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Amy Tale/s – Meet Max (House Party)

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Janet asked me, do you want to take Anthony? I kissed her ear and said, I want to fuck you? Janet said, let’s take Anthony and let him fuck Clair?

Ken, Greg, and Clair picked me up at 3pm on Friday from work for Janet’s pool party. The guys were wearing trunks, shirts, and flip flops, but Clair needed to change clothes like me. We arrived at Janet’s before anyone other than Janet, her husband, and one black guy. Introductions ensued and I am going to summarize, because it was interesting, and you need to understand the dynamics of my tales.

You may remember Janet’s unnamed husband from Amy Tale/s – BBC Gangbang, but his name is Max. I began telling Janet my sex capades about three years ago from the date of the posting. It began verbally, and then I was getting emailed from Janet and Max, and some form of documenting my sexual encounters began. We have been writing them in a format to post for the past several months. Some of the names are fake, but some are true. We signed up to post them on another sex story site, but my first submission, Amy Tale/s – High School Threesome, was sent back because it depicted underage teens. We knew we had other questionable content (like bestiality and incest), so we ended up here. Max only makes editing or coloring changes. I might say, he stuck his big dick in me, and it felt good; and Max will change it to, he slid his hard 12” big black cock in my pussy and I screamed. Now you know.

Back to this episode. The black guy already at the party is named Anthony. Janet introduced Anthony to me this way. Janet said, Amy, this is Anthony, you met him before at your first party at my house. Anthony turned out to be black guy #3 with the thick 10” long cock at the gangbang. Anthony works for Max, who owns his own high-end garage. Anthony is one of the mechanics. Max is a third-generation mechanic, and he makes a lot of money mostly working on foreign cars. Max and Janet’s house is a secluded huge 5-bedroom dwelling with a very large garage and other outbuildings and bungalows. There is a heated pool that is big with a pool house, showers, toilets, and an apartment. I mentioned the jacuzzi before too. They were grilling next to a big gazebo that had picnic tables stocked with goods. I could have shared some of these details in Amy Tale/s – BBC Gangbang Pt. 1, but it is more relevant now.

Ken, Greg, and Max hit it off right away. Max is 31, and Ken and Greg are like 32 and were already around a rich class of people professionally, and shortly after this encounter, Max received all of Ken and Greg’s car servicing needs. Ken and Greg like to party, and Max has a lot of motorcycles, four wheelers, guns, boats, you know, man toys. Janet does not work, and she spends most of her time spending Max’s money and having sex with whoever she wants (and she gets to pick). Janet was wearing a t-shirt over her yellow bikini and flip flops and her hair was in a ponytail.

Max was cooking, and Janet and Anthony were helping. I told Janet, me and Clair are going to change in the pool house. Janet said, no, come with me; and she took us into the house and up the stairs to the master bedroom. It was locked, and she had a key behind a plant in a bay window at the end of the hall. We went in and Janet took my bag and set it on the bed and opened it. Clair just watched Janet. Janet undressed me, and she never touched my boobs or pussy in a sexual way intentionally, but she would rub her hands up or down my body as she removed my clothes and my shoes. She pulled out my bathing suit. I had a one-piece low v cut with shoulder straps with a medium cut on my hips. It was aqua and had a paisley print.

Janet put my bathing suit on me, even running her fingers around inside my legs to make sure it wasn’t bunched, and she adjusted my boobs. Janet looked in my bag and took out a t-shirt and my flip flops and put them on me. Janet then took my hand and we sat on the bed and she was holding my hand on my thigh. Clair just watched all this go down and had not moved. I did not tell Clair about me and Janet having sex, just that we were friends. Janet looked at Clair and said, would you feel more comfortable in the bathroom changing, we will wait? Clair said, no I can change here, and she did. Janet watched Clair (and checked out her body), and Clair eventually put on a halter top one-piece that had a white top part and black bottom, and a t-shirt and flip flops too.

We went back outside, and another white couple and a white single guy and single black guy had showed up. The two single guys were swimming. I will fast forward now. Eventually another white couple, a black girl and white girl, and two more black guys showed up. Almost everybody swam except for Max and Anthony who hosted more or less. Me, Clair, and Janet got into the pool, and while Janet did not get sexual, she was always next to me. There was eating, drinking, music, and pool play, and around 8:30pm one of the white couples left. Then Janet wanted to know if I wanted to shower, and I said, yes. We went in the house and Clair came with us. Janet took us back to the master bedroom and she has a huge shower with three heads on different walls.

Janet undressed me and hung my bathing suit on a rack. Janet undressed and led me into the shower and looked back at Clair and said, are you coming too? Clair undressed and entered. Janet turned all three showers on, and Janet meticulously washed me as I stood paralyzed. Janet then washed herself facing me and I watched Clair stare dumbfounded at us as she washed herself. We finished and Janet stepped out and handed Clair a towel, and then Janet dried me with another towel, then herself. Janet blow dried my hair as I sat on a stool in the bathroom, and she did hers. Then Clair did her own. Janet led me to the bed and laid me on my stomach naked, and she reached for some lotion and started rubbing it on me while she straddled me. We were all still naked. Janet would rub some lotion on herself at times too.

Me with my ass up and DD bouncy supple titties and hairy pussy down, Janet with her tight body, firm C’s, and waxed pussy straddling me, and Clair with her slightly bigger bouncy tits and hairy pussy sitting on the corner of the bed watching and rubbing lotion on herself. Janet turned me over, and rubbed lotion all over my front, even in between my toes very slowly. Janet eventually grabbed her phone, and she laid her leg across me and messed with her phone. Janet asked, what would you all like to do? Clair said, like what do you mean, sexually? Janet said, yes, Max just told me that there are people having sex in some of the other rooms. We can go and see and join, or whatever. Janet said, Ken and Greg are in one of the rooms with Max now. I said, it doesn’t matter, I am relaxed right now. Janet asked me, would you like to make out with Anthony again? Clair said, again! We explained I had fucked Anthony before, and when Clair heard thick 10” cock she was interested.

Janet put a t-shirt on and found one for me in my bag, and Clair did the same and we put our flip flops on. Janet led us into the hall and locked the bedroom. We went to the first occupied bedroom down the hall and found Ken and Max in a 69 with a black guy drilling Max in the ass. Greg was fucking the single white girl that came to the party. Janet said, do you want to get into this mix? The girl was oaky looking, shaved and young, but I could tell the black guy did not have enough meat for me to desire anything. Greg said, come on Clair, and Clair said, maybe in a minute, I want to see what Amy does. Janet said, let’s see what is behind door number two, and we left. There was no one in the next two rooms and the last room had one of the white couples, the single black girl, the single white guy, and three black guys including Anthony. It looked like a straight up gangbang. They had obviously been going a bit. Anthony, the husband, and one other black guy were standing and were all limp. The white guy was fucking the black girl doggystyle, and the other black guy was in a missionary with the husband’s white wife.

Janet said, I like it when it is a married couple. She asked the husband, is this your wife’s first time? He said, first gangbang, but she has fucked one other black guy before. His wife was on the plump side, not fat, plump and sexy. She had big tits and hair on her pussy, but it was clipped real close. The black girl was cute. The limp dicks made it hard to judge the husband and other black guy’s size, but the black guy hard would maybe be 9”, and the two fucking I could not exactly tell. Janet asked me, do you want to take Anthony? I kissed her ear and said, I want to fuck you? Janet said, let’s take Anthony and let him fuck Clair? I said, okay. Janet asked the white wife that was getting fucked if she fucked Anthony already, and she said, yes. Janet told them; we are taking Anthony, and we left that room.

Janet laid Anthony on the bed in one of the other guest rooms. Janet told Clair to get him hard, and Clair got on the bed and started stroking Anthony’s cock and sucking it. Janet moved me onto the bed facing Anthony’s side and she got behind me and she put one hand up my shirt and rubbed my breasts, and she used the other hand to finger me. Janet took my shirt off, and hers, and she went back to fingering my pussy and rubbing my breasts. She rubbed her breasts against my back. Janet started whispering in my ear, do you want that black cock? I said, no, and I was trembling. Clair removed her shirt, and everyone was naked. Clair was sucking and licking Anthony’s cock and it looked hard, and I was staring at that 10” fairly thick cock as Clair sucked.

Janet whispered, do you want him to cum in you deep, that is what you said the night he fucked you the first time? I didn’t answer, and I moaned, and laid my hand on top of Janet’s hand as she rubbed my pussy. Janet stopped and left the room and returned with another black guy. Janet moved Clair and laid the other black guy beside Anthony and told Clair to suck his dick now. Clair began to suck the new guy’s dick. Janet got back behind me and pushed me closer to Anthony, and she whispered, rub his cock. I reached out and took hold of his big black cock and I stroked. Janet went back to rubbing my breasts and fingering my pussy. I looked at the other guy’s cock and he was hard but not as big as Anthony, the new guy was about 9” long and average thickness, probably bigger than Michael, so Clair could not complain.

Anthony was clean shaved, no hair, and his cock felt nice. Janet said, do you want to suck it or eat my pussy? I leaned my head back on her shoulder, and I was breathing shallow and rapid from Janet’s fingering of my pussy, and said, I want to eat your pussy, and I kissed her. Janet said, do you want that big cock in you? I said, yes…yes, I want to eat your pussy and feel that black cock pound my wet pussy. Janet leaned over in Anthony’s ear and whispered for a bit. Anthony got up, and Janet laid at the top of the bed and spread her legs and pulled me into her and we kissed. I was on my knees with my ass in the air, and Anthony leaned into me and I felt his hard cock against my ass. Anthony rubbed his cock all over my ass (slapping me with it at times) and between my thighs and against my wet pussy. Janet rubbed my head and I moved down and kissed her firm breasts and nipples.

Anthony started rubbing my pussy with his cock and I was so wet that I felt his dick head sliding around and hitting all my sensitives. I moved down more and started kissing Janet’s thighs, then I kissed her smooth pussy all over and started licking her pussy, and she was so wet. I opened my mouth and kissed Janet’s pussy running my tongue as deep inside her as I could go, and Anthony’s cock went into my soaking wet pussy all the way and I grunted. Janet said, does that feel good baby? I stuttered, yes, as I panted from the pressure. Anthony began to long stroke slowly so I could focus on eating Janet’s pussy. After a bit, Janet started moving her hips faster as she rubbed my head, and with her other hand, rubbed her breasts. Anthony got faster and although I had been moaning, my verbal grunts increased.

Janet’s hold on my head intensified, and her hip movements followed. Janet said, now Anthony. Anthony began to pound the shit out of my pussy and Janet was holding my head to her pussy and fucking my mouth and she got off, and 5 seconds later, Anthony got off and when he did, he drove his big cock deep and he vibrated his pelvis against my ass pulling my hips back into the pressure and shaking me, and his dick throbbing and the shaking and jerking of his pelvis against my ass with his big cock deep inside me, gave me an orgasm. Me, Janet, and Anthony, virtually came at the same time, and I was clutching at Janet with my hands around her and my head in her stomach. After a minute, Janet tilted my head up and looked at me, and said, did that feel good baby? I just nodded, yes, still panting with my mouth opened. Janet had told Anthony what to do to me, and she timed it perfectly. See Amy Tale/s – House Party (Next Day), for what happened next.

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      Thanks for commenting, if you have any requests for my new “Fantasy” series that I will start submitting soon, let me know.

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    Once again, this is another beautiful story. I look forward towards more again.

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      Thank you for your comment! Many more tales to come.