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Amy Tale/s – My Brother and His Dog/s Pt. 1

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I am grunting and moaning, and I spread in expectation of the dog’s knot, and it hit, and I grunted, mmmm, loudly;

We were still living overseas, and my husband was still deployed. Me and the kids flew back to stay with my parents again for another 3-week stint in the spring. My brother and his wife were going to be gone for another weekend visiting her parents. My parents told me about it, and I called my brother and asked if I could go up to his house (about 30 miles from my parents) and spend a couple of nights. I just wanted some alone time, and his place was secluded, and his house was big and comfortable. He had a large TV, and it was a great place to lounge around. My brother said it was okay, and I went up on Friday early, and stayed till Monday.

His dogs were not there, they had taken them on their trip. So, I was all alone, but I wasn’t thinking of sex, just relaxing in the quiet with no kids. On Saturday around lunch time, I was chilling on the couch in a t-shirt (no bra), and some loose knit shorts watching TV, and I heard keys hit the front door. It opened, and in came my brother and his two dogs, (a boxer and big chocolate lab). The dogs ran over to me in excitement and around the room glad to be home, and I asked my brother, what are you doing back? I thought you were staying the whole weekend? [I did not see his wife.] My brother said, I had to go by work this morning. He then told me about some emergency at his work.

So, then I asked, where’s your wife? My brother said, she is coming back next week with her mother. Anyway, the whole situation had become awkward, my quiet weekend alone was ruined. You may remember me telling you about having sex with my female cousin and my brother. Me and my cousin were 17, but my brother was 15 when that happened, and this is getting close to 20 years later. I had never done anything with my brother since then, and we never talked about it. When my brother came in today, after our exchange, he did some things around the house, went to his room, took a shower, and came back into the living room wearing shorts and a shirt. My brother sat on the opposite end of the couch and said, what are you watching? It was a movie, and I am not going to bore you with our small talk, but I was uncomfortable.

Now when my brother was upstairs, the dogs were with him. Now, the dogs were in the living room and walking around investigating to see if everything was still where they remembered. I am curled up on the couch with my arms across my chest feeling apprehensive of my brother. My knees are folded down flat on the cushion in his direction, and my butt is sticking out the other side, but he cannot see my butt. After a few minutes, the lab was still searching around the room, and he had made his way around to my side of the couch, and all of the sudden, the dog’s nose went into my butt cheek, and he got happy. I jerked because he startled me, and I put my feet on the floor, and I started petting and talking to the dog. Now when I jerked, my boobs were bouncing around, and I am sure if my brother was looking, he could tell I was not wearing a bra. I had totally forgot about not having a bra on, and I thought about going and getting it, but I was dealing with an excited dog at the moment.

The dog was in between my legs and I was rubbing his head. Then the dog lunged into my shorts at my pussy area and was nosing around. I started fidgeting (which was making my boobs jostle around inside my t-shirt) and I pulled my legs back up, and the dog started jumping up with his front feet on the couch. My brother says, just tell him to go away, and he started telling the dog to get down. My brother said, boy, he really likes you. Now it had been about 3 or 4 months since I let that dog fuck me, but the dog obviously remembered it. The dog kept coming back, and my brother was scolding him, and I told my brother, it’s okay, just leave him alone, he’s just happy; and I was playing with the dog. In my mind I had worked hard to teach that dog to do what he wanted to do to me, and I did not want my brother scolding him to stop.

My brother stopped scolding the dog, and the dog had returned, and I was sitting with my knees sort of to my chest petting his head. Then the dog started licking the part of my ass sticking out of my shorts. I was petting and pushing his head around, and fidgeting about, bouncing my tits everywhere, and giggling while talking to the dog. My brother said again, he really likes you, I have not seen him act like that before. All of the sudden, the dog jumped up with his front feet on the couch again into me, and he started humping the edge of the couch. My brother got up and took the dog by the collar and pulled him away. My brother said, I think my dog is trying to screw you. I laughed and said, I guess he is just excited having company. He let both dogs outside for a bit.

My brother started in on how strange it was, and how his dog never does that, and I just acted puzzled by the whole ordeal, and after about 20 minutes of that type of talk, he let the dogs back in. They had run around outside, came back in and drank water, ate some food, and then laid down in the floor. After a bit, the lab started licking at his cock sheath, and he would look around, then lick some more like he was thinking. Now this went on for about 10 minutes, then the lab got up, walked over to me, and started nosing around in my privates again. I was petting him, and pushing him away a little, and my brother said, what will he do if you just quit petting and pushing on him? I said, I am not sure I want to find out. My brother says, I am curious, just let him do what he wants. I said, what are you talking about, he is pushing all over my butt and private area.

My brother said, yes, but why is he doing it? I said, I don’t know. My brother kept acting curious and saying stuff to convince me, and finally I said, okay, and I stopped petting and pushing against the dog’s head. The dog started rooting into the side of my shorts in the leg, and going into my ass and I was jerking around. [I never went and put my bra on, maybe it was a subconscious flaw.] I think my brother was originally wanting to see me jump around because my boobs were bouncing, now my brother became suspicious about the dog going for my pussy. The dog jumped up on the edge of the couch again and started humping, and my brother said, he wants to fuck you. In my mind, I wanted the dog to fuck me, but I did not want my brother to know that, so I just said, that’s too bad. My brother pressed, and he said, what if you get on the floor, and see if he will mount you? I said, no, but he kept trying to convince me.

Finally, I stood up and paced, and the dog kept jumping up on me. Now the boxer was running around too, and making the situation more difficult, and my brother got up and took the boxer to another room. My brother came back and kept making remarks, until he convinced me to get on my hands and knees to see what the dog would do. I got down, and sure enough he mounted me. I was still dressed, but my brother was watching the dog (and probably down my shirt), and he said, I can’t believe my dog is that excited by you, his cock is even coming out. I stood back up, and said, well he is a dog. My brother took him outside again, and came back and was talking about the ordeal, and at one point, he said, have you ever wondered what it would feel like to let a dog fuck you? I said, no; but what my brother did not know was that his dog had already fucked me.

There was more talk between us through the next 30 minutes or so, and he started trying to get me to do it. I finally said, okay, but you have to do something about his front paws. He said, what? I said, gets some socks, and tape them on his feet. He looked at me, and said, how do you know about that? I said, well, when he jumped on me a moment ago, I could feel his claws, and I just want them covered. My brother was getting more suspicious, and he said, you sure you have not done this before? I said, no, then he said, it makes since now, you did this the time you checked on them for me a few months ago didn’t you? We bantered back and forth, and then I just plainly said, yes, I did. I believe our one-time brother sister sex secret from when we were teens provided a pretext for my behavior currently. My brother ranted around for a few minutes, then did what I asked and covered the dog’s paws.

I was uncomfortable with my brother seeing me naked. He started looking at me and said, are you going to get undressed? I pulled my shorts and panties off and held my hands over my pussy, and said, okay. He said, are you going to take your shirt off? I said, why? He said, come on, take it off too, and he pressed until I gave in and took my shirt off too. I was standing in front of my brother naked with my now mature body and my big tits hanging out, and my hairy snatch providing him eye candy. He had been holding the dog, and he let him go. The dog came over and immediately stuck his nose in my pussy. My brother said, spread a little, see if he will lick your pussy. I told my brother to, sit down, and let me do this, so, he did.

I went and sat on the couch and spread my legs, and the dog came in and started licking my pussy, and I started fingering my clit. My brother was sitting a little ways down from me, but beside me own the couch. After a couple of minutes, my brother took his shorts and underwear off. I looked and my brother’s dick. His cock seemed bigger now than when he was 15, a little longer than my husbands, but shorter than my husband’s brother, and not as thick as the neighbor, but thicker than my husband and my husband’s brother. When I was a teen, I did not notice subtle details, but I just now realized my brother was circumcised. Then I mentally kicked myself for thinking about how big my brother’s dick was again. Now the dog was still licking my pussy, but he started jumping up in my lap. I pushed him down a number of times and he would go back to licking my pussy.

After about 15 minutes of all this, I managed to focus myself into an orgasm as I fingered, and the dog licked my pussy. I erupted, closed up my legs, and shook. Then I opened my legs slightly and rubbed my pussy while the dog licked some more. I looked over at my brother, and he was still stroking his cock, but trying not to get off. He said, are you going to let the dog fuck you? I said, you just shut up and be patient. I got up and walked around and the dog followed, I looked at my brother, and he had taken his shirt off and was holding it in one hand. My brother was watching my naked body as I walked around. I got on all fours on the floor, and the dog started licking my pussy and my asshole, and it felt good.

After a bit, the dog started mounting me. He was having a hard time, and his cock was hitting me all over the place. I looked back at my brother and I said, help him. My brother got up and helped guide the dog’s cock into my pussy. When the dog hit the mark, he went fast and furious and my pussy sounded like an agitator in a washing machine but much faster. I am grunting and moaning, and I spread in expectation of the dog’s knot, and it hit, and I grunted, mmmm, loudly; and his cock seemed to go so deep, and that heated liquid filled in me, and it was hot inside my pussy. The dog had stopped hunching, mostly, and his cock was pulsating in my pussy, and it felt so good. The dog was panting hard, and I turned and looked at my brother, and he was wiping the head of his dick with his shirt. I guess he got off.

After about 10 or 15 minutes, the dog popped out, and it felt like my pussy just poured a glass of warm water down my slit and over my pussy hair and part of my stomach. The dog started licking his cock, and I stood up, and I said to my brother, you can clean that up, and I went and took a shower holding my t-shirt over my pussy. I came back dressed in my shorts and another t-shirt, and my brother kept talking about what happened and we watched TV. Since my brother knew now about me fucking his dog, I decided was going to stay there even though my brother had come home. I will continue this Amy Tale/s – My Brother and His Dog/s Pt. 2.

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