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I’ve been very sexual since a young age…

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Hiya Everyone! Today I’ll be sharing my story on my first sexual encounter with a dog. I was about 6 at the time and I was staying with my grandmother while my mother worked. She used to drop me and her dog Vincent off at my grandmothers before leaving for work.

One day I was upstairs playing with the doll house at my grandmothers and vincent came up. He started licking the palm of my hand and for some reason it felt oddly sastifying. Now i was very young snd I had no idea what sex was it what my body parts were all i knew is that i peed with my pussy. I took my pants down and let him lick my legs, even tho i didn’t understand i knew it was giving me some pleasure and i just liked it, i had a bare pus obviously no hair or anything, i remember his tounge getting to my thigh bone area and sliding near my crotch, he then started licking my pussy, i remember leaving out soft little moans, and then turned around and let him lick my ass hole, he used to stick his tounge in so i suppose you could say it was a form of anal? haha anyway over the years when i began understanding born and beastiailty with the help of google i continued to let Vincent eat me out but never fuck me because looking at a dogs dick was a huge turn off for me, I thiught them to be very disgusting looking. Anyway the dog passed away last year of old age and now i have nothing to pleasure myself with except my fingers but I can only finger myself with 2 fingers if i’m very wet since it hurts my hymen to do more and i don’t want to pop my cherry to myself, that’d be a bit embarrasing!! haha anywayyy it’s been 8 years since that first sexual encounter so you can add up yourself how old i am. But leave down your opinions on this story time and i can write more!! My snapchat is aofiexmurphy that is the only way you can contact me outside of sexteories69!! bye guyzzzz

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  • Reply Stop

    6 years old? Ridiculous

  • Reply Step_bro3325

    If anyone wants to add my snap go ahead it is my name

  • Reply Sneaky Sam

    Got an instant chubby. Please write more

  • Reply the_demon1525

    I can’t find you on snap add me my snaps the same as my name on here

  • Reply Can't belive I'm writing this

    If I add your snapchat what would we do

  • Reply Just this once

    I meant to say your story was great, I’m not a fan of animal fucking but this was a good story

  • Reply Just this once

    Proof read, punctuation and a spell checker. Story was a bit lame as well.

    • That guy who beat you up behind school

      Holy shit, you need a gf or something since you be wanting attention

    • The teacher that gave you an F

      My student , please work on your language! Or it’s another detention for you!

    • That guy who beat you up behind school

      Nah bitch, we ain’t speak proper on the streets. Another detention wouldn’t hurt me too lmao