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Dirty Laundry

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This is merely fantasy that I wrote. Nothing is real.

I always knew that my dad favored me over my brother, but I never knew why until my brother left for college. I was 16 when he left and now it was just me and dad. That sounded amazing! Dad and I always got along and watched movies together. He even took me shopping all the time. Dad always took care of me and he did every chore in the house. Especially laundry. He would go on and on about how he loved laundry but I didn’t know until I walked in on him doing it one day.

It was a pretty hot day and I had gotten sweaty from running at practice. I changed in my room into sweatpants and a tank top before putting my dirty laundry away. Later that night my dad was doing the laundry, so I thought I should bring him a dirty towel he had left out. I walked into the laundry room and saw him. He was holding my sweaty panties and smelling them. His pants were pulled down and he was jerking off as he smelled them. With his back to me, his picked up my sweaty bra and sniffed it too. I don’t know why the sight turned me on but it did. I reached down and started to rub my clit before I had an idea. I silently striped after rubbing my pants against my pussy. I walked up behind him before offering him my panties. He jumped and looked at me before looking at the panties. He smiled before smelling them. “You smell so pure.” He mumbled as he pressed them to his nose. He offered them back to me. I shook my head. “Lick them.” I spoke. What was I saying?! He smiled before licking them. His eyes widened and he licked them more. “Daddy.” I said. “Come taste the real thing.” I smiled. He dropped to his knees before pressing his nose to my pussy. He smelled for a few moments before he started to eat me out. I moaned and rolled my hips, rubbing my pussy against him. “Daddy~ oh daddy~” I moaned as I drew closer and closer. Before I knew it, I came all over my daddy and he had cum all over the floor.

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