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Amy Tale/s – He is Good at Everything, but Straight Sex Pt. 1

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I said, make sure he likes pussy too, I don’t want a gay guy who can only get hard for dick; I have done that before?

I am Amy, a hot middle aged sandy blonde soft white milf, with rocking 34dd breasts that are bouncy and supple. I have a trimmed light brown hairy pussy (shaved below) that I love to show off, and I have sexy legs, feet, and toes too. I am now divorced, and this story sort happened right after my separation, but before my divorce.

I am living with my boyfriend Ken (he is white), and he is District Purchasing Manager for the department store where I work as an assistant manager most likely courtesy of Ken’s dad who is a Senior Merchandizing Officer for corporate. Greg (is white), and he is Ken’s best friend, and is another 6-figure earner like Ken. I hooked Greg up with Clair (a brunette white milf my age), and this is now my public life.

Privately (unaware to Ken and Greg), I continue to see Ethan (a 6’3” black hunk with a thick 12” cock), and Ethan’s girlfriend Emma (a 5’11” ebony curvalicious babe with a sweet, shaved pussy). Clair is in this mix too with Ethan’s roommate Michael (a decent looking black guy with and average thickness 9” cock), and Clair is Michael’s girlfriend too (but neither Greg nor Michael know about each other).

I have been having sex with Ken alone, and with Ken, Greg, and Clair together; with Ethan alone, and Ethan and Emma together; and with Ethan, Emma, Michael, and Clair together. This is my sex circle of friends right after my separation from my husband. The tales I posted before have chronicled my sexual beginning and experiences to this point. I encourage you to read them to better understand my sex life.

I am accountable to no one. Ken does not care what I go do, and Ethan and Emma do not care either. During this time, I started going to company functions and on trips a lot with Ken alone, and Ken, Greg, and Clair together. To Ken and Greg (who are very bisexual), they hit the jackpot with me and Clair, because we are bisexual lesbians. Me and Clair are a generation older than Ken and Greg, and a generation younger than their parents. I think we helped bridge a gap between them, and that is why they are all fond of us. Ken and Greg were wild in college, and their parents have been trying to get them to mature more now that they are in their early 30’s.

In my mind, the straight sex with Ken is just like it was with my husband. Getting fucked with Ethan’s 12” big black cock makes Ken feel like a finger. Ken’s proclivities for bisex with his best friend Greg is a turn on, but not as hot as my threesomes with Ethan and Emma, or the group sex with Ethan and Emma, and Michael and Clair. However, Ken has everything a girl needs in the living and financial areas. In other words, Ken is good at everything, but straight sex. Sex is hot in the groups with Ken and Greg, and me and Clair, but it is heavy on the bisexual side, and I do like eating Clair’s trimmed hairy pussy, and she loves to eat my pussy too.

This story is from a night Clair and I went out with Ken and Greg. We drove like 1.5 hours to another town and ate at a nice restaurant. We then went to a bar, and entering there was a guy who asked, are you sitting at the bar or would you like a table? Ken slapped some green in the guy’s hand and said, we want a booth. We walked through and I noticed this bar was strange. There was music and some dancing, but the crowd did not exactly match me and Clair. We looked like housewives although we were in short skirts and nice tops, and sandals. Some of these girls had funky haircuts, multiple piercings, tattoos, and they were young. The guys were not much different. There were some guys dressed like Ken and Greg (jeans and knit shirts), but very few.

The guy led us to a private booth, I mean, you could see some of the main floor, but it was secluded and big. It had a wide halfmoon bench around a table that was knee high with plenty of space between your legs and the table. Clair sat and Ken made me sit beside Clair, and Ken and Greg penned me and Clair in the middle. We ordered some drinks, and Ken and Greg were looking around. Pretty soon guys would walk by and say stuff like, are you looking for a fifth? Or, do you all need some more for a party? I notice people kissing and rubbing each other, and it was hard from my vantage point, but some were guy on guy, or girl on girl. I looked at Clair, and I said, this is a gay bar. We made comments to each other like, oh shit, what are they up to now, these guys are crazy.

So, I asked Ken, what are you trying to do here? Ken said, pick up another date. I said, what, and do something here? Ken said, no, I mean you can get some having petting in here, but no, we got a room reserved nearby. The noise was not too loud, but Clair still could not hear what Ken said, so I told her. About that time a cute white guy, probably in his mid-20’s, walked by, and Greg said something to him. He leaned in and they talked, and me and Clair watched not really knowing what was said. The guy left, and Ken and Greg conferred with each other. I told Clair; I wonder if black guys are out for these two? I grabbed Ken’s arm and pulled him over and said, are black guys out? Ken laughed, and he spoke up in our hearing to Greg, Amy wants a black guy. They laughed, and Greg said, okay, and he got up and disappeared.

Ken asked, do you want to try and pick up a girl? I looked at Clair and she shrugged her shoulders. I said, do you want to? She said, it is up to you? I looked at Ken, and said, what do I have to do? Ken said, mingle and ask? I asked Clair, will you go too? She said, yes. Then Greg returned with a decent looking black guy, and Ken and Greg were talking to him, and rubbing on him. I grabbed Ken’s arm and said, what if he has a little dick? Ken went back to the guy and rubbed on him, and down to his crotch, and Ken looked at me and nodded his head, yes. I thought, what does that mean, is it yes it’s big, or yes it’s small? I grabbed Ken again and I said, we want to see it. Ken said something in the black guy’s ear, and he unbuttoned his pants and pulled his dick out.

The black guy was not totally erect, but I would say when it was hard, it would be around 9” to 10” and thicker than these two clowns. I gave him an enthusiastic nod, yes, and grabbed Ken again, and I said, make sure he likes pussy too, I don’t want a gay guy who can only get hard for dick; I have done that before? Ken spoke in the guy’s ear again, and the guy sat down with us. I take it that was a yes, and Ken said, yes, he is pansexual. I did not know what that was, and asked Clair and she did not know either. We looked it up on our phone. These three guys were getting friendly, and Ken asked me, do you want to try and find a girl? I said, we will go look around.

They let me and Clair out of the booth and we walked around. We got hammered by people, they started hitting on us, some would touch us, shit, it was hard to walk around without someone making a pass. We figure out that if you talk to someone, most of the others will leave you alone for a bit. We walked back to the booth, and I told Ken he needed to come with us. Ken got up and walked around with us and this helped a lot. Clair spotted this girl first, but she was a slim young white girl dressed in tight shorts and shirt and black boots above her calves. We did not see any tattoos, and her piercings were normal. I looked at Clair and said, do you want to talk to her? Clair said, yes. I told Ken to stay there and we would go over. Ken said, tell her you are having a party in the suite at the Resort (he named the place, but I am not going to here).

This girl gave us the once over as we approached, and I said, hi, I am Amy, and this is Clair. She said, hi, I am Trisha. Trisha said, no offence, but this does not seem like your scene. I said, probably not, but we are here. I did not know what to say, and I was looking at Clair who was more nervous than me. Finally, Trisha said, so, what are you into? I said, well, we like girl girl stuff, maybe a girl threesome or something? Trisha said, is that so, I saw you with that guy who got the booth, those are expensive, is he your boyfriend? I said, yes. Trisha said, I am a strict lesbian, no guys. I said, oh, well we can do that, does that mean the guys cannot be there? I said, we have a suite at the Resort? Trisha said, that is a nice place, but I will pass. I looked at Clair, we shrugged our shoulders, and walked back to Ken.

Ken said, how did it go? I said, she turned us down, she said she did not like guys being there? Ken asked me if I got her name and then he took me by the hand, and we walked back over to Trisha. Ken said, hi I am Ken, and you’re Trisha? She said, yes. Ken pulled his wallet out, and said let me buy you a drink Trisha, and he opened his wallet and fanned several Benjamins in her view, and Trisha smiled and said, a long island, and Ken motioned at the waiter. Ken said, me and my boyfriend have a date, but my girlfriends were hoping to party with you alone. We will not interfere if that is what you are worried about, the Resort has two bedrooms. We are bisexual, but me and my boyfriend will not do anything to you, we promise. Ken urged Trisha, come on, it’s just around the block, you can walk back if needed. Ken gave her like $500, and said, here, this should cover any cab fare, and Ken pressed, and she finally said yes.

All six of us left the bar, and Greg said, does anyone need anything from the car? Me and Clair had our purses, so we said, no, but Greg went anyway alone. The car was in a parking garage, but Ken kept walking down the street and sure enough, we went about 2 blocks and there was the Resort. It was a nice place, and we were in the lobby while Ken checked in. A guy led us to the elevator, and we went to the top, 16 stories. The suite had everything, not a minibar, a real bar, bottles and bottles, snacks, and cakes, I looked in the bathroom, and in the cabinets were products including female napkins and toothbrushes. It had two bedrooms, big beds, living area, hell, you could live in this place like an apartment. The bellhop walked around, and looked at Ken walking around and said, anything else, and Ken tipped him and said, no, and, thank you.

The bellhop left, they fixed some drinks, we all had a glass of something, and Greg came in with a duffle bag, and Greg and Ken started messing with the black guy (Sean), and they went to one of the bedrooms. Me and Clair were dumbfounded by all this, and Trisha was awe inspired too. We told Trisha this was our first time doing anything like this, but Trisha said she had hooked up at the bar, but the most was in much cheaper rooms. Me and Clair did not know where to start, and finally Trisha came over to me and sat down on the couch and started touching and rubbing me. Trisha was much younger than us, maybe mid upper 20’s, but she was fairly aggressive. Trisha had my bra unsnapped and shirt off before I knew what was going on. Trisha took my hand and led me to the other bedroom, and she took Clair’s hand too as we passed by.

Trisha removed my skirt, sandals, and panties, and pushed me back on the bed, then undressed herself. Clair had started undressing, and Trisha moved pussy to pussy scissoring me, and pulled Clair into her, and finished helping her out of her skirt. Trisha would rub my breast, grind her pussy into mine, and kiss Clair, and kiss on Clair’s breasts and rub Clair’s pussy. I can only describe Trisha’s body as firm, small breasts, perky and nice nipples, and her ass was firm with a nice shape, but she felt young to touch. Whereas me and Clair have soft bodies, that’s it, Trisha was a hard body. Now something in Trisha’s pussy was hard too, like her clit rubbing mine was hard. It didn’t hurt unless she put her weight on me, but her clit felt different.

Trisha got herself off scissoring my pussy with her pussy, but I did not. Trisha turned and stuck her pussy in my face, and she started to eat me in a 69. Trisha had a little pinstripe patch of hair, and then I saw what was rubbing my clit when we were scissoring, Trisha had a clit piercing, a small semicircle with smooth studs on the end. I licked it; it was kind of cool to hook it with my tongue. I started eating her pussy and found myself gently sucking on the ring. Trisha did not eat me long, and she moved off me and pulled Clair down and we daisy chained, and Clair was eating my pussy. Trisha was getting excited, and she had almost stopped eating Clair. Clair moved to Trisha’s ass, and licked Trisha’s asshole while I ate Trisha’s pussy. It was hard to rub using my whole mouth, lips, and tongue on her clit because of the piercing, but we got Trisha off, me mostly tonguing her clit ring really fast.

Trisha went back to eating Clair’s hairy pussy, and Clair was playing with Trisha’s clit ring with her tongue, and Clair found it as fascinating as I did. I was just kissing and rubbing both of them. I looked up, and Ken was in the door, and naked with a hard on. Ken looked at me and said, do you want some of this big black cock? I said, is he hard? Ken said, oh yes, we got pills for that shit. Check out Amy Tale/s – He is Good at Everything, but Straight Sex Pt. 2 (Conclusion) for white happens next.

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