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Mother and Me

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My teenage curiosity lead me down a path I can never come back from.

I’ve read a lot of stories on here before I decided to put mine on here. They’re obvious bullshit. They’re written by people that, if they are true, should be locked up or people that have no ability to create a believable story. Not all but most are just bad authors with bad grammar and no ability to use paragraphs.

This is neither an unbelievable story or something I should be locked up for. This is my true story of how my sex drive lead me to do things I never thought I’d do.

By the time I reached an age of maturity where I was thinking of sex and beginning masturbating and things of that nature, I was the only child left in the house. My two sisters had grown up and moved out and my Dad left my Mom when I was 10.

Mom was a severe alcoholic that only got worse after Dad left. She would come home from work, stressed out from being a single mom and immediately start drinking. By nightfall she’d be passed out in her bed completely unresponsive. My mom was a bigger woman. Not huge but bigger. Curvy may be the appropriate term for it.

By the time I was 13, mom was 45. Her once attractive curves had become more curve and less attractive. She still had large 40D breast and a very voluptuous hips. I think my mom was a bit of a freak too. I used to listen and spy on my parents having sex. She had a few boyfriends/guys she dated after dad left and I would always spy on them. Not out of wanting to see my mom get railed by some guy she met at the bar but solely out of curiosity. I wanted to see and know as much about sex as I could. My curiosity drove me insane sometimes! Mom would always say really kinky things and she was always in a submissive position. At the time I was just curious of course but the older I get and the more I think back on it the more I get aroused by it.

Around the same time, age 12 or so, I would climb into bed with my mom after she passed out. I would cuddle up against her. She always wore revealing nightgowns made of silk and lace. Even when she slept alone she wore them. She didn’t have those sloppy sweat pants that most women have to sleep in. She never wore revealing outfits outside the bedroom but always wore sexy lingerie to bed.

I would sleep with her few and far beyond the beginning but the more I did it, the more I wanted to do it. Every time I slept in her bed with her I would have sex dreams and wake up with throbbing erections that we’re much more intense and uncomfortable than normal. The kind of erections that cause blue balls. I would always run to my bedroom when I woke up and jackoff.

By the time I was 14 I had almost stopped sleeping in her bed. I was beginning to think that if anyone at school found out I still slept with my mom, I would be the laughing stock of the school. So I began to slowly stop. By my 15th birthday I had reached my goal to stop and gone over 2 months without crawling into her bed and I thought I had gotten passed it. Thought!

I began to think about it more and more now that I had gone passed my goal. A few nights went by and I would lay wide awake in bed resisting the urge. Finally, after about a week of sleepless nights filled with perpetual masturbating and wild fantasies, I gave in.

I used to pay attention to what mom was wearing to bed each night. I had a couple favorites of her sleep attire. There was a blue silk nightgown, and a red lace teddy that had matching panties. When I’d see her come in the kitchen to get her drinks wearing those, I’d always know that was going to be the night I slept in her bed. The red lace teddy had spaghetti straps and was her most revealing sleepwear. When we’d cuddle there was a lot of skin on skin contact. The blue silk nightgown was just long enough that it passed her hips. The silk was of course great to cuddle up with but what really got me was she never wore panties with her nightgowns and this one was her shortest. When she slept it would always ride up revealing her bare ass.

The night I gave in, she walked thru the living room wearing the blue silk gown. She was already pretty liqoured up so I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long. It ended up because my longer than I could wait though. Just minutes after she walked thru the living room thoughts filled my head and I ran to my room to crank one out. For a brief moment I thought maybe I wouldn’t need to sleep in her bed now. Maybe it was out of my system. I was wrong…

About an hour later I entered her room. I didn’t care if I made noise, if I woke her I would just make up a reason why I was in there and besides, if she woke from the door opening, she certainly would’ve woke up from me crawling into her bed.

What I didn’t know at the time I was doing all this is that she knew I would sleep with her. Later in life she told me she liked it because it made her feel close to her youngest child who was growing up too fast. She never told me at the time because she thought I knew she knew.

I pulled the blankets back so I could slip in her bed. She was laying on her side with her back to me. As I pulled the blankets back, sure enough her nightgown was sliding up her backside. By 15 it was no longer about being curious. Now I knew enough about sex to know what all the kinky things my mom would say during sex and all the positions she would be in. Now it was just about my mom was sexy. My mom was what turned me on. Now I just wanted to fuck my mom.

Seeing her ass half revealed would make most men’s cocks hard but mine was already there as crept in her room. I pulled my boxer shorts down just passed my balls so if she woke up I could pull them up quicker and easier. I laid behind her and pulled the blanket back up to my waist. I gently grabbed her nightgown and pulled it up unveiling her entire ass. I put my arm around her and scooted up against her. Instantly my cock started to tingle and it lay between her ass cheeks. For one second the thought of what I was doing and what I was about to do was so wrong but I couldn’t help myself anymore. I slowly started to grind against her, testing the waters to see how it felt and if she’d wake up. She made no indication of waking and even though I wasn’t actually penetrating her, just rubbing my cock between her ass cheeks, I still counted it because it felt incredible.

I was so close to cumming now but I knew I could cum on her which was a bit of a dilemma. When I was ready to cum, I stopped, climbed out of bed and unloaded into a tissue I grabbed from the nightstand. I returned to my bedroom to try and get some sleep afterwards but I couldn’t fall asleep. I lay awake thinking about how disappointed I was. Yeah it felt amazing but standing up, walking to the corner and cumming in a Kleenex wasn’t how I envisioned it.

I spent the next few days thinking of a way I could get the satisfaction I desired. I thought that if she was in the same position on her side and I had a condom on I might be able to penetrate her. No way, she’d surely wake up with me inside her. I wasn’t a 12 year old boy anymore. I was a growing 15 year old with a solid 7” cock in my pants. If I got caught… my god, what would happen to me?

Days went by, and I may have talked myself out of that insanity until I decided to go by a pack of condoms. You know, just in case I come up with a different idea. Plus, there was the chance I would need them if I got a girlfriend this school year. Basically any way I could justify what I really wanted out of this, I did. Obviously there’s no other way for this to go down.

A couple weeks went by and by now I was completely consumed by this. I had reached the point where I didn’t care if she caught me. Maybe she’d be so drunk I could convince her it was a dream. That’s it! The next time I see her wearing that blue silk nightgown, I’m gonna just do it!

It didn’t take long. The next night, she came walking thru the living room while I was playing video games, wearing that blue gown. My heart started pounding so loud I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I couldn’t breathe.

“Goodnight.” She said to me as she headed back to her room.

She didn’t sound very drunk. I know because she rarely said goodnight to me when she was drinking. Maybe I had to call it off.

Of course my desire would dominate my actions and I decided that I was going to try. I was either going to get off like never before of get busted trying to rape my mom in her sleep. The thrill of it excited me to no end. It turned out that that’s just how I like my sex. Even now as an adult, I like the thrill of consequences if I get caught.

Once again I snuck into her room quietly. Pulled the blankets off her. This time her gown was hiked up almost all the way. I told myself she was waiting for me. I pulled my boxers all the way down and kicked them to the floor. In for a penny, in for a pound I told myself. I put the condom on ahead of time in the bathroom so not to make noise or accidentally leave evidence behind. As I climbed into bed with her the bed creaked and I thought I had blown it. She moved a bit but didn’t wake. There was an aroma of alcohol on her and I saw a drink on the nightstand so she had been drinking after all. How much I didn’t know. I scooted against her just like last time but not pulling the covers up so I could see what I was doing. This was it, it was time…

I licked my finger and reached down to find her vagina with my hand so I knew where to put it. It was dark but my eyes adjusted well enough I could see what I was doing. I immediately felt the warmth of her hole. To my surprise, my finger was right where it needed to be. I pushed a little and my finger slipped inside her a bit. It was wet and warm. My already rock hard cock bobbed and stiffened up even more. I couldn’t wait any longer. This was it..

I grabbed the base of my shaft and pressed the tip against her vagina in the same place my finger was. I wiggled it a bit and I could feel her pussy lips spread a bit. Even thru the condom I could feel the warmth on my tip. I pushed a little bit and there was a little resistance. I pushed a little harder. The tip of my cock popped inside her! I thought this was enough. I wasn’t going to go much deeper. She made a noise that sounded like a moan of pleasure. I slowly started to pump back and forth trying no to go too deep. It didn’t take more than 6 or 7 small thrust and I shot what felt like a gallon of hot cum inside the condom. I did everything I could not to make a noise but I realized when I was done I made a considerable amount of noise and the last thrust went much deeper than I had intended. I pulled out and quickly jumped out of her bed and scampered out of her room before she even had a chance to wake and realize what happened. I buried the condom in the garbage and went to my room. I thought I would sleep like a baby for the first time in weeks but I couldn’t sleep at all. I was so excited and my heart still pounding. I laid there for almost 5 minutes before I realized my cock was still hard as a rock. I tried to calm myself but it didn’t work. I tried jacking off but I couldn’t make myself cum again. I stayed awake for close to 3 hours after, even thought about doing it again but decided not to press my luck. Sooner or later I was going to get caught and it’d ruin everything. No need to throw this victory out the window tonight…

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