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Barebacking My Tight Teen Daughter

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Emily wants to know what sex feels like without a condom. Daddy shows her.

Jake reached down and grabbed a can of beer from the bottom of the refrigerator. He opened the beer in front of the fridge, taking a moment to relish the soothing coldness. He knew he shouldn’t stand in front of the fridge, but goddamn, it was a hot day.

He barely just got back from work. One of the benefits of being freshly divorced, it seems, is that no one is there to tell you what to do. He was married for almost 20 years, and he’ll be damned if he didn’t do everything he can to relish some of his newly acquired freedom.

Not that he wanted it. But he had no choice really. After catching his wife fucking her boss, he just couldn’t get over that particular brand of betrayal. He toiled hard everyday to make enough money to provide for his wife and daughter.

At least Emily was still around. A college student now, she decided to stick with her father, rather than run off with her mother and the boss.

Or was is another guy now? Jake didn’t care much for the rumors, but last he heard, the ex was hopping onto another guy. He supposed he should be grateful that she had the decency to move away from his town. Jake was a logger. The work was hard and the pay was OK. With the ex being pregnant and him being not so good with education, he did the honorable thing and married her and put all his energy into working his ass off to provide.

Little good that did for him.

“Dad, what are you doing?” a voice behind him shook him out of his thoughts. He jumped and almost knocked over the milk in the fridge door.

“Ellie? Goddamn it girl, you scared the hell outta me.”

He turned and saw his 18 year old daughter standing by the entrance to the kitchen. She clasped a bunch of folders in front of her, but it failed to hide the curves of her breasts under a tight vest top. The dangerously short tartan skirt didn’t help either. Jake wondered if her ass would be exposed every time she bent over to pick something up off the floor.

He felt two things at that thought. A low grumbling jealousy that only a father would feel at the realization that his daughter was now old enough to be target of other men’s attentions. The other thing he felt was a much darker feeling.


Christ, it’s been months since Janice left him. And all he could do was pour himself into working as much as possible. So the only female interaction he had was with his beautiful daughter. And she blossomed into a fine young lady too. The problem was, as heartbroken as he was, he still had needs. And jerking off could only take you so far. He thought he was handling it OK, but ever since Emily started college, it was like she became a whole new person. He guessed that she must’ve found her groove or something.

But hell, did it make his life hard. She was getting comfortable with wearing skimpy clothes around the house and careless enough to leave the bathroom door open. He supposed it was just the two of them so he didn’t need to worry about stuff like that. Still, she was getting older now and he hoped that when she eventually moved out, she would learn to be more careful. Many a times she would leave her dirty clothes on the bathroom floor for him to clean up after her. One time, in a moment of madness, he picked up a pair of lacy black panties and noticed a stain in the gusset. Before he knew it, he had the fabric right up to his nose and he inhaled.

The scent of his daughter hit him hard. It was sweet with a mixture Emily’s juices and her perfume. It had a slightly sour and tart note too, which only made him more aroused.

Before he knew it, his cock was rock hard and he jerked off furiously. He kept sniffing and sniffing. And then he stuck his tongue out and licked the stain, tasting his daughter’s illicit nectar. It was so fucking wrong. And hot. When he realized he was close, he pulled the panties away, and shot his thick wad of cum right into them. He felt a deep, primal satisfaction at seeing his semen soak into his daughter’s stains.

And then he felt guilty as fuck. He never felt that way towards his daughter before and ever since, he tried his best to ignore those feelings.

Still, a man’s resolve can only go so far when he is constantly tempted by the sight of a hot young lady.

“Dad, can I talk to you about something?” Emily bit her lip and something weighed heavily on her face.

“Sure, let’s talk in the living room.”

Jake followed Emily into the living room, and he couldn’t but sneak a glance at her juicy ass as it swayed. Jake gulped, despite being cooled down by the fridge, he felt hot all over again.
Jake settled comfortably onto the sofa whilst Emily sat not quite in front of him, but a bit to the side on a matching armchair. Jake realized that she sits in this particular confronting, non-confronting way when she wants to chat about something but not.

He smiled reassuringly at her whilst taking another much needed swig from his can.

“Dad, there’s something on my mind, and I’d talk to someone else about it, but you’re the only adult I got so I thought I’d at least talk to a responsible adult.”

Responsible. That word hung heavy with a warning label.

“What’s on your mind?”

Emily fidgeted and hesitated. Her face looked like she was wrestling with whether to spill the beans or to smash her father’s face over with her school folders. After holding her breath for what seemed like forever, she finally relented.

“Dad, do you think I should get birth control?”

Jake’s throat reflexed and he almost spat out the swig he took moments before. He coughed and sputtered and covered his mouth to help stop himself. “You what?”

“Birth control, so I don’t get pregnant.”

Jake felt heat rising in his cheeks. He had to remind himself that Emily is now an adult and he didn’t need to scare away the only girl in the world that mattered more than anything else to him.

But still.

He took a moment to clear his throat, and hoped he swallowed down some of his anger.

“Why do you want birth control? What’s wrong with condoms?”

“They just don’t feel right. Heck, they’re not 100% safe anyways.”

Jake simmered. It didn’t take Sherlock to realize that his daughter has had intercourse. He knew, deep down, but that didn’t make it any easier. He just need to straighten her out without ruining their relationship.

“Hell girl, I dunno. Those birth control things.. Don’t they mess with your biology or whatever?”

“Dad, if they’re not safe, they wouldn’t be available right?”

“I guess.”

“They don’t feel right dad. Have you ever worn them?”

“No I- Ah shit. I guess you’re right there.” Jake’s heart pounded hard. Something about this ‘talk’ felt highly charged with sexual undertones. Or was it just him? He tried to be the mature one here.

“Honey listen, I love you more than anything in the world, but your mom had you because we were stupid and reckless as teenagers. I wanted to make it right with your mom, I wasn’t gonna let her raise you by herself. We had you and it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Emily smiled at that. Jake was glad that she was mature enough not to take that the wrong way.

Emily sauntered over to her dad, and sat on one of his thick legs. Working as a logger for years had turned Jake’s body in a solid mountain of muscle, if nothing else. Jake had no choice but to wrap one of his arms around her waist to support her, and he was very conscious of the heat emanating off her crotch, right onto his thigh.

“Daddy,” she purred. “Its just… I hope you don’t think less of me to say this but, I never let a guy take me without any protection. But I’m really curious to find out how it feels… It’s driving me crazy.”

Jake gulped. This was crazy. He knew he should just send her up to her room with no supper, but then he remembered that she’s not his little girl anymore. Emily is all grown up and is smoking hot. He tried to keep his eyes on her, he tried not to look down and she hot her breasts have filled out her vest, the cleavage practically begging to be looked at. His daughter would be right at home working as a girl in Hooters or something. He knew his daughter better than anyone else. He knew how stubborn and strong willed she is. If it was something she was curious about, it’s only a matter of time before she sticks some random unprotected dick inside her, just to satisfy her curiosity.

“You know, I much rather you play it safe honey.”

“I know daddy,” she said with a pouty face. Fuck it was hot. It was the type of face a girl would make that you’d want to pry those soft lips apart with your cock.

“And I know how strong willed you are. Maybe if you did it in a responsible way, with a guy you’d trust, that would be the best way.”

“Like who? I don’t know anyone around here who would fit the bill.”

Jake gave Emily a little squeeze of her hip with his thick, calloused hand. She didn’t give any indication of resistance at all.

“You just gotta try it with someone you trust. Someone you’re certain of.”

Emily had her arm around her father’s broad shoulders for support. She sat on his lap, kinda like how a girl would on Santa’s lap waiting for a present. She playfully put a finger on her lip, as if deep in thought.

“Someone like you?” she questioned.

“What? No. I’m your dad.”

“But daddy, you’re the only guy I know that I trust not to be… irresponsible with me.”

Can he really believe his ears right now? Is his beautiful, sexy daughter propositioning him?

“It might make things weird,” he said, clearing his throat. He tried to contain his excitement but his cock throbbed in response. God, would she notice? Her leg was brushed up against his crotch.
“I’m not going to be weird about it. Are you?” she asked.

“Guess not. Uhh, when do you want to do this?”

With that, Emily hopped off her father and with the grace of a ballerina, she planted herself on her knees on the floor, with her breasts resting heavily against her father’s inner thighs.

“No time like the present,” she said, reaching down and unzipping her dad’s pants. His cock ached with need and he felt the immediate relief from it pushing painfully hard against the fabric.

“That is, unless you don’t want to.”

“Fuck,” he murmured. “Yeah I want it.”

Emily squealed in delight, and her eyes turned glassy, mischievous. Jake felt his hand claw against the edge of the sofa. The room turned deathly quiet as Emily unbuckled his belt and yanked down his pants and underwear in one go. Emily eyes went big as her father’s cock sprung out fully erect.

“My god daddy, it’s so big! Can I touch it?”

“Go ahead.”

Emily touched the side of his shaft with the most tentative of touches with the tip of her finger. Gently at first. She was marveling at his size, running her finger along the thick angry vein that traveled down his shaft to the base, and then back up until she grazed the head of his cock. He twitched in response, savoring the sensual touch of his daughter’s finger and she squealed in delight.

Shit, he had to suppress a groan deep inside him. He never felt this turned on in his entire life and just a touch from his daughter’s finger was almost enough to make him cum. He cock twitched and ached and Emily couldn’t keep her eyes off it. She was entranced.

“What’s that daddy?”

His cock beaded a pearl of precum.

“It’s just some precum, honey,” he groaned. “It gets like that when a guy gets too turned on.”

“Wow, am I turning you on?”

“Very much.”

She smiled that delicious smile. “Can I taste it?” she said, a tone almost as soft as a whisper.

“If you like,” Jake replied. He expected her to scoop it off with her finger and draw it to her mouth, which was kinda hot in its own way, but instead Emily sank further down between his legs and opened her mouth, and wrapped her lips around his cock.

“Oh fuck!” he cried out.

She purred as she bobbled her head up and down his cock, with each moment, she eased herself lower and lower around his girth, determined to reach the base. All Jake could feel was the hot delicious tightness of his daughter’s mouth. His hand reached over and his fingers webbed through her soft, silky hair.

“Oh god honey, that feels so good.”

Emily could only moan in response and he felt her redouble her efforts.

Never in a million years could he comprehend that his daughter would be sucking him off like this.

His balled ached that telltale ache.

“Honey, I’m gonna cum.”

Instead of pulling away, Emily simply swirled her tongue around his cockhead and used her hands to pump his cock, willing him to ejaculate.

“Cum in my mouth daddy, I want to taste it,” she purred.

Oh god, such filthy words coming out of her innocent mouth drove him to the edge.

“I’m gonna cum!” he cried and she immediately enveloped her mouth around him again and sucked. Jake felt his cock tense for one final time and he unloaded. He felt thick load after load of his molten hot cum spurt out, pouring into his daughter’s waiting mouth. His entire body was taut as his orgasm ebbed through him, he half drove his body upwards, focused in the single act of climaxing.

Finally, his body relaxed as the waves subsided and he collapsed back onto the sofa. Emily locked eyes with him and opened her mouth, showing him just how much he ejaculated inside her mouth.

And she swallowed it all up.

The act left him breathless with wonder.

“Yummy,” she simply said. And she climbed back onto her father, sat on his lap in a soft cuddle.
For a moment, they sat there in silence, listening to each other breathe.

“You know I love you, honey,” he finally said.

“I know daddy, I love you too.”

What amazed him was how normal it all felt. Weird didn’t even come into it. As if it was the most natural thing in the world, he let his fingers caress her inner thigh. It was hot and smooth and ever so slightly slick with a thin sheen of sweat. He spent a moment just running his fingers back and forth, enjoying the warmth and texture.

Until Emily gave out a low moan, filled with need.

It was Jake’s turn to feel mischievous. Slowly his caressing circles went wider and wider. His hand danced upwards and under that naughty tartan skirt of hers. She tensed visibly when his finger grazed the fabric of her panties. He could feel her arm clutch his shoulders tightly.

“Does that feel good?” he growled.

Emily didn’t say anything, she simply nodded into the crook between his neck and shoulder.

His finger brushed further up her skirt.

It crept closer to the center.

Until he felt that damp heat through the fabric of her panties.

He hissed to himself. Despite cumming just moments ago, he felt his cock throb with a renewed desire.

He cupped his palm against her pussy mound. It was flush with heat and desire.

“Daddy…” Emily whispered into his ear. He felt his heart pound hard against his ribcage. “Please, I can’t wait any longer.”

Without further ado, he pulled his daughter’s panties down. She was so wet, a thick band of her juices came away with the panties.

“Fuck,” he hissed. He was desperate to taste her, but right now he had something he wanted even more.

Her pussy.

Her raw, unprotected pussy.

As if to help him, Emily settled on the seat as he stood up, his hand wrapping around the girth of his thick needy cock. She flashed him a mischievous smile before slowly lifting her skirt up, like a curtain revealing something he wasn’t meant to see, but he so desperately wants to.

He sucked in a breath. Emily’s pussy was clean shaven.

“Do you like it daddy? I heard boys like it shaved.”

“Very much.”

He was mesmerized. Her pussy lips were puffy as fuck. He parted them with his thumbs and was rewarded with the pinkest, tightest little pussy he has ever seen. His daughter bit back a groan.

God, he’d have to muster every ounce of restraint to not just shove his cock deep inside her.
He pushed his cock right by the entrance, fighting against the delicious need to push it in.

“Fuck…” she whimpered.

“Don’t swear.”

“Sorry daddy.”

Her subservience aroused him in such a dark, perverse way.

“You ready for this baby? You really want it daddy’s cock inside you?” His voice was hoarse, more growl than words.

Emily couldn’t do anything apart from nod. He could feel her body tense with anticipation.

Slowly. For fucks sake, do it slowly, he willed himself.

His hands grabbed her slender hips. The rooms was silent apart from their heavy, ragged breathing. He let his head graze against her lips. Immediately it was met with the most delightful slick wetness of her juices. This was torment. Emily’s hands found his and grasped his forearms.

She felt tight but so wet and velvety at the same time.

He stifled a moan. So this was what heaven feels like.

Emily groaned and cooed. “Please daddy. Please fuck me.”

Oh god, such filthy words.

No longer able to withstand it anymore, he sank his cock right inside his daughter’s willing pussy.

“Fuck!” he growled.

She wrapped her hands around his neck, embracing him while she impaled herself on his cock. “It feels so good daddy. So fucking good.”

“You too baby, I never felt anything like it.”

He knew he couldn’t last very long, but he wanted to make sure Emily’s first experience with a raw cock was a amazing as possible. He willed himself to hold out for as long as possible, and then maybe he can pull out and cum all over her belly or something.

And then she kissed him.

Not a sweet father daughter kiss, but a deep passionate kiss. Her tongue tried to find his, desperate and needy. His cocked throbbed in response and he tasted her kiss, and sucked desperately on her tongue and lips.

“Baby, you’re gonna make me cum if you do that,” Jake moaned.

“Do it daddy, I want to feel you cum in me.”

His eyes went wide but he didn’t stop fucking her. “We can’t baby, we can’t. What if you get pregnant?”

She smiled naughtily at him. “Mmm, but I want to feel your cum daddy. I need to feel you fill my womb up with your cum.”

God, it was too much. Too fucking much.

He embraced her as tightly as possible, as if he didn’t want to let her go. He needed to stop right now, but he can’t.

With a roar, his cock throbbed on final time and his orgasm pushed him over the edge. Thick streams of cum blasted out one after another, his cock emptying itself deep inside his daughter’s eager pussy.

He groaned and she kissed his lips, deep and comforting.

Then she climaxed too, Emily cried out and groaned into his ear, her moans the sweetest noise he ever heard in his life. Her body shook and tensed as wave after wave of her orgasm overwhelmed her entire body.

His fingers dug into her back as he felt her pussy milking his pulsating cock dry.

Finally, with one final groan, he sighed and collapsed onto his daughter.

They lay there motionless, sweating and breathing hard.

He looked at his daughter, suddenly concerned for her wellbeing.

“Are you ok honey?”

“I’m fine daddy,” she smiled at him, her hand cupping his face. “That was the most amazing thing I ever felt in my life.”

“I’m glad.”

“If its ok, I’d like to do that again sometime. Say, later.”

He chuckled. “Anything for you honey.”

The End

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