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Mothers love for her boy – Part 2

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Tommy got another erection. This time we put it to good use. Put it in mommy’s special area.

It was around 10 PM, I’d had a long day cleaning the house and playing with Tommy after school, after giving him a bath and putting him to bed got on to my bed wearing only my bath robe, rubbed lotion on my body and texting my friends on Facebook. The peace and quiet was broken when I heard heavy footsteps in the hall, my bedroom door burst open and Tommy ran in to my room, “Mommy, mommy.” He shouted.

I quickly lifted the sides of my robe and covered my naked body, and sat up quickly, tying the belt around my waist, “What is it, what’s wrong?” I said, he had his pants around his knees as he scurried across the bedroom and stood at the side of the bed by me, “My willy’s hard again, mommy.”, I chuckled and smiled, reaching out and picking him up, sitting him on the bed beside me, “I can see that, darling.” I said.

“Will you make it better?” he asked, with a cheeky grin on his face.

I started something a couple of weeks ago when, after giving him a bath, he got an erection and I gave him his first blowjob, I’ve sucked him off on two separate occasions since that night and he’s got used to me sorting him out, making him feel better, I explained the birds and the bees to him and he understands it, I also had to make him promise not to tell anyone about what mommy has been doing, it’s our special secret.

“Give mommy a kiss…” I said, he quickly kissed me, then I picked him up and lay him down in the middle of the bed, “…want mommy to take off her robe?” I asked, he liked to see me naked, he nodded with excitement and I took off my robe and threw it on to the floor, then I leaned down, popped his four and half inches in to my mouth and started to suck up and down his hard little shaft.

His little groans of sexual pleasure were like music to my ears, I was more than happy to keep sucking him off, but tonight I wanted to try something different, it’s been so long since I’ve had a cock inside me and I needed some release myself, “Do you want to see mommy’s special area?” I asked him, “..K” he replied,

Like two excited children, we both quickly switched places, I lay down and he sat on his knees between my open legs, staring at my soaking wet pussy, “It’s okay, darling, you can touch it.” I said, he hesitated because I’ve always told him he wasn’t supposed to touch mommy’s special area when we shared a bath, he touched my pussy delicately with his fingers, exploring the curves and bumps, slipping his finger between my flaps, then, without me even asking, he leaned over and licked it, like a dog lapping up water from a bowl, “Oooh – Tommy.” I groaned.

He was very lucky, I’d shaved my pussy only a couple of days before, if I hadn’t then he’d probably be choking on my pubic hair by now, after a couple of minutes I of watching and enjoying him lick me out, and seeing his hard little willy dangling between his legs, I knew it was time for more, “Do you want to make mommy feel better?” I asked.

“Yeah” he replied, nodding his head, the edges of his mouth soaking wet with my juices.

I reached down and grabbed him, “Come closer.” I said, pulling him towards me, stopping when his willy reached my groan, with Tommy perched over me, holding himself up with his arms, I reached down, help his willy and guided it to my pussy, it was pressed between my flaps, “Push, baby.” I said, he little buttocks tightened and he pushed his hips forward, “Ungh” we both gasped, as his willy slid inside me.

It may have only been four and a half inches long, but it was big enough and wide enough for me to feel it stretching my insides, “Mommy..” he gasped, sounding panicked and concerned, I stroked his face, “It’s alright, Tommy. Enjoy it, baby.” I replied, reassuring him, “K” he replied, very slowing pushing his willy in and out of me, “How does it feel?” I asked.

“It’s warm.” He replied.

“But nice?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He replied.

“Good boy.” I said, he continued to push in and out, he sped up when he got used to it and started enjoying the feeling of fucking my tight pussy, “Oh, Tommy.” I groaned.

I didn’t think his little willy could give me so much pleasure, but it felt so good, my little boy was a stud, humping away, I had to lift my legs and wrap them around him to give him more room to thrust, he was going like a rocket, his little ass bouncing up and down, he’d grind to a complete stop occasionally, briefly collapsing, resting his little head on my breasts as he gasped for breath, his little body exhausted, I’d rubbed his head when he took a rest.

He didn’t give up though, after a brief rest he lifted himself back up and got back to it, starting slowly before getting his rhythm and thrusting like a jack hammer, he was mommy’s little trooper, “Ooh – ungh” I groaned, he groaned, we were both groaning with pleasure,

After a while he dropped his head down, pressing his head and chest against my breasts, wrapping his arms around and under my back, clamping on to me with every bit of strength he had left, he groaned rapidly, “Ugh – ugh – ugh”, and he got faster, forcing his willy deeper inside me, “Ugh – ugh – mommy – ugh – mommy”.

“Tommy!” I moaned, digging his nails in to my back as I felt him come, his willy swelling against my inner walls, dumping his small load inside of me as his enthusiastic thrusting gradually came to a stop.

When he finished he collapsed on top of me, going completely limp, his tiny body dripping with sweat, breathing heavily on to my breast, that was a greatest sex I’d had since he was born, it was the only sex I’d had since he was born, it was beautiful, my little Tommy was growing up so fast, even though his willy hadn’t yet reached his full potential, he was already a man in my eyes.

He fell asleep laying on top of me, bless his little heart. I’ll let him sleep for now, later I’ll suck on his sweet tasting little balls, I love my little Tommy, and his little willy.

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  • Reply Cute Lucas 11 ID:nili1a6ij

    Soo great mommy! Wish I was that boy

  • Reply me ID:1ck84bflgu79

    luv it! [email protected]

  • Reply Mark ID:1a4l0tal8m

    I love this story it brings back some memories of my youth,, love to chat with you
    [email protected]

    • Loving grandma ID:ndoolen20c

      I have read both instalments. Though fiction i found it entertaining. Well done.
      It is very similar to what had happened between my grandson and i few years ago. I had children very early. My daughter had children early too. I was 48 when my 12 year old grandson was with me for a week while his parents went on a ship cruise for their anniversary. I was widowed 16 years and havent had sex since until my grandson had his first erection

  • Reply Nathan4886 ID:nnmnhdkk8

    This is cute and hot

  • Reply kenthy ID:1ah770leqrd

    The story meks my cock hard

  • Reply Junior ID:w723vl98

    Adoraria ser seu filho e meter gostoso em vc

  • Reply Lucifer ID:hd38yy0d1

    I want u

    • Joy ID:dvym7cid99

      Sex to mom is best