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Mr Ian

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Mr Ian had a love for little boys like me.

At summer holidays all the children of village,boys and girls gather at the sguare,playing,talking and other child things.There is and a minimarket its owner is mr Ian a thin man but little bald around 55yearsold married without kids,he was very gently with all the kids.He gave us sweets,toys, magazines in cheap prizes especialy in me he was very good and later i discovere why.

Later come winter with snow most times,my parents were working until late i was the only kid in family, so i was going in mr Ian to take care me he and his woman mis martha.All this until his woman get ill so i stay the most time in store with him eating,doing my maths,he was looking me very strange but i didnt give any matter.Until a afternoon when i finish my maths he ask me if i want to show me some old magazines for kids he had i say yes,so i go behind bench of minimarket,he tell me sit in his legs and this i do.Then he put above bench some magaines but these wasnt for kids or to say better it was with kids but nude in the book cover.
Suddenly i was wanting to leave but he stop me,tell me where i am going,i aswere i didnt know he was a bad human that has these magazines,i knew what they were he try to calm me,with say me that these kids doesnt do anything bad, very simple they reveal their nice bodies.This time i was 11 i had hit purberty and i had starting have a passion for nude bodies younger or samje age with me was the strange so i stay sitting in his legs looking together at the pages of magaines.I start realy love it because it had young girls show their pussies in naughty poses,the same with young boys playing with their young cocks.
I loving them so much i start have fantasies to be in the same seat with this kids.All this happening every afternoong.but soon the magazines become more wild,they had images with kids having sex with each other,boy with girl, girl with girl or this that realy doing more wild my fantasies were boy with boy,i had always the most hard on this images.At the same time my sitting in mr ian legs become more uncomfortable when we were enjoying the same images,i was feeling something hard rub in my thighs,i knew what it was so i was taking a better pose sitting with a way having his hard thing exactly between my asscheeks and for fun rubing my ass above his hard thing above our trousers i was playing with him because i discovere i like the press of something big rubing in my ass doing him moan.
One afternoon where i was sitting in the same way, he couldnt hold hisself anymore and he put above bench some other magazines that i doesnt like too much.They were images with young nude boys suck cocks of big men and later big men doing some not nice things in the boys,then i feel mr ian kissing my neck and his hand go underwear my jean,thermaly clothes because of cold and inside my underpant and start playing with my cock.At the same time mr ian whisper in my ear that with my ass sitting and rubing above his cock had driving him crazy and he is impatient for the time he will have me nude in his bed,my cock had hit red of erection,i couldnt resist because i love it and i start moving my ass again above his cock doing him moan.soon we couldnt hold anymore and we cum together i feel it of his cock moving under me.
More things happen but this story would be huge,so i will write them in other stories.

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