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Amy Tale/s – Hey You? Pt. 1

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I could not quit ruminating about Janet’s tight young body, and how good she felt.

This tale happened about 6 months after me and my husband separated. I was living with Ken, and I was at work in the department store where I am now an assistant manager. I was walking around being managery, and I noticed this girl (I know now she was 24 years old, and I was 39 again at the time…ha, ha), I noticed this girl dressed like a Japanese schoolgirl, down to thigh high black stockings, short skirt, and a top that revealed about 6 or 7 inches of her stomach. She was blonde, and she even had her hair in twin pigtails. She was looking at the women’s intimates.

I moved closer to see her, and being seen, she looked at me funny. After her puzzled look faded, she had a look of eureka!, on her face, and she said, Hey You!, I know you. I said, excuse me? She repeated, I know you. I said, I don’t know you, and I looked at her face closer. I was thinking about everything I had done and everywhere I had been, but I was drawing a blank. She walked over to me, and she said, you were at my house one night for a party. [I had only been to parties lately with Ken, Greg, and Clair, but it could be possible, because maybe this girl wasn’t cosplaying at the party, and maybe she was a daughter of some of the people whose houses where we were at]. I said, I am sorry, I do not remember meeting you.

She leaned in close (not that anyone was nearby), and she said, I ate your pussy, and you ate mine. Fuck, it was the party my husband took me too where he passed out drunk and I got gangbanged by the three black guys [see Amy Tale/s – BBC Gangbang Pt. 1, for details], this girl was the white wife of the couple whose house we were at. I stepped back, looked at her, and I went, ohhhh. I said, please don’t cause a commotion, this is my job, and they do not know about my personal life. She said, okay, okay, well, my name is Janet. I said, my name is Amy, and we snickered a bit and she said, how is your husband, did you work things out after the way that night ended for you? I said, no, I am divorced now. She said, I’m sorry, did that night cause it? I said, it didn’t help, but my marriage was already headed downhill. This kind of talk continued for a bit between me and Janet.

I asked Janet, why are you dressed like that? She explained her open marriage to me, and that she does these things a lot. She said guys hit on her, and sometimes girls, and if they tickle her fancy, she will invite them to a party at her house. Janet said her husband does the same thing (not cosplay but invites people). Then Janet asked me, you should come back, we can have some more fun like last time? I said, that’s alright, I am in a relationship now, and that night and those guys were somewhat chaotic; I like it a little more passionate and not too animalistic. Janet said, oh those guys are gone now, we are always meeting new soldiers and other people and having group sex. I still said, I am not all that interested, maybe it is because I’m not as young as you. Janet said, it could be just you and me having sex, or you could bring your boyfriend or something? Janet kept pestering me until I said, I will think about.

Janet gave me her phone number and I wrote it down, but I did not give her mine. We were still talking, and I was wondering about her outfit again, so I just asked Janet, are you wearing panties? Janet looked around, and stepped back a little, and lifted her skirt and there was her totally shaved pussy in full view, no panties. Janet dropped her skirt back down, and she said, do you want to touch my pussy? I said, no, someone can see, this is my job, I don’t want to get caught doing something that could get me in trouble. Janet said, so it’s a no, because you could get caught, but not a no, because you do want to touch my pussy? I just looked at Janet and said, no, I don’t want to touch you. Janet meandered around some of the clothes on the racks, and picked something up, and look at the changing room, and she said, Ma’am can you help me with this? As she held up the garment looking at me, speaking in a voice that if anyone were listening, they could hear.

I waited a second, then I said, yes, I can help you with that. Janet walked into the dressing room area, then into the back-dressing room and I followed her in. Janet shut the door, threw the garment on the bench, and grabbed me and pulled me into her and we kissed. Janet grabbed my hand and put it on her smooth pussy, and I started to finger her, and she was wet. I thought to myself, she has such a tight young body. I only fingered her for a few minutes, and then Janet pushed me down on my knees and she grabbed the back of my head, and she shoved my face into her silky pussy. What the fuck was I going do? I started eating Janet’s pussy using my whole mouth, and she was fucking moaning. I stopped and I said, be quiet. She constrained herself, and we were in there for about 15 minutes as I mouth fucked her pussy into an orgasm and she fell over on me, catching herself using the bench as she shook.

We stood up, and she wanted to do me, but I said, no, I need to get back out there. Janet had some wipes in her purse, and I used one and watched her wipe her pussy with another. We went back out on the floor, and I nervously looked around, but no one seemed to notice. I said, I need to get back to work. Janet said, Call me? And we parted. I saw Janet at the checkout purchasing something, and we waived as she left. I touched up my makeup and hair and tried to focus on my job, but I kept thinking about what just happened. I was having plenty of lesbian sex with my ebony girlfriend Emma, who is also young, but with a much softer and curvier body, I like Emma a lot. I was also having lesbian sex with Clair occasionally, a sexy brunette middle age milf like me. Clair has a body like mine (soft and supple) but a bit heavier with slightly bigger tits.

I could not quit ruminating about Janet’s tight young body, and how good she felt. It was different. Soon, it faded, and a week passed, and I did not call Janet. I had remembered the gangbang episode at Janet’s house, and thought, I am beyond kid’s play, and I am satisfied in my other relationships. Basically, I just put it out of my mind. I already had a hard time juggling the relationships I was currently in. Then, one day, me and the store manager were behind a counter in the home décor area looking at some paperwork, and I looked up, and there…she…was, and she was…damn, dressed to get raped. What was she wearing? Janet had this white leotard on with a blue skirt. The skirt was low on the hips so that you could see her bare hips between the French cut leotard and skirt. She had a pink collar around her neck, and her hair was in a ponytail with a pink ribbon. She had white thigh high stockings on, and pink high heeled pumps. All she needed was a lollipop.

Janet was walking slow with one foot over the other, in line, and she was carrying an outfit on a hanger. It was like watching a hot sexy dressed girl in a movie walk past a row of guys as they drool. Janet walked up to the counter where me and the manager were, and she said, Ma’am, can you help me with this, I want to try it on? I was concerned, oh fuck, I am in trouble. I don’t think the manager would say anything, I mean, he was resentful of how Ken got me this job through corporate and Ken’s dad, who is a big exec at corporate. However, I was not totally sure I would not get in trouble. I looked at Janet and I said, is there not anyone in that department? Janet said, yes, there was a girl over there, but I want You…to help me! I told the manager, let me deal with this and I will be back. I was dressed professionally in a skirt and blouse and in flats. I began walking back to the women’s area, and I was walking at a faster pace than Janet.

I did not want to walk beside her, but Janet said, can you slow down. So, I did. Janet said, are you mad? I said, not mad, just a little embarrassed, I mean, that was the store manager beside me back there. She said, are you in trouble? I said, no, I don’t think so, but you look like a cotton candy wonder woman. Janet asked, do you like it? I thought about it, and I finally said, you look cute as hell, but it is a little too adolescent for me. We got to the dressing room and went in, and I said, do you really want to try that on? Janet said, no, and tossed it, and she kissed me with pink candy flavored lipstick on her lips. I kissed back, but I said, I cannot stay in here and fool around. Janet said, I know, and she kissed me again and ran her hands up between my thighs and rubbed on my pussy though my panties, and inside the top of my panties on my soft pussy hair. After about 5 minutes I stopped her and I said, I need to go back out.

We went out and she play shopped at the racks and wanted me to come to her house. I said, I will think about it some more. Janet said, I am not leaving without your phone number, so I broke down and gave it to her. Janet grabbed some panties from the intimates (not that she was going to wear them), and she said, I will not bother you like this anymore, I am sorry; I am going to call you, and she paid for her products, and she left. The manager asked me if I knew her? I said, she was in here last week and I helped her, I guess she just felt more comfortable with me. I did not explain it to the manager in those few words, but that was the gist of it. I did not get in trouble, but I do think rumors started spreading.

Janet called me that night, and I will just give you the highlights. Janet was sorry, she just really wanted to get with me. She said I was nothing like the female soldiers or other girls she had been with, mainly because I was more mature. To be honest, Janet sounded like she was crushing on me with her pleadings and begging. Janet said that I could just come to her house by myself, and she would even make sure her husband was not there, she would do anything. I finally told her to let me think on it for a day, and we could talk some more tomorrow.

I thought about it all night and all day at work the next day. I didn’t know what to do, I did not need another secret affair. Ken did not know about Ethan and Emma, but they knew about Ken, but they have never met. Clair knew it all, but Clair did not know about Janet. I could do whatever I wanted, I could just tell Ken I would be home when I got home, and he didn’t care. He was totally whipped, and I was the one with the balls in our relationship. I decided to take Janet up on her offer. That evening I called her, and she was on pins and needles all day waiting for me to call. I told her I would just meet with her if she could arrange it, and she said she could. She called me back the next day and told me the time, and she gave me her address. See Amy Tale/s – Hey You? Pt. 2 (Us Two.), to see what happens next.

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