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Sex with my sister if we skip school and head out in our little camper

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It all started when my sister was 13 I was 15 she was a hot-looking 13-year-old that I used to stare at a lot her ass was beautiful and a beautiful smile with big blue eyes one night we were talking playing in her room and we decided to skip school I went down and stole snacks hit him in a brown sack snuck outside and took him to her camper which was on the bottom of our driveway a very small but nice camper next day we got ready for school instead of going to the bus stop we ran down and snuck into the camper it was a little chilly but I had blankets and pillows that I stole from the house in there daughter that could hurt we just laughed and kind of peeked out the window make sure our older brother wasn’t wandering around we played cards told jokes and then I asked her if you want to play Truth or Dare she said yes well the truth or dare games started asking about her with a older friend of the families if she had sex with him I heard stories of people in the neighborhood telling how she had sex with this guy named Mark when she was 13 she beat around the bush and eventually gave in and said yes I told her it was okay she asked me if I was having sex I said I had sex twice with who and surprise opened well a family friend over Joan you had sex with Joan yes right in this very camper all the night you kept sneaking in when we were camping out. And you kept sneaking in I kept telling you to get out yes but I waited for about 15 minutes when it was like 9:30 and crap back in and you were sleeping I climbed in bed with Joan and stuck my dick in her it was my first time having sex my sister asked me if it felt good I said yes she made me go real slow because she didn’t want to wake you up so I was going in and out of her real slow but I felt in 5 minutes my balls started to quitter and I knew I was going to come so I stopped made out with her a little bit more went back inside but you mean your balls felt funny and you were going to come that’s what a guy does he shoots semen out of his balls and into a girl’s vagina and that’s how babies are made I was going to shoot my semen and I didn’t want to get her pregnant even though she is married ball that’s awesome and then she asked me who else I had sex with I told her it was Bonnie Williams a girl that lived down the street but I said only one time now talking about this got me horny and my cock was rock hard looking at my sister a pretty she was and how interesting and sex talking was with her I had to have release I couldn’t sneak out and go jack off we were hiding out in the camper there was a little bathroom I thought of going in there pretending I was going to the bathroom I just jacked the load out of my cock for some release I got an idea I said let’s play strip poker and she agreed I think she was getting horny too talking about all the sex talk he started playing strip poker before you know what she was in her bra and underwear and I had my pants underwear and socks on she covered up with a blanket I said next time you lose it’s either your panties or your bra size and she lost she took her bra off and covered her nipples with her hands and said she was embarrassed I grabbed her hands and took them off and said Mary you have absolutely beautiful tits don’t be ashamed don’t hide them you think they’re beautiful I said yes I’ll show you how beautiful I think they are I stood up right in front of her with my cock in my pants and her face she seen the big balls she said is that your penis…… I said yes I’m horny looking at you and talking like we did that’s what guys do they get horny Paul’s start tingling cocks robbing I was going to go to the bathroom and jerk off to milk the c** out of it to get my release oh when a man gets hurt he has to have release yes that’s how it worked for a man are you horny talking about stuff like this does it make your pussy tingle Mary yeah kind of really does kind of itches down there and I’m kind of a little wet I can feel it in my underwear can I see your cock bro I would love to see a cock I never seen a real cock before I took down my pants and my boners sprung out oh my God she said that’s amazing I said you can touch it if you want she abide she grabbed three to hold of it and started squeezing I grabbed her hands and started making her jerk me off does it feel good bro yes it feels amazing now that you’ve seen and touched mine I would love to see your vagina would you show me I guess okay you can touch me too but no sex I do not want to get pregnant do you think Mark came in you when he ficked youno I don’t think he did I think when he was getting ready to do what you said men do he yanked it out and I heard a slapping noise oh he jerked it out of his cock then I guess she said and she showed me her vagina it was beautiful not a lot of hair and I have certainly smelled and tasted it before but I didn’t tell her that I started spreading her lips rubbing on her clit she leaned back and started moaning I then took my mouth and started sucking on her what are you doing she said that’s nasty I said this is what guys like to do to girls it’s called eating them out just lay back and say stuff two fingers in her and started licking on her clit sucking her hearing her moan all it feels so good it feels so good keep going it’s not nasty it’s great and she had an orgasm her first orgasm she’s ever had as her hips were f****** and she was moaning all I’m going to pee no you’re going to come Mary just come for me come on my face and she did hesitation I climbed on top of her started kissing her neck and made my way to her lips we shouldn’t be doing this this isn’t right as I planted my mouth on her sucking her tongue into my tongue she embraced me and kiss me back and I pointed my cock in her vagina and shoved it in without her knowing and stuff get balls deep into her vagina oh God no we shouldn’t be doing this you are my brother you should not be fucking me you got to take it out and I started thrusting in and out of her slowly at first and then a little faster I knew I wasn’t going to last long I was so turned on kissing and looking into my sister’s eyes knowing this was taboo but it’s something I was never going to forget the greatest feeling ever the other two girls I had sex was with nothing like this the feeling was intense I told her it was all right calm down you’re not going to come in me are you I do not want to get pregnant I won’t come again I promise and she started getting into it moaning kissing me back next thing I knew she was telling me she loved me and how good it felt she wrapped her legs around my ass and started bucking with my thrust it was too much for me to handle I was at the point of no return and now my head was spinning all’s I could think of was thrusting my sperm come deep inside of her I told her I was going to come she kept holding me with her legs and thrust in me I told her I have to pull out she said she was going to come and please don’t pull out so now I made up my mind I was pumping her like crazy and the next thing you know I was shooting my load deep inside my little sister’s vagina I’m coming sis one blast of sperm two glasses sperm three four five six seven eight maybe ten thick ropes of sperm deep inside my sister’s vagina the best orgasm I’ve ever had and she was contracting her vagina with every shot of semen I tossed into her when I finally stopped shooting my load in her I collapsed on top of her and she released her legs and collapsed we both lay there breathing very heavily my mind got clear thinking oh my God I just came in my little sister I’m so sorry I came and you it’s not your fault she said I told you to I wouldn’t let you pull out what are we going to do I said well the damage is done there’s nothing we can do you’re not on birth control.put the chance of you getting pregnant his slim I think there’s only one time a month that you can get pregnant that’s what my friends tell me we’ll just have to wait and see if you have your period we got dressed I grabbed the paper bag I had goodies in some peanut butter and jellies sandwiches some water we ate our lunch she was telling me how good it felt when I came in her she said your cock was throbbing and I could feel you shooting your semen in my pussy
She said it was the feeling when it happened that it made her lose control and had a warm fuzzy feeling throughout her whole body I told her it was an orgasm she said orgasms are amazing then we started to play cards again about 2:30 about a half an hour before school gets out and we can sneak back inside just pretend we went to school I did go to the bathroom as I was looking through a cupboard I found a dirty p*** magazine must be my older brothers or my dad’s I brought it out and we were looking at pictures of semen oozing out of vaginas men shooting their load we both got horny and had sex one more time this time I promised her I was going to pull out but you can’t wrap your legs around me I started screwing her for all I was worth I told her when I get ready to shoot my load I’m going to pull out and jack off on her tits and I did first couple ropes hit her belly third through 10 went all over over her head one Gob of semen right on her lips as she stuck her tongue out and licked it and swallowed it off I was just about ready for my orgasm to subside when I seen that and I started tingling all over again I was going to shoot another load first time ever doing this as I said another six strands of come on her tits 16 shots of sperm she was covered I hurried got a towel wiped her off we got dressed and went back inside like we were at school we walked in my mom said how was school what did you learn today and looked at my sister my sister said a lot of stuff a lot of cool stuff well that’s good my mom said and we went in got a snack and watch TV that night I was doing homework in the kitchen she come in and sit down and started talking to me we should never do anything like that again I said okay if that’s what you want that’s fine but if you change your mind let me know. About 2 weeks later we were fooling around upstairs and started to kind of wrestle on her bed rolling on each other tickling each other next thing I know we were staring at each other’s eyes and it just happened we started making out kissing and tongue each other stuffed my hand down her pants and it started fingering her vagina she asked me something out of the blue she wants to give me a b****** I want to feel how my friends talk about giving a BJ no I never had a BJ before I told her I haven’t never had one first for the both of us I took my pants down and she started sucking on my cock it felt so good within minutes I was going to come I just held her head and started pushing in and out of her mouth telling her I was going to come don’t stop as I shot my load in her mouth she gay to try to keep up swallowing all my sperm why did you do that she said I thought that’s what you wanted what’s his address I said it wasn’t that bad it taste kind of funny and I almost choked I told her let me return the favor took her pants down and started licking on her pussy hole oh I told you you taste so good sucking on her until she had an orgasm her juice was fine I was gobbling alcohol her girl c** I could I told her to turn around I want to try something I never did she turned around her ass was so beautiful I spread her cheeks apart and started tonguing her ass hole out she said that’s gross I said never mind it didn’t taste too bad a little strange but I was rock hard again her ass muscles contracted when I tried sticking my tongue in her butt I got horny and mounted her and started pounding her next thing I know I heard somebody coming up the stairs that I jumped off and grab my shorts she rolled over and covered up as I hidden her glass and it was my older sister checking on her what’s up sis not much just kind of taking a nap where’s your brother I think he’s outside playing oh Joan wanted me to ask him something I’ll go look for him she left I snuck out of the closet and went back to what I was doing we were laughing as a mounted her on the bed untilwe were both back into it moaning happy kissing each other sucking on each other’s lips when I was ready to come I jumped up sat on her stomach and jacked my load off not one drop hit her seven or eight ropes of c** shooting over her head the night stand and on her pillow while you can come a lot bro it’s so cool watching you shoot your load I needless to say a week later she got her period so we knew she wasn’t pregnant I started getting my friend to get me condoms and I would use them on her and shoot into the condom me and my sister had sex at least 50 times almost got caught at least five it was great sex even though I had a girlfriend and she found a boyfriend we still continued when any of us got extremely horny sometimes I wouldn’t have condoms and I would shoot my load in her not caring now she was 16 and knew how to ride a cock one night she was on top of me thrusting her hips back and forth on my cock and I shot my load in her I didn’t even tell her I was going to come but she knew I came in her and didn’t care she had her period in 3 weeks then after that we just had sex and I would jerk off and I come all over her or she would swallow it she was my best lover of my life good old times right there 4 years and then everything was over she got married I moved away we still get along really well after 25 years never ever bring it up about what we have done until one night her husband was on her golf trip for the long weekend she invited me over we went out had a bunch of drinks come home her kids were staying the night at our mom’s and we just started talking when we got back to her house next thing you know we were in her bed having sex again for the first time in a long time I was married not married had a girlfriend but it didn’t matter to me we had sex four times that night and two times the next day her kids come home I went back to my apartment and every once in awhile to this day she’ll come over and we’ll have a quickie I love you Mary

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  • Reply Larry ID:5fu3cxmldh

    Reminds me of how me and my little sister started fucking. And we continue for all through Jr.high and High School. We never used condoms so with all the times we did it where lucky never pregnant.

  • Reply Fred ID:esoxamtv4

    Really good start which is all I could read. The lousy grammar, punctuation and spelling made me give up.

  • Reply Irishgerman ID:7zv1mgx2qm

    Could have been much better with punctuation, would have let us all know when a sentence started and ended. Also, keep in mind when writing stories real or fake that the over use of the same word causes your readers to become bored. Other than that, good story.

  • Reply Jessica ID:rz5vjd9d

    Wow am feeling horny after reading this

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0k

    To who ever wrote this story. People don’t hate you and are not being spiteful to you. people just want a good story to read that is legible and easily understood. in the twenty plus some odd stories I have written my writing had improved so much because of the feed back from others. yes some are really stupid comments and yes sometimes it is hard to ignore. but all in all take the time to improve your writing and watch the comments and ratings shoot straight up.

    have a good day and keep writing, learning, growing and expanding your knowledge daily becoming a better human being not to mention a better writer.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf1mkaz

    The story it self was not bad yet the punctuation and no paragraphing makes it to fucking hard to follow taking all your attention just so you don’t loose your place.
    This could of been a really good story but because of the lack of proper schooling it sadly wasn’t.
    Keep trying though maybe skimming through an actual “BOOK” to see how to write.

  • Reply Johnmclellan ID:bk9cmjbqi

    Should I cum inside my sister she’s 16 I’m 24

    • No ID:2xbv615o20b


    • Onesickdude ID:vuf0i7zk

      Yes absolutely

    • Randy ID:6cdla3mqrb

      Yes make her feel a real juice of your balls

  • Reply Abc ID:a9crihrc

    Mike was school shut when you went ?
    Like its been written by an ape wearing boxing gloves…..oh wait, that’s unfair on the ape. Awful!!!

  • Reply John Mclellan ID:2c3vhgexic

    Should i cum inside my sister

  • Reply John Smith ID:7z8bannwd3

    None of that huge run on load of crap makes any sense. Punctuation? Do you have a concept about spelling or even what words to use? Give it up.

  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:3i7mqpc0b0b

    can u please repost it whit paragraph? because it look interesting even if its only a fantasy.

  • Reply CHERRY ID:abue0543

    Hahahaha yeah johny Ray understood it because his spelling is just as atrocious, and just as unreadable lol.

  • Reply Sam ID:7ylren6zrk

    How about some fucking punctuation.

    • Johny ray ID:21c92s6r44

      It wasn’t. The best ritting story.but man it was a hot story i loved the story line ty mike and fuck you.lurker !!!!!!!!! I understood. It you dick sucker and sam how about you fucking shutting your pie hole u cum sucker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💦💦💦💦💦💦💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  • Reply Lurker ID:1i2lwlyz6ib

    This is basically unreadable