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Amy Tale/s – Ebony Lesbian Pt. 2 (Conclusion)

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I have never gone down on a black girl before…until now.

Tonya, a black lesbian friend (soldier) my husband invited over, and myself, are naked on my bed. I am currently between Tonya’s legs lying on my stomach studying her naked features. I have never gone down on a black girl before. I am rubbing her inner thighs and over her pussy, and observing the black hair on her pussy, and the shaved area beneath. I am looking at her brown pussy lips, tight thighs, and calves. Tonya has painted toenails, red polish. I began wondering if she did that from my husband’s descriptions of me. He probably made a point of mentioning it to Tonya, since he loves to paint my toenails…red. Tonya is so wet, that I had my husband get a towel, and I placed it underneath Tonya.

I move my face in close to Tonya’s pussy and I rub with my fingers. It smells like a pussy should smell, I had become accustomed to it, and now even loved it after eating my girlfriend’s pussy for so many years. I spread Tonya’s pussy lips apart with my fingers, but she is so wet, my fingers slide off. I try harder and look, and it is a different sight for me, the brown pussy lips, and the dark pinkish red of the interior of Tonya’s pussy. I move in with my mouth and I lick, she is so wet, but she tastes good, and the smell is intoxicating to me now. I put my mouth on Tonya’s pussy and suck and lick, and swallow. Her wetness is on my face, it is intense, and I use part of the towel and wipe my face, and her pussy.

I begin eating Tonya’s pussy, real slow—licking, flicking her clit with my tongue, and going in and cupping my whole mouth on her pussy and drawing my lips closed in a sweet kiss. I work my tongue and lips around softly, and I bury myself in her business. It is no longer strange to me, a black girl’s pussy. I love it, and my sexy soft white arms wrap around her waist and onto her stomach. I brush her black pussy hair with my fingers slow and lightly, and I adore the contrast of color in our skin. My husband is up again, and I glance his way, and he is rubbing the head of his dick with a towel, guess he couldn’t take it. I return to Tonya’s pussy with a more deliberate effort, and I take her pussy into my whole mouth. I was swallowing her wetness. Tonya is moaning and breathing rapidly as I grasp over her thighs and drive in with lips and tongue, shaking my head back and forth to the swaying of her hips. She erupts, grabs my head, and her thighs squeeze in on me.

I push deeper and use my arms around her to assist me, while I breathe out of the corners of my mouth to prevent her hold from smothering me. I flick her clit area with my tongue, and she keeps shaking, and she loosens a little and I pick it up again and she tightens on me once more and shakes anew. This happened again, and finally she pulled at me to stop. I kiss the outside of her pussy, and up to her pussy hair and stomach, to her breasts, and I lightly kiss them. I move myself in between her legs and hunch her pussy with mine, and we kiss softly turning our heads alternately as our lips and tongues embrace in our mouths. We settle down, and continue to softly kiss, and we stop, and I lay my head down next to hers and close my eyes.

Tonya whispers in my ear, you are the best white woman I have ever did that with; and then she said, I mean, I have had black girls eat me and it felt good like that, but you are all around the best woman I have ever fucked. I was remembering what Tonya did to me downstairs, and I was thinking back to my cousin who loved to eat my pussy, but there was too much distance in time. So, I whispered in Tonya’s ear, you are the best girl I have ever fucked too. All our conversations earlier downstairs after Tonya first arrived took some time, and it was now after 7pm. I asked Tonya, are you hungry, she said, a little. I asked, do you like pizza? She said, yes, and I told my husband to order some pizza after we figured out what everyone liked.

I told Tonya to just lay there for a second, and I got up and went downstairs (still naked), and I grabbed our clothes, and Tonya’s bag and came back to the bedroom. I asked Tonya, do you want to take a shower? She said, yes, and we got in the shower. I am not going to sex up the shower other than to say, we took our time washing each other and kissing. We got out and dressed in lounge shorts and shirts, and my husband was already back, and we ate. Me and Tonya were sitting real close together on the couch and casually rubbing each other and I said, I want to brush my teeth, and she did too, and we went back upstairs. We came out of the bathroom and I said, do you want to lay on the bed and watch TV, she said yes, and I said, I will go get our drinks.

I went back downstairs, and my husband said, I guess you liked that? I said, yes, I did. I said, we are going to lay in the bed and watch TV. He said, what, just watch TV, and I said, well, probably not. He said, can I come watch? I said, I would rather it just be me and Tonya, is that a problem? He whined, and we fussed for a few minutes, and I told him, I will crack the door, okay, you can come and look in to see if we are doing something. He whined again, then agreed. I went back to the room and pushed the door shut, but not latched, and handed Tonya her drink and we each sipped and set them down.

I took my clothes off and got in the bed and took Tonya’s shirt off, and she removed her shorts. I curled up to her side and started rubbing on her body and breasts. She enjoyed it for a bit, but she wanted to rub me, and she pushed me onto my back and began rubbing and kissing on me with intent. She worked around my body and down to my pussy and kissed and started licking again, and she said, damn, I love white pussy, and she caught herself, and said, I mean, I love your pussy Amy, not that I am thinking of other white pussy, just yours. I said, I know what you meant. Before she went back to pleasuring me, she said, will you get on top of me while I eat you? I said, yes, and we got in a 69 with me on top.

My head was toward the bottom of the bed when I began licking Tonya’s pussy, and I glanced up at the door and it was opened more now, and the hall light was on, and I could see my husband watching us. We had not really got going yet, and I told Tonya, hang on a second, and I got up. I went into the hall and shut the door behind me. I turned the light off in the hall, and I told my husband that I would crack the door, but that I did not want to see him, it was affecting my mood. He complained again for a minute, and I told him this was his idea, so he needed to deal with the consequences, and he finally agreed to do it my way. After that I cracked the door a little, and I did not see him again until after this session.

I got back into a 69 on top of Tonya, and about 15 minutes later we had gotten each other off. I asked Tonya, have you ever used toys, you know, dildos or vibrators? She said, a few times I have used double dildos, and took turns using vibrators with other girls. I got up and got my double dildo vibrator that has the bulb on one part of the “U” and the 6” long end on the other. I asked Tonya, have you ever used one of these? She said, no, but I have seen pictures of them. I said, do you want to use it together? She said, yes. I got back into the bed and said, which end do you want? She said, the small one is fine, and I told her to get up and I inserted the bulb into her pussy, and I turned it on. Tonya did the same thing as Phoebe, and her hands hit the bed, and she said, oh god. I said, is it too much, it has a lower setting? Again, it was like déjà vu, she said, no, it just caught me off guard.

Tonya was more experienced as a lesbian than my girlfriend, and after I sat in front of her, and tuned the double dildo vibrator on and put the big end in me, it did not take Tonya long to figure out the right position to get in. What I love about vibrators is the cascading orgasms you get, and Tonya was experiencing them too. We alternated sides and did it again, which is something me and Phoebe did not do. Me and Tonya were spent, and we laid back on the pillows and I curled up against Tonya with my leg and arm on top of her. I was staring again and my supple white body on her rich brown skin, and I really liked it. I asked Tonya, do you want to spend the night? She said, yes.

I got up and told my husband Tonya was spending the night, and he slept on the couch after some arguing. Me and Tonya romped around again in the morning once, and I said to Tonya, my kids will be home in a few hours, and I said, you can stay, but I don’t want them to know. We got dressed and went downstairs and I made breakfast for the three of us. Tonya decided she would just go before the kids got there, and I said, okay. I fussed a bit with my husband, he wanted me to have included him more. I reminded him that he started it, and I was just enjoying it without having to please him at the same time. He said, you should want to please me. I said, I do, I just could not focus on doing both, and you were distracting me. We went back and forth, and he settled down.

Early in the week when my husband came home from his duties, he was talking about how Tonya kept wanting to get together again. We were only going to be there for another 4 or 5 months, and we did get together with Tonya several times during that time, when we could. I met with Tonya most of the times on my own, meaning, my husband ran interference with the kids while I enjoyed Tonya’s pussy, and she enjoyed mine. Tonya got a little obsessive, and I did not mind, I did like being with her, I was just old enough to know it was not going to work out. After we moved, she contacted me for a while, but we were just too far apart, and after about a year, and her frustration, her messages just stopped. Maybe she found someone else.

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