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I fucked my girlfriend’s little brother

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The story of me taking advantage of my girlfriend’s little brother

I knew I was bisexual by the time I was 15. What started of as curiosity and just plain being horny ended up with me being bi.

When I was 19 I was dating the girl that lived in the apartment above mine. Her name was Melissa. She wasn’t the most attractive girl in the world but not ugly either. Her best quality was from the time we were in 5th grade together she had big tits. By the time we were 19, they were quite large.

Melissa had a little brother, Joseph, that had just turned 14. He was always around the apartment complex bugging us older guys when we played football and such. He was a bit of a goofball and didn’t have any friends.

Melissa asked me once to let him go skateboarding with me and I reluctantly accepted. I went to the high school to meet him one day and we went skating for a bit. He was better than I expected and over the 2 hours or so we skated we got to talking and we actually got along well.

When we were done, we went home. Melissa was busy as a freshman in college and I had chosen not to attend, so I had nothing to do that day beyond babysitting her kid brother. Joseph asked if he could come over and play video games and since he wasn’t as annoying as I had previously seen and we were getting along well enough I agreed.

When we got to my bedroom we started playing games. We got bored quickly. In our boredom he shocked me by asking if I had any porn magazines. (It was 1999 and we had these things called porno mags that had pictures of people fucking)

I was shocked he asked such a question but I didn’t hesitate to bust out my good ones. We looked over a bunch of them and it was clear we both had erections in our pants.

“Do you ever do this stuff with my sister?” He asked looking at a picture of a man and a woman fucking doggy style

“Yeah, all the time.” I responded, which, was a lie. I did end up having plenty of good sex with Melissa in our time together but at that point we had not had sex.

“I have a boner right now!” He said with a laugh

“Me too.” I said as I adjusted it into a more comfortable position.

“I like to whack off.” He said laughing a bit harder this time. “It feels good.” He added as his laugh settled

“Oh me too! All the time. Every dude does man. Nothing to be ashamed of no matter what they say at school.” I explained. “Have you ever jerked off with another guy?” I asked

“No… but I would.” He said in a much more serious tone

“Well, take it out!” I told him

After a minute or two of trying to convince him to take out his dick, I finally took mine out first. I stood up and unbuttoned my pants and dropped them to my ankles. My cock was pointed right at him.

“That’s WAY bigger than mine!” He said, his laughter returning

“No worries, I’m older.” I responded

I got on my knees and reached for his pants. He didn’t stop me as I unbuttoned his jeans and started pulling them down to his ankles as well. He wasn’t lying, mine was way bigger. His 14 year old cock was only about 5” long. He sat on the edge of my bed and I was on my knees in front of him gently rubbing my tip.

“It’s ok.. just relax. No one is going to find out about this.” I comforted him.

I started to play with his cock as well. We were both softly stroking our dicks now and I decided to make a move. I grabbed his wrist and pulled it away. I took his cock in my hand and began stroking it. I thought he’d resist but he did the opposite. He let out a sigh of relief and laid back on the bed. I took that as an invitation. I crawled between his legs and put his cock in my mouth.

“Whoa, what are you doing?!” He asked while sitting up

“It doesn’t feel good?” I asked

“It feels great, I just didn’t know you were into that. I thought you were with my sister.” He explained

“I like boys too.” I told him while putting my head back down and wrapping my lips around his dick.

I was able to put his entire cock in my mouth. He was moaning more and more with each bob of my head. Less than a minute after I started I feel a spurt of warm cum hit the roof of my mouth. A second, stronger spurt hits the back of my throat. I pull his cock out of my mouth and start licking the tip as more and more cum slowly trickles out of his dick.

“Wow! I can’t believe how good that felt!” He said sitting up once again.

“It’s your turn.” I said standing up and putting my cock in his face.

I could see the look on his face and it told me he didn’t want to go through with it. But to my surprise he reached out and softly grabbed my shaft. He looked up at me and I urged him on one more time.

He started with kissing the tip. It felt good so I urged him to lick it a bit. His tongue slowly came out from behind his lips and licked the bottom of my shaft. Without any more encouragement, he opened his mouth and put my head inside. It was the worst blow job I have ever received and I knew it wasn’t going to get the job done.

“I have an idea.” I told him

I went into my dresser drawer and grabbed a bottle of lube. I instructed him to get on the floor and bend over the bed. He didn’t want to but with a little encouragement and intimidation I got him to bend over.

I put some lube on my hands and began rubbing his cock with my left hand. While he enjoyed that I rubbed another handful of lube on mine. When it was nice and lubed I wiped what was left on his ass. He moved away a bit but I told him it was gonna be ok and continued to stroke his cock.

I put my tip against his hole and gently pushed. It was not going in. I pushed a little harder and again he moved a bit. This time I grabbed his hips and pulled them back into place with some force. I wasn’t going to play around anymore. I again placed my tip against his hole and pushed the head inside.

“STOP! IT HURTS!” He yelled

“Shut up! Just relax!” I told him

I placed my hand in the middle of his lower back and pinned him down. My other hand ahold of his hip and I began to push my cock deeper inside him.

“IT HURTS!” He yelled again with tears starting to form in his eyes

Just a few thrusts later I exploded inside his ass. I could feel spurt after spurt shooting deep inside him. I thought I was done so I pulled out but a few more spurts came out and dripped on the carpet. Joseph stood up and pulled his pants up, tears now streaming down his cheeks. I quickly stood up and blocked the door.

“Just let me leave please!” He cried

“Joseph, I’m sorry. If you just would’ve relaxed it wouldn’t have hurt.” I explained, moving aside so he could leave. “Don’t tell anyone or I’ll kill your sister!” I yelled as he left immediately regretting it. I wouldn’t ever hurt her or anyone. This was just a situation that got out of control so fast that I couldn’t stop myself…

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      I was out of it but felt please. His buddy then came over and seen me naked he too took advantage.he sucked me good and fucked me on the bed.
      I was angry at him when I became sober. And he apologized. After that tho became my massage therapist. And tho I would say not sexual. He always uncovered me.and massage my cock and ass. He would fuck me so good but we never talked about it. He’s now just a friend I see here and there but he always connects with me.him sucking me off/fucking me is just part of our friendship. He showed me how to get the cum fucked out of me. This is a true story. Got pics too.

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    • Lioninoffice ID:174u2a78l

      I always like your stories in comment!
      What a great men you are. I would like to know more about your stories.

  • Reply J ID:nc3oeizk

    Sooo in other words your a pedophile?

  • Reply The girlfriend ID:vuf0i6zk

    Should be titled The story of me raping and forever ruining the life of a child!

    • Shotalover ID:iy7oqgz499

      Boys need love too you heartless freak

  • Reply Master18 ID:5v85zdkv3

    So, how is your relationship with your girlfriend’s little brother? Do you two still get along after that?

  • Reply AP ID:2qmflxln4gl

    So did the ill-considered threat screw up everything except the ongoing relationship with the sister or is there a part 2 to this story?
    Pretty good job writing this.
    Thanks for sharing, Brian.