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Tricked my friend

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Me (16) tricking my friend (14) into taking my cock in his ass.

Hello! This is a true story about how I tricked my dumbass friend into taking it in the ass for satan!

So while growing up (still kinda do) I was REALLY into occult shit secret cults, hidden organizations, demons and devils.

I managed to trick my gullible buddy into “joining the dark” in which I would have to give him power through a demon of my choosing by saying an incantation in a dark room with a pentagram, and then depositing my seed into him orally , and anally. I was nice and was into men and women so I said he had to do it to me too (to seem fair). In which case he agreed.

It was a night that was shitty and full of cold rainy traffic filled streets, I just picked him up from work and made him buy the food and meals for the day since it was his turn. I casually mentioned the SCP video we watched the other day saying that satan was growing in power and that I would be joining them .

He was so hooked from the start I almost felt bad, I gave him the run down on colts, showed a few believable conspiracy stories on youtube and got him drunk ! This was all I needed for my plan!

Me: Well we better get this ritual started ! First things first I already made the incantations as you arrived so all I need from you is to get naked and lie down please!

Friend: Oh sure um just letting you know I’ve never done stuff down there before …

Me: Not a problem dude it wont be bad at all! Just lie down and relax!

*I mounted him, his legs are high in the air as I lube up my cock and his hole*

I start to push into his asshole with my cock , slowly invading his asshole while he groans in pain. I’m already in love with his warm asshole as it welcomes me inside, its tight and warm and so slippery with lube I have to pace myself so I dont cum immediately.

He groans and asks how long il be, I respond with a reassuring voice saying as soon as i cum it’s over and we can move on.

I slowly pound his ass , he yelps a bit every thrust I take. I start stroking his cock as I thrust making sure to wipe his precum on my lips as i fuck his ass.

He is whimpering and asking me to stop but I dont , I grab his hands and pull them to his side and use his arms as a holding area while i fuck him. He tries to fight it but I outweigh him and I’m already inside his tight hole so I have him trapped .

He just cries as I continue to violate him constantly sobbing that it hurts and that he wants me to stop , I respond and say “I’m almost done ! Dont you want your demonic powers?” And I laugh as I say it.

I cum… I cum so hard and so much that I temporarily lose my grip on him and shove as hard as I can into his hole. I have successfully raped my friend and he thinks he has to do this more just to get a tenth of my “powers” … il be fucking his ass for a looooong time..

Hope you enjoyed this very real story of how I fucking analy raped my young friend , I loved it and he is learning to love it! Il polish it up if needed and I have many more stories!

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  • Reply DD

    Dude holy crap. Im not gay but still this made me horny. Stupid boy he deserved your cum in his ass since he believes in bullshit like Satan. Please continue. If he comes back you should definitely fuck him hard. Make him suck you and cum in gis mouth without him wanting that. Humiliation is key if you want him ti be your sex slave. These people needs to know their place.

  • Reply F.B.G.M.

    keep going i almost cumed. that was good

  • Reply AP

    So finish the story. You said anal and oral so did you have him clean your cock when you were done? You also said that you said he was going to do you, did he?
    Was this a one-time sing for you both or did you guys go try and ‘convert’ others?

    • TheFiend

      The scared little bitch could barely suck my dick after I was done raping him so unfortunately no no didn’t, he takes cock fine but as soon as it goes near his mouth he’s all scared and bitchy.

      I’m trying to get him to convince his hot little friend from his work , I’m trying to build a cult that fucks on my say so . I’m hard just thinking about it.