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For Love or Money

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My family was divorced, so I went to see my dad on the weekend, and he had to get me a #babysitter while he went to work.

Kelly was the first girl that I really got to know, not counting my mom. She liked playing boy games too, and she was really good at playing dead. Not like a dog, but if we’re playing Western, all I had to do was point, and say “Bang!”

“Ugh!” she’d clutch at her heart, “You got me!” Then, she’d kneel, go down on her other knee, and finally fall down, rolling over so her arms flopped out like a rag doll.

Most of my friends wanted to play Star Wars, but when you said “Pew Pew!” they always said “You missed!” and made “Woong Woong!” noises, and hit you with sticks. That’s what the Force was, being able to say “You missed!” when someone shoots at you.

I always thought that was cheating, but Kelly also made great motor noises when we’re playing cars, and trucks. Or, when she read stories, she made voices for everyone, and she even played Catch! She always asked me what I wanted to play, so I looked forward to staying over at dad’s house.

Mom got an apartment, with 2 bedrooms, but we had to share a bath. Back home, I got to sleep in my old room, with my own pillow, and the familiar smells whenever I came back. It’s weird how you don’t smell them until you leave for a week, and come back.

Then, one night I woke up, and caught them kissing on the couch. I didn’t say anything until she went home, but dad just took off his pants, and carried them down the hall. I’d gotten a glass of water, and took a leak so I didn’t wet the bed, but then I ran into daddy in the hall.

He said “You weren’t supposed to see that,” so I said “Sorry,” and I went back to bed.

The next day he went back to work, and Kelly came over to babysit again. “What do you want to play today?” She asked.

“Well, what were you doing with daddy after you said goodnight?” I shook my head. “And why did you put his pee pee in your mouth?” I had about a million questions, but she didn’t just kiss him goodnight, on the lips.

“Huh,” she sat down, “Because he likes it, and it’s called a blowjob, you know.”

I shook my head, “Isn’t it gross?”

“I guess?” She shrugged, “I got used to it, and we have to do something. We’re in love, it was love at first sight, but I’m saving myself until I’m old enough to marry.”

“Oh!” I got excited, “You’re going to be the best mom.”


Then, I thought, “So that’s why I wasn’t supposed to see that.” Daddy got in trouble for kissing another woman, and that’s why mommy left him. “You know, he’s going to keep looking at other ladies, and kissing them, too. He can’t help it, all the ladies love him!”

“No?” She shook her head, and then she frowned, “Wait, who else has he been kissing?”

“I don’t know, I’m not here every day,” but let me think. “Ms. Sawyer, she’s divorced too. So, it’s miss Sawyer and not Missus.”

“Ugh!” She got up, and threw down her hands. “I knew it!” She stomped, “That hussy always running around in her leotard, and headband, and. Leg warmers, and those bracelet thingies?” She stopped pacing, and held her hands up, to twist her wrists.

“She does a lot of aerobics, and running. So, she’s in real good shape, and she just dresses like that to go for runs, but what’s a leotard?”

“Well, it’s what she wears when she goes out for a run. Like a single piece swimsuit?”

“Oh, so when you wear it to the pool it’s a swimsuit, but when you go running in it, it’s a leotard?”

“Well, it’s just an excuse to show off her body, and make men cheat.”

“So, it’s not dad’s fault, he’s not married no more.”

“Ugh!” she just threw herself back down, this time in a chair, and shook her head in her hands.

“Oh, don’t cry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

“It’s just so heart breaking,” but sitting like that, I tried to hug her around the arm at first. Just to make her feel better, but she pulled away, and my arm wasn’t long enough. So, I had to go around, and sit next to her.

“It’s okay, I know he toyed with your heart.” He always does that, “But you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, and I’m sure you’ll find another man. You’re young?” I didn’t know what to say, but mommy said that she was too old to find another husband, now that she had time to start feeling lonely again. Maybe she could get a leotard, and start doing aerobics? It works for Ms. Sawyer, and she’s not that much younger than mom.

“Snh,” she wiped her eyes, “You think I’m pretty?” Then, before I could answer, she hugged my neck tight, and kissed me. Right away, I knew that it wasn’t like a goodnight kiss, or a goodbye kiss. Like mommy kisses me goodnight, or goodbye, but more like she was kissing daddy last night.

Except for she was sitting in his lap, on the sofa. So, I turned around to put my legs up on her lap.

“Oh, sorry.” She stopped, and blushed real red.

“Well, you sure are a good kisser, and you’re real pretty too. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say yes before, but.”

She just said “Oh!” and kissed me again. Hugged me so I could get up on her lap, but I decided that wasn’t a boy girl thing. The girl usually sits on the man’s lap, because she’s smaller, and lighter. If a man sat on a girl’s lap, then he’d squish her, but Kelly is older, and taller, and probably heavier too.

I don’t know, I never wrestled her, or any girl before, but the rule about being stronger then girls doesn’t count when she’s a teenager, and in middle school. Then, she started rubbing my back, but not like a back massage. Just up and down my back, once she didn’t have to hold my head so I’d keep kissing her.

Then, she stopped to tell me, “You’re really cute,” and touched my face. “You’re going to look just like Sal when you grow up, I can tell.” That’s my dad, his real name is Salvatore, but he goes by Sal for short. Then, she felt down my chest, and played with my legs, in her lap. Sitting up there like that, we’re just the right height. So, she didn’t have to bend down to kiss me, and her tongue felt around in my mouth.

“You have all your teeth?”

“Yeah, you too?” This time, I grabbed her face, and kissed her. To feel around her teeth with my tongue. She was right, it was gross at first, but I got used to it, right away.

“Well,” she grinned, and wiped her mouth. “Not my wisdom teeth yet.” Then, she stuck her hand between my legs, and pushed them apart with her fingers, so she could feel up my leg.

“Huh! You’re not supposed to touch me there.” But a shiver went all the way up my back to my neck.

She stopped biting her lip, and gave me a dirty grin. “We’re not supposed to be kissing either.” She pushed me off to the side, and got down on the floor. Biting her lip again, she spread my legs, and felt back up my lap with both hands. Spreading them when I bumped her boobs with my knees.

Honestly, I hadn’t noticed before. Girls were just girls to me, but not Kelly. She was special, and I just wanted her to feel better at first. Then, she got my pants open, and said “Hold your shirt up out of the way.” She pulled my underwear down, and told me “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll get bigger.” When she stuck her thumb under my wiener, and then her other thumb slipped under my nuts to pull them out.

“I think it’s already getting bigger.” It’d gotten hard before, but before that, they were just to keep me from wetting the bed. I hadn’t done that in years, but then I got the part about my teeth. She checked with her tongue, to make sure I was old enough to kiss, and now I was getting wood. So, I was ready for my first blow job, but she said “I bet I can get the whole thing in my mouth!”

“Oh!” It was so warm, and wet. She even got my balls to roll in there too, and sucked them so they swelled up like balloons. Then, they “Pop”ped out, and she went back to just sucking on my boner. “Smuip!” She wiped off her chin, and got up. On her knees, but while she was down there, her hands were busy unbuttoning her top.

So, she pulled it right off over her head, and reached back to unhook her bra. Now, they weren’t huge, but they were tits. Teenager tits, even if she was just 13, I sure didn’t care. She giggled, and shook her shoulders. So they jiggled, and then she squeezed them in both hands getting up. Her pants were open too, so she just had to shake her hips to make them fall down, with no hands!

Then, she got in my lap, and told me. “We can’t go all the way.”

“Okay,” I didn’t care, as if I even knew what that means, but she humped it up against my belly. With the front of her underpants, while she pulled my shirt up, and off my arms. Then, she hugged my face into her warm soft chest, and humped me some more.

“Uh, your zipper’s bothering me, can I take your pants off?”

“Yeah,” she got up, and I took them off myself, so she could take her underwear off too, and then “Get on the couch. Lay down, like this. Over here.” She pulled my hip, but she knew what she was doing, and I really had no idea.

I knew that we’re doing it, and I payed attention so I could tell my friends at school. On Monday, they’ll never believe it unless I give them all the details. I guess I just got a blowjob, and lap dance, but at least now I know what that means, and she had a little hair in front of her crotch.

“It’s not that big, but it’s real hard!” She sat on it, and scooted around so the wrinkles spread over it, then she started humping. She pulled my arms out, and put my hands on her chest. I just locked my elbows, but she wasn’t too heavy.

The couch cushions were soft, so she didn’t squish me, and she was soft where it counted. Not just on the chest, but also between her legs. I heard of dry humping, but I thought that ment humping a girl’s leg, like a dog. Then, she started working up a sweat, so it wasn’t dry any more, and the smell filled up the whole living room.

“Uh, I’m close, I’m gonna. NMH!” She bit both lips this time, and stopped humping so fast, but still kept rubbing me slowly. “SNH!” Her mouth hung open, and she moaned. “Oh, oh yes. Huh!” She pulled my arms apart so she could lay down on me, and called me, “Sal.”

I rolled away, but her arms caught me. “Oh, I’m sorry, Louis.”

“Uh, it’s okay.” I knew she loved my daddy, just like I knew that he’d cheat on her, and probably wouldn’t never marry her in the first place. So, if she’s saving herself, whatever that means, for that. Then she’s going to have to wait a long long time, but she pulled her arm out. Put it down, so I could use it as a pillow, and pulled the couch cushion over to tuck under her head.

Holding me, my butt up against her hips, and feeling back between my legs again. I didn’t get that jolt up my body again the second time, but I guess it’s like tickles. You can’t tickle yourself, but I’m not supposed to play with myself. Then again, I’m not supposed to let my baby sitter touch me, kiss me, and hump me on the couch.

She’s not supposed to be giving my daddy head, and I’m not supposed to see that, neither. She did keep 1 promise, though. She did save herself, until I was old enough to marry her. I promised never to cheat on her, and I was right.

She is a great mother.

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