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My 1st everytime

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Losing my virginity and later finding it it was to a cereal child predator. I’m not a story writer so spelling and punctuation maybe be off xx

It was the last day of school before the 6 weeks holidays, we had arranged to have a sleep over at my best friend’s lucys with a few other of our friends.
School broke up at lunch so we went to the local park not to far from our houses. One of the girls Jessica who I could not stand kept making sly remarks and giving me dirty looks, we never got on it was like she wanted to be best friends with Lucy and take my place.
The last straw was when she tripped me up and resulted in my knee being cut open,  it wasn’t bad but enough. I flipped and it turned in to a yelling match to which Lucy looking me dead in the eyes saying if you cant get on it would be better if you didnt stay over tonight. That felt like a kick in the stomach, my best friend choosing and believing her over me.
Not wanting to look botherd I just shouted back I wouldn’t stay for million pound if that bitch is there, and went and sat on the bench as I watched them dissapear out the park gates, then I burst into tears.
Thats when Joe appeared next to me asking if I was OK and that he heard and saw what happened. He was charming and sweet saying all the right things and asked me to come with him to the cafe in the middle of the park and he will get us a cold drink and take a look at my knee. He was soo nice talking to me and treating me like a grown up and not a little kid.
He suggested I go to the toilets and take my tights off while he gets our drinks and somthing to clean my knee up.
Back at the table he is cleaning my knee before putting a plaster on me, then we carry on talking. He asked how much older then my friends I was, but seemed shocked when I told him we were all the same age 13. He told me I looked and acted alot older then them and thats probably part of the row I had with my friends, he said there silly little children but I’m a beautiful woman, that made me blush.
He asked me if I have a boyfriend which I told him I don’t and he said he is single, then said if I was older he would definitely ask me out. Now he was very good looking and being cheeky and feeling more relaxed around him I just said why if I’m older, you said I seem older then my friends.
He laughs held my hand and said to me sex is important in a relationship especially to older people, then says to me im guessing you’ve not had sex yet, I put my head down and just said no I haven’t, to which he said thats why I wish you was older as id love us to be boyfriend and girlfriend but sex is important.
He changed the subject asking when I have to be home, I told him anytime as my parents think I’m staying at my friend’s tonight so ill just go home when I’m ready and it was only 2pm so potentially had hours till ill need to head home.
I then changed the subject back and said, so if we were to have sex we would be boyfriend and girlfriend. He chuckled and said well yeah thats what bf and gfs do.
I just kinda blurted out, ask me out then. I don’t know what I was expecting but he was nice and friendly and good looking for a older man.
Let’s go for a walk round the park he said getting up, as we started walking he grabbed my hand and held it, looking back I guess it just looked like a dad had picked his daughter up from school and walking hand in hand.
We walked to a quiet area and behind some bushes when he stops walking turns me to face him and just says will you be my girlfriend. I just laughed and said sure, he leaned forward asking to kiss me.
We were kissing when I felt his hand slide down my back to my butt, then moved his hand up between us to my chest. I held my breath for a second in shock as no one had ever touched me like that before.
I felt some movement while he was kissing me untill he moved my hand downwards then felt a long hard hot lump in my hands, he closed my fingers round it and slowly moved my hand up and down.
It felt strange, I stopped kissing and looked down at it, it looked way to big for me and as I said its too big he just said it will be fine and to take my panties off.
I took them off as he laid his coat on the floor and laid me down. I got a bit worried and said can we just kiss and touch for now. He said no if we get this out the way now we can be together properly. He didn’t give me chance to answer just laid on top of me. At that point I said I don’t want to as he was holding himself up with one hand and rubbing his penis all over my vagina, its to late he said we have to now, then started to push it, I felt my lips open and stretch round his head then a pop feeling as the tip went in. It felt uncomfortable but no where near the pain I thought it would cause from what I’d heard.
Next thing he put his hand over my mouth and just as i was about to pull it away he pushed so hard it felt like my body was ripping in half I felt his penis go fully inside me, I felt so full and heavy and stuffed, I couldn’t breath properly and I hurt like crazy. The hand over my mouth stopped me screaming out as tears filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. He didn’t last long which I was grateful for. He sped up looking down at his penis fully going in and out of me before he went really stiff and I felt him throbbing inside of me as a warm feeling then took over.
He stood up sorting him self out not even looking at me, I asked if we are bf and gf now when he asked if he can keep my panties and just put them in his pocket anyway. He pulled his phone out and immediately said shit I gotta go, I asked for his phone number but he said he dont have time and said meet me here in the park tomorrow. I stood there as he kissed me told me he loved me and slipped a finger back inside me, turned and left.
I straightened myself out then walked from behind the bush there was no one there so headed home.
Nearly home I felt his cum leaking out of me, with my school skirt and no knickers It was really running down my legs and felt really uncomfortable.
I went to the park Nearly everyday for 5 weeks with no sign of him. Me and my bestie never made up aswell. The last week before school was due to restart I was walking round the park when I saw Lucy amd Jessica playing and thought id go try and make up and say hello when I noticed they were talking to somone, as I got closer it was Joe.
I stayed hidden and watched them leave and go to that same cafe we went to. I watched as the girls left the table and went to the toilet, was going to go over but the girls came back out but had taken there tights off, i watched as they sat back down and he held there hads one in each of his. Immediately felt sick and cried and ran the whole way home.
Back at school Lucy seemed different, very quiet and withdrawn Jessica never came back to our school, I later found out she had had a baby.

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  • Reply vive-la-baise

    Alrigh Milly since you havent contacted me trough my e-mail, i take it as you do not wissh my help or freindship. I respect your wish and hope you will become stronger then i after i got raped, and hope your and supossedly best friend can return to being friend and patch up whit the girl you hate and together grow stronger and wiser. Have a nice day and i wishh you a beautiful life and hope the next boy of next man into your life will be the righ 1.


      Can I send you an email vive la base?

    • vive-la-baise

      non! i created a e-mail especialy for Milly if she fel like chatting to hopefully help her not get too affected by that piece of shit and ti share whit her my own rape experience i had whne i ws 9.

  • Reply Kik:katiemoore1995

    Send me some naughty vids on kik 😉

    • vive-la-baise

      fuc off

  • Reply Riachi

    l_mendes2402 is my snap, I’m a 16 year old male😉

  • Reply River

    Hi milly sorry that happend to you i hope you Will be able to find someone that truly loves you


    Milly have you had sex after what happen to you?

    • Milly

      No not yet


      How long ago did this happen to you Milly and do you have Snapchat or Instagram I want to chat with you about your experience?

    • T

      Hi Milly I hope You doing ok after what happened of you ever need to talk just let me know and I’ll give you my info to we can talk. Tell Jessica to if she ever needs to talk im here to help

  • Reply vive-la-baise

    you are welcome, i have created a account in outlook email specially if you wish do disgust more or when ever you feel like empting your heart or sorrow or you feel just like confiding in someone also i am a very social person, i enjoy meeting new pepol because everyone bring somehting different at the table, what i mean its i believe we all only see 1% of life but if we spen time socialising whit another person then we see 2% of life, then we meet another person 3% and so on. [email protected] I hope woul will contact me and let me ease your pain and let me guive happiness because i love helping pepol out when i can. If you do not wish to contact me then i reespect yout wish and since i will be really surprise that we will meet someday because we do not know eatch other, i wish you a happy life! P.s. english is not my first langage so english mistake garanteed.

  • Reply Just this once - the original

    So sorry you had to experience this. May God provide you with the help you need to overcome this.

    • Milly

      Thank you but I think Lucy and definitely Jessica were affected more.

  • Reply vive-la-baise

    I feel sorry for you. I wish i was there to console you and only console. I hope you are doing a lot better today and that the next boy or man that come into your life will treat you correctly. I had my share of pain and sometime it ws soo painful that i had to cry witch was not easy for me because since th age of 7 i was taugh by the media, society and parents that a man do not cry, do not get emotional, whne somehting bad happen he just dust it off and keep walking, he do not open himslef to other pepol, etc…

    • Milly

      Thank you for your words.