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Amy Tale/s – Janet’s Shopping Again

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I turn my head sideways and lay it against her shoulder as she loves me with her strokes. Even paradise fell, and Ken enters the bedroom…

After the house party weekend, I went back to work Monday and did not hear from Janet until Thursday. However, I kept wanting to see her, her affections were starting to be missed. It was around 3:30pm, and I was walking around the department store, and I saw a girl at the jewelry counters, and I knew it was Janet. Our department store is the nicest one of this chain I have ever been in, and while the jewelry department might not have rich girl jewelry, it does have some nice stuff.

I walked over, and the male associate was showing Janet some items, while the female associate watched in the background. There are always at least two people in this department, and if needed, managers will assist. Janet was dressed to kill as usual in a light taupe colored plaid low v cut wrap dress that came about 6 inches below her knees, and the box dual stripe design was a dark brown and black. Her blonde hair was down and nice; she was wearing rings, earrings, necklace, and high heeled black leather opened toe sandals that strapped around the ankles. Now as Janet moved, the split in the wrap dress revealed about all of her tan thigh. I almost felt sorry for men seeing her and going home to their boring wives.

I said, hey Janet. She looked at me like she did not know I was there, but she saw me long before I saw her. Janet said, hi Amy. The male associate said, oh, you know our manager miss Amy? Janet quipped, miss Amy…yes, I know miss Amy. I said, yes, Janet and I are friends. I said to Janet, you buying some jewelry? Then I looked at what was on the counter and she had two silver chain diamond ankle bracelets, really pretty. I looked at the price and they were $700 and $800 plus, which is kind of pricy for our jewelry and the crowd of people who shop here. I knew we had some nice stuff, but this seemed high for me; but I knew if I wanted it Ken would buy it. Janet said, yes, I think I want one of these, but I cannot decide. Janet looked at the male associate and said, can I try this one on? He said, yes, and he looked at the female associate and said, can you help her? Janet said, that’s okay, miss Amy can help me; and there was laughter at my expense by the associates.

Janet turned toward me, placed one hand on the counter, held the ankle bracelet in the other hand, and looked at me and said, will you put this on my ankle, miss Amy? I felt panic, and Janet’s tone was suggestive, but she had changed the mood from amusing to stimulating. The male and female associates were spellbound and silent. I took a breath, and set my clipboard on the counter, and knelt. I was wearing a career skirt, and when I knelt, about 12 inches of my thigh was visible. Janet raised her right leg up and said, you can just take that shoe off. I looked up, and the split in her dress had parted and laid around her exposed sexy thigh and leg, and I could tell she was not wearing any panties. Both associates could see her lovely sexy hot thigh. I took another breath and just hoped my vantage point was mine alone. I undid the strap on her shoe, and I slid Janet’s shoe off. Janet set the ball of her foot on my bare thigh, and she handed me the ankle bracelet.

I was hoping my antiperspirant was working, because I was hot. Janet is doing it to me again, this is what I love about Janet, it is always a new experience. I put the bracelet on Janet’s beautiful ankle and adjusted and fastened it below her ankle bone. The whole time I was biting my tongue to resist the urge to rub her foot and leg. Janet did not give me a chance to move as she held me down with the ball of her foot on my thigh. Janet turned her sexy foot and taupe-colored toenails, canting her foot around on my thigh looking at the ankle bracelet. Janet asked, do you like it Amy? What was I going to say? Fuck the ankle bracelet, I wanted to throw Janet down right here on the floor and ravish her. I said, it looks nice to me, but you are the buyer.

Janet kept me down for about 5 minutes as she turned her foot and made sure I looked over her sexy thigh, leg, feet, and toes, and up her dress at her pretty bare pussy; and she said, I will take it. Janet did not move her foot and said, you can just put my shoe back on and leave the bracelet on my ankle. I wanted to do something at this point, I had to do something. So, I picked up Janet’s shoe, and I gently rubbed her foot and up her toes with my fingers as I slid the shoe back on carefully. I ran my fingers up the sides of her ankles and I fastened the shoe strap. Janet watched me, and she smiled enjoying my torment. Janet set her foot on the floor and turned to the male associate, and like nothing unusual just happed, she said, I will take both ankle bracelets. He said, thank you, and the final bill was close to $1800.00 which appeared to be pocket change to Janet.

I was standing now, and a little creamy between my thighs, and feeling like I was under a microscope from the two associates. They were both looking at me and smiling ear to ear, the male associate the most. It was after 4pm. Janet gabbed her bag with the other ankle bracket in it, and turned to me and said, you are getting off soon, right? I said, yes. Janet walked her sexy walk and talked as she left the jewelry department and I followed. Janet asked, are you going straight home? I said, yes. She said, well, I need to go, I got some more shopping to do, maybe I will shop some more here another day. Janet hardly ever called me or texted unless there was something definite like the house party last weekend. As she was walking away, I stuttered, o…o…okay, but I wanted to say more, and she left. I was starving smelling my favorite food cooking, but I was prevented from eating it.

I pined for Janet and finished my essentials at work, and it was the slowest hour of the day; and then my work was done. I entered the apartment, set some stuff down, walked into the kitchen, and there were takeout boxes on the counter, and a covered plate with food and silverware already prepared on the table, and a glass of iced tea. I checked the food, and it was very warm. Ken almost never gets home before me, so I called out, Ken…Ken, but no answer. I walked back to the bedroom and there she was! My heart dropped. Janet was leaning back against the headboard on some pillows in the middle of the bed. She was wearing a white baby doll nightie that was see through, no panties. Her right leg was resting on her left knee that was raised up, and she was slowly shaking her right leg. I saw the ankle bracelet I put on her. She was looking at her phone.

I was speechless, and I looked around and there was a matching baby doll nightie laid out on the corner of the bed, except it was red. I looked more and saw her dress draped over a chair, and her shoes on the floor next to it. On the dresser was her purse, all the other jewelry she had been wearing, the shopping bag from the ankle bracelets, a duffle bag, and the see though panties that went with the baby doll nighties. Janet did not look at me once but at her phone, but she saw me, and she said, you need to go eat? I wanted to ask how she got in, but then I remembered Ken gave her a key. I wanted to say something, to ask, to engage her, but she owns me, and I say, okay. So, I go eat. I come back to the bedroom and I hear water running in the tub. Janet is up and takes me to the bathroom. She undresses me (and herself), and she brushes my hair into and ponytail like hers. I stare in the mirror at her young tight body, firm C’s, and smooth pussy, as she stands behind me and she says, do you need to pee first before our bath?

I sit on the toilet, and it is becoming natural for Janet to take care of wiping my pussy when I am finished peeing. We get into Ken’s huge bathtub, and she turns me, so we are facing, and she takes a washcloth and gently moistens my face and washes it with my face cleaning, and rinses it with the washcloth, then does hers. Janet takes a loofah and begins to wash my body, my breasts, and down into the water to my privates, where she uses her fingers on my pussy and ass. She then pulls each leg up and washes it to my foot after re-lathering the loofa. She washes herself, then turns me, washes my back, and pulls my back into her breasts as she rests against a washcloth she spread on the end of the wall of the tub. She gathers water and drops it on my shoulder and chest and rubs down my body as I close my eyes. I am in love with her touch, her feel, her movements, her mannerisms, and I embrace the side of her leg against my body with my arm and squeeze her into me.

My breathing stutters, and I sink down into her bosom as she caresses me ever so sweetly. I don’t want to move. She rubs the side of my head, and she caresses my ear lobes and runs the back of her fingers down my neck, shoulder, and breast. I turn my head sideways and lay it against her shoulder as she loves me with her strokes. Even paradise fell, and Ken enters the bedroom, and looks into the bathroom and says, sorry, I did not know Janet was here, and he leaves. Janet shouts, there is food on the counter, and he replies, okay, thank you. She continues to rub and caress me, but my meditation was shattered. I sit up, and she moves too, and she gets out and dries off. She takes my hand as I lift and stand, and I step into her waiting arms as she dries me off. She grabs her white nightie, and leads me to the bed, and lays me on my stomach and begins to rub lotion on and massages me.

What happens next, I have told you before, and Janet is the sweetest lover next to my husband that I have ever known. She is the only person who has paid me as much attention as he did. He is the only person I can compare Janet to in affection. I awake in the morning, knowing I must go to work. Janet is gone, and not next to me, and I panic, and I am still naked. I grab the red nightie lying on the bed, and I look around and see Janet’s stuff is still here. I take a step and I feel something on my foot, and I look, and the other bracelet Janet bought is around my right ankle. My heart flutters from the gesture, and I hasten to the bathroom and brush my teeth and pee, then rush to find Janet. She has fixed us breakfast, and Ken is eating and watching Janet in her white nightie as she stands at a counter. I rush to embrace Janet, and we kiss, and I rub my right leg and ankle up her left leg and thigh, and I say, thank you Duchess, and we kiss once more.

I get ready for work kicking myself mentally for using a pet name with Janet. I want her to want me as much as I want her. I saw this as my weakness. I don’t want to be conquered; I want to conquer her. Janet dressed, and Ken left, and then Janet and I kissed and said our intimate goodbyes, and we walked out to our cars for a final goodbye. I arrived and parked to go into work, and I reach down and remove the ankle bracelet, fearing the jewelry associate’s gaze. I wanted to wear it desperately, but I did not want to fuel rumors that were already surrounding Janet at my job. It was the longest day, and I wondered if I would hear from Janet soon. The day ended without any surprise shoppers, and I went home and opened the door in anticipation. After an inspection, I was all alone. I got something to drink and a snack and waited for something to remove my humdrums, and Ken came in and we went out to eat. We returned and he called Greg, and the next thing I know he is playing video games. See Amy Tale/s – My Duchess, for what happens next.

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