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Amy Tale/s – Clair Returns

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Emma started moaning and grunting as she fucked Ethan’s big 12” cock with her pussy, and Michael fucked Emma in the ass with his 9” cock.

Just a recap, this current group of people, Ethan, Emma, Michael, and Clair, I met after my husband deployed his third time but the first time from the new military post after we moved. My husband and I did not really have kinky sex after we moved here because he deployed 5 months after arriving. You can read the previous tales for how I met this group of people, but it began 2 or 3 months after my husband deployed. This particular tale happened a few months after that, maybe?

I visited Ethan (a 6’3” black hunk with a thick 12” long cock) at his apartment to fuck maybe 2 or 3 times a week. Pardon me I laughed, I do not think of Ethan and Michael in terms of height measurements, that is for you the reader. Ethan is tall to me, taller than Michael, and I just realized his 3” height difference matched the dick difference, and Ethan’s musculature also makes him “thicker” than Michael, and that is the case with their dicks too…ha, ha.

Anyway, I would say Ethan’s girlfriend Emma (a 5’11” ebony curvalicious babe with a sweet, shaved pussy) would be there maybe half the time when I came by. Michael (a decent-looking black man about 6’ tall and an average 9” cock) was Ethan’s roommate and they have lived together since college (6 or 7 years now). Clair (a brunette sexy middle aged white milf like me, but I am a sandy blonde), Clair had come by to see Michael a few times after our orgy when I was there too, but the situation was never right for another group sex session [see Amy Tale/s – BFF, BBC, and Me Pt. 2 (Orgy), for details]. It wasn’t until 3 or 4 weeks after the orgy that everything fell into place so that I could stay with Ethan the whole weekend, and Emma was there too.

Ethan left for work around 3:45pm on the weekdays, Michael had to be at work at 2pm, and Emma got off work at 5pm. Emma had a key to their apartment, and we met there after she got off work that Friday. We told Clair, and she arrived shortly after so that all the girls were at the apartment by 6pm. There was some talk while Emma finished eating, and then we decided we would have a lesbian threesome session. We went to Ethan’s bed and there was no seduction, we just all got naked and got on the bed.

Now, Emma was enjoying having two soft white milfs with hairy pussies and big breasts to play with. Emma got in between me and Clair with her head at one pussy, while me and Clair had either Emma’s pussy or ass between us as we lay on our sides too. I say that because Emma took turns rolling from one pussy to the other eating us. Emma would hook our upper leg and spread our pussies wide open and eat the shit out of us for a bit, then change to the other girl. Me and Clair took turns eating Emma’s pussy and licking the best we could when the other had the advantage. On about the third time Emma got to me again, she was also licking my asshole as she ate my pussy.

Now I had never eaten someone’s asshole myself, but I noticed when I was eating Emma’s pussy, and Emma was eating my pussy this time, Clair began eating Emma’s asshole (maybe because Emma had eaten Clair’s asshole during her turn?). Emma did not rotate anymore until we got Emma off as I ate her pussy, and Clair licked Emma’s asshole. I asked Clair, do you like eating ass? Clair said, yes, it is different in a way, and I like doing it. I asked Clair, do you do anal sex? She said, yes, Michael has fucked me in the ass. Anyway, since Emma got off, me and Clair locked up on our sides to each other and ate each other’s pussy. We were spread wide open, and Clair started licking my asshole some too. Finally, I just laid into Clair’s asshole with my tongue. I do not have a long tongue, so I had to bury my face in her ass to lick. Emma’s was rubbing us, and she saw me eat Clair’s asshole, and she asked, do you like it? I said, yes, it is hot in a way, something new.

Emma got behind me while Clair continued to eat my pussy and Emma lit into eating my asshole and rubbing her tits against my ass. They got me rocking, and I got off. We did the same to Clair and she got off. Then, we got the toy bags, and mostly played with the vibrators on each other with a lot of body and boob licking until we got tired of seeing how long we could make the other maintain cascading orgasms. Me and Clair got to the point we were screaming stop, stop, and pushing away. Me and Emma put our nighties on, and Clair put on a night shirt, and we went into the living and/or kitchen and snacked and talked while the TV was going. We laughed around until it was almost 10:15pm, and we knew Michael would be there anytime.

Michael came in, greetings flowed, he showered, and returned in shorts and a t-shirt, and when he was done in the kitchen and the bathroom again, he sat down in a chair across from the couch. Michael said, looks like y’all have been having fun. I said, yes, you missed it, and I giggled. Now all us girls were on the couch, and Emma was in the middle. Clair did not know about Emma’s desire to get double dick fucked. I wanted to mess with Michael, because, well, it’s fun. We were giggling, and me and Emma were looking at Michael, and he was pretending to watch the TV. Clair was looking at everyone. I pulled one of Emma’s knees up, and her nightie up, and I started fingering her pussy in Michael’s full view. None of us were wearing panties, and I repositioned so my hairy pussy was flashing Michael too.

Of course, Michael started watching us, and Clair was watching everyone. I said, do you want to eat my pussy Clair? Clair moved to the floor on her knees, and she began to eat my pussy as I fingered Emma’s pussy. I took my nightie off and I was naked. I stopped fingering Emma, and with her help, we removed her nightie, and she was naked, then I removed Clair’s night shirt. All the girls were naked. Michael removed his shorts and underwear, and he was holding his underwear in one hand and rubbing his cock with the other. I looked at Michael, and I said, do you want to sit on the couch with us? He got up, and the only place to sit was on the other side of Emma.

I kept fingering Emma’s silky soft shaved pussy while Clair ate my hairy pussy, and I was reaching across my body with the other hand and trying to hold and suck one of Emma’s breasts. Emma was rubbing my breasts with her opposite hand, and every now and then, we would kiss. Emma sat back after a bit, and I noticed she was looking at Michael jacking on his 9” cock. I leaned over and whispered in Emma’s ear, why don’t you grab his cock? Emma looked at me and rolled her eyes, and shortly after, she grabbed Michael’s cock. It was just before 11pm, and Ethan doesn’t get off work and back home until about 12:20am, usually.

The door started to open, Emma let go of Michael’s cock, and everyone stopped and turned to the door and in came Ethan. Ethan had a surprised look, and he said, oh y’all have started without me. We giggled and I said, just now, we girls wanted to do each other while Michael watched. Now Ethan is not the jealous type, nor is he threatened. Ethan went in the kitchen and snacked, then showered, and came in the living room totally naked, not erect, but to watch that semi hard big cock swing is awesome. Clair was eating my pussy again and I was rubbing on Emma’s pussy. Emma was kissing me and my breasts, and playing, sucking, and licking my nipples too. Ethan sat in a chair across from us, and he was watching and rubbing his big dick.

I noticed Clair had moved up on her knees more, and was really showing her ass to Ethan, who had a perfect view of Clair’s ass. I said to Ethan, do you want to fuck Clair? Ethan’s big cock was hard, and he got down behind Clair and did the deed. Clair stopped eating me, mostly, and was grunting and moaning like hell with each inward thrust from Ethan, and she was clutching at my back with her arms around me. Emma had grabbed Michael’s dick again, and she was rubbing it. Clair gave up on eating me, and still clutching around my waist, was basically screaming as Ethan was going full bore in her pussy with his big black 12” cock. I was watching Ethan because it looked like he was going to cum, but Ethan was looking toward Michael. I had to quit rubbing Emma’s pussy because Emma had leaned over and was sucking Michael’s dick (and this was turning Ethan on).

I became the odd person out, and a spectator all the sudden. So I pushed Clair off, and I got in between Emma’s legs and started eating her pussy. This lasted about 5 minutes and Michael got off from Emma’s blowjob. Emma swallowed, I have never done that, and only had my brother try to do it to me. About 30 seconds later, Clair screamed and grunted louder as Ethan filled Clair’s pussy with his cock and cum. The guys went to the bathroom (not together), and Emma and I spread the blanket, and Clair was just resting, but then went to the bathroom. Clair was in there for a bit, probably douching and cleaning up. Me and Emma were just lying beside each other and rubbing. Clair returned and joined me and Emma on the floor, and it was just slow petting, kissing, and rubbing.

This continued for about 45 minutes and I noticed Michael was rubbing his cock again watching us. I asked Ethan, are you ready again? Ethan was stroking, but I could tell he was not totally erect. I said to Ethan, come down here, and he laid flat on his back. I started licking Ethan’s balls, and Emma and Clair were taking turns sucking his dick. Five minutes, maybe, and he was hard. I told Emma, get on, and she cowgirled her way down on Ethan’s cock. I went to the bedroom and came back with the lube. I went over to Michael and I grabbed him by the dick and moved him behind Emma. I spread the lube, and I started pushing Michael’s cock down into Emma’s ass.

Michael got the picture, and Emma started moaning and grunting as she fucked Ethan’s big 12” cock with her pussy, and Michael fucked Emma in the ass with his 9” cock. I got down beside Clair and we hooked each other’s leg, and did some pussy eating and asshole licking on each other. I got Clair off, and was waiting for her to start on me again. I heard Michael start making noises as he came in Emma’s ass. Michael tried to stay in, and Emma (still grunting), went to town on Ethan’s dick and he came about 5 minutes later. I closed my eyes, and focused on Clair eating my pussy, and I felt someone eating my ass. I looked, and it was Emma. It did not take long, and I got off. Most everyone showered and went to bed. Michael and Clair slept in his room. See Amy Tale/s – My First Anal, for what happened the next day.

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  • Reply Pirripp

    Hello! Just wanted to say how much I’m loving reading the Amy series! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Are you going to do any more dogs with her? Maybe with Emma and Clair too?

    • Maxdefault

      I only had sex with dogs a few times after the last tale I posted about dog sex. I liked it, but I like people sex better. The motivation behind dog sex was my lack of sex from my husband being deployed. I was just so horny I wanted to try it after I let my weenie dog lick my pussy. Soon this will make more since if you keep reading, but I meet another girl who becomes my primary lesbian lover, and these tales began from me telling her about my past. Her name is Janet, and there is no way she would ever let a dog fuck her, and she would never let me do it again either. I am not putting down bestiality because I have done it, but I did it out of desperation, not because I found it better than say, and big black cock or eating a sweet pussy. Thank you for your comments. I would share the other few times right after the last dog sex story I posted about what happened, but it would just be to similar and not as original as the first times.