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Amy Tale/s – Sugar Daddy Pt. 1

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I reached down and started fingering myself (because I figured out, I don’t like bearded guys eating my pussy)

It was 2 months before my husband returned from his yearlong third deployment. I was at the department store where I worked parttime, and I was on a small step ladder working above a display in my department one Friday. It was midafternoon, and the manager (older than me middle aged guy) had approached and was watching me. Now, this was not intentional, but I was wearing a dress skirt and sandals. I was dressed nice, I just needed to fix something on the display, and I used the small step ladder. The manager was not alone, there was another man with him. I am going to describe the other man now, so that I don’t have to mention it over the course of this tale.

The manager and this man are white, and while the manager is married, and a normal looking middle aged white guy; the guy with him was 32 and single (almost 10 years younger than me). He had an average build, and he was wearing slacks and a collard knit shirt with a small patch bearing our company logo. He was holding a personal folding leather clip board type binder. He had these gauge holes in his ear lobes, but there was nothing in them, and he had black well-groomed hair and a trimmed beard. He was no hunk but not ugly, my husband is cuter, but my husband is balding and shaves his head. The manager was trying to introduce this guy to me.

I was only up about two steps on the ladder, and I started down (I wasn’t high enough for them to see up my skirt). I miss stepped when my foot hit the floor, and I stumbled into this guy and both my hands hit his shoulders and arms and he caught me. He was a little shorter than my husband, about 5’10” I would guess. I want you to know that all this was coincidental, the step ladder, wearing a skirt on a ladder, and the stumble, I really did stumble. I stepped back and said, sorry, and he said, no problem, you should be careful and maybe have someone assist you. The manager concurred, and said, this is Amy a parttime associate, and the manager said, Amy this is Kenneth the District Purchasing Manager. Kenneth said, you can call me Ken. We laughed and the three of us chatted, and I am going to summarize.

First, and this is ironic, I did not know that being up on that ladder that day was going to help me climb the ladder of my job. Also, and I can’t name names, but this department store is a chain, and I did not realize that the corporate headquarters was like 20 miles from this store. I knew this store was the nicest one of this company’s stores I had ever been in, but I did not know it was because it was so close to the corporate office. Ken was a District Purchasing Manager, but Ken’s dad was a Senior Merchandizing Officer at corporate. Ken was just a college grad with a busines degree riding the coattails of his dad. Ken did have a six-figure job, but his dad had a seven-figure job. His dad was making three or four million a year with all the perks. Ken was a bit of a party boy in college, and his rich dad indulged him, and this continued by his dad getting Ken a job.

So, about a month passed after I met Ken, and during that month (when I was working on Friday’s), Ken would always stop by. I was working more alternately now, not just weekends, but I worked almost every Friday from 2pm until 10pm. Ken’s talks with me were company focused for the most part, and Ken wanted to know, if I wanted to go fulltime. I said, isn’t that up to this store? Ken said, I have influence. I told Ken I would think about it. [I liked parttime, that gave me more time with Ethan and Emma and my sex life. On the other hand, my husband would be back in a month, and working fulltime would allow me to be away from the house more with a better excuse].

Ken returned the next Friday and came by my department and we chatted, and I told him I would like to go fulltime. Ken must have talked to some people and the next week the manager offered me a fulltime position. It was a good position (assistant manager), and it was 9 to 5 and no weekends, and good pay with benefits. I was like, shit, I am a professional now. It was almost like they added the position because there were already like 5 or 6 assistant managers at this store. Ken was appearing a lot more with my new schedule, and I think that was the idea. Ken knew I was married, but he got friendly with me during the next passing month. Then my husband returned from his deployment.

I explained my new job to my husband, but not entirely, just that I was an assistant manager and fulltime now. During this period, fucking my husband became this chore I did, and I began coming home late and making excuses that it was work related. My husband had to go to bed early, and his days were long because of the military. One day at work, Ken stopped by, and the usual platitudes passed, and he asked if I wanted to attend a cooperate party? I said, what, like me and my husband? Ken looked directly at me and said, well, I thought you could go with me. Damn, I did not know what to say, so I asked him when the party was, and it was in two weeks. I said, let me think about it. I floated something past my husband, like there was a corporate training coming up and I was asked to attend, just to see what my husband would say.

My husband said, this job is getting serious, you know we are only going to be here 6 more months, and I am not signing another military contract. I said, yes, but this will help me when we move with this chain store. We talked, and my husband did not care if I went to a “weekend training seminar.” I let Ken know the next week, and I spent that Friday night at Ethan’s, and Saturday, I met Ken outside the store where I worked for the party. We got to the party, and the headquarters was nice, and since then, I really did get some training with the company, but tonight it was just a party. I met Ken’s dad, mom, and sister at this party, and many of the other executives, to include the CEO, and she was a woman. I asked Ken, and he said she probably makes 8 or 9 million a year. We snacked and drank and listened to people address the crowd about the company, they had a band, we danced, and yada, yada, yada, it was time to leave.

We were in Ken’s car and he asked, do you have to go back home tonight? I said, no, my husband thinks I am gone for the whole weekend. Ken said, do you want to come to my place for some more drinks. I said, yes, that will be fine. Ken had a big four-bedroom apartment in a nice area. He even had a maid service that kept the place clean. We went in, drank, and he was beside me on the couch and we started making out. Ken removed my dress, bra, and panties, and I removed my shoes. He rubbed my soft bouncy boobs and kissed and licked on them; then he got undressed. He was hard but about the size of my husband maybe a little bigger. I will say 8” plus, and Ken was circumcised. Ken was well groomed, and his balls were shaved, with a clipper trimmed top part. Ken said, do you want to go to the bedroom? I said, okay, and we went.

Ken had a big ass bed and really nice wood furniture. Ken pulled the blankets back and we laid down and he was on top kissing me. He moved down my body to my breasts, and he did my double “D” tits some service. As Ken was doing this, I was hoping he would eat my pussy, but you can never tell, and I was trying to act normal. Ken eventually made his way down, and after kissing around my thighs, and the hair on my pussy, he went in for the kill and started licking and eating my pussy. I was not all that wet, but I was getting wetter with the passing of his licking. Ken turned and moved, so that his dick was to the side of my head and he started eating my pussy with his head going down as he tilted me on my side. I assumed he wanted a blowjob? I reached over and I started jacking on his dick.

I kept jacking Ken’s dick and then leaned in and licked his balls, and he had a really nice scent. I licked his balls then his shaft, and I thought to myself, you better try and please this guy. So, I started sucking the shit out of his cock. I reached down and started fingering myself (because I figured out, I don’t like bearded guys eating my pussy) and after a bit, I got off, and although I was shaking some from excitement, I grabbed a hold of Ken and made him think it was the best pussy eating I had ever had (but it wasn’t by a long shot). Ken moved on top of me and guided his dick into my pussy. Ken was nothing special, but I made it seem that way with my hip movements and my moans (which I was faking). In other words, I fucked Ken like he was the best fuck I had ever had, but he wasn’t even as good as my husband.

After Ken got off, we showered and returned to the bed and he put some music on. We kissed and rubbed, and I made him feel special. We fell asleep naked. That Sunday morning, we woke up, and I used his toothbrush, I asked. We ate something and I had one of his shirts on walking around. We sat on the couch and ended up going to the bedroom again for another session. We talked after, and he was wanting to continue to see me, and I told him that was okay, but I reminded him that I was married, but that did not bother him. I only had the dress from the party, so I dressed, and Ken drove me back to my car. I went to Ethan’s and changed, and Emma was there too. Michael was gone and assumed to be with Clair. I socialized for a bit, told them about what happened, and then went home.

I got home and my husband asked me about the weekend, and I lied. That Monday at work Ken came by and was real attentive toward me, and wanted to see me again. Thus, I began telling more lies to my husband. I started coming home late, like 1:30am late, and telling my husband it was because we had to do stuff at work. I began going to Ken’s after work and having fuck sessions, and I was having late night fuck sessions with Ethan and Emma too. When my husband was gone training, I would spend whole nights at Ken’s or Ethan’s. This pattern continued into the last month my husband had left on his military contract. I only had a few kinky affairs with my husband during this time, one in particular in the last month before his military contract expired. My husband would try to get me to have sex with him and other people, but I just reminded him of his previous attempts and how he felt after, and that I did not want to do it anymore. I was barely fucking my husband during this time.

My husband was gone for two weeks training and I stayed the first weekend at Ken’s apartment. To be honest, Ken became a pussy whipped bitch. If I wanted something, he would get it. Ken did not know about Ethan and Emma, but Ken was wrapped around my finger. This is when I met Greg. I realize this tale was more setup than sex, but some kinky shit started happening after I met Greg, and you will have to check out Amy Tale/s – Sugar Daddy Pt. 2 (Double Date) to see what happens next.

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    Great storys thank god for lock down

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      Thank you for your comment and compliment!

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    Another great story by Maxdefault, thank you for sharing

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      Thank you for your comment and rating. Much of this is still background, so I really appreciate you following along. If anyone else reads these comments, as my tales progress, it will be essential to understand this background so you can relate to my sex circle of friends.