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Amy Tale/s – Janet Stays

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I pee, and I pull the paper off the roll and fold and spread my legs and Janet takes it out of my hand and wipes my pussy.

I am alone with Janet, and we are naked in my bed. I am lying on top straddling her thigh with my soaking wet pussy. We are rubbing and caressing, and we are kissing. Janet has brought something new to my sexual adventures. A romantic element unique and different from all others. Am I in love with her? No, that’s not me, I am selfish with my desires. I only please others because it pleases and suits my needs. I want her, so I move to Janet’s breasts and kiss them. They are perfectly round and firm. She is so young, so tight.

I continue my way down across Janet’s stomach to her bare pleasure area, where there is not even a stubble of hair. Does she wax, or use remover? Later, I want her in my mouth. I kiss around and she spreads, and her pussy is swelled and open, and her aroma is like a sweet perfume to me. Janet is my new delicacy; I want to eat her raw. I kiss, trying to be as seductive as Janet, but I cannot. I want all her wet pussy, so I open wide and gather as much of her pussy as I can in my mouth, and I draw my lips closed and drink her in. I swallow and repeat this several times until my own salvia is mixed with her extract.

I reach around Janet’s tight thighs with my hands rubbing them on the inside, and I fuse my mouth, lips, and tongue to her sweet pussy. I want to please her and listen as she moans. I passionately work my tongue and lips back and forth and her hips start moving and I hear her softly sigh in gratification. She reaches down to my sandy blonde hair that she washed and dried, and she gradually begins to rub my hair and move it so she can see my face. She continues to caress my head and touches her breast, and she closes her eyes and reclines in the pillow. She has a more deliberate sway to her hips, and her mouth is opened slightly as she breathes heavier and builds in desire. I move myself faster on her pussy but without much effort, she voices a euphoric cry and convulses in upon me and quivers and shakes.

I do not want to press her pleasure, so I let her enjoy the descent until she returns and yearns for my embrace. She pulls me up and we kiss and roll to our sides. She strokes my body and runs her hand through my hair moving it behind my ear as she kisses my lips with hers. Janet eases me onto my back and kisses down my neck and shoulders until she reaches my breasts. She takes her time and I close my eyes, and she kneads and kisses my soft bosom like she has never felt such a delight. After time she moves lower, and she rubs the hair of my pussy and kisses it, as she turns down with her head bringing her body next to me. She places one leg across my breasts and squeezes me with it as her arms wrap around my hips and thighs.

Janet begins to give me oral gratification, and like me she employs her whole mouth and moves upon my clit. I know it is not going to be long. I run my hand between her legs, and I rub her ass with my arm resting in between her crevasse, as I push her leg down on my breasts with the other arm and hold it. I rock, I moan, I use my hands pressing her body as she reads my signals, and she surges her efforts. I am soon brought to ecstasy, and like me, she lets me enjoy the pleasure until I am content. She turns and we embrace and kiss and she lays her head on my chest and lightly caresses me as I rub her head.

I close my eyes and hold my young Duchess wondering how much more of her I can take. She leans up and fumbles around on the bed and finds the “G” spot vibrator. She says, we don’t need toys, and she lays it at my shoulder and kisses me and rests on my breasts. I turn and look at the toy and glance at the clock and it is 12:33am. I sit up and Janet leans on her side with her legs slightly bent on top of each other, and she asks, where are you going? I say, I am thirsty. Janet takes my hand and leads me naked to the kitchen. The boys are playing their game again, but Janet pays them no mind as she leans me against a counter and fixes me a glass of tea.

Janet takes a sip then hands me the glass and I drink while she rubs up and down my sides. I tell her, I am tired. She says, let’s go to bed, and she leads me back to the bedroom and I move to the bathroom and she follows. I pee, and I pull the paper off the roll and fold and spread my legs and Janet takes it out of my hand and wipes my pussy. I stand and she sits and pees and wipes and flushes. I grab a wet wipe, and she takes it from me and wipes my pussy and folds it and wipes my ass. She discards it and gets her one and I turn and brush my teeth and when I am finished, she takes my toothbrush and brushes hers. I use the mouthwash and she does the same, and I return to the bedroom and turn out the lights.

We get into the bed and she kisses me goodnight. She curls up next to my naked body with hers and holds me like I am the only person in the world. I gently caress her back and daydream of all her behaviors. I remember the schoolgirl outfit the day I first saw her in the store. I remember the dressing room sex and days later her in pink pumps and white stockings walking toward me. I remember how she seduced me on our date, and the rose petals on the bed. She has me wrapped around her finger, but that is not me, that is what I do. So, how did I let this happen? Janet continues to surprise me unlike any other, and I wondered, what will she do next.

I fell asleep and awoke after 9am and Janet was not in the bed. I panicked, where is she? I got up and slipped into a nightie and found Janet in the kitchen in one of my nighties cooking breakfast and the guys playing their game again. I looked and the table was set and most of the food and drinks were there. Janet brought one more item and looked into the living room and said, it’s ready, and they came to the table and I did not say a word. I sat and ate breakfast and watched Janet with one of her knees up in her chair staring at me, and eating a piece of bacon like she had an hour to finish it. I needed some normalcy from the erotic, so I asked, what kind of party are you having next week Janet?

Janet said, a pool party, just make sure you bring your bathing suit. There we be plenty of alcohol and food, and you all can spend the night, so keep that in mind. The guys said, sounds like fun, or I can’t wait. I thought back to the last party at her house with my husband. I got gangbanged by three black guys, so I asked, about how many people will be there, what should we expect? Janet said, it’s hard to tell, maybe some more couples and several singles, my husband probably invited some more soldiers, so a mixed bag. Then Janet said, if you all are wondering, there will most definitely be all kinds of sex after some of the less brave go home. Janet looked at Ken and Greg and said, the kind of sex you like, my husband swings both ways too.

This thrilled the boys. Then Greg said, should we invite Clair? Janet spoke up inquisitively, who is Clair? I said, Clair is a friend of mine that Greg has been dating. Janet said, sure, bring Clair. I did not want my worlds to mix like this, so I said to Greg, do you really need Clair at this kind of party? Greg said, yes, she is fun, she’s like you, she loves to have exploratory sex. Janet just stared at me eating her bacon, and she said, you are going to invite Clair, right? Now all of them were looking like it was up to me. I said, I will think about it, but Greg was determined. So, I capitulated and said okay.

There was no more talk of Clair and we finished eating. The guys change clothes and say they are going out for a bit and left and Ken reminds me, don’t forget about tonight! Oh yea, the double date with Clair and Greg, that is why I did not spend the night with Ethan. Janet went to the bedroom and got dressed. She kissed me goodbye, and said, I will see you later girlfriend, and she left. I chilled and called Clair to coordinate the date we had planned for tonight. I told Clair about the party at Janet’s next Friday and what to wear or expect. Clair just chalked it up to another outing with Ken and Greg. I also spent some time telling her about Janet, and how Janet only knows Ken and Greg, and if Janet were to inquire about anything else personal concerning me, that Ken and Greg are all Clair was to divulge. See Amy Tale/s – Meet Max (House Party) for the next tale.

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