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Wetting panties

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So after my last story and people not been nice and getting a lot of hate on insta I have a lot of stories to tell so on a side not let me tell you how I like to wet my panties as you know I am a boy who was forced to dress as a girl I wet the bed mom spanked me very hard I cryed my sisters used to make it better by rubbing cream on it my mom used to let me go to the park I met a girl we kissed I like it but when she felt in my panties she freeked and went tell her mom. Her mom and my mo. Talk for hours and everything was fine when we got home I took a shower and got ready for bed the nexted moring I woke up wet I had wet the bed my panties and my nighty I was in for a shouting at I told my mom that I enjoyed wetting myself she was mad he set my dad to the supermarket to by dipers for me to wee in they all took it in turns to change me that I like very much I drank a lot of water so I could wee I like it it saved on the mess every time I got changed I got powered and it saved on a rash mom told me that I had to go and see a Therapy and the doctor as this could not carry on

The nexted day I went to school in a diper I did not do sports or everyone would see my diper even before I did not do it cos my mate seeing my panties I came home from school wet I had set in my own mess for hours and I even weed on the bus before getting off my sister was at home to change me I told her I was hungry and let me suck her nipple but she did not have the milk buys she was getting off on it after that I watch TV did my home work had my dinner and got ready for bed ready for the nexted day

Fast-forward years on past school high school collage losing my mom and dad and sister that have gone off the rails from drink and drugs working 5 days a week got a wife kids and a secret
Of still wearing panties on my day off when she is at work or a sleep I still like to wet myself in panties my pj bottom I like to masturbate in panties I so wish I could get round to sucking a cock as i never did hope you have in joyed my insta is ka55y_chamber

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Dude! In order to be completely happy in life, we all need our loved ones to accept and enjoy us as who we are. Practice good communication with your wife. Slowly urge her to understanding you. A pee fetish is pretty common. Wanting to suck cock is too. She might enjoy secret pee games or sucking other cocks, and might want to include you, but doesn’t know how to tell you. Who knows. Share fantasies before blurting out, I DO THIS! Ok? Find out her secret sexual dreams and fetishes. EMBRACE them and help her make them a reality. Its is pretty hard for her to say no to your fetishes once you help her realize and enjoy hers. Think about it.