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Amy Tale/s – Sugar Daddy Pt. 2 (Double Date – Conclusion)

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I looked up as Greg grabbed the back of Ken’s neck, and they French kissed.

It’s Saturday morning and I just spent the night at Ken’s apartment. My husband is gone for the next two weeks training. We’re up, have eaten, and we are on the couch in the living room, and I have a nightie on and no panties. Ken has on a t-shirt and boxers. The doorbell rings, and I start for the bedroom. Ken says, where are you going? I said, well, to put something else on for one. Ken says, don’t worry about it, it’s just Greg. I sat back down, and I avoided flashing my goods. I will summarize.

I met Greg in my nightie, he shook my hand, but I did not get up. Greg is white, muscular build (but not bulky), and wearing shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops. Greg has blonde shoulder length hair and looks like a 30-year-old trying to be a 20-year-old surfer (good looking, but not Patrick Swayze). I will put it like this, Ken and Greg’s money makes them better looking, otherwise, they are above average at best (Greg is hotter). Greg is single too and has a cushy sales job. Ken and Greg have been in school together since they were 10 years old (same college too) and are close friends. This morning, they chummed around as pals do, and pretty soon, they were drinking beer and talking. I felt a little left out, but they were not ignoring me. Ken gave me a wine cooler, and I was sipping on it and listening.

They stated talking about Ken’s dad’s birthday party next Friday. This was the first I heard of it, and Ken invites me to come. My husband is gone that weekend too, so I said, yes. Ken said, hey, we can go out on the town after, and hit some night spots, and Greg said, yea man. I was thinking, these two idiots are trying to relive their college days or something. I found out Ken and Greg have gone on a lot of trips together like Vegas, Hawaii, and they had been to Japan together. Ken got to picking on Greg, and said, I have a date, will you? Greg said he had hooked up with a couple of girls lately, but nothing steady. Ken said, anyone you can bring? Greg looked at me and said, well, nothing as fine as Amy, and to be honest, if I asked them, they are not girls I want to introduce to your dad, too immature compared to Amy.

Ken said, it would be good to have a date, my dad already thinks we’re gay butt buddies. What the fuck (I thought). I had to jump into their conversation, and I said, what are you talking about? They would not tell me, just kept saying it was a joke Ken’s dad teased Greg with. I do find out, but later. Ken changed the subject and asked me, how about you Amy, do you have any friends that would go on a blind date with Greg? I said, no, I don’t know anyone. Ken persisted, come on, maybe another lonely military wife wanting to have some fun. I said, no, with work, I do not interact with military wives anymore. Ken said, how about at the mall, do you know anyone? I said, not in such a way to ask them to go on a blind date.

Greg said, well, it can be just us, like old times, and Ken said, yes, that’s what I’m afraid my dad will think. I asked again, what does that mean, and they played it off, and said it was a joke. They talked, and I thought of people, and then I thought of Clair. I was going to say something, but it didn’t seem like a good idea, Clair is dating Michael. However, I could not get it out of my mind; so, I said, there is one person I could ask. They wanted me to describe her. I said she’s built like me, a little heavier, but bigger breasts and a brunette. I said, she is real attractive and my age. Their interests were peaked, and they said, can you ask her? I looked at the clock and it was after 1pm, I said, wait an hour and I will call her. I did not tell them she had a boyfriend, but I knew Michael would be at work at 2pm and that Clair would not be with him.

I will summarize my conversation with Clair. Clair was aware of my relationship with Ken, but Clair had not met Ken. Ken does not know about my other friends. Clair agreed to go with me and explore this rich world I stumbled off a ladder to enter. I double checked attire, and let Clair know to wear something to go out on the town, and I gave her Ken’s address. She showed up Friday around 4:30pm. I was already there. Greg arrived in his big SUV, and we went to Ken’s dad’s birthday party. There were a lot of people there, but Ken’s mom and younger sister and her husband are the extent of the family I really remember, and I think I met an aunt and cousin too.

Most of the people were from the company, and around 7:30pm, we left and went to a club. We drank, and danced some, and every time me and Clair would go to the bathroom, we were hit on. We left the club just before 10pm, and I was concerned about driving with them, but Greg assured me he was okay. We made it back to Ken’s apartment, and they started drinking some more. About 30 minutes later, Ken and I were kissing and rubbing on the couch, and Greg and Clair were doing the same. Greg said, let’s go to the bedroom! Clair was amenable, but Greg led Clair into Ken’s room and Ken followed with me. I was thinking, what the fuck! It would not be my last what the fuck.

We were standing on one side of the bed, and Greg and Clair were standing on the other side as the guys removed our clothes and theirs. They laid us down on the bed and me and Clair had our heads next to each other so that if we turned, we were looking each other in the face. Each one of the guys rubbed his girl’s hairy pussy, and up the body, and our bouncy tits, until they were kneeling next to our heads with their dicks in our faces. I was looking at Ken’s 8.5” circumcised hard cock, and I turned and looked at Clair who was looking at another circumcised cock, but bigger, he was as long as Michael and a little thicker. Greg had a 9” cock that was thicker than Michael’s 9” dick.

I looked Clair in the eyes, and I said, looks like you are in luck. These guys started pushing their dicks down in our faces. We sucked them, and then another, what the fuck, thought. I looked up as Greg grabbed the back of Ken’s neck, and they French kissed. I looked at Clair and both our eyes were wide open like, what the fuck? They quit rubbing their own dicks on our faces, and they took hold of the other guy’s dick and rubbed them in our faces. Me and Clair continued to lick and suck their dicks, but we were looking at each other and wondering if we even mattered anymore.

After this, Ken and Greg moved away from us, and laid on their sides and started sucking each other’s cock. Me and Clair sat up, and basically watched them. I started looking at Clair, she was looking at me, and I said, let’s show them how this is done. Me and Clair laid on our sides facing the other’s pussy, and hook our top legs with our arms, and lit into some serious fucking pussy eating on each other. Greg and Ken stopped giving each other a blowjob, and were looking at us, and Greg said, hot damn, we hit the jackpot. Ken got below me and lubed his cock and started fucking my asshole while Clair licked my pussy. Ken tossed the bottle to Greg and he did the same to Clair. After about 5 minutes of some serious asshole fucking, I got Clair off.

I rolled flat on my back and Ken kept fucking my asshole with his cock, and I started rubbing my clit. Clair was still getting pounded in the ass by Greg, but she moved to my pussy and licked while I fingered myself. Greg quit fucking Clair’s ass, and he moved behind Ken with the bottle of lube. I rubbed and watched as Greg ass fucked Ken and Ken ass fucked me, and me fingering myself, and Clair’s licking my pussy, and I got off. When I orgasmed, I shook in a way that Ken’s dick came out of my ass. I reached down and pulled his condom off, and I put Ken’s dick in my pussy. Ken then fucked my pussy while Greg fucked his ass.

I think these guys were on Viagra, eventually Greg stopped and bent Clair over and fucked her pussy. Ken did not miss this chance, and he ass fucked Greg until he got off in Greg’s ass. Greg pulled his dick out of Clair’s pussy and was slapping her ass with it and looking at me, Greg said, can I fuck your ass Amy? I rolled Clair over flat on her back, got on her so we were breast to breast, and looked back and said, fuck away. I kissed Clair as Greg squirted lube on my ass and stuck his 9” cock in my asshole and pounded. I pushed back and started kissing Clair’s tits, and Ken and Greg were French kissing each other again.

Greg was holding Ken’s semi erect cock and fucking the shit out of my ass. I was grunting and moaning, and I just laid flat on Clair while she rubbed my back and held me. Greg got off in my ass. When we settled, Greg said, that is the best fucking foursome we have ever had, and him and Ken were all but high fiving each other. After their victory lap, I asked Ken, so why does your dad think you and Greg are gay butt buddies? Ken contorted his face, and he looked at Greg and back at me and said, my mom walked in on me and Greg in my room when we were in our senior year of high school; we were fucking a girl, and Greg was fucking me in the ass while I fucked the girl.

Me and Clair spent the night, but the bed we fucked in was a mess, so we used two of the guest rooms and it was Greg and Clair in one room, and me and Ken slept in another. There was some more fucking Saturday, and more encounters to come. I will try and post those I think are story worthy later.

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