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Took my best friends sons virginity

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I have no idea how to feel about the situation. I’m torn. On one hand, it was fun and the most turned on I’ve been in years. On the other hand, he’s young, he’s my best friends kid and he was a fucking virgin.

I’m 32. I divorced 3 years ago. Married too young, that whole thing. My best friend Myra and I were doing our yoga routine at her house since the studio is still closed. Her son Nico is at the age to be curious about women. I kind of always liked seeing him stare at me stretching with his mom. Especially my butt, he had no shame staring at it. This past weekend she had to meet her daughters father halfway to drop off her daughter. Nico didn’t want to go and he slept at my place. I’ve known him since a baby so it wasn’t uncomfortable or anything.

I was two glasses of wine deep during dinner. I went to change for my nightly stretches. I know for a fact my pants and thong were tangled in my pants on the floor when I took them off earlier. Now my thong was placed on top. I knew he touched them and assumed smelled them. It was a little turn on. Two glasses later and it’s all I was thinking about. During my stretching, I caught him looking from the kitchen. He tried pretending he wasn’t staring at me. I pretended not to not and asked him if he wanted to give me a hand.

I did some fake stretch where I had him hold my hips to “keep my back straight”. I just wanted to tease him with my ass. I thought about him jerking off later thinkin about me. It made my pussy quiver. I got on my back and asked him to push a leg back, then the other, then both. I could see he was hard, pretending not to. I said do go deeper in a sexy voice. His dick rubbing on my thin pants. I got to thinking if he had a nice dick. Was it too small? Maybe perfect for anal? I bet he could last so long being young and having stamina. It had been 2 years since I had sex. And the last guy was a rebound after my divorce. He was trash in bed.

I shot my shot since I was borderline drunk. I said I had to shower but he was doing great and maybe he could give me a rub down after. I shaved everything nice and smooth. I put on panties and a robe. He lotioned my whole back. I slowly got into a better position. Pillows under me. Asked if his pants were uncomfortable because of his boner. He seemed embarrassed. I said I’m literally naked here and facing the other way. His dick touching my ass was the last thing to be worried about. That’s when I beg to moan more and talk dirtier.

He told me he was still a virgin. “Oh wow. So you’ve never had the pleasure of feeling warm pussy around your dick. What a shame. Have you ever seen one?” I pulled my panties down for him to look. I held my cheeks open while he massaged me more. His dick finally penetrated me. He said he was so sorry. I insisted he keep going. As long as he massaged me, I didn’t care. My pussy was saturated and his dick felt really thick in me. I flipped back on full display. I was disappointed after a few more minutes he pulled out. I wasn’t even getting started. I sighed thinking it was over. He put it back in me and stayed nice and hard.

The next few hours were really great. He got hard easily. He came 4 times before we took a shower. I told him how I like it rough and what to do. He did so great. I had him eat my pussy before bed. I woke up to hard dick against me and realized what I had done. I tried pushing him away when he tried touching me. He took it as a sign to be rough with me. He held me down and demanded I take it. He had my face in the pillow so I couldn’t stop him by yelling he was in my ass. He pulled my head up but by then I was close to orgasm. Anal makes me cum easily. I told him he was in the wrong hole. He said how sorry he was but I told him to slap me. He did and I told him harder. He slapped me how I wanted and came right before he did.

Had breakfast and talked about how last night was never to be talked about. He promised he would keep quiet. I went to change and he followed me. He ate my pussy as a thank you and slow fucked me until he finished. Two days and his mother didn’t call so I knew he kept his secret. I went over this morning. All was well. He asked to show me something in his room. I joined him a few minutes later. He was jerking off standing in the middle of the room. He bent me over and gave me a minute of dick and filled my pussy. I really need to stop before we get caught. It’s just fun and I kinda don’t want to stop.

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  • Reply Anonymous

    I trained my son to serve me whenever I’m horny since age 7. Do the same with your friend’s son. He’ll love it and if your friend has something against it, shame on her for missing her opportunity.

    • RoXonB

      Really? How old is he now?

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Male virginity is exaggerated. His age, and betraying your friend’s trust would bother me more. Also, encouraging him to get into anal, and rough sex would be pushing things too far.

    Playing hard to get, to encourage him to get rough with you is a mistake. That gives them ideas on how to treat girls, possibly virgins his age.

    It’s not so much that he was a virgin, as what you taught him about treating women, and girls.

    • Anonymous

      Anon, how old is your son now?
      I think with some a little help by the author and some wine, Nico’s mom could get pulled into the fun. If Nico started showing some skin at home I’m sure Myra will start to notoce her son in a sexual way

  • Reply Anonymous

    You made the kid’s year. Keep pushing the limits with your new student doing more and more kinky stuff. He will become the sex machine monster you need. Make sure to tell us about all the stuff you do with and to each other.