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Amy Fantasy/s – Fucked by a Dog

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Sabrina says, the dog’s knot is stuck in your pussy, you will have to wait until it shrinks down.

This is the first posting for my fictional series. I received comments to talk about certain sex acts, and although I do not have any more real tales – I can, “tell you a dirty story.” My ex-husband taught me how to tell dirty stories well. The following is a fantasy story based on aspects from my real-world experiences (so some of the background, and “tale,” may be true), but it is mostly fictional. If you like this “fantasy” series and have a scenario you would like me to create, please comment.

Fucked by a Dog

I am so bored, and tired of telling my husband dirty stories. He jacks his dick and cums, but what do I get? It’s Friday, and my husband comes home and wants to know if I want to go to his friend’s house to drink and socialize. I ask if there will be any other girls, and he says his friend has a girlfriend.

My husband is constantly horny, and he loves for me to tease him, and he likes to watch me tease others too. He asks me to wear a short skirt and no panties or bra. This is just his fetish, but one time, he will go too far.

We arrive and I am surprised; my husband’s friend, is black, and he is tall, and good looking too. My husband says, hey, this is my wife Amy…Honey, this is Kyle. I lightly hold Kyle’s hand and shake it, and say, hey Kyle (with a smile and a knee bend). I push my breasts out and hope Kyle notices there is no bra holding my supple 34DD’s hostage, and my nipples are hard. I watch Kyle’s gaze and he instinctively is drawn to my bosom. I twist my hair and keep smiling at him for good measure. I know my husband is watching. My husband thinks I am doing this for his pleasure, but if Kyle were to grab me and fuck me right now, I would not stop just because my husband was watching.

We snap out of our momentary trance as Kyle’s girlfriend says, oh, your guests have arrived. Kyle says, Amy this is my girlfriend Sabrina, and I say, nice to meet you. Sabrina is cute, maybe in her mid-20’s, and a sexy white girl with curves that stand out. Kyle is used to looking at hot white girls with big breasts; and, what’s this! Sabrina is not wearing a bra either. This oddity is picked up by both of us, as I catch Sabrina checking out my rack too. I turn side to side looking around while Sabrina checks me out, and my boobs shimmy. Sabrina is smiling at me like she knows exactly what I am doing, and she likes it very much, I can tell.

We have a few drinks, and the guys are talking and watching a basketball game. Me and Sabrina are on the couch together and chatting. I am horny for someone new, but I know there is no way of that happening with my husband around. I turn and lift my knee up against the back of the couch facing Sabrina, and only she can see my exposed hairy pussy. Sabrina looks, but she tries to maintain eye contact, as we talk about the mundane duties we perform from day to day. I want something from Sabrina, anything; for her to acknowledge she sees my womanhood, and is my pussy interesting to her?

Sabiana reaches out and touches my knee and says, would you like to see the upstairs? As she draws her hand down my bare thigh and across my pussy hair with the back of her fingers. I look at her with a passionate gaze, and I say, I would love too. I turn to get up, and rising I am hit in my pussy by a pit bull’s nose, as he rummages through my cunt. Sabrina pulls the dog back and leans in and whispers, I have to wear panties, or he will lick my pussy dry. Is this something she has experienced for prolonged periods of time? Does she let this dog lick her pussy?

We walk upstairs to Sabrina’s bedroom, and she brings the dog in too. Sabrina shuts the door and locks it, and she pushes me down on the bed and kisses me. Her hand moves up my thigh, and I feel her fingers inside my wet cunt. I sigh in relief, and I wrap my arms around her and kiss her like I am in love. I was in love, a love that I am being touched anew, and my body trembles in excitement. I was relieved that this night was not just going to be a trip home and to the bed, where my husband would ask me if anyone saw up my skirt, or noticed I was not wearing a bra. I would have to tell him, yes, someone saw, so he could arouse himself and jack off, while I whispered dirty stories in his ear.

Tonight, I will whisper a dirty story to my husband, one he will think is fake, but I will know it was real. Sabrina undresses me and kisses my breasts, and it feels so good. My skirt comes off and I feel her move her lips to my thighs, and my pussy begins to tingle in anticipation. Sabrina is on her knees on the floor, and my legs are hanging over the edge of the bed. I pull her head into my hairy pussy, and her mouth, lips, and tongue make me gush with moisture as they make contact with my clit. Sabrina has eaten pussy before, and she continues as I moan and sigh in pleasure.

Sabrina stands and removes her clothes and staddles her pussy over my mouth as we 69. I reach up and rub and pull her ass down in a gratified embrace, and I smell her aroma, and I am feeling ravenous. Her pussy looks good, and it is trimmed with hair, and I lick and swallow her wetness. I push my lips and tongue in and lick with an animal passion, and I feel something extraordinary going into my cunt. I look down, and Sabrina is rubbing my clit, and her dog is licking my pussy like it was best thing he ever tasted.

Sabrina is fingering me fast and I hold tight to her ass, and between her and the dog I know I am going to explode. I orgasm, and I squeeze Sabrina down on me with my arms and bury my face in her pussy and moan. I come to my senses, and she turns around and kisses me and asks, did that feel good? I say, it felt really good, and it was different, do you do that often? Sabiana says, oh yea, I love to let my dog lick my pussy while I masturbate.

Sabrina says, let me show you something? She calls the dog into the bed and makes him lie down and she sucks his dog cock, and he starts to get hard. Sabrina asks me if I want to try it? I lean in and lick, and suck it a few times, and I sit back up and say, it’s a little gamey isn’t it? Sabrina says, you get used to it, but dog cum has a strong taste too. I say, no thanks, that was enough. I look at the dog’s cock and I say, that is a big cock, like 7 or 8 inches. Sabrina says, yes, do you want to fuck it? I say, noooo, have you fucked it yourself? Sabrina says, yes, and it is fucking amazing. Sabrina keeps asking me to try, and I give in, and she turns the TV on and finds something rowdy and turns the volume up.

Sabiana lays some towels on the floor and I get down on my hands and knees, and the dog mounts me, and she guides his cock into my pussy. I lunge forward when the dog’s cock hits, and the dog starts fucking me madly like he is a fuck engine, and my pussy slooshes loudly with wet noises. I am grunting and moaning with the rapidity of the dog’s strokes. Sabrina says, hold on and relax, here comes the best part, and my pussy feels like it was just violated by a fist. I yelp, and the dog’s motion tapers off, and my pussy enflames with hot heat. I feel so satisfied with this warm feeling in my cunt, as the dog’s cock throbs inside my pussy. Sabrina was right, it did feel amazing. This dog speed tickled every nerve in my pussy, then heated my fuck box with his dog cum to make my pussy sizzle.

I turn and look at Sabrina as I breath heavily and say, what the fuck happened, it was so big. Sabrina says, the dog’s knot is stuck in your pussy, you will have to wait until it shrinks down. We wait for about 10 minutes and the dog’s cock slips out, and his sperm runs out of my pussy like water. Sabrina rubs my pussy with a towel and there is a knock on the door, and Kyle says, the game is over, and your husband is ready to go. Sabrina says, okay, we are trying on clothes, we will be right down. Sabrina kisses me and asks, how was that? I say, it felt really good, that dog has a big cock, and I liked how my pussy tingled and got hot when the dog’s cum filled it.

I wipe my pussy some more with the towel and walk downstairs after I dress, and I can feel some discharge and grab some Kleenexes. We say bye, and we get to our house, and as I predicted my husband wants to know if my exhibitions drew any stares. I say, yes, Kyle would not quit staring at my tits, and I flashed my pussy at him too. My husband asks, what did you do upstairs for so long? I said, Sabrina showed me a lot of pictures, we looked her jewelry and her clothes, watched TV, you know, girl stuff.

My husband starts rubbing me and rubbing my pussy and he says, you are wet. I say, if you eat my pussy, I will tell you a dirty story. I take my clothes off and lay back in the bed and my husband starts licking my pussy. He says, man its salty, did you pee a lot or something? I say, maybe, come on, just eat me honey. My husband licks some more and says, I don’t know, your pussy has a metallic taste I can’t quite place. It’s like getting a bloody nose from being hit with a pipe. I press him some more to continue, and he licks me and rubs my clit with his lips, and I get off. I was stimulated thinking, my husband is licking the dog’s cum out of my pussy, that would be a good dirty story to tell him.

I say, fuck me, and I will tell you a dirty story. My husband starts fucking me and it feels alright, but that dog dick moving at a 100 miles per hour felt better. I tell my husband a fantasy about how we go visit his friend, and his girlfriend seduces me in her bedroom. My husband cums in my dirty dog cum filled pussy, and I go and shower.

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