Helping the homeless

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Doing my bit and helping the homeless, wish I’d done this earlier.

It all started after a night of clubbing, i was sat on the floor just past the kebab shop, food next to me and smoking a fag when the local homeless woman that’s lived same shop window for years was asking people for change.
She was having no luck then headed to me asking if i had any spare change. I said no then she asked for a cigarette, I gave her one and she started her spill of needing a pound for somthing wasn’t really listening. Feeling slightly drunk and after having a good night I just said ill give ya 20 quid if you come round the corner to the alley way with me. Straight away she said im not that type of girl and walked off. Now I was only half joking so grabbed my food and went to make my way home, she was still asking a group of lads again with no luck.
Next thing she was half running to catch up to me and said what do I have to do for the money, I told her we can sort that out when we get there, she said fine and followed me to the cashpoint to draw 20 out then followed me to the alley way.
Stood there I said first show me your tits which she did straight away. Now this woman must have been early 20s, not good looking in the slightest. I then said give me a hand job and she started rubbing my cock through my trousers untill I pulled it out for her to wank properly, I then started to finger her considering her body was a mess her pussy felt divine, i then said turn round and bend over so I can fuck you quick then ill give you the 20.
As she turned and pulled her trousers and panties down she just said pull out when you cum im not on any protection. I didn’t last long and after a few mins I came so hard filling her with my seed, she called me a prick as she got herself together snatched the 20 from me and stormed off.
I’d passed her virtually everyday after that night when I went to the local shops, always there and didn’t notice me. About a year down the line a month passed and she wasn’t there. I asked some other local homeless people if they knew what happend and they told me she had a one-night stand and got pregnant now her and the baby have been re homed in a flat there both doing really well.
That was the start of me doing my bit to help the homeless with money and the possibility of housing them. Since that night I’ve had about 30 homeless some good some terrible some young and some old.
Also I did track down the woman id got pregnant and yes it was mine and the baby was a beautiful little girl.

That wasn’t the last of her more happend which I can write about next or how the other experiences went.
Hope its readable as was rushed so probably full of mistakes.

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