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Adventure Mom Part 2

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wearing a red saree with a black sleeveless blouse with two thick shoulder strap, her back was exposed in the mirror behind her. Her long hairs…

Currently, I’m living in London due to my job with my wife Reema. Yes, I got married. And it’s been almost 1.5 years since I had sex with my mom Kamya for the first time. A lot has changed since then. So I’ll be continuing the story after part 1 and how I got married after things with my mom.

The next morning I woke up and saw my mom lying naked on my arms. I kissed her on her forehead and she smiled and kissed me on my lips. I didn’t see any regrets of sleeping with her son. There was only pleasure and happiness. I got up and went downstairs to prepare breakfast for my mom.

Meanwhile, my mom got down from the terrace and went to take a bath. I heard as the shower went on. I was done preparing breakfast so I decided to spice things up.

I went to my mom’s bathroom and knocked. She opened and peeked and asked what did I want. I said I want you and barged in the washroom. She was completely naked. I got an instant erection and I removed my clothes. There was a wild stare, a woman’s need in my mom’s eyes. I got behind her and kissed on her water dripping hairs. We both got close and kissed each other reluctantly on the lips. We almost choked each other with our lips locked. We explored our tounges. A taste of a woman was real, and my mother was my sexual companion. My erected dick was poking her vagina. She took my dick and put it inside her. She let out a soft moan of pleasure. Suddenly things got wild. We started wildly kissing each other and fucking each other. I pushed her up against the tile wall and fucked her. I could feel the warmth of her vagina. My mom was moaning loudly with pleasure. She shouted ah fuck me son… put it in me… deeper…ugh… ahh. We kept on fucking, kissing and sucking and finally was on the floor. I gave a good fuck and her closed eyes were evident how satisfied she was after all these years.
I left out no effort in satisfying her. We shampooed each other and washed each other’s body. My mom didn’t let me cum in her. She said she didn’t want to risk it. As we exit the washroom, I had my doubts about what she said.

My mom is now 47 and last night during sex when I mentioned condom she said she had gone to menopause. But today she didn’t want to risk it. So during breakfast, I asked mom about what she said. My mom hesitated but after I comforted her she finally told me.
My mom got married to my dad when she was 15. My dad was 10 years older and he used to abuse my mom. My elder sister was born when she was 17 and I was born when she was 19. So technically my mom is 42 years older now. She had to change her age as she was married to my dad in secret.

She also mentioned how my dad used to come home drunk and beat her up. She also started making an excuse for menopause when my dad wanted more children. I was upset about hearing all these stuff. I comforted my mom and kissed her on her lips. After a passionate kiss, I told her that I love her. And would never leave her.
I had to leave that afternoon, so I was packing. My mom made lunch and fed me herself. Then she came to my room. She was sad as I was leaving. I pulled her closer to me snd kissed her lips. We shared a torrid kiss and shared saliva. I started to undress her but she stopped me. She pulled herself close to my ear and whispered, “come home back to me soon, and I’m yours completely and forever”.

After a few months, I came home. I completed my studies and applied for a job abroad. My mom was excited to see me and now that we’ll be living in the same house. I came home to surprise my mom but she wasn’t at home. My younger sister was at home. She was surprised to see me. I was shocked by seeing her. She was a fine young woman now. Any guy would desire for her. But I was in love with my mom that her beauty couldn’t change my mind.

Later that morning my mom came from the temple and as soon as she saw me she hugged me tightly. I hugged her back. I was surprised by her attire. She just wore a simple white and red saree and her long hairs were tied in a braid. She was having such a simple look that no one would believe she wore a shirt and leggings in front of her son. I started to explore my hands inside her blouse on her back. I also fondled her braided her. I kissed her on her neck and smelled her hair. After the hug, she kissed me on my cheeks.

Suddenly we noticed our younger sister was watching us. Perhaps she didn’t suspect anything and considered it normal. So my mom went to the kitchen. I quickly hid my erection and turned around and left for my room.
The whole day my mom was kind busy with her households. I tried to get close but she avoided physical contact. I understood it was because my sister was around. Later that evening we planned to visit my aunt. But suddenly my mom said she felt sick so she wouldn’t go. So I and my sister went to dinner at aunts. Later, my aunt insisted us to stay at her place for a few days but I insisted not to stay. My sister stayed back there for a few days to spend time with my cousins. I was headed back home. My mom called me and I told her that I’m coming home. She said she’s eagerly waiting for me. My heart was jumping with excitement hearing those words.

Upon reaching home, I walked up to my mom’s room. The room was a sex chamber. The beds were covered with silk white sheets with rose petals. The room was lit with candles. There was an intoxicating fragrance throughout the room. I turn and I see mom. It was like watching a sex goddess, the most beautiful woman existing, most desirable mother.
She was wearing a red saree with a black sleeveless blouse with two thick shoulder strap. Her whole back was exposed in the mirror behind her. Her long hairs were pushed front over her right breast. Some hairs were covering half her face. Her lips were bright red with the lipstick. Her cleavage line was visible along with the upper portion of her boobs. Her navel was visible.

My dick was straight up erected just looking at her. She had a seductive face looking straight at me. I walked up close to her and I hold her and pushed against me. I could smell her erotic body. I kissed squarely on her sexy lips. She holds my head and pressed it against her. I kissed her reluctantly. We shared our saliva. A hot stream was released between us. I broke the kiss and started to kiss her neck. I slowly moved down. I removed her saree and put my face in her cleavage. I ran my hands all over her exposed back. Then I removed her blouse and took one boob in my mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly in pleasure. I started sucking her boobs. She let out soft and quick moans holding my hair. I bit her nipples and she was screaming in pleasure. I then moved down towards her navel and kissed her navel. I licked the smooth skin and sucked reluctantly. My hand both were on her boobs pressing and squeezing them. I got up and kissed her again and carried her in my arms. I took her to the bed and removed her petticoat. Then I removed her underwear and got a good look at her hungry vagina. I started to move towards her naked and took apart her legs and kissed her vaginal lips. She moaned loudly and strongly like a beast. I started itching and biting her vagina while she kept screaming in pleasure. The torrid dizzy erotic smell of her vagina made me intoxicated. I put my tongue inside her vagina and started licking it. I could feel the warmth inside. I sucked and ate her cunt for a long time and she shot loads of cum in my mouth. I drank them all. Then I got up and kissed her lips. I was about to put my dick in her but she stopped me. She laid me on the bed and got over me. Our naked body pasted on each other. She kissed me deeply with her tongue.

She told me that she doesn’t want to have sex like this. She said that she doesn’t want me with a condom worrying about what could happen. What she said next blew my mind. She said you can have me completely when you’ll marry me. I was dumbstruck hearing her words. I asked her what about dad? She said I’m planning on divorcing him. Then I asked what about our sisters? I’m sure they’ll understand, she replied. I smiled and kissed her back. I’ll marry you as soon as I find a job and we’ll move out of this stupid city. My mom smiled and kissed me back wildly. She rested her head on my shoulder and kissing my chest, she said, I’ve been planning on divorcing your father for a long time. But I didn’t because I thought you’ll support him and leave me alone. I told my mom that would’ve never happened. We know dad has an affair abroad. My mom started weeping as she told me how my dad used to force her physically getting drunk. I kissed her on her hair and comforted her saying, I love you Kamya. She replied I love you.

The next morning we both woke up naked with each other. My mom was preparing breakfast. My sister came home. Suddenly there was a call from my elder sister. My mom picked up the call. She immediately told me to leave for Mumbai and bring my elder sister back home to Delhi. What happened was that the laws of my sister were always torturing her mentally. Even her husband beats her up sometimes. And now she was locked up in her own house. I immediately left for Mumbai to rescue my sister. As soon as I reached there I rushed to my elder sister Mohini’s house. I searched for her everywhere but couldn’t find my Mohini or my niece. Her husband started to misbehave and they pushed me out of the house. After an hour I bought police and together we stormed their house. Finally, I found my sister locked up in the basement with her daughter my niece. I rescued them and took her to a hotel nearby.
It was a shocking incident. My sister was traumatised so I put her in a separate room and my niece in my room. The police retrieved all their stuff and left it with me. Later that evening I took my niece to a food court and gave her a good treat. Later we bought food for her mother while coming back. I put my niece to sleep and took the food to my sister’s room. She wasn’t anywhere. I heard the shower and saw the bathroom door was open. I knocked but there wasn’t any response. So I went inside and saw her sitting under the shower naked and weeping. Her body was full of scars and blood were washing off her body. I was heartbroken seeing her condition. I quickly grabbed a first aid box from a shop nearby. Then I went near her and put my hand on her shoulder. She looked up at me. Her eyes were swelled due to crying. She immediately jumped and hugged me. She forgot that she was naked and that hug was out of love and safety feeling that she hadn’t had for a long time. I responded and hugged her. I kissed on her had and said, it’s okay. You’re safe now. She replied, take me home.

I cleaned her wounds and wrapped her in a towel and carried her to the bed. I fed her with my own hands. I used to call her Mohini as she was 2 years older than me. I told her we’d go home tomorrow but she denied. She said she doesn’t want mom to see her wounds. I agreed to it. Meanwhile, I called a close associate to finalise divorce and file case of domestic violence. Then I helped my sister go to sleep and I left for my room.

A lot has been happening in my life. I was completely clueless about how my life was getting turned. I’m in a romantic relationship with my mother. My father is cheating on my mom. My mom is cheating on him with her son. My younger sister is still clueless about all these. My sister Mohini will be getting divorced and my mom is planning on having a divorce with my dad. Amidst all these confusion I could see my family falling apart. The only person responsible is my father. He got my sister Mohini married to the son of his friend who was an ex-drug dealer. My father abused my mom. Now he left my younger sister a fatherless life. So I decided to fix everything. But I wasn’t prepared for the things that happened next.

The next day I went to my sister’s room and was shocked. She cut her wrist with a sharp blade. She attempted suicide. I immediately rushed her to the hospital. Luckily she survived but lost a lot of blood. After a week in the hospital, I brought her back to Delhi. I got my niece admitted to a school. My mom started to take care of them. As Mohini was having suicidal tendencies my mom used to stay with her. For a month I couldn’t go near mom as Mohini was always around. In addition to this, we all noticed that Mohini was getting out of control. She was heavily affected and traumatised. There wasn’t anything we could do to keep her under control. She was having increasing suicidal tendencies.

Meanwhile, my dad came home. My dad started blaming my sister and my mom was arguing with him. They’re always fighting and shouting. So I used to take my niece out for a while. I didn’t want her to get affected by the scenes. She was a small child of 7 years and I felt bad about her losing family. So I always spend time with her and treated her like my own daughter. That night I went to him and was shocked. My mom’s face was red. My father hit her and left the house. I was completely pissed off. I was so angry but my mom stopped me from taking any actions. So the next day family arrived from both of my parent’s side. My elder sister was already divorced. And now my mom wants a divorce from dad. But there wasn’t any sufficient evidence against dad to finalise the divorce. But my father placed a condition. He would divorce mom if I marry the girl he chooses for me. I was shocked. I immediately said no. But my mom insisted. She asked me to save her from dad if my marriage was away. Finally, I agreed. The divorce was finalised. The daughters were under my mom’s custody and completely banned dad from visiting them. But as the only son, both parents were allowed to visit me. Immediately after a few weeks, my marriage was arranged. She was a girl of India with her family living in London. As my dad’s business was in London he chose this rich family. So after a month, I was married to a girl named Riya. She was a rich kid, educated and beautiful. But I had no idea why she would marry me. I had to shift to London with my wife as I was given a job there.

Almost 6 months passed. I went on honeymoon to France and did everything but I wasn’t quite happy. Till now our sex was good in our marriage. But a spark was missing. I didn’t love her. But also I almost forgot my romantic life due to work pressure. I was earning quite a good amount. I kept sending half of my earning to mom so that she could bear the expense of my sisters and niece. It was more than enough money for them. I also helped them move out to a good home. But we didn’t communicate much. One day my mom called me saying my elder sister was having mental issues. She attempted suicide. So she was sent to rehab. I felt sad and worried. I wanted my niece to have a better life. So I decided I would bring her to London and raise her as my daughter. As soon as I talked to my wife about this she refused. She said its not our responsibility. I was angry and dejected. My dad used to visit us frequently almost every time. I always avoided him.
Almost 1.5 years have passed since my first night with mom. I haven’t met mom for almost 11 months now. I used to work and come home. I have seen my wife avoiding to have sex with me for the last few months. I was frustrated mentally and physically. Meanwhile, my elder sister Mohini died. I couldn’t attend the funeral. She took an overdose of sleeping pills in rehab. My mom was devastated. I couldn’t be there for her. I couldn’t give my niece a good life. So I took out the car and was leaving one night. My wife asked me if I’ll be late. I didn’t say anything and left. I drove my car and sat on a park bench. I wanted to call my mom but realized I forgot my phone at home. I quickly drove back. I had extra keys so I entered the house. Suddenly I heard sounds from my room. I slowly walked and opened the door. I was shocked. My wife was with some else naked in the bed having sex. They both were shocked seeing me and was trembling in fear. I couldn’t just believe my eyes. My wife cheated on me. And the man she was with was none other than my father. I was angry. I felt rage growing. I hold them both by their neck and threw them out of the house. I didn’t even let them take their clothes. I sat on the bed with utter despair. My dad’s dad’s wallet and phone were on the bed. I took the phone and checked it. I was shocked. My wife was a former prostitute and stripper with whom my dad was having an affair while he was with my mom. I felt disgusted. I quickly packed all my stuff and froze the account that my wife used with my money. I transferred the whole amount to India to my Mom’s account. I immediately sold my car. My co-worker was looking for an apartment so I contacted him and sold my one to him at a reasonable amount. I immediately booked a flight to India and the next morning I quit my job. My mom called me as she saw a huge amount of getting transferred in her account. I didn’t talk to her and said nothing. I got on the flight and was coming home. I just wanted to come back home and make everything right, once and for all, to spend the rest of my life with the one I truly love.


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