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Amy Tale/s – My Duchess Pt. 2 (Conclusion)

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It did not take Ethan long and he came with Janet’s song, as I held her tightly and endured her love bites.

Janet then looked at me and said, get undressed baby; and I disrobed. Janet took my hand and pulled me down to her pussy and said, make sure I am ready, and I started eating Janet’s pussy with lustful desire. Janet pulled my leg over her head and we were in a 69, and she ate my pussy too. After a few minutes Janet stopped and asked, am I ready baby? I said, yes. Janet said, guide your boyfriend’s big cock into my pussy for me, and she slid back a little to give Ethan more room, and I guided his big 12” black cock into Janet’s pussy. Ethan made entry and Janet pulled my head to her face and kissed my ear and sighed. Ethan pushed more of his cock into Janet’s pussy. She lifted and spread her legs with her calves bent tight against her thighs and she moaned in my ear.

Ethan started moving more freely as if it was tight at first, and Janet started biting my ear lobe and neck and she was vocal with her grunts. He was getting deeper in her pussy, and Janet was squeezing me, and breathing and grunting in my ear, and she said, this is the biggest cock, uh, uh, I have ever fucked. I turned into her ear, and I said, me too baby. Ethan picked up the pace and Janet had my ear lobe in her teeth again as she squealed constantly. It did not take Ethan long and he came with Janet’s song, as I held her tightly and endured her love bites. When Ethan’s thrusts subsided from his own excitement he withdrew and pulled the cum filled condemn that was almost off the rest of the way.

Janet lay there holding me to her chest with her mouth still next to my ear and she said, I know why you like this so much. I turned and we kissed, and she gathered herself together while holding me tight. Emma was rubbing us both across our bodies and my ass, and she laid down next to Janet’s side. After a bit, Janet revived, and she returned to her more commanding side, and she rolled Emma onto her back. Janet looked at me and asked, can I sample your sweet ebony princess? Janet was on her hands and knees and I leaned into her and said, please, and I kissed her some more and moved closer. They locked up on their sides, and Emma had Janet spread wide and I moved to Janet’s ass and helped. When I could tell it would not me long from the noises of Janet’s groans, I forced my mouth down into Janet’s asshole and I licked. Janet stopped pleasuring Emma, and she focused on our efforts, and I licked her asshole and Emma did her best on Janet’s pussy.

Janet erupted, and Emma held Janet’s legs opened, and we continued to orally stimulate both pussy and ass. Janet’s shaking was persistent, and she was fighting to get loose from it, and eventually she squirmed her way free. After Janet settled down, me and her ate some brown sugar together and got Emma off, as me and Janet licked Emma’s pussy together with me licking Emma’s asshole at times. It was finally my turn, and they locked me open with Emma’s pussy in my face. I licked Emma and ate, but it was my turn to feel great, and this is the first time Janet had eaten ass. Janet licked my ass real good, and Emma masterfully agitate my womanhood, and I came in less than 10 minutes. They played the same trick me, and they held me while they teased my pussy and ass with their tongues. I did cascade orgasm, and they knew from my spasms that I was loving the feeling they had provided.

I relaxed and Janet lay her head on my pussy, and she fondled the ankle bracelet on my leg. She kissed my pussy real sweetly and across my pussy hair, and she moved her way up and we embraced as she laid her head on my shoulder. Emma squeezed up next to me, and Janet reached out and rubbed Emma’s breasts, and after a while, she lifted her head and said to me, it’s your turn for your big cock. I had come there for some big cock, and Janet pulled Ethan over and started stroking, licking, and sucking his dick. I leaned up to help, and me and Janet got his cock up to the task. Janet looked at me, and she said, your hands and knees, and I nodded, yes and she spoke to Ethan long in his ear. Janet moved to the top of the bed, and said, in my lap put your head, and Ethan began to fuck me with his big black cock.

I grunted and moaned, a soon Ethan was driving home his cock deep into my pussy. He got off and repeated, what Janet had told Anthony, but it felt better with Ethan’s bigger cock. I orgasmed and squirted, and Janet heard Ethan comment, and Emma grabbed a towel and attended to my excitement. Janet had held me tight as I approached my excitement height and Emma wiped my pussy as we kissed. Janet whispered to me alone, and she said, no secrets baby, I love you. I kissed ear lobe and whispered as sincere as I could, okay, my Duchess.

Janet got up and came back with a couple hundred dollars and handed it to Ethan and said order us some food and not pizza. I was full of cum and wet from squirting, and Janet took me to the bathroom and made me pee and she attended to me. After she peed too, she found a box of douches under the counter, and after she put our hair up in ponytails, we showered. You can guess the rest as Janet saw to my every need. We ate and drank some, and we had another lesbian threesome romp, and Ethan fucked Emma and got off again.

I decided to go home and not spend the night, and Janet came to the apartment and we showered good. I did not want to stay longer at Ethan’s because I knew Michael would come home and maybe Clair, and I had enough drama for the day. I told Janet that Ken and Greg don’t know about Ethan and Emma. Janet wanted to know why it was a secret, and I said, it is not that I care, or that Ken would care, I just like having the two worlds separate. It is like my private getaway.

Greg and Ken were playing games, but me and Janet spent most of the time naked in the bed until we fell asleep. Janet had brought some clothes with her, and Sunday we went shopping and she bought me some things that she wanted me to wear if we went out in the future. Janet went home late that evening, and now that all my sexual worlds had more than Clair as a central figure, I did not know if it was going to be as exciting with my Duchess anymore. Could Janet keep surprising me? You will have to wait and see.

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