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My dad has always been into gadgets, but then my sister found a new use for some of them.

He had the big electronic telescope for years, but he packed that away until the weather cleared up some. No use taking it out when the sky is all covered in clouds, and glowing Sodium Vapor orange. Light Pollution, he calls it. So, it doesn’t make sense to pack it all in the truck, and drive over the pass to set it up behind the mountains. That covers up the light dome from the city pretty good, unless there’s a lot of clouds to reflect it down again.

That was cool, I guess. Dad was sure interested in showing off his gizmo. How it can automatically find stars, and Go-To whatever constellation you want at the press of a button. I like Nebulas, even though you can’t see much more than a smudge on Orion’s belt, no matter how much you zoom it in, but he put a camera on it. So, he could record it, and put together hours of image to bump up the light.

I always thought it was more interesting to see it with my naked eye. So, I guess Andromeda is my favorite, because the light left that galaxy 2.5 million years ago, when people were still living in huts. I guess, there weren’t really Cave-men per se. We just got a lot of bones from caves, because the evidence fossilizes better in there, but the new science says that it’s a lot more common than the old science used to believe.

So anyways, that’s not real sexy, I know. You probably didn’t come here to read about nerdy stuff, and I better get on with the dirty stuff. So, I got this big screen TV in my room, because it used to be in the living room, but dad got an even bigger OLED one for the whole family. Of course, he got to show off his new gadget too, but one day, I came in to find Stella on my bed.

She stat up, and crossed her legs before I could see what she was doing, but I didn’t even ask. “What are you doing in here?” When the answer was obvious just as soon as I looked over at the tv screen.

She got up, and a ball rolled off the side of my bed, but I barely looked down, before I went back to the action. She said “Sorry,” and grabbed for the flash drive stuck in the hub. “No wait, I want to watch it, and I won’t tell mom, if you let me watch the rest of it. Can you run it back?”

“Yeah,” she went back to my bed, and grabbed the tablet. It was pretty much the remote for everything from the TV to the alarm clock, and lights. I didn’t recognize it until she started it over, and focused in on the highway across the river. We all live in a house-boat, but it’s really stable, because it’s the size of a whole house, and the concrete tub is low enough to have underwater windows in the basement.

Not much to see there, the water is too dark, and murky. “Let me skip ahead.” She ran her finger along the bar on the bottom, until she found a frame where there was head-lights shining across the screen. It got real bright, and I squinted, but then the light adjusted automatically, and they parked.

“Where did you get this?” I shook my head.

“On the deck, you remember when dad had the Celestron set up out back?”

“On their balcony?” I nodded, dad got this one for the view, so they had a big deck behind their bedroom, where it was fairly safe to set up the expensive anniversary gift. He kinda showed it off, and even through a party when the skies where clear enough. “When was this?”

A couple came out, and looked out over the river. He held her shoulder with his arm around her, and she put her head down. A little too late to watch the sun set, but you can see the lights shining on the water, and they weren’t dressed warmly. In fact, she had on a skimpy little sundress, that looked orange, but it was kinda hard to tell in the sodium vapor parking lights.

“This summer? I think it was probably in August, but that’s still practically summer.”

I nodded, because they’re starting to get down to business. It’s not the most romantic spot, honestly. Just a parking garage underneath the highway, but they have their own ramps up, and down. To the overpass, so you can get right on the loop if you want to. Well, they let off on the street, and there were traffic lights, but she pointed the telescope away from them so they didn’t wash out the camera with glare.

“When do the cops show up?” Now, she had her hand in his crotch, and he was halfway behind her, but his arm came down off her shoulder to squeeze her breast, and she turned so he could kiss her, over her shoulder.

Then, it skipped ahead, and I shook my head. Stella dropped the tablet back on the bed, and crossed her legs, but she must have picked the ball back up, while I wasn’t looking. “There,” she pointed, so I looked back. “They’re security guards, not cops, but I think they’ve got a deal with hookers, so they can use the parking deck, and give them freebies as bribes.”

“Oh,” they got out, and went right to the car parked on the end. Right by the steel ropes, and posts to hold them up, instead of concrete walls. So, you can see everything, but they shined flashlights in both sides, and made them get out. 2 of them, one searched the guy, I think they’re teenagers.

Again, kinda hard to tell, it’s not that close. Close enough to really make out their faces, but if they were college kids, then they’d have their own places to go fuck at. Teenagers like me live at home, so we have to borrow the car, and find a place to park. Like that, I’m going to have to remember the Bypass Garage, the next time I get a date.

Soon, it was getting to the part that I saw, when I walked in on her. The girl uncuffed, but bent over the hood of the car, with her panties down, and her skirt up behind her. So, the one security guard could do her doggy style, while the other one held her boyfriend. Handcuffed, and bent over the trunk, but first she sat down on the bumper.

So, the security guard could hold her head, pumping it in, and out of her mouth. “You can’t zoom in?”

“It’s already zoomed in as far as it’ll go. It’s like half a mile across the river, you know.”

I shook my head, “Well maybe you can blow it up on the tablet.”

“I did, it’s just pixels after that. Maybe if you had some kind of CSI zoom and enhance software, but that’s the best I could do.” She giggled, “I’ve got an idea, though.”

“Oh?” I think he pulled out, and beat off all over her ass, but I really couldn’t tell. I could just see his arm, moving, like he was beating off, but you can’t really make out his dick. Not that I really want to look at his dick, but you know. for the money shoot, it’s nice to see the cum squirt out all over her ass, but I could barely even make that out. It was just a big blob, and you couldn’t see how far his load went up the back of her dress.

So then, they traded to take turns, while the girl turned around, and lay back on the hood. With her dress pulled up enough to unhook her bra, and give the second guy something to hold onto. He pulled out, and beat off quick, too. That’s something I noticed, on the second one. They didn’t last very long at all, but then they fixed up their pants, and went to get her boyfriend.

Still handcuffed, they held onto his arms, and his girlfriend took her clothes completely off, except her shoes. She got his dick out, and guided him in, while the 2 cops. I don’t care if they’re just security guards, in fact, it’s even hotter if they are real cops. That would be a great job, getting on the Vice squad, and threatening to arrest hookers, so they give you free threesomes, and they must be really secure if they’re willing to get their dicks out in front of each other.

Finally, they let him go. He lasted a while longer, but then, he just lay down on top of her. Probably out of breath, so the cops would unlock the handcuffs, and he could hold her. Roll over, side by side on the hood, while the cops just got in their cars, and left.


“Yeah, so you want to hear my idea?”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“Well, I was thinking you know how dad doesn’t go hunting any more.”

“Yeah?” He got bored with that too, and he never bagged anything bigger than a wild turkey. He even got a pickup truck, just to haul deer back in with, but I guess it was handy for taking the scope out. That dirt road to get to the clearing is really steep, rough, and rocky, but it’s got 4×4, and even knobby off-road tires. No lift kit, though.

“Well,” a long story short, he’d gotten Game Cameras to set up, ahead of time. On his hunting friend’s land, so they could track deer’s habits, and find a better place to set up the feeder. The deer stand, and for his trouble, he got to go out hunting until the novelty wore off. You know how parents say “It’s just a phase, you’ll outgrow it?” Well, my dad went through a Hunting phase, and even grew a hipster beard before he got bored with it.

So anyway, they’re like Go-pros, only with green plastic water proof cases, with loops around the sides to strap them to trees, and the whole plan was pretty complicated. So, I’m just going to skip past the excuse we came up with to borrow the truck, and going out to the storage to get the game cameras.

Let me just say that there wasn’t never any incest between us. Me, and Stella are just brother and sister, nothing more, and I didn’t even know why she liked those Logitech trackballs so much. They stopped making them, so dad had to get old ones off Ebay, and put them together so she had one that was working, but it turns out that the balls pop right out, and she had a whole bunch of them left over from the cannibalized ones.

She told me that’s how she masturbates, but I picked up on that. I mean, she also uses her fingers, or anything long and skinny enough to go in there, but one of her favorite things in sitting down on one of those trackballs between her legs, to roll it up, and down on the mattress. That feels really good, apparently, but she can’t exactly get into the lab downstairs.

We both know about it, dad has a lab coat, and he likes to dress up to experiment on mom, downstairs. Unfortunately, he’s good enough at electronic security that it might as well be a bank vault, so she doesn’t have access to all the sex toys, and machines he’s got set up. They don’t even talk about it with us, but come on. We know, there’s a secret room we can’t get into, and they only go down there dressed up for sex.

Mom in her sexiest clothes, and underwear. Dad in his lab coat, these big glasses, and a face mask. Even before people started wearing masks to avoid getting sick, but we both saw them on the nannycam. Downstairs, we both had security cameras to watch our stuff, because that’s the kind of family we were. You couldn’t get away with anything at home, because mom had a camera on the cookie jar, even when we were little enough that Stella had to get on my shoulders to reach it.

Speaking of which, it was kinda chilly. So, she had to wear tights. I mean tight tights, like yoga pants, only not exactly yoga pants. More like ski-pants, but real thick lycra with moisture wicking Thinsulate, to keep her warm. Like Ned Flanders said, “It’s like wearing nothing at all,” and I didn’t look, but I couldn’t help feeling her legs over my shoulders.

She had to get up on the rack over the cab. I think it was designed as a work truck, so you could carry ladders on top, but instead, she got up, and I turned around so she could get on my shoulders. She was really heavy, but all I had to do was hand her the camera, with a strap so she could put it up on a pipe running along under the ceiling.

I think they were actually electrical conduits, for the lights. They had lights up there in between the T beams. They’re like I beams, only without the _ along the bottom, and hold up the surface for the next level up. Then, I put her down, and got back in the truck to drive around to the other corner. Dad had 7 of them, so we could only get 2 floors, but Stella said for some reason, they only used the first one.

Just in case, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put the other 3 down in the basement? I don’t know, they have the first floor up a little ramp, and another ramp down to the bottom, that’s only half buried in the foundation. It goes all the way up to nearly the underside of the highway, though. So, there was plenty of room for multi-story orgies, but if I ever got a girl to come here.

I mean another girl, not counting Stella. She’s my sister, and she’s into voyeurism, not incest. Still, picking her up, and putting her back down had an effect. I can’t help seeing her camel-toe, and her bubble butt from behind. I have to look up, and it’s right there, but I can’t see up under her jacket. Thank goodness for that, it’s puffy, and quilted with down, but instead of being a vest, it’s got a built in hoody with sweatshirt sleeves, and a hood. So, you don’t have to put that on, then the vest over it, but it was also trendy this year. So, she just had to have one, and mom is into keeping up with the latest trends as dad is about having the latest tech.

So then, I got down to the basement, and looked around. It had the sodium vapor lights, and daylight shining in from the ground all around, but it was dry, and I could just imagine. Well, if I could find a girl that was into it, there’s nothing special about the view from there. No matter how high up you go, it’s just as good as any view from the river, especially before dark. Maybe for the 4th of July, this might be a nice place to watch the fireworks, but that’s about it.

While I’m thinking about it, I stopped, and looked back in the rearview mirror. Stella hung onto the rack, since we’re only driving across the parking lot, from corner to corner. But, that left her cameltoe right there, and I had had enough. You know what? She could have put cameras in my room to watch me beat off, any time she wanted to, but I had a bluetooth scanner. So, I would know if she did, I could easily pick up the signals, but she said that would technically be childporn.

So, that was another thing. It’s not really as if she’s afraid of getting caught with videos of me before I turn 18, but she likes older men. Okay, I like older women too, with big breasts, and bank accounts. I mean, I don’t necessarily want a sugar momma, but ever since I started watching whores put out, and getting double dicked by the security guys after. It was almost like a gangbang, only they waited until the Johns left.

Most of the time, but there was still that one where they caught a couple teenagers in the act, and pulled them out, to handcuff him, bent over the trunk while she got plowed on the hood, so he had to watch, but I bet he got sucked off before, and then he got to do her after they took their turns with her, and shot his wad deep inside her cunt.

“Uh, huh! Fuck, huh yeah!” Wow, that was the best most intense jackoff session I ever had in my whole entire life, and when I could open up my eyes. I saw Stella zipping up her jacket, and I missed seeing her play with her tits in the rearview mirror, but I don’t really want to get handcuffed. Do I?

I mean, that’s. It’s just not something I should want. I know what the other guys say, and that would make me simp. A cuck especially if I had a girlfriend to watch getting gangbanged while I’m handcuffed behind the car.

“Let me in!” Stella beat on the door. “It’s cold out here, and I’m horny as all getout.”

“Huh,” I unlocked her door, and got out to smoke a cigarette. “You brought your ball?”

“No, I don’t need that, honestly all I need is for you to watch me, now it’s your turn, so shut the door.” She smiled, and unzipped her jacket. Slowly, teasing me, then she leaned over to lock the door. Old fashioned door locks, the truck had power windows, but they didn’t work, so you couldn’t roll them down if you wanted to.

“Uh, huh!” She moaned so loud that I could hear her through the window, but she kept her clothes on. Thank goodness all I could see was her hand down her tight pants, and the crotch stretched over her knuckles, but her other arm in her jacket covered up what little I could see of her boobs.

I was tempted to do something. To her, it’s a good thing that she locked the doors, so I couldn’t. There wasn’t even a little sliding window in back where I could reach in, and touch her through it, but she’s my sister. She’s only 14, which isn’t even close to old enough for sex, with somebody else, and she could get arrested for her pervy peeping, but I don’t guess there’s a law that says that freshman girls can’t play with themselves, specifically.

Yeah, out in publick like this, but even after that mind blowing cum, I was starting to get chubby, and swollen again. God, how long can she do that for, and how long has it been? More than long enough for somebody to send out a car, to stop in the middle of the ramp up so we couldn’t drive out.

“Oh shit.” I knocked. “Sit up, and fix your clothes, what the hell were you thinking? Let me in.”

She sat up, and turned around to unlock her door, but not mine. Then, she got out, but as soon as the security guards started coming toward us, I noticed something different about them. Not only was it a different uniform, with a logo on their ball caps, but even through the jackets, masks, and armor, I could tell that they were shaped differently.

“Stop right there, and put your hands where we can see them.” Sure enough, the one that spoke had a woman’s voice, to go with the hips, but they held their flash-lights crossed under their wrists. Like batons, holding tasers, and Stella ran around the back.

“You’re trespassing, and.”

“I’ll pay for the hour when we leave.”

“Come on,” Stella climbed up on the wheel, and then the hood. “We can get out this way.”

“Stop where you are.” We scrambled up, and ducked under the ceiling to climb out on the lawn.

“You better call the tow company.” They put away their weapons, and got out their phones.

“Who’re you calling?”

“I better get a ladder down here.” She held up her hand, and turned back to her phone. “Hello, yes?” She had a British accent, but dark skin.

“Are you guys Seeks?” Stella bent down. Shaking her head, “You don’t have to do that, if you want to avoid all the paperwork.”

“Hang on.” They both held down their phones. “We’re going to have to report this anyway.”

“How is it trespassing,” I asked, “If it’s a public garage? We’re just parked.”

“Well, what were you installing camera boxes for?”

“Well,” Stella took over, “It’s funny you asked that, because we’re trying to get more evidence on the other company. You guys have a different company at night?”

“Yeah, that’s handled by I.A.M. Evidence of what exactly?”

“Well, we better come around to show you,” Stella brought her phone, of course. Not that she needed it to synch up with the cameras, since those were designed to set up in the woods, they don’t have long range. So, unless we wanted to set up laptops along with them, and network them into the PCS, we’d have to come back to get the footage anyway.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting women, especially Seek women.”

“We’re not Sikhs, we just work for a company, that’s owned by Sikhs.”

“Oh,” I looked up at the golden symbol, embroidered on their hats, and shoulder patches. 2 swords crossed around a circle with a leaf shaped dagger in the middle.

“Let me show you what I.A.M. are up to when they’re supposed to be patrolling this place, after dark.” She got out a prostitute video.

“Well, I bet our boss would love to get rid of the competition, but you’re going to have to take those cameras down.”

“Oh, okay. I’ve got a flash drive with all the evidence on it, if you want to see that. I have to go home, and get it, though.”

“Yeah, so we’re going to have to move our truck.” I just wanted to get out of there.

“Yeah, and it might be embarrassing for the company if a couple of teenagers did your job for you.”

“It’s not our job. We just respond to suspicious activity on our shift, but since you have evidence of illegal activity here. We’re going to have to report it.”

“You don’t have to report us, though.” I tried to weasel out of this nightmare. “Right?”

“Let me call my boss, and work it out with him. We’re not qualified to make criminal deals, but since this is all in house.” She walked off.

“You know there’s already cameras here.” Her partner, the dark one with the British accent pointed them out.

“Yeah but I couldn’t hack into those without cutting into the wires.” Stella as much admitted that she’d been over here before, and tried to get into their system. “You have a security shack upstairs?”

“Just the gatehouse come on.” She led us up to show us, from the outside. She left the door open, but she wouldn’t let us in. Not that there was much room with the computer chair, coffee pot, drinks fridge, and desk all the way around. “Let me bring up the footage, you wouldn’t happen to know when?”

“Oh yeah.” Stella handed her the phone. “I kept a log of all the dates, and times.”

“Very thorough.” She started typing, while Stella stepped back, and watched through the windows. All around, but she had to join me on the side that wasn’t blocked by the door. She lowered her voice to a whisper, ‘this isn’t exactly what I hoped for, but maybe I can get a job in security?’ She pulled my arm around front, where we could talk without worrying about being overheard.

“What were you hoping, those guys would handcuff me, and make me watch them molest you?”

“No, I wanted to blackmail them with the footage. That’s why I didn’t bring it with me.”

“You think they’d pay, how much?”

“No, not for money, silly. I wanted them to make a video for me, only a gay one. I wanted to see if they’re bisexual, and can get it up doing gay stuff to each other.”

“Oh, like what?” This was just too much, so I just kept up my side of the conversation.

“You know, whatever I can make them do. Jerk each other off, give each other head, and maybe even butt banging if they can keep it up.”

“Ew, gross.”

“Well, it may be gross to you, because you’re straight, but at least they wouldn’t handcuff you.”

“Yeah,” like, “That would suck.”

“I bet they could make you give one head, while the other one buttrapes you, but I’d never make you do that.”

“You’re sick.”

She nodded, “That’s what makes it hot.”

“Yeah, but how come you’re never interested in, you know. Doing anything incestuous before.”

“Oh, that wasn’t incest.”

“You watched me beat off, and I almost beat off again watching you play with yourself in the front seat.”

“Yeah, but with a mask on, it was easy to pretend you’re somebody else. Even though you didn’t have on that I.A.M. uniform.”

“So really, you’re into the security guards.”

“Just those 2, but they probably couldn’t be cops. You think that maybe if they could get on the police force, and the vice squad, they would have?”

“I don’t know, why are you asking me?”

“Because, you’re a boy, and you’re almost a man.”

“I am a man, I’m almost old enough to buy cigarettes.”

“And sex toys. Promise me, as soon as you turn 18, you’ll go buy me some of those high tech sex gadgets dad uses on mom?”

“Okay, just as long as you don’t make me watch.”

“You don’t want to watch?”

“No, of course not, you’re my sister, and you’re only 18, but if that’s what you need to satisfy your sexual needs, I’ll do it.”

“Well, I’m not going to stop spying on people.”

“I know,” I hugged her, “I’ll watch that, though. Just try to stay safe, and if it’s any incentive. If you did get in trouble for indecent exposure, and invading people’s privacy then that could keep you out of a job like this.” I pulled her around. “Let’s see how she’s coming along in there.”

“Well, it looks like they got access to the database, somehow.” She shook her head.

“You ware Indian, I mean from India, or Pakistan, aren’t you?”

“No,” she turned around, and unplugged the phone from the computer. “Since you asked, I’m from Scotland, but my parents are Kurdish. They settled in the highlands of Scotland, because it reminded them of the Zagros foothills where they grew up. They used to fight ISIS, my mum, and da both of them, fought Isis, until they had to flee Iraq.”

“Wow, that’s so cool. So, you like Helly Luv?”

“I’m amazed that you’ve heard of her, but she hasn’t produced much music recently. My favorite is Sevdaliza now.”

“I really like world music, especially pop with western Asian influences like Zallah.”

“It’s pronounced Zhala, I think.”

I was starting to feel like a 3rd wheel, but I guess it’s a good thing that 2 female security guards showed up, from a different company, instead of those sick men. They are pretty sick, and yeah. Even though it’s a turn-on watching them work, I also know that it’s fucked up abuse.

Finally, the American one drove up, and got out. “Well, you can move your truck, but my boss decided to let you go, in exchange for the evidence.”

“That’s great.”

“You better give her a ride home, while I go with the boy, just to make sure they don’t get away.”

“Uh,” I shook my head, “Is that actually necessary?”

“No, of course we could follow you in our car, but come on. Humor me.” She locked up the gatehouse, while Stella got in with the bossy one. “We can have a chance to talk on the way.”

“What about?”

“Well, how do you feel about your sister doing such dangerous things?”

“Well, it’s not that dangerous, she’s surprisingly safe, but I don’t know how to feel about the sexual stuff.”

“How old is she?”

“14, but even before she started high school.” I realized she pulled the trick with the Celestron scope this summer. All summer by the look of it, but it took a while to get the really good video of them raping that teenage couple.

Yeah, it was rape, even if they were willing, it had to be, well at least on his part. They made him fuck her, even though he took her there to fuck in the first place, I seriously doubt that he was planning on doing it handcuffed, while both men held his arms, after making him watch them take turns doing her.

Maybe that was rape too, but they did that sort of stuff all the time. “Uhm, how much do you know about the law, here?” I just realized that she’s from Scotland, and Kurdish, but not quite a cop.

“Only as it applies specifically to trespassing, loitering, breaking and entering. For the most part those are the crimes I have the most experience in, but you’re talking about those committed by the night shift?”

“Yeah, especially that couple they caught doing it, and handcuffed the guy to make him watch.”

“That’s definitely illegal, and with the pattern of dealing with prostitutes beforehand. I can’t believe how well she documented it, at her age. She’s very bright.”

“Tell me about it, but she’s also ADD, so she gets hyperfoccussed, and obsessed. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened here, because she only got to see enough to make her want more. So, she hatched this plan to bring our own cameras, and get better angles on all the action. Oh yeah, and she wants to blackmail them into performing gay sex acts for her, on video with the footage.”

“Well, that’s definitely illegal, especially at her age, but she hasn’t identified them, yet?”

“We didn’t even know what company they worked for, but your company.”

“Akal?” She showed my her patch, “Eyes on the road, actually we should pull in here.”

“At the Uhaul?” I signaled happily.

Of course, just around behind one of the larger trucks.

“Okay, so obviously Akal hires women, and even white women.”

“Of course, the Sikh faith is extremely inclusive, they even hire Muslims if they don’t have any ties with extremists, and can pass the background check.”

“About that, this sort of thing wouldn’t look good, if she had it on her record.” I pulled the parking break, and left it in reverse gear, before I stopped the engine, and released the clutch.

“What about your record? You’re over 16, so any criminal charges like this wouldn’t be expunged, like her juvenile record.”

“I don’t know if I want to get into security anyways.”

“No? However, you wouldn’t like it very much if your father, and mother had to bail you out on sex charges, we have you on tape, masturbating in front of your sister, and watching her through the driver’s side window. Is this the sort of thing you do all the time?”

“No, honestly, this is probably going to be the first, and last time, but just being there. Where all that sick sex, and abuse happens, we just had to get it out of our system, and there was no-one else there. So we pretended that we were strangers dogging instead of brother and sister, and I know that doesn’t make it right, but are you threatening me?”

“No, you asked about the legality of the situation, and you only talked about your concern for your sister. How this situation could threaten her future, and honestly, that’s the sweetest thing to me.”

“Let me get this straight, you’re horny, and you’re the one that told me to pull back behind the biggest youhaul truck for privacy, right?”

“Huh, honestly, I have to admit that the videos got to me. I haven’t had, that many fantasies about that, before. But the abuse of power there, there was just so much sex, and bondage.”

“Do you have handcuffs?”

“No, not exactly.” She had to twist around, and back away from the door to reach behind her, and lift the back of her jacket up. “Well these do?”


“Police, and security issue.” She nodded. Showing me how they looped together into ratchets in the middle.

“Even better, why don’t you cuff me to the steering wheel?”

“Do you have any condoms on you?”

“No, do you?”

“No, but I have these.” She pulled a ziplock bag out of her thigh pocket. “We’ll have to make do, but I’ve used them before.”

“Latex gloves?” She pulled them out, and unfolded them.

“They’re nitrile, and some other high tech films, so they’re puncture resistant. Why, are you allergic?”

“No, not that I know of, is there such a thing as nitrile allergy?”

“I’m sure, but they’re latex free, in case of a rubber allergy. You’re really hard.”

“Yeah, thanks. You mind if we keep talking? It helps me take my mind off the handcuff.” Just one to the steering wheel. Well, one around the wheel itself, and the other around the cuff on my sweatshirt.

“Can you roll down the windows?” She tried the button on the door handle.

“No, sorry, they’re both busted.”

“Huh, never mind. Auwool!”

“Uh, huh!” I just rubbed the back of her jacket, and felt the straps on her armor through the fabric. “Oh, god. This is so risky. Somebody could come at any minute to catch us in the act, before the windows fog up, and it’s so hot in here, your mouth is so hot.”

“Swop, puh!” She wiped her mouth, and pulled her face mask down before she looked back up. “Well, that better be wet enough.” She had to unbutton her pants, but they buttoned down the fly too, and she had a big thick looking belt.

“You have another pair of those cuffs on you?”

“Of course.” She had to pull her pants down, and maneuver around the gear shifter, before she could get her knees around my thighs, and her pants stretched over my calves. “Huh, I just had to get in position first.” She twisted around, and managed to get the lose end through the plastic ratchet, to tighten it around the steering wheel.

The other one was already looped, so all she had to do was “Hold it open for me.” So, I could slip my hand through. “Now, pull my cuff out, and pull the loop tight.”


“Huh!” I just put my head back. “I’ve never done bondage before.”

“Me neither. I mean, unless you count securing trespassers for the police to come.”

“You must be so wet, and ready for sex.”

“Yeah, you top from the bottom?”

“Do I?” I shook my head. “Well, I guess that was pretty passive aggressive. Is that a problem?”

“If you need to talk, talk.”

“Okay, well that armor must be hot.”

“I better take my jacket off, but you’re not going to blow it early like this?” I looked down, at the thick dark bush of curls, then put my head back, and moaned when she ground them up against the weirdly bright purple thumb of the glove.

“Oh, no. Don’t stop.”

“Huh, yeah. You weren’t expecting to get caught, where you?”

“No, I don’t want it, you’re sick, and nasty. Too bossy, and uh.” I tried to think of some excuse, that would make this anything other than what it is. “Old, and a rapist. Stop, stop it, before I have to tell someone you’re a dirty sick rapist.”

“Uh, huh?” She nodded, her dark brown eyes locked onto mine, and I froze. Like a deer in the headlights, seeing my eyes go wide, reflected in those pools, and the black pupils going wider when she found the tip with her tight opening, then stretched loose. “Ihn!” Her eyes rolled up, and the lids came down to cover them so I could look down. Away from her intense gaze, and watch all but the loose rolled cuff disappear into her bush.

“Look at me, when I’m fucking you!”

“No, don’t stop.”

“Look at me when I’m raping you.”

“Please, let me go, I won’t tell anyone, just ngh? Yugh yuh fuck, me, fuck me hard ugh. Faster, fuck faster, fuck.”

“No.” She stopped, so I could open my eyes, and let hers invade my head again.

“You close?”

“Nh, yeah. Uh, that was close.”

“Don’t cum before I cum. You hear me?”

“Yes, miss?”

“Maam will do.”

“Yes maam.”

“Huh, now let’s get back to it.” She fucked me so hard, so deep, and so slow that it rocked the whole truck, but each time I closed my eyes, she stopped.

“Not yet.”

I shook my head, trembling, and aching for release, but she hadn’t cum. “Not yet.”

I looked up, and nodded.

“Uh, huh!” She went back to fucking me, but this time, she closed her eyes, and I tried squeezing my legs together. Crushing my balls between them gently, it hurt, but not too much. Just enough to keep from blowing it, but not enough to lose my hardon inside her. She was so loose now, and soaking wet, I could hear it squelching and sopping, until finally she pulled my head tight in both arms.

So hard, it crushed my nose, before I could turn away, and my mask came off, but now she was shaking. “Nghk!” I smelled blood, and it stopped up worse than snot, but she didn’t break it. I’ve broken my nose before, and gotten it bloodied enough times to tell the difference, but that distracted me from what was going on inside her only so long.

Then, I felt the spasms around the wrinkles stuffed in around the base of my cock. That Nitrile blend didn’t stretch like latex, which made it tight around the middle, but loose enough around the head to fill up with wet sticky pulses. “SNGH!” I licked my lips, and tasted metallic tangy blood. “Nuh, huh! Uh fuck, that’s incredible. Huh.” I finally relaxed my grip on the wheel, and I couldn’t let go if I wanted to but she got these weird pliars out, and twisted my arm around to unlatch the ratchet.

“Huh, you’re so young, and I can’t believe I did that to you,” she took her hat off, and shook out her pony tail. “Whew!” Scooting around to get her pants, and navy blue boxer shoots pulled back up, I grabbed the pliar thingies off the dashboard with my free hand.

“How does this work?”

“Oh, let me do that, it takes both hands by design.”

“Great design.”

“Huh, there.” She pulled the loop out, and unlocked the door to get out. “God, it’s like an oven in there!”

“Huh, yeah.” I got out my side, and pulled my pack to find one that wasn’t crushed in my pocket. “Ngk snh!” I wiped my mouth, and nose with my mask.

“Oh my god, you’re bleeding?”

“It’s okay,” I laughed, “At least now I can say a woman fucked me till I bled, now. If there was anyone, I could admit to that. To.”

Other than my sister, who I I really have to thank, because if it weren’t for her, pushing my boundries, I never would have discovered how much I love being tied up, and fucked by a strong overbearing warrior woman.

Like Rewan. She told me all about the women. The Kurdish women, who fought with their fathers, brothers, and husbands against Iraq, Turkey, and ISIS for generations. She had her mother’s SKS, and pictures of her when she wasn’t much older than I am. In the back of a pickup truck with an RPG-7. Along with a lot of other Kurdish men, and women, which is why she joined Akal Security when she got the chance.

Of course, we had to deal with her as part of my sister’s investigation, and abuse of power porn, to identify the men who committed it, but between Rewan and I. That always got us excited, and we’re lucky I was 17, so it wasn’t Statutory Rape. I had to wait before we could start making videos, but I definitely get why dad likes to play with mom down in the lab.

It’s just not my thing, but when we get married, I’m going to take her name. I’m not going to say it here, but it’s Kurdish, and I like the sound of it. We know, we always knew from the start, who would wear the cuffs in the family. Even before she came back, for me, long after she had to be involved with my sister’s investigation.

But that’s a story for another time…

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