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Amy Tale/s – Janet’s Back

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Her legs were spread wide and I eyed her sweet side and I wanted so much to eat her shaved pussy.

After Janet spent the night with me Monday, I did not hear from her the rest of the week. Was I becoming love-sick, did I miss her? That was my thinking, because I could not get Janet out of my mind, but then something came up that could. I found out Ethan was off work Friday, so I planned to go to his apartment after work because Emma would be there too. Me and Emma arrived after 5pm and showered together, and we had a roll in the bed threesome with Ethan. We laid around, and fooled around, and I got to feel Ethan’s big black 12” cock cum in my pussy. At around 8:30pm I said, I am going home for the night. I could have stayed, but Ken and Greg wanted to do something with me and Clair Saturday, and that is what I told Ethan and Emma.

I got to Ken’s apartment at about 8:45pm. When I went in, Greg and Ken were playing a video game, but that was not as surprising as seeing Janet sitting in another chair with her hot legs crossed. She was wearing a low-cut cream dress and beige high heel sandals, like stilettos, and red toenails. Her hair was down and nice; makeup, earrings, necklace, she was dressed for a night out. I said, what are you doing here Janet? She replied, I want to invite you to a party at my house next weekend.

Greg chimed in and said, me and Ken like this girl, she has hosted us in our own hangout. She ordered takeout, served us, has fixed us snacks, brought us beer, and acted like this is her place more than Ken’s. She is direct when talking to us, and there is no wasted speech. She has sat there quietly the last 30 minutes waiting for you like an ornament. We already told her we would come to her party.

Then I said to Janet, why did you not just call or text me? Janet said, I did not want to bother you. Ken said, Janet did not ask, but we told her we didn’t know where you were. She just said she would wait. If she wanted something, she helped herself. We are not kidding; we have never felt this comfortable around such a hot girl. Janet asked me for a key to the apartment because she did not like waiting in her car, so I gave her one.

The whole time Ken and Greg talked they never stopped playing their game (like Janet had possessed them). Janet stood and walked over to me, and she kissed me in front of the guys, and I mean passionately. She slipped out of her dress and let it fall, and the guys paused the game and watched. I said, I need to shower. Janet did her sexy walk with me in tow (still in her heels), and she took me to the bedroom. She removed her jewelry and set it on the dresser, and shoes, and she undressed me. She led me into the bathroom, and I said wait, and I reached in the cabinet for a douche. We got in the shower, and she washed me, and she even douched me.

We finished and Janet dried my hair and hers with the blow-dryer. She led me back into bedroom, pulled the blankets back, and guided me onto the bed where I laid down naked. She never talked. She sat on the edge of the bed, and she put her high heel stiletto sandals back on. Janet then did her sexy walk in nothing but her heels into our big closet, and I could not see her. She reappeared with her tight sexy smooth hairless body, and she had my toy bag. What the hell, she knew where everything was. She brought it to the bed, unzipped it, and pulled out the “G” spot vibrator. Somehow Janet knew it was my favorite vibrator, maybe from wear, or smell? I don’t know how she knew.

Janet leaned in while sitting next to me with her legs crossed and feet on the floor. She did not turn the vibrator on. Janet rubbed me using the vibrator; up the inside of my legs and thighs, and lightly across my pussy and pussy hair; up my stomach, and around my breasts; and up to my lips where she paused and tenderly pushed the long end of the vibrator into my mouth a few times. She then rubbed me with my vibrator back down my body and rubbed my clit with it.

Janet rubbed it against my clit. The only noise was the guys in the living room. The bedroom door was open, and we could hear them playing their game. I was wet, she was just sitting with her feet on the floor and legs crossed so sexy on the side of the bed, as she leaned in and used one hand to rub me with the vibrator. She moved it down and eased it into my wet pussy and thrusted it slowly a handful of times. She had watched my eyes 99.9% of the time, unless she needed to fucus in order to hit a certain spot with the toy. She pulled the long end of the “G” spot vibrator out of my pussy, and she slowly move it to her mouth, and sucked it, totally watching my eyes the whole time.

Janet sucked the vibrator for a moment, and she gradually pulled it down her body, and she uncrossed her legs, and she pushed it into her sweet totally shaved pussy, never once looking at anything but my eyes. I was so turned on she could have blown on my clit, and I would have erupted. After a few motions of the toy in her pussy, she removed it, crossed her legs back, leaned in, and rubbed the toy ever so lightly from my pussy up my body, and around my nipples and up my neck to my lips. She gently pushed it into my receptive mouth, and I sucked her pussy wetness off the toy as we looked each other directly in the eyes. Janet pulled it out of my mouth, rubbed the toy back down my body to my pussy, and then over my thigh and laid the “G” spot vibrator next to my thigh on the bed. It was never turned on once.

I was thinking the whole time she was going to use my favorite toy on my wet pussy. Janet stood and walked in her heels like a dream out of the bedroom (naked), and she disappeared. She returned leading Ken by the hand, and she stationed him at the foot of the bed facing me. Janet ran her hand across Ken’s chest, and up and over his shoulder as she walked behind him watching me. She slowly removed his t-shirt. She walked to the front of Ken and faced him, and looking back at me, she swiveled with her feet together and knelt, and she pulled Ken’s shorts and underwear off. Ken was naked as she swiveled back up and ran her hand again up his chest and over his shoulder, as she moved behind him. She watched me from the side of Ken’s shoulder as she reached around and grabbed his 8.5” cock with one hand, and she rubbed his chest with the other.

Janet moved so sexy back to the front of Ken facing me, and she straddled his cock with her ass and pussy. Ken rubbed down Janet’s side, and Janet gently took hold of his wrist and placed it back at Ken’s own side. He did not touch her anymore after that. And as she straddled his cock, she motioned for me to slide down until I reached a point where she bent over and softly took hold of the back of my knees and pulled me down more. When my pussy met her head, she leaned into it, and licked my wetness from the bottom up, and she stood and she swallowed, rubbing her lips with one finger, and staring at me. I could have got off. Janet pulled my ass to the edge of the bed and she moved from straddling Ken’s cock and ran her hand across him as she returned to his back. She pushed Ken down into my pussy. Then Janet spoke for the first time since this started, and she said, just kiss her, and Ken just kissed on my pussy.

Janet left the bedroom again, walking as she does, and came back with Greg and repeated the disrobing with Greg as she had done with Ken, always watching me. She stood behind Greg stroking his 9” cock and rubbing his chest. Greg tried to rub Janet’s side too, but she repeated the removal of his hand and returned it to his own side. She took hold of Greg’s hand and led him to the top of the bed and laid him down. She ran her hand down his chest as she walked to his midriff and she sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. She spread Greg’s legs, and she began stroking his cock and she leaned in to give him oral pleasure. Greg was hard as a rock, but Janet stopped short with her lips, and stood, and walked behind Ken who had been doing nothing but watching and kissing my pussy.

Janet ran her fingers in Ken’s hair and with one hand grabbed him by the scalp, and she forced him into my pussy and shook his head violently for a moment (I almost got off). Then she pulled him to his feet by the hair of his head. She took his hand and led him in between Greg’s legs and looking at me she said, just suck, and Ken began to give Greg a blowjob. I wondered in my mind how she knew they were bi, and I asked her about it later. Janet told me, please, with a sexy woman like you living here, I knew they were butt buddies the moment I met Greg. Ken was sucking Greg’s dick, and Janet walked back to the foot of the bed and reached for my hand. She took my hand and I sat up and she tuned me back onto the bed and I was on my knees in the middle. I sat on my feet with my hands in my lap and my pussy was overflowing and wetting the bed.

Janet climbed into the bed on her hands and knees to the top, and she laid back on the pillows. She slowly undid the strap on her sandal and removed it, and she dropped it off the bed. She repeated this for the other. Then she reached out with one leg and began rubbing my breasts with her toes while using both her hands to rub her breasts. Janet turned her foot inward pointing her toes and I noticed again the red polish. She rubbed up my neck with them barely touching my skin until she reached my lips. She rubbed the outside of my lips with her toes and then using her the big toe pulled down on my bottom lip. I opened my mouth and she pushed in with her toe and I closed around it and sucked. She pulled it out after a bit and rubbed again on my lips, then moved her foot away from me to the back of Ken.

Her legs were spread wide and I eyed her sweet side and I wanted so much to eat her shaved pussy. She ran her foot up Ken’s side and looking at me, she said, turn around so he can suck you too. Ken moved into a 69 and Greg started sucking Ken’s cock too, and Janet pulled her foot back to my breasts. She pushed against me until I moved so that my ass was not on my feet, and I brought my feet forward with my knees up and legs spread. I was still sitting up and she rubbed from my breasts to my thighs and down across the hair of my pussy with her toes. She paused and fanned her toes across my soft pussy hair for a bit, then she pushed in on my clit, and rubbed with her toes. She fondled around down there and pulled back and leaned forward and grabbed my foot and pulled it to her clit.

Janet and I both lay flat with our legs between the other and we petted each pussy with our toes. I felt her warm wetness and tried my best to be gentle as I moved my toes around inside her. I was rubbing my breasts and she rubbed her own and she sat up and reached for my hand. I gave it and she pulled me to her lips, and we kissed as she ran her hands slowly over my body and ass. She pulled my head to the side of hers and embraced me and rubbed, and she turned to the guys and said, you two go finish in another room. They got up and left, and I assumed fucked each other’s ass, while Janet continued to hold and caress me. That was perfect for me because I feared the guys would just distract from the amorous feelings I was having for Janet. [See Amy Tale/s – Janet’s Stays for what happens next.]

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