Taking in my son

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I finally gave my son the sex he desires and it’s for both of us

I wasn’t the mother I until an experience made me.

My name is Rebecca. 42 years old mother of two sons. I am happily married to Steve, 45 who loves me so much and pleases me in all ways in bed. Our sons, Matt and Joey are 16 and 18 respectively. Matt graduated high school early this year and Joey is in his first year at college. I am proud of them both.

Matt and I spend a lot of time together since Joey spends most his time at College only to be back in the holidays. My husband is a work freak but don’t mistake him for a man who dedicates to work and neglect his bedroom job. He wants sex every night and he does me so good that I like it.

One day, Matt and I were cleaning the house as we usually do on Thursdays. Matt was scrabbing the floor while I dried it after him. Accidentally, the bucket of water which was up on a stand stambles and the water poured all over me. I wore a long silk sleeveless dress and it was all wet. Damn it! “I’m sorry Mom, I placed the bucket at the edge.” Matt apologized. “It’s okay, Matt. Good thing we’re getting done here.” We went on with the cleaning.

I started noticing glances from my Matt. I wondered what they were until I took note of the target, around my breasts and whenever I turned, he looked at my butt. When I got a view of myself in the mirror, I got to know what caused this. My dress was sticking on my skin due to the water. The outline of my boobs were now visible. My nipples could be seen protruding from the dress. And for my butt, it’s roundness wasn’t hidden. In summary, my whole body outline was emphasized by the wetness of my dress and I have to say, my view was sexy, sexual and
rated 18+. I was getting uncomfortable. Matt kept his glances. I also noticed his manhood was swollen and swelling even more. Was my son getting turned on my my body? Her own mother? Yes, he was and he tried very much to hide it. I pretended to not have seen and we completed the cleaning. I went to have a shower and Matt went to have his in his shower.

The next days were so odd. Matt was at his glances most of the time I was around or with him. Even at the dining table while we are all eating breakfast, lunch or dinner even though his father was at the same table, he tried as much as he could to get a sight of my cleavage. He also started paying so much attention to me. Very obedient, listening. I could send him on any errands whenever I wanted and he would ran them so willingly. He started to always wear longer t-shirts and I know the reason is to hide the bulge inside his pants. I could tell he had so much desire to lay me, down and as a mother I was concerned.

One day, after weeks of thinking about my son desires, it was twisted but it turned me on so much so that I wanted to give it to him. Matt is your typical teenager but a handsome one with a beautiful body. Any girl wouldn’t not want him. The imagination of his manhood that seemed to be no shorter than 6 inch and no thinner than thick enough and much as I resisted the idea of giving in to this incestuous desire that was growing in me too, I wasn’t strong enough and now I wanted to have sex with my son. I wish he knew the feeling had gotten mutual but it was me to show it.

I started wearing more revealing clothes. I made sure my boobs showed their fleshiness and reveal my nipples so I wore tops and dresses that showed my cleavage and a bigger part of my MILF boobs and I could see him trying to resist the temptation to grab them and play around. I started wearing tight dresses and jeans to show him my curved hips and butt. Whenever I wore pants, it were those pants the were tight between my legs to draw the outline of the lips of my vagina. It wasn’t hard to notice that my son stole sights of my body as much as he could. He wanted to have this body, the one of his mother, for his pleasure.

One day, I when Steve had told me he wouldn’t return home for the night because of an emergency at work which woud have him way too work late to come back home, I decided I should give in. That make it happen between Matt and I. The idea was ridiculous but I was decided to go for it anyway.

At dinner, I talked about how I was having a headache. It was a lie and the beginning of the end of my seduction plan. When we were done eating, I said to Matt, “Ouch, the headache is growing. Clear the table. I will go to have a rest. Can you please collect some ice flakes from the refrigerator, it could help with my headache.” I said while walking to our bedroom. I undressed and remained only in my lingerie and silky panties then got under the blanket and waited for Matt to come.

There he came with a small can with ice and water in it and a face towel. “Here, mom. Let’s relieve your headache.” Said Matt. “Oh, thanks, dear.” He dipped the towel in the can, squeezed it and put it on my forehead, gently moving it to cover every part of the forehead. He was by my side on the bed so close to my almost naked body and it was getting me turned on. When he turned to reach for the lotion, I pulled the blanket lower and my boobs were revealed by half. Matt turned back and started applying the lotion. His eyes were glued to my boobs, his manhood was rising under his trousers. This alone made my pussy start to get wet. As he was finishing the application of the lotion, accidentally a drop of the lotion fell on one of my boobs which were half way out of the lingerie. Impulsively, he set his thumb on my boobs and cleaned it off saying “Oh, sorry Mom. He just touched my boob and I was feeling all the want for sex. Wanting that incestuous lust conquer both of us. I wanted him to squeeze my boobs and suck on them. He realized he did something silly by impulse and apologized. “Sorry Mom, for touching you there.” He said. “It’s okay Matt. It doesn’t hurt.” His dick shot hard to raise his pants. “You’ve taken care of me well, son. For that I have a gift for you.” His eyes showed showed curiosity. I tossed the blanket off my body and gave my son a sight of my panty-covered pussy and lingerie-covered boobs. Matt got the shock of his life and he was getting the view of his dream and he was about to get the pussy of life.

He took his clothes off and climbed over to me on the bed and kissed me on the lips. I welcomed him by loosening my lips to let his tongue slide in my mouth to play with mine. The feeling was amazing. He pulled the straps of my lingerie and my boobs bounced out to his full view. He lay between my legs and started grabbing them. Squeezed them gently and then rougher when he got more excited. I felt my pussy get wetter and wetter. He rubbed a finger against my panties just where my pussy us located. I’m sure he felt the wetness of that place. He later slid a finger in and finger-fucked it before he pulled my wet panties down. I then opened my legs wider for him to do what he wanted down there. Matt was only 16 but naughty and perhaps experienced. At his age and lack of sexual experience, I thought he was going to shove it in my pussy already because most young boys seem to target the pussy more than anything and take no time entering a woman soon after seeing her pussy. Matt wasn’t like most teenage boys, he used his mouth before his dick. He lowered himself to have his face between my thighs and started stroking his tongue in and out. I couldn’t believe I was having my son sticking his tongue in my pussy while I pulled his head into it and playing with his hair. I felt every nerve when he hit my clit causing me to moan with pleasure. I wanted so bad to be fucked by now. I wanted that dick to work my pussy so hard. “Oh, Matt. You’re making mommy so hungry for a dick and you have it. It’s time to give it to her, baby”

I had mentioned Matt had become so obedient, so when I begged for his dick, we wasted no time. He rose from between my legs to prepare his long and big cock. I lay properly on my back and spread my legs wide to accommodate my son. He slid his cock along my pussy before dipping it’s tip in my wet womanhood. I moaned his name and felt each inch of his dick bury itself into my vagina. Matt started fucking me slow as I let out a “uh, ooh, mmmm” with every thrust. I felt my pussy was full and I liked it. “Mom, your womanhood is so pleasing.” Matt said and followed with a moan of pleasure. He increase the speed and force with which he was thrusting me. My boobs bounced back and forth as he fucked me so hard. He squeezed them as he continued with the fucking. He was even brave enough to look me in the eyes as he fucked me. I guess he wasn’t ashamed of himself fucking his own mother. I broke eye contact soon because I was ashamed of myself letting my son fuck me but it was happening and I loved every bit of it. He continued fucking me harder and harder. I screamed like a wild girl, good thing no one else was home. Just me and my boy who was showing me he was a man now. You could hear a sound from my wetness being rubber against by Matt’s dick and it stimulated me even more.

I noticed Matt’s speed of thrust rapidly increase and I knew he was about to cum. “Don’t, Matt. Don’t cum in there. You could get me pregnant.” In a blink, he withdrew his dick and told me to get in all fours. I obeyed. Before I could even settle in the position, he moved his hand over my wet pussy and extracted some of my juices then smeared it on my asshole. I knew he was about to fuck me anally and I was terrified as I hadn’t been fucked there ever before. He then penetrated my asshole and started thrusting me doggy style there and then I felt to much pain at first but the pleasure took over. Before long, Matt was shooting his cum in my asshole. At that very point, I felt my orgasm too. A very intense one that left my pussy dripping. I collapsed with Matt who also collapsed on top of me.

Matt rolled over looking exhausted and breathing heavily. I could hardly breathe. I reached for a towel, wiped my pussy and asshole and cleaned off the white stuff which came from vagina from the sheets in disbelief of what had just happened. How the sheets got messy. In the morning, I was woken up my the licking of my pussy by Matt which was followed by some more sex.

Matt and I have had sex many more times since then. In fact everyday. When my husband came back the next night, he had sex with me and in the morning, it was Matt’s time. So it was husband in the night and son in the morning. I hope Steve doesn’t know he shares pussy(his wife’s) with his son.

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