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Mother and Me 3

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My Mom confronts me about my behavior and give me the sex talk.

As I entered the kitchen my mom was sitting at the kitchen table wearing the bathrobe I bought her last Christmas.

“Sit down, let’s talk.” She said

A lump built in my throat and my chest started pounding so hard I thought even she’d hear it. I tried to play it as cool as possible, so I reluctantly sat down.

“What’s up?” I asked, my voice cracked a bit from how nervous I was.

“We never had the sex talk did we?” She asked

“It’s a little late for that now. I’m 15.” I told her

“Why were you sleeping in my bed with me last night?” She asked

“I told you, I had a bad dream.” I replied defensively.

She paused a moment, looked away as if she was thinking about what to say. Took a drink of her coffee, and sighed.

“I won’t do it again, it was just a really bad dream.” I said before she could speak.

“I felt your erection last night.” She said leaning forward a bit to get my attention. Her bathrobe opened a bit and I could see her cleavage.

I stared at her breasts for a few seconds before she snapped her fingers and then slapped her hand on the table yelling “HEY!”

“Are you attracted to me?” She asked while placing her hand on top of mine. “It’s perfectly normal for you to have sexual fantasies about me.” She continued

I was frozen! The longer I sat silently, the more obvious I was. I wanted to tell her what was going thru my head but even I thought it was fucked up, surely she would too. My eyes dropped to her cleavage again and I was revealing myself even more.

“How much do you know about sex?” She asked me “Have you had sex yet?” She added

This was either a set up and she knew, or she didn’t know and I had gotten away with it.. twice! I had seconds to read her and decide what I was going to say.

“No, I’m still a virgin. Girls at school don’t even know I exist.” Is what I decided to tell her.

“Well I know your dad is worthless and isn’t going to teach you. If you’re willing, I could teach you about women and sex.” Mom said

I cleared the lump in my throat the best I could and mumbled out a response. “Sure.. that’s ok.”

“I got tons of errands to do today, we’ll talk later tonight, ok?” She told me getting up from the table. As she did her bathrobe split all the way open and she was still wearing the lingerie and panties from last night underneath.

I got so turned on from her lingerie and her bathrobe opening, her cleavage, and her willingness to talk about sex with me that I went to my room to masturbate.

That night we had dinner together, which we didn’t do often. She was sober, which was even rarer. We didn’t say much while we ate. Just small talk, which was also rare for us. As a child I was her little baby boy. I got more attention than my two older sisters combined. I was becoming a man now and was not that little baby boy anymore.

We agreed to talk after dinner and I sat on the couch. She went to her room and came back a few minutes later. My entire body started tingling including my cock when she returned. She had changed into the blue silk nightgown that I love so much. She had pulled her hair back in a ponytail. She had put on some lotion that smelled amazing!

She sat next to me on the couch and started making small talk about girls and the type of girls I liked. Did she know any of the girls I like.. generic stuff like that. I answered all of her questions as best I could. We talked for about a half hour and then it started swinging more towards sex.

She told me about spots women like to be touched outside of their vaginas and breasts and the like. Then she did something that blew my mind! She took her gown off! This time she was wearing panties with it.

Her D size tits flopped out. My jaw dropped and my cock stood straight up uncomfortably against my zipper. She recognized my surprise of course and tried to play it off. “Oh relax, these things fed you once upon a time. You’ve seen them already.” She joked

In reality I had seen them hundreds of times. Whether while spying her having sex, in the shower or occasionally hiding in her closet while she changed clothes. I had see her tits, but it felt different having them presented to me. I didn’t have to work to see them this time.

She started talking about the nipple and giving me a demonstration on how to properly play with a woman’s breast and nipple. “Try it” she told me.

I was scared to death but I did it anyways. It felt absolutely amazing. My cock was unbelievably hard and I could feel precum already seeping out and sticking to my boxer shorts.

A few minutes went by and she left her nightgown off even when the instructional was over. “Do you have a hard on now?” She asked

I nodded my head but said nothing keeping my eyes towards the floor. She put her hand on my chin and lifted my head up and looked me in the eyes. “It’s ok! A woman just took her tits out and told you to play with them. You’re 15, it could’ve been your grandma and you’d have an erection.” She said

Again I nodded a little embarrassed, but truthfully I was just trying not to look at her tits. I felt so close to cumming in my pants as it was, I didn’t need to lose it before I got to my room to really enjoy it.

She put her hand on my chest and pushed me back on the couch. I didn’t get a chance to adjust my boner and now it was sticking straight up. I was the definition of “pitching a tent”.

“You used to be my little baby boy. Now you’re a man.” She said using her index finger to gently tap the tip of my “tent”. “Are you wanting to go to your room now? You probably want to take care of that.” She added

Mom knowing I masturbate is embarrassing, if she knew how much she might be embarrassed. But her sending me to my room to masturbate the boner she gave me was awkward as fuck. I stood up and adjusted my dick so it wasn’t sticking straight out anymore, and tucked it in my belt.

“Hey, I showed you my tits. It’s your turn.” She said half joking , stopping me from leaving.

I wanted to pull my cock out so bad but I couldn’t let her know how bad I wanted it.

“Serious?” I asked

“I’m a aging woman, it’s good for my confidence to see that I can still get a younger man hard.” She explained with a smile.

I still couldn’t tell if she was serious but I thought, what could go wrong with taking it out? She asked me to, and even if she was joking or even daring me to do it I could get away with it. I undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants. Stopped, looked her in the eyes as if to silently ask her “are you sure?”

“C’mon” she urged

I went for it. I reached in my boxers and pulled it out. It flopped out of the spandex waistband and pointed right at her. There was a small string of pre cum starting to string out downwards.

“Wow! You’ve grown into quite a man indeed.” She said with a smirk.

I’m somewhere in the 7-8” range which I know is above average but I think she just boosted my ego to make me feel better. She took her index finger and swiped the drop of pre cum and strung it out with her thumb and index finger. Then she put her thumb on her tongue and licked it off.

“Let me take care of that for you.” She said

“What?!” I said stunned

“We used to be so close, and I know I’m not the best mom in the world. I want to be close with you again. No one has to know about it. Besides it’s my damn fault you’re hard.” She explained while gently grabbing my shaft.

She said some more stuff after that but I heard none of it. Her cold hand wrapped around my hot shaft sent a shock thru me so intense that I lost all my senses and heard nothing beyond “it’s my fault”.

When I regained my whits, I looked down and she was stroking my shaft with one hand and teasing my tip with her now saliva covered fingers with her other hand. I lost it right there! I let out a loud moan and threw my head back. I felt her hand begin to squeeze the base of my shaft. I looked down and she was scooted to the edge of the couch. As she released her grip a bit a large spurt of cum shot out of my cock and hit her right in the chest. I heard her let out a little moan. So quiet that I think she was trying to hide that she was now being turned on. A second spurt shot out and hit her chin and immediately dropped to her cleavage. She let go of my cock completely and I instantly took over stroking the last bits of cum I had in my balls. She used her fingers to swipe up the cum off her chest and put it in her mouth. If it were possible, I would’ve came again right then!

When I was done I took a step back. I was a bit dizzy. She looked embarrassed and she grabbed her nightgown and stood up.

She kissed me on the cheek and said good night, then headed to her bedroom. I wanted to go in her room to see what was wrong but she had once again locked the door. This time I chose not to pick the lock and leave her be. I went back to my bedroom and laid in bed thinking about how that one orgasm was better than any I had ever had before. I shortly later drifted to sleep…

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    This is good

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    Part 4 is a must. The poor boy needs to fuck his mom. Without a rubber. She obviously wants his cock and his sperm. She would of had them both this time if he wouldn’t of prematurely ejaculated. She went to her room very disappointed.

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      Fastest reply ever in this website 14 seconds my broskis