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Amy Tale/s – Toy Bags

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Emma would bend her finger and hook the inside of my rim and twist her finger around in my ass.

I continued to visit Ethan’s apartment to fuck his thick 12” big black cock with my white pussy. Ethan’s girlfriend, Emma (now my gorgeous ebony lesbian girlfriend too), would be there maybe half the time. This story happened within the two weeks following the orgy there. One Friday night after Ethan got home from work and Emma was there, I came by and stayed until early morning and we had a threesome. I had to work that Saturday (they didn’t), but I did not have to be there until Saturday evening.

During the previous orgy, you may remember me telling you about Emma eating my asshole [see Amy Tale/s – BFF, BBC, and Me Pt. 2 (Orgy), for details]. Well, every time I had lesbian sex with Emma after that, she would almost always eat my asshole at some point. It got to the place that it was normal for me, and I began to like it. Emma got more daring with my asshole during this time, and she started fingering my asshole when she would eat my pussy. The first time she did it I snapped at her.

I had never had anal sex, I mean my husband licked my asshole a few times, but Emma was fingering the hell of it. Emma would bend her finger and hook the inside of my rim and twist her finger around in my ass. Ethan would fuck Emma’s asshole, and they used lubes when they did it, and she would use lubes fingering mine, but I freaked the first time she fingered my asshole. Ethan tried to get me to do anal several times, but I was not going to let him stick that big black cock in my ass (I figured I needed my butthole to work for its purpose and not be destroyed).

Emma began fingering my asshole during sex, and I started enjoying the way it felt, it was different. One night (before tonight), Emma had a leather bag, and she unzipped it and pulled out a butt plug and wanted to try it on me. I said, okay, and it took me a while to get used to the pressure, but by and by, I started to enjoy toys in my asshole, especially around the rim. I bought special products and began douching my asshole during this time and I always carried wet wipes because their asshole obsession made me paranoid hygienically.

I ordered a similar leather bag for my toys and had it with me tonight for our threesome. We started the night not using toys, including the standard 69 where Emma eats my sexy hairy white pussy, while I devour her sweet silky soft totally shaved black pussy with the wet red center. After we brought each other to pleasure, we kept licking each other’s pussy while Ethan took turns fucking us with his big black thick 12” monster. I love to feel that cock erupt in my cunt, and this night it did. After a short break where me and Emma took a shower together, I showed Emma my toy bag. I pulled out the double dildo vibrator that looks like a space pistol and wanted to use it with her.

Emma was the best by far I had tried this vibrator with. We got off a number of times, and also my favorite thing happened with Emma while we used this vibrator together, the cascading orgasm effect. Emma loved it too, and she said she had never done that together with another girl. It became a staple in our lesbian sex after that. Afterwards, Emma got to looking around in my bag and found my harness that allows you to insert several dildos I have into the locking collar. She wanted me to use it on her.

I put the harness partially on and told her to pick one of the dildos and she picked the one that has the bulb that goes in me too. The long part of the dildo is 8” and above normal thickness. I finished inserting and locking the dildo and adjusting the harness, and Emma laid back and said, fuck me! I guided the dildo into to her pussy after inserting the bulb in me, and I began to thrust with my hips. You can’t exactly lay down on each other and fuck freely or the 4” bulb pops out. It is more of an art to keep motion so that the bulb stays in while you fuck the other person. You can lay down and pound, but the harness produces little gaps, and if the bulb dildo is in the harness and it pops out of your pussy, you get jabbed with it. I will just say it is more of a slow and steady motion unless you press down hard and just short stroke.

I fucked Emma while I was sitting up with some good long motion, but then I laid down and short stroked and we kissed. After a little bit she wanted me to fuck her in the ass with it. I did it for a bit while she was still lying on her back. She said, it felt good, but not like Ethan’s big cock. Emma wanted to try fucking Ethan’s cock while I fucked her in the ass with the dildo in the harness. I had used dildos on her before in the ass while they fucked, but this was the first with the harness. Emma got on top of Ethan, stuck his big cock in her pussy, and she started going up and down. After she got going, she stopped and said, fuck me in the ass now.

I had to sort of stand because that dildo had a bit of a curve. You can bend it, it is pliable, but it was easier to stand. I squirted some lube on it and began working the dildo into her ass while trying to keep the bulb in my pussy. After I got the dildo in Emma’s asshole, I mostly let their motion do the fucking why I maintained keeping the bulb in me. I kept going until Ethan got off. Emma said, that felt good, but not like a real cock in your ass. It was about 4:30am, and Emma and I were tired, and after a bathroom break, we laid down on the bed, but I could not go to sleep, because I wanted to get back to the house before the kids woke up.

Ethan did not appear to be sleepy, so I laid beside him and rubbed his chest and his cock with my leg across him and admired my soft white skin on his black features. I was looking at Emma who was positioned the same as me on the other side of Ethan, and we were pillow talking. She said, I wonder what it would be like to get fucked in the ass and pussy by two guys? Ethan perked up a little, and said, so, what, you want to invite another guy into our relationship now? Emma said, not as a relationship, but just to fuck me in the ass while you fuck my pussy. After hearing Emma’s desire, I think we knew who the obvious choice was to ask.

Emma said, how about Michael, would you let Michael fuck me in the ass? Ethan did not act jealous or anything, I mean, with his cock he could get any pussy he wanted, so he did not act threatened in anyway. Ethan responded, if you want him to fuck your ass that is fine with me. I said, well, you did fuck Clair, so I am sure he would appreciate getting to fuck Emma, even if it is just anal. We began talking about another time when we could get all of us together again for another orgy in order to facilitate Emma’s desire to get double fucked by two guys.

It was about 5;30am and I got up and left. We communicated by phone for a few days as I coordinated at time. I also texted Clair after we worked it out to see if she was interested and she was. It was a week in advance when I found the right weekend, but Clair said it was no problem. Check out Amy Tale/s – Clair Returns Pt. 1 for what happens next.

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