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Loving Wife Satisfies Husband’s Girdle Fetish Part 2

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The next morning was unexpected but very hot!

After having incredible sex last evening with the two men I love, I fell asleep with such a sense of satisfaction. Just knowing that I had my boyfriend Bobby, and my husband Jim’s sperm inside me together made me feel so content. I slept so sexually at peace.

Morning seemed to arrive very quickly. It was Saturday morning, the day of our big fancy dinner. I looked over at the clock and it was 9:39. What? I never sleep this late! Guess the boys really wore me out. Having multiple orgasms in a single night will tend to do that. Then of course feeling a young 18 year old stud sliding his perfect cock into me for the first time really set me off. Seriously, I nearly passed out when I felt him orgasm inside me. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. God I loved having Bobby inside me last night. It felt incredible.

Jim had already gotten up. I just laid in bed for a couple extra minutes thinking about what had transpired yesterday. All three of our lives have changed drastically. I hope my husband or Bobby don’t have second thoughts about last night. I know I sure don’t. In fact if I had my way I’d stay home and spend the evening fucking Bobby. But I know that’s impossible.

This dinner we’re going to tonight is actually a wedding reception/dinner/dance deal. Jim’s boss’s son is getting married. There having a very small family only wedding but the reception is from what Jim has told me, is going to be quite the bash. Anyway we’re supposed to be there sometime between 7 and 8 o’clock. Trouble is its an hour drive to get there, so it’s going to be a long evening. Oh I’m sure when we get there and have a couple drinks we’ll have a good time.

Guess I’d better get my lazy little butt out of bed. I’ve many things to get done before we leave. First thing every morning is to take my birth control pill. I sure don’t want to forget taking my pill now that Bobby will hopefully be fucking me on a regular basis. Second is to get my pantyhose and girdle washed up. They both definitely need washing.

So I got up, put on some panties, and slipped into my robe. I found my girdle along with my pantyhose, folded neatly, laying on the dresser. Jim must of put them there when he got up. That was a sweet thing to do I thought. I picked them up on the way out of the bedroom. I’d get a cup of coffee in the kitchen on the way to the laundry room.

Jim was sitting at the kitchen table having his usual cinnamon toast, coffee, and juice. I gave Jim a quick kiss good morning and laid my girdle and pantyhose on the table where I always sit. Then I poured myself a cup of coffee. I keep my birth control pills in the same cupboard with the coffee cups. I always take my pill first thing in the morning. So I found today’s pill and took it with a sip of coffee.

Jim looked up and asked, ” Why’d you bring those in here?” pointing towards my underwear. “They need to get washed for tonight. You do want me to wear them tonight don’t you?” “Oh yes, but I didn’t think they’d need washing already.” “Jim! You do remember that I was with Bobby last night right?” “Oh yes definitely……so?” Well sweetheart, Bobby was so aroused he was leaking precum everywhere. Especially on my girdle, so unless you want me to smell like sex all night I’d better get it washed.” “Yeah okay that’s probably a good idea Ashley.” We both laughed.

When I was finished with my coffee I went in the laundry room and washed both items by hand. Then I laid my girdle over the back of a kitchen chair to dry. I hopped it would be dry by the time I needed to get dressed.

Jim was still drinking coffee so I thought this would be a good time for us to talk about what happened last night.

“Honey, I think we should talk about last night. “Oh, what about last night?” “Well, are you upset or having any second thoughts about Bobby and me now that we’ve been together?” “No, we agreed that you were going to sleep with him and that’s what happened.” “Yeah but we’ve been married for almost 10 years now, and in that time I’ve ever been with anyone but you. Seeing me last night with him had to of been really hard for you.” “Yes Ashley I was definitely jealous, but seeing the look on your face and how excited you were when Bob’s hard dick first started to entered you was priceless. Ashley, the hottest thing I’ve ever seen is when you had your legs wrapped around Bobby and he climaxed inside you. I could see how much you wanted his sperm and watching you receive it was very special for me.”

“So Jim, sweetheart, are you saying that I can sleep with Bobby again?” “Yes of course you can. I won’t deny you the kind of pleasure that Bobby obviously gives you. But remember I do really like watching you making love Ashley.” “So you’re saying that I shouldn’t be with Bobby unless you’re there right?” “No not necessarily, I didn’t say that honey. If you guys got all horny in the middle of the day and I’m at work, I would understand. Just tell me all about it when I get home.” “Jim I love you so much. It’s incredibly sweet that you are willing to share me.” Ashley went over, sat on her husband’s lap, and kissed him passionately. “See that girdle over there on the chair……well I’m going to be wearing it tonight just for you, and I’m going to fuck the hell out of you, so be ready!”

Ashley could feel her husband’s cock getting hard against her little butt. Ashley kissed her husband and whispered, “Oh my, feels like he’s trying to get inside me already. You’re such a horny boy lately.”
Ashley stood and removed her panties and laid them on the kitchen table. She then reached inside the fly opening of her husband’s pajamas a worked Jim’s now fully erect cock out. Ashley stood facing her husband and straddled him as he sat in his chair. The two kissed passionately while Jim’s very hard cock was pressed between their stomachs. Ashley reached between them and squeezed Jim’s cock and whispered again, “Why is he so hard sweetheart, is he looking at my girdle over on the chair?” Jim nodded yes. “Is he thinking about me wearing it tonight under my sexy dress?” Jim nodded yes again. Does he want to go in where it’s wet and warm?” Yet again, Jim nodded yes, and kissed Ashley. Ashley then while looking into her husband’s eyes raised herself just enough to rub a very aroused husband along her pussy lips.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and they both jumped with a start. First thought in both their minds was to just ignore who ever was at the door. Jim looked at Ashley and Ashley looked back at him not knowing what she should do. Jim knew Ashley would be hopping it might be Bobby so he said, “Go ahead and answer it.” Ashley kissed her lover, stood and closed her robe. “Sweetheart you better put him away till I get back.” Jim reluctantly put his precum leaking cock back into his pajamas.

Ashley peeked out the small window in the door and saw it was in fact Bobby. She got butterflies in her stomach and she felt her heart start to pound. “Hi Bobby come on in!” she said, as soon as the door started to open.” Being careful to close the door before giving Bobby a sexual kiss and a hug. “So Bobby this is a surprise, let me get you a cup of coffee.” Bobby sat at the kitchen table noticing Ashley’s girdle draped over a chair.

“Good morning Bobby” Jim said trying to make Bobby feel comfortable. “Good morning Jim.” Bobby politely replied. Ashley set a cup of hot coffee in front of Bobby. Then she put her soft lips near Bob’s right ear and whispered very softly, “Sweetie, actually, I was about to fuck my horny husband, do you want to watch?”

Bobby understandably looked very surprised but eventually sputtered out, “Ahhh…yeah….I guess so….. sure, if it’s okay.” Ashley looked to her husband and asked, “Honey you wouldn’t mind if my boyfriend watched you and I making love would you?” “No I guess not…..sure why not. I’m sure Bobby would enjoy.

Ashley kissed Bobby deeply then took a step back, opened her robe, and let it fall to the floor. Bobby let out a gasp, wow! “Oh Bobby your so sweet.”

Ashley walked to the other side of the table where Jim was still sitting. Her husband already had his hard cock out and ready for her pussy. Ashley straddled her husband again but this time facing Bobby. She knew that Bobby would have a clear view of her pussy wrapped around her husband’s excited cock.

Ashley wasted no time sitting on her husband and impaled herself on his cock. She lowered herself so her husband’s cock was completely inside her pussy and out of Bob’s view. She sat in that position motionless. Looking at Bobby she said, “Sweetie, you were inside me last night weren’t you?” “Yes” Bobby replied while he nodded his head. “So you know exactly what my husband is feeling right now don’t you.” Ashley continued to tease. Bobby nodded yes again. “Did you like the way you felt inside me?” Bob’s breathing became more rapid. “Yes it felt wonderful.” Ashley still sat motionless with her husband’s cock deep inside her. “Would you like to feel your cock inside me again?” “Yes very much!” “Well, Bobby why should my husband let you feel your cock inside me?” Bobby wasn’t sure what to say, but he knew he had to say something. “Because I enjoyed it a lot, and I think you did to.” Ashley started to ride Jim’s cock as she talked to Bobby. “Yes I did enjoy being with you. Maybe you should ask him if it’s okay for you to make love to his wife again.” Ashley was riding her husband hard now and was having a difficult time talking. Her and her husband were both getting close to their climaxes. “Bobby you better ask him your question!” “Jim, sir, could I make love to your wife again please?” Hearing Bobby ask his question caused Jim to pump his sperm laden cum up inside Ashley. Feeling Jim climax into her set her off to an orgasm of her own. As they both were coming down from an orgasm high, Ashley said to Jim, I think Bobby is waiting for an answer honey. Jim was still enjoying his post orgasm spasms and was only focused on his cock and how great it felt inside the tight pussy he had just inseminated .

Jim….Jim…..finally Jim came to, and out of breath said, “Yes Bobby you can make love to my wife again.” Ashley just sat on her husband’s softening cock looking lovingly at her very horny boyfriend. “Maybe tonight sweetheart!”

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  • Reply Sam99

    Gr8 one Robert keep up the good work waiting for the part soon😊😊

  • Reply Horneolman

    Love this, tell us more of you Bobby and Jim’ love making sessions.

    • Robert

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the first two parts. Part three is coming soon.