girl scream at the top of her lungs. I kinda feel bad for her. I’m stuffed. It feels like its already bulging at my cunt lips, ready to be birthed. I feel a big vibrating rubber head on my clit from a vibrator and the announcer proclaims that we have to cum within 10 minutes but this time our partners are allowed to help keep these balls in. I was relieved, I was finally getting to cum and I had help keeping those massive balls inside my pussy. I felt Zach cover my bulging pussy with his huge hand and his finger circle my puckered asshole. I cum so hard the first ball shoots halfway out of my cunt despite the palm of his hand being there to stop it. He quickly shoves it back in with a grunt from me. My pussy is still so sensitive. He then moves the vibrator down to my parted slit and rubs it against the crowning ball. This sends shockwaves of pleasure throughout my pussy and soon enough I cum again. Zach then moves to my left side and places the vibrator up to my clit again. He squeezes my hand and my pussy just shoots the two humongous balls out with a high pitched shriek from my throat. I am full blown in tears, sobbing from the pain of the sudden stretch. My pussy felt like I just gave birth. And I’m not even halfway done yet. Now I know what that guy meant by “poor thing”.

After about a 5 minute rest while the rest of the contestants are either cumming or screaming and grunting pushing out these massive objects; just long enough for my pussy to start to close just a little bit, round 5 is announced and I feel Zach’s lubed fingers dance at my throbbing hole. He’s going to fist me, which we had almost gotten his whole hand in before. With my newly slack pussy I’m sure I’ll finally succeed in receiving his sizable hand. It slips in, my pussy is a glove. I feel his middle finger probe at my cervix and I let out an audible moan. He curls his hand into a ball and starts pistoning in and out of my depths. Pretty soon I feel my pussy gush in an intense orgasm. I must have squirted. The crowd cheers at my triumph and I hear encouragements come from several spectators. “What a flexible cunt!” one says. “After round 4 I thought she was done for.”

The emcee announces a thirty minute rest period said with an almost patronizing “since these lovely couples have worked so hard to stretch their pussies”. I hear the same girl from before sniffle “My poor pussy is ruined and in so much pain babe please let me go home!” I hear her restraints unbuckle and her sob as she walks by “Ow, ouch, oh god it huuuurts!” as she’s escorted from the building.

“That poor girl isn’t gonna be the same” someone mutters as they pass by me.

“I know, but I still came hearing her screams!”

I fear for my pussy more than ever. If this is only round 5, and I know there are at the very least 10 rounds what else will I have to endure. I contemplated quitting but its $50,000 on the line. I’m desperate. I figure I can get vagina plasty to fix my cunt if it is truly destroyed so I push those negative thoughts from my mind. I can feel my pussy close up a bit and now I’m sore and achy more than I’ve ever been. I can only imagine what’s coming next. Anal play? Bigger objects? Awkwardly shaped toys? Oh my…

Part 3:
My pussy aches so badly right now. Nobody warned me that after the glow of pleasure wore off I was going to start feeling all the damage! I wish I could see it, is it unrecognizable? Lewdly gaped open like a cavern? As much as it literally pained me, the thought of a loose pussy turned me on.

Zach gently pulled off the blindfold and gives me two pills; which he said were painkillers, and water, which I gladly finished. I look around to the other women in the same position as I am in, legs spread open, a painful grimace. I look to the empty spot next to me and I see the white sheet stained with blood from the woman who dropped out. “Oh my God” I whisper to myself. I look to my own sheet and see a few spots but nothing like hers. I am relieved, I must not be too bad off all things considering. A man in a physicians uniform comes into the room and the announcer informed us he was there to make sure there wasn’t too much damage. If there was, we were dismissed with a $500 consolation prize like “Sorry we ripped your gash so badly you’ll never feel a cock again, pay half of your rent.” It was almost insulting.

The doctor comes to me, second to last and drives his poorly lubricated plastic speculum into my dry snatch. He opens the arms with agonizing twists, and he doesn’t stop until I’m as wide open as I’ll possibly spread. He peers inside of me and says “Lovely, just a few small tears.” and pulls the opened speculum out of me with a sharp inhale and wince. He writes something on his clip board and walked off to the next specimen. In the end only one of the contestants were disqualified. She hobbled out with a groan with every step. There’s only three of us left, with 5 new levels. I just wanna go home and soak in a bath.

After a short mingling of the spectators with we newly unblinded competitors they unrestrained us. I stretched my back, sat up and felt my lax pussy queef. I was gaped open and mortified when the spectators heard my faux paus.

We were instructed to sit up and watch a highlight reel of the first 5 levels and Zach looks at me and says “I hope you like your new pussy.” with a devilish smile. I am witness to my own resizing. I watch Zach impale me with his sleeved cock. I watch my pussy tear just a little bit when he pushed the very first ball up inside me. I watch myself stretch to unimaginable widths pushing out the last ball. I see my pussy gush while Zach’s arm is stretching me deep and wide. I watch his fingers crawl up further than what I felt, I swear the footage they had made it look like he had his whole forearm, all the way to about an inch from his elbow, deep inside my pussy. When he was inside of me I felt my walls expand and twist which ever way his hand wanted. Just before I squirted I felt his fist punch my cervix and him dig his knuckle into the little opening.

My pussy is flooding with grool. Am I a size queen now? Will I ever be the same?

Part 4:
The intermission has come to a close and the rest of the audience files back in to their seats. All of our pussies are lubed up with one of those lube shooters as deep as our partners could get the lube; as per the announcer with an emphasis on D-E-E-P said just like that. *D-E-E-P* It still makes me ache when I think about it…

We weren’t blindfolded this time around, the audience wanted us to witness our own ruin on the screens. I knew I was in over my head at this point. I was trembling in fear when Zach put my feet in the stirrup and spread the arms as far apart as my legs will allow, and then the stirrups were cranked up forcing my knees back towards my chest. This was uncomfortable, I knew my legs were gonna be sore. My raw, red, swollen, gaping cunt on full display looked absolutely destroyed, just torn to shreds. I gasped at my new whore cunt. Zach locks eyes with me and says “I love your pussy, and I cannot wait to ruin it completely.” And with that he pushed his balled up fist inside me as deep as it’d go. I howled at the invasion as my pussy was so sensitive. I look over and all the other girls pussies were being ravaged by a fist. A chorus of cries, screams, grunts and moans fill the room as our pussies are stretched once again. The announcer stops the men and says “Ok, let’s get back to the competition. What? You sluts thought a gentle fisting was actually a level? No, that was just to spread the muscle relaxant cream we just shot into you all around.”


“Yep, that “lube” was actually a medicated lube that helps the vagina relax so we can safely move on to the next leg of the competition. Oh, and those pills were also a muscle relaxer and a cervical dialator. You’re going to have things so deep, inside your uterus even. Do you feel yourself relax?”

I had to admit, my pussy felt like it was ready to be ravaged. I was so horny and ready to be stretched both out and up!

Zach adds lube to a thick dildo and starts feeding inside me. I must have had about 7 inches before I started feeling resistance. He started pushing harder eventually cramming 9 inches deep inside. I’m squirming on the length and Zach is still trying to fit the last few inches to bottom it out in me and lay his hand flat on my pussy. I exhale and with a violent shove the rest of the dildo disappear into my stretched hole. I feel my walls expand upward and I shrieked at the lengthy invasion. I’m trembling as this thing pokes at my depths. I’ve got almost a foot of cock up in my twat and a thick head mashing at my cervix, bruising my softening button. I’m orgasming on the pole inside of me and I feel my pussy kind of struggle to keep the lengthy mass inside with Zach’s hand plugging my entrance. I love how he’s mashing his palm into the base of the dildo violently thrusting it into my stretched cunt and gently strumming my throbbing clitoris simultaneously. It sends me over the edge and I squirt and the huge black dong squeezes out of my pussy. It was so long and deep inside of me it felt like it took forever to come out without me actively bearing down and pushing the mass out. This thing had to have been at least 11 inches and I made the thing disappear.

Zach adjusts my stirrups and I feel myself open up even more. Whatever drugs and lube they gave me has my pussy hypersensitive. I look at my gape on the screens above me and I can see a well used, meaty hole where my tight pussy used to be. Zach continues to reposition my legs like a doctor performing an exam. He says that he’s going in deep next. I look at him and say “That just now wasn’t deep enough?”

“Nope.” He says with a devilish grin. He leans really close to my ear and whispers “Trust me whenever I say your pussy will never be the same. When you recover from the beating its gonna endure the only way you’ll feel pleasure is when I shove my fist deeply and violently into you you. My dick will barely touch your walls. You’re gonna be my pain slut size queen. I’m gonna stretch that little pussy out and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it. Oh, don’t cry. I love your whore pussy. I’ll be gentle, at first.” And with that he pushed more lube into me.

The emcee taps on the microphone and says “Ladies, this next activity will simply measure your current vaginal depth. A long camera probe will be inserted until it cannot go any further. You might feel pressure, or a deep tickle inside your vagina. Just relax and enjoy the sensation.”

I hear a low whine and feel something about an inch thick slither inside my passage. I look on the screen and I see a raw cavernous pussy. That’s MY raw cock cave. Cock cave, fist cave, dildo cave. I start to feel a tickle deep inside and then immense pressure. The probe stops and the pressure evens out a bit. It feels like, well, the tip of a dildo deep inside. Zach gives it a gentle push, and I let out a squeak. The girl to my left groans and her partner says “Alright, it’s in there, 12 inches.” Zac has a look on his face, like he knows something I don’t and I’m in for a surprise when the tip is mashed into my cervix and forced open. I cried at the painful invasion. The tip had a small ball like probe that made its way just past my cervical ring. On the screen is my uterus, dark and dank looking. I feel the probe so deep and my cervix aches. Zach calls out to the announcer “13.5 inches deep”. Over a foot of that probe is buried up my snatch. Zach gently pulls on the probe and a white hot explosion of pain rocks my womanhood. I imagine the ball squeezing back out of the cervix when he leaves it be and the ball disappears back inside my uterus. I am left to rest while the last woman is probed. I hear her grunt several times in a row and finally a gut wrenching scream as the probe is engulfed by her cervix. Her partner announces “16 inches deep”. I see her body quiver, her erect nipples stimulated by the deep ache in her belly. The audience is impressed at her depth. “I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for that one!” One of the spectators mutter amongst themselves. I have a feeling I’m going to be stretched much further than I already am. How much more can my pussy possibly handle?
….to be continued?

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    second part please

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    I disagree, I think your pacing is good and in part two may need even more detail to drive home how extreme the contest rounds are.
    I like how you focus on her mental state so that we can understand the pleasure / pain that she’s enduring and also the motivation of what’s driving her.
    The reveal of what is motivating Zack should be pretty interesting also.
    Part two should be incredible!

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    Nice story, some parts can be shirtened to make the reader more interested. Just a tip but thanks for sharing

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      I have realized I said shirtened instead of shortened, forgive me for my grammer error