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Ellie’s little mouth

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I ejaculated in my little sisters mouth and want to do it again. Does that make me a horrible person?

Last week I woke up in the middle of the night, I wasn’t fully awake and kept my eyes shut, I woke up because my balls were itching. I leaned my arm down under the covers and started scratching but then felt something else, I lifted the cover to see what it was, it was my little sisters head, her name is Ellie.

She sneaks in to my room at night and sleeps at the bottom of my bed, she does it all the time, I often wake up in the morning and find her sleeping by my feet under the covers, I always tend to kick her by accident when I wake up because I don’t know she’s there.

This night was different though, when I went to bed at about 9 oclock I had a wank, as you do, I always take my boxer shorts off when I’m wanking, it feels better without the restriction of the elastic and tightness between my legs, nice free and airy is how I like it. Normally I wipe up my cum with a dirty t-shirt or something when I’m finished and put my boxers back on, but that night it must have been a good one because I must have fallen asleep straight away after finishing.

So Ellie was there under the covers and I was naked from the waist down, normally she has her head at the bottom of the bed but tonight her head was on my left leg by my hip, my cock was pointing towards her and the tip of it was in her mouth, she was fast asleep, in her nighty, clutching her teddy bear, suckling the tip of my cock in her mouth, like she was sucking on her thumb.

I felt her lips creating a seal around my tip and her soft warm wet tongue licking my cum hole, it felt really good, I put my hand on her shoulder and rocked her a couple of times trying to wake her up, luckily it didn’t work, because I realised if I woke her it she’d stop sucking, and I didn’t want her to stop, instead I grabbed my pillow from behind me and put it over my face so my groans of pleasure wouldn’t wake her.

I could feel my cock hardening, every time my cock flexed and twitched, she would grumble a little and then suck a little faster, then I quickly ejaculated in to her mouth, I groaned loudly with the pillow pressed against my face, when I finished squirting I removed the pillow, Ellie coughed, made a gargling sound, then coughed again, I lifted the cover and she had lifted her head slightly, she was awake and licking her lips and swallowing, then she rolled over, put her thumb in her mouth and went back to sleep.

She didn’t say I word about it the morning after, I asked her if she slept okay, she said yeah, but I don’t think she knows or remembers what she’d done. Probably so tired when she got in to my bed the night and mistook my cock for her thumb, or tried to find something to suckle on and my cock just happened to be there.

In any case, her little mouth is great of giving blow jobs. I’m going to sleep naked every night from now on and hope she does it again. Does that make me a horrible person?

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  • Reply Ew

    Dude shes your little sister that can cause alotta trauma and eventually one day she’s gonna commit suicide bc of you

  • Reply Kimfslut

    I drank my first load of comm from my older brother and I love it. Yes incest is and was great

    • M. Lovdahl

      Got any daughters i can feed my cum to

  • Reply Peter



    Part 2

    • G

      Very hot and you are not a bad person. Love to have an update soon!

    • livesexcams


  • Reply M. Lovdahl

    You should break in her pussy and ass too

  • Reply Anon

    Bet that mouth is hot

  • Reply Anonymous

    This title brings up a question. Who’s to really say incest is bad? And I’m not trying to make it look like it’s not but who gives the correct answer when it’s based on a majority of people’s opinions?

    • AP

      Genetically incest really isn’t that big a deal if it is once removed, like cousins, or is it repeated multiple generations.
      The real challenge comes in the family social dynamic that is created. This is why sibling or cousin incest isn’t that big of a deal because in most cases it’s at a peer or near peer level and usually the goals are isn’t to pop out babies to have fun.
      Parent/sibling becomes a problem if the people involved are not the age of majority. Otherwise parental dynamics become strained without a lot of work.
      All of that said, the taboo of incest is never going to change as it is too tightly held by both religions and most societies.