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Cousin and me tag team my sister

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So this happened about a week and a half ago I was sleeping over at my cousins for a couple days. You know make money buy weed, smoke it Repeat Normal 15 year old shenanigans. Anyway we were smoking in his room Like normal and my sister who is 14 decided to attend for some odd reason and was giving my cousin these half playful half mad dog look I didn’t think anything of it the night went on and we were chillin playing on our phones until I had a random gust of munchies so I walked to the gas station that was close to the house keep in mind it’s like 2-3 am outside so it was cold as a mutha fucka so I was running and it only took like 8 minutes (I timed myself) I showed up back at the house with my hot Cheetos with cheese and lime happy asf until I stumbled in on my sis blowin my cousin on my other cousins bed out of shock I just stood there but it hen I realized I’ve been waiting so long for this opportunity i never really had fantasy about my sister but lately she’s developed boobs and an ass like you wouldn’t believe so thought I could freak out or take this as an opportunity. Ofc Being me I was gonna chose number two. Back to it. As I was standing in awe my cousin looked at me smiled and invited me over to the bed my sister looked up and also smirked as best she could with a mouth full of meat and perked her ass up. As you can guess I jumped onto that like chicken Nd waffles. I pulled down her pants to reveal that fat ass and pussy lips peaking out at me. I pulled her panties down and god damn revealed her fat shaven wet tight ass pussy it was perfect. I pulled out my rather large 7.5 inch dick and started teasing she was already so wet I couldn’t resist and plunged my dick balls deep without hesitation. She let out a mumbled yelp as a entered but soon after started to push back we changed positions so she was on top and my cousin was in her ass while she rode me, I was in heaven soon after my cousin shot his seed in her ass but I was still going and moved up to her ass to finish up there it wasn’t long before I shot my load deep in her ass. After that nothing really happened we smoked again, she showered and went to bed not much has been said about it since then I’ll post updates if anything happens

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  • Reply AP

    Just for you, Jake, just for you. ( :

  • Reply Jake the 15yr old

    Lmao he couldn’t even spell his comment right whilst telling u to use proper pronunciation😂😂

  • Reply AP

    When your sister wants dicked, they want dicked good. Sounds like you two made her happy.
    Please share tho updates but use periods, capitals, and parsgraph breaks.
    People want to read your work but punctuation will help.

    • Just this once - the original

      Ironic… you are critizicing somebody’s grammer when you don’t know how to spell.

    • AP

      Just this once, I purposefully misspelled the word so you could make a comment with substance for a change.

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