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Amy Tale/s – My Brother’s Wife and His Dog/s Pt. 2

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I was so wet, maybe it scared my brother’s wife, and she was not used to the smell of another girl’s pussy.

I got up off the couch to fuck the chocolate lab, and I was totally naked, and I turned toward my brother and faced him with my boobs and trim hairy pussy only a few feet from his eyes. I saw my brother was not masturbating anymore, and he was holding a towel over his dick and it appeared he had already got off. My brother’s wife spread a towel on the floor and said, you can use this. She said, so it does not bother you for your brother to see you naked? Shit, I was not even thinking about that, so I turned with my side to my brother’s view, and crossed my arms on my breasts, and I said, sorry, I was so preoccupied with what just happened with you and me I forgot he was here. [see Amy Tale/s – My Brother’s Wife and His Dog/s Pt. 1 for details]

My brother’s wife knew that I knew my brother was there, because she saw me look at him when I got up with my naked body on display and I showed no timidity. His wife was walking around naked too. She has such big hips, and with her ass shaking as she walks, it is so different. I can see why it would turn guys on. I think I have a nice ass, I have a sexy middle aged milf body, and I have been told that enough to believe it. My brother’s wife is only a few years younger than me, but she has such a unique shape and shake to her ass and big hips. Her hairy pussy and boobs bouncing were getting me aroused too, but I tried not to think about it too much.

She said, do you want to come over here and get down on the towel, and I will help Lucky? Just FYI if you have not been keeping up, Lucky is a big chocolate lab, and Bingo is a boxer, and these are my brother and his wife’s two dogs. I went over and got on my hands and knees, and my brother’s wife called to Lucky, who immediately started licking my pussy and asshole. I looked back at my brother’s wife, and she was stroking Lucky’s cock, and she said, he is ready. The dog did not waste any time, she had him trained good now, he mounted me, and she guided his cock right into my pussy, no discomforting jabs on my thighs or ass.

The paw covers she had purchased were great too, the dog got busy frantically fucking my pussy and you could hear the slushing noises as I grunted. He humped me for about 5 minutes and then his knot went in. I had been grunting with the dog’s strokes all along, but when the knot hit, there was a definite, ummm. I was already waiting for it, but it feels so good when it hits like a surprise. The dog drove deep in me and whish, it was all hot inside my pussy and his humping tapered off, and all I could feel was his throbbing cock and heat. He stayed stuck in my pussy as my brother’s wife rubbed her hand across my ass. She must have been petting Lucky too because she was going, good boy, do you like that, do you like that, good boy.

After about 10 minutes the dog’s cock popped out, and his runny liquid ejection ran out my pussy and on my pussy hair and down part of my stomach. I was about to use the towel I was kneeling on to wipe my pussy, and before I could really move, my brother’s wife was rubbing my pussy and stomach with another towel as her other hand rubbed my back. I stood up holding the towel to my pussy, but careful this time as not to obviously flash my brother, and she said, did that feel good? I said, yes, it is do different from anything else. My brother’s wife got down on all fours and called the boxer over and he began to lick her pussy and asshole. The lab was busy licking his cock. She looked back at me and said, can you help him when he is ready? I said, okay.

I got behind her and to the side and knelt, and I looked at the boxer’s cock and it was already out about 3” so I did not touch him. The dog jumped up, and I moved to one knee with one foot on the floor and had to lift the dog a bit to guide his cock into my brother’s wife’s pussy. I wasn’t paying attention to my posture, but my pussy was in full view of my brother, and at that angle, it was spread open. I hoped his wife did not notice. The dog’s cock hit her pussy and went to town. My brother’s wife was making the usual grunting noises and there were the same wet pussy sounds. I watched, and the boxer’s knot penetrated, and she did the same thing, and let out a louder grunt. I had to hold against the dog’s butt constantly because he is smaller than the lab and when the knot hit, I pushed him into her pussy and held him there.

I waited about 5 minutes, and I was petting the dog’s back while my brother’s wife was going, good boy Bingo, you’re such a good boy; and I loosened my grip. The boxer’s knot and cock slide out of my brother’s wife. The boxer is just not as big as the lab in the cock department. My brother’s wife started wiping off with a towel, and we were both standing and still naked. She said, I am going to take a shower, and she said, I have some douches upstairs if you want one. She started toward the stairs and I followed watching that big hip ass of hers shake as she walked. I wondered what my ass looks like when I am walking? I bet my brother knows, because he was probably watching us right now.

We got to their bathroom and she went into the cabinet and got some douches out, and she turned the shower on and said, if you wait until I am done you can just jump in here while it is going. So, I waited, and we talked about how good dog fucking was and she finished her shower, and when she got out, I got in. I was washing and She said, your brother sure was watching you intently when you were getting fucked by Lucky. I paused, then said, well, he is a guy. She said, did you have problems with your brother trying to look at you naked when y’all were kids? I said, no. She asked, is this the first time you have seen your brother naked? I paused again, then I said, I really did not see him, he had a towel in his lap, but I wasn’t really trying to look.

My brother’s wife continued, okay, but did you ever see your brother naked when y’all were like teenagers and still at home? I said, one time, me and my female cousin were skinny dipping in the pool at night, and he caught us, and he took his shorts off and jumped in too. [I started getting out of the shower] and she continued, how old were you? I said, about 17. She said, that would mean your brother was about 15. She asked, did you see your brother’s cock then? I said, I saw it, he had a dick, but I don’t remember it. Soon, the subject changed, and I went to the guest room and put some shorts and a shirt on and everyone else was in the living room and I sat on one end of the couch and my brother and his wife were together on the other end in shorts and shirts.

We had normal conversations for a bit, and it was after 10pm, and they were whispering, and my brother’s wife turned to me and said, we are going to bed, feel free to keep watching TV. They left, I flipped through TV channels for about 10 minutes then I went to bed in the guest room downstairs. I awoke to the noise of pots and pans, and I got up and did my bathroom busines and went into the kitchen. My brother’s wife was making breakfast, and she said my brother was outside messing around. We talked, she finished breakfast, we were eating, and my brother came in and ate, and we talked some more.

My brother kept looking at me like he needed to say something, and he was doing his best to look when his wife was not paying attention, but she may have noticed. The opportunity never presented itself for me and my brother to talk. My brother’s wife said, I want to show you something I am working on in the sewing room, and she led me upstairs. She showed me some quilt and was talking about it, and my brother came up there almost immediately. He was standing at the door, and she looked at him and said, what are you doing, this never interested you before? He hem hawed around, and said, I was just wondering if y’all were going to do something with the dogs again? She said, why don’t you go give them a bath, and when they are dry, we will see.

My brother left, but I could tell he was worried about something and wanted to talk. After my brother was gone for about 5 minutes, his wife said, I asked your brother about seeing you naked with your cousin. I said, oh yea, so he remembered? She said, yes, he remembered catching you and your cousin having lesbian sex in your bedroom. [If I were drinking something right now, I would have spewed it out of my mouth.] I said, no he caught us skinny dipping, he is lying about the other. She said, he was pretty descriptive, you two in a 69, eating each other’s pussy. I denied it, she pressed, and then she said, do you still like lesbian sex?

I continued to deny it, but she slid up next to me, and started rubbing my thigh and she said, I am interested in lesbian sex. I tried to maintain that I had never done that, but she said she really wanted to try it, and that she had never done it. After about 10 minutes of her pressuring me I said, okay. She got up and locked the sewing room door and came back and laid some blankets down and we knelt in the floor. We took each other’s shirt off, and I rubbed her and kissed on her breasts, and she did the same to me, but I could tell she was new at this. I pulled my shorts and panties off and then I removed hers. I moved in and kissed her and rubbed across the hair of her pussy, and then down to her pleasure area. She wasn’t really doing anything to me.

So, I took my brother’s wife’s hand, and I placed it on my pussy, and she started rubbing my pussy. I was fingering her pretty good, and she started giving more effort on my pussy with her fingers. I pushed her onto her back and kissed down her body, the breasts and stomach, and I was in her thighs working toward her pussy. I was close, and I could smell her excitement, and I realized I had been missing the smell of another pussy (it had been over a year for me since the last time with Phoebe), and I breathed my brother’s wife’s pussy scent in, and I kissed her hair above her pussy lips and pushed her thighs further apart. I licked, and again, then went in with my tongue and mouth and did her good. I spun around and stuck my ass in her face and continued with my tongue over my top lip and flat against her clit and buried my face in her pussy.

I waited, and waited, but my brother’s wife only rubbed my pussy. I was so wet, maybe it scared my brother’s wife, and she was not used to the smell of another girl’s pussy. I said, try it, it’s like coffee, once you get the taste you don’t want anything else. Finally, my brother’s wife kissed my pussy, then made some curious licks, and some more. She was only tonguing me lightly, and I wanted to feel lips and a mouth around my pussy. I slowly started pushing down with my ass until her head was against the floor, and then I pressed my pussy into her mouth and hunched. She reached around my hips and pulled me down more. I knew she had it, the taste of pussy, and she was using more of her mouth on me. I returned full force on her pussy, and I began rubbing my tongue and lips on her clit and shaking my head. She was moving her hips and they were getting faster, and faster, and I matched with my oral pace listening to her moan in pleasure. It took less than 10 minutes of this and she detonated and vibrated out her orgasm.

I pressed, and I continued licking frantically at her clit with my whole mouth rubbing and pressing my tongue and shaking my head. I felt it, she was in the tumble of multiple orgasms and I rode the ripples of her body continuing to eat her pussy until she finally pushed me off. She had been moaning, and breathing heavily, and she said, shit, fuck, that was intense. I laid on my back and motioned her into me, and we kissed, and I gently pushed her to my breasts, and she kissed, and I gently moved her down my stomach, and she kissed, and down between my legs and she kissed my thighs, and I moved her head into my wet pussy, and she kissed, then licked, then I pulled her into me, and her mouth went in and I could feel her tongue in my wet pussy. She was inexperienced, so I began to finger myself, and we continued until I got off. I pulled her up, so we were laying breasts to breasts and we kissed. See Amy Tale/s – My Brother’s Wife and His Dog/s Pt. 3 (Conclusion) for the rest.

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