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Amy Tale/s – Ebony Lesbian Pt. 1

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I went back to rubbing and looking at this brown beauty, and getting excited thinking about eating a black pussy for the first time.

These next three tales (Ebony Lesbian, Black Cock Wrestling, and Poker Wife) happened in the last 6 months at my husband’s first duty station overseas after his second deployment. My husband got more daring and introduced other people into our sex life then. He only did that one other time, with his big cock black gay friend from his few months at the Army training school. I think my husband wanted to try new things with other people in the last months we lived there because he knew we would be leaving soon, and probably never see those people again, so it would not matter. I want to insert those stories here in my tales even though they occurred after another dog fucking story that happened while my husband was on his second deployment. I don’t want you to think that I became a total dog slut.

Every now and then we managed to get the children to all spend the night with friends on the weekends. One such weekend my husband kept telling me he had a surprise for me and that someone would be coming by around 3pm on a Saturday. Now I kept asking my husband, who? I knew it was going to be sexual, but he would not tell me who, just kept saying it would be a surprise.

A little after 3pm on Saturday the doorbell rang, and my husband went and answered the door. He came back in the living room and with him was a black girl. She had a darker complexion than what I would call average, her hair was straight and a little below shoulder length, and she was kind of cute. She had a stockier build (she was in shape), and about my height and obviously another soldier. She had modest size breasts from what I could tell through her shirt, and she was wearing shorts with flip flops and her legs were nice looking. At this point in my life, I had already had lesbian sex with my cousin when I was a teen, and with Phoebe my friend from before my husband joined the Army (that was still ongoing in a way), and one other person for a latter story from my husband’s second deployment, but my husband did not know about any of those affairs.

My husband was mixing the dirty sex fantasy stories that I would tell him to get him off with reality, in that he thought I would try these things. We were a normal couple to the world, to our family and kin, and each other, and I wanted to maintain that appearance. I did not want to become a slut he passed around for entertainment. That is why I always lied to him about my affairs. My husband introduced us, and her name was Tonya, and we exchanged pleasantries. After about 5 minutes I offered to get Tonya something to drink. I went to the kitchen but when I passed behind Tonya, I looked back at my husband and motioned for him to come too. He told Tonya he was going to get something too, and he came to the kitchen.

There was not much distance between the rooms and there was an open counter, and I know Tonya could hear the whispering, but I said to my husband, what are you thinking, are you wanting a threesome? He then told me Tonya was a lesbian, and he said, I want you to try it. I said, are you crazy? Presently, I needed to maintain my fidelity image to my husband. We whispered back and forth until I agreed to see what happens, and we walked back into the living room. I told Tonya that I was sorry about all that, but that my husband did not tell me about this. Now, we have a sectional couch in and “L” shape, and Tonya was on one end, and I was on the other side end and my husband was on my side but between me and Tonya.

We talked for about 15 minutes and I found out that Tonya was definitely a soldier, and that is how she met and knew my husband, and then the topic of lesbian got breached. My husband found out she was a lesbian, and he started asking her if she would be interested in doing me, and asked if he could watch. She had told him, yes, he could watch, but she only liked sex with girls. Then Tonya said, your husband described you to me, and now that I see you, I am really interested if you are? I said, I have never done anything like that (which was a lie), and I said, I think my husband is just wishing hard, and I laughed. Deep down, I was curious what it would be like with a black girl. I actually liked eating pussy, but this seemed a little too far-fetched. Additionally, I did not want my husband to know that some of those fantasy stories I told him about lesbian sex might be true. To enhance the stories I told him, my husband would want me to use real people sometimes, and I used Phoebe mostly in the stories.

So, my husband started trying to convince me to try lesbian sex. I resisted, but in a way to leave the door open for him to keep trying. Finally, in all our talking, my husband said, why don’t you just sit there and let Tonya touch you and see what happens? We verbally parried a bit more, then I said, okay. Tonya came over and sat beside me, and I was watching my husband. I was wearing knit shorts, a shirt and bra, and I had flip flops on that I wear around the house. Tonya put her hand on my thigh and rubbed down the top over my knee, then down the back of my calf, and then returned to the top of my thigh, and moved in between my thighs with her hand. My legs were together, and I did not open them.

Tonya rubbed around on my legs, and I am watching my husband, and she leaned in to kiss me, and I just kept my lips together as she pecked, and then she kissed down my neck. I am still looking at my husband, and then I thought, fuck it, and Tonya moved up to my lips again and went to kiss me, and I opened my mouth and French kissed the shit out of her, as I glared at my husband and then just closed my eyes. We stopped, and Tonya said, you have done this before? I said, what kiss, yes, I have kissed, I am almost twice your age. She said, no, kissed a girl? I said, no, kissing is kissing. She said, it was good, and she kissed me again.

Tonya started getting a little more handsy on my thighs as we continued to kiss, and I noticed my husband was rubbing his crotch, so I spread my legs and she rubbed my inner thigh. My husband got up and took his pants and underwear off, and he sat down in another chair to get a better view. I closed my eyes, and Tonya rubbed my inner thighs, and started rubbing on my pussy through my shorts while kissing on my neck and ear lobes, and also my mouth alternately. I really wanted to touch her, but I was afraid of being too aggressive and spilling my secret. Tonya asked, can I take your shirt off? I said, sure. She took my shirt off and undid my bra, and she said, damn, you have nice breasts, and she started rubbing and playing with my supple boobs with both hands.

I was still really wanting to touch her, and the urge was getting hard to resist. Tonya was kissing my tits, licking and sucking my nipples, and rubbing my pussy through my shorts, and I knew I was getting very wet. Tonya said, can I take my shirt off? I said, go ahead. She pulled her shirt and bra off, and I looked at her breasts. She was probably a D cup in the 32-34 range, it was close, her muscles made her perky in the tit area, my boobs teardrop, hers didn’t. She had dark nipples and areola. I wanted to touch, but she moved on top of me straddling my lap, and she started rubbing her breasts against mine and kissing me again. She did this for a bit, then she said, can I take your shorts off? I said, okay. She pulled my shorts down and was in between my legs, and she kissed inside my thigh up to the crease of my thigh and pussy area, and then she kissed on top of my panties, and she said, you smell good, and you are excited.

I know my panties must have been wet, I was excited, this was new, and when I am really excited it is like a faucet has been turned on in my pussy. Tonya took hold of my panties and I lifted my ass and she pulled them down. She rubbed her hands up the bottom of my feet and the back of my calves, and then over top and into my thighs, and she pushed her hands under my legs and grabbed my ass, and she pulled my ass to the edge of the couch. Tonya said, you have a beautiful pussy, and she gently pushed my thighs apart, and she kissed again on my inner thighs heading toward my wet, wet, pussy. She arrived, and I was so hot my pussy lips swelled and were parted, and juices were flowing. She kissed around on the outside of my pussy and on the hairy part then she lightly licked my pussy lips once, then again, and then she dove in with her mouth like she was dehydrated and needed all the moisture coming from my pussy.

I began to rub my breasts and Tonya’s head, and my hips were rolling about, and I was shivering in excitement. It did not take Tonya long, she knew how to eat pussy, and I exploded. I fell over on my side while holding her head against my pussy and I closed my knees around her, and she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her tightly and I shook and convulsed, and she kept licking as hard as she could. She caused me to cascade orgasm for a minute, and finally I breathed deeply and relaxed. I was still laying on my side and I was panting heavily. Tonya kept rubbing and kissing on me, my feet and legs, my body and breasts, and when my breathing and heartrate calmed down, she stood and said, can I talk my shorts off. I just nodded, yes with my mouth still partially opened as I continued to respire.

I had forgot about my husband, and I looked, and he wasn’t jacking off, and the way he was sitting made it hard to see his dick. I said to my husband, did you get off? He said, I did. Tonya pulled her shorts and panties off and she was standing in front of me as I laid on my side on the couch. This was my first look at a black pussy. She had hair, trimmed triangular of sorts, but black hair, I could not tell about the area between her legs, but I am sure it was probably shaved. Her skin was lighter than her black pussy hair, like a rich brown. She was rubbing her breasts and watching me give her the once over. She came over and rolled me onto my back and straddled her hips over mine and hunched her pussy on mine. I reached up and rubbed her breasts, they were not as soft and supple as mine, (probably from working out her upper body for the Army) but her tits felt really nice, and her nipples were hard.

I looked at her dark nipples again, it was different, I was used to my girlfriend’s pinkish red nipples, and mine, so to me this was a little foreign. She laid down on me breast to breast, and we kissed again. I was tired of pretending for my husband’s sake. I wanted to see what it was like to eat a black girl’s pussy. Now our couch is alright for average sex, but I wanted to enjoy myself. So, I pushed at Tonya’s arms and shoulders, and I said, come with me, and we got up. I took her hand, and we went upstairs to my bedroom. My husband followed, but to be honest, I wasn’t even thinking about him anymore. I had decided I was going to do what I wanted to do.

Me and Tonya got in the bed and I laid on her and straddled her thigh with my wet pussy and began kissing her. I reached down with my hand to her pussy and started to rub the outside of it. My finger was hitting her opening and she was wet, wet. I began to finger. I saw my husband sitting in a chair next to the bed, and he was rubbing his cock again, but it did not look hard. I continued fingering Tonya’s pussy and slid down to her breasts and gave them some serious attention with my mouth. Tonya’s hips were moving. After I rubbed and sucked her tits, I moved back up and kissed her again, and Tonya whispered in my ear, you sure you haven’t done this before? I whispered back, yes, I have fucked girls before, but my husband doesn’t know, so, don’t tell him. Tonya whispered back, I won’t, I promise. I started worrying about my bravery after I told her that, she could say something.

Now Tonya was probably used to those 19 to 20 something Army girls. Tonya now had a less than 39 milf experienced in pleasure fucking her, and I am sure I was getting her hot, judging by the wetness of her pussy and her moans and the motion of her hips. I kissed down to her breasts again and licked and sucked her nipples, then headed down her tight stomach, kissing as I moved my body down too, still fingering her drenched pussy. She was so wet, I told my husband to get a towel and he did. I put the towel under her, and she spread her legs, I was looking at her pussy up close now. It was shaved below, and her dark brown skin was alluring in a way. My hands were rubbing her thighs and inward. Her skin was soft to touch, but not like my husband’s black gay friend.

My husband must have gotten hard, and he had moved behind me and was trying to lift my hips up, presumably to fuck me. I said, no, go back and watch, Tonya said she wasn’t interested in men, remember? My husband said, yes, but I am doing you. I said, I want to just do her for now, just go and watch and masturbate. He went and sat back down, and I went back to rubbing and looking at this brown beauty, and getting excited thinking about eating a black pussy for the first time. In Amy Tale/s – Ebony Lesbian Pt. 2 (Conclusion), I will tell you what happened next.

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