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Raped by my dad and dog

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My dad and my dog raped me when my brother was gone

I am 12 and just developing boobs and only recently got my first period. It lives me my brother my dad and my mutt dog. My mom left when I was 3 with her boyfriend and never tried to contact us again. One day my brother went out and visit his friends and I was with my dad watching tv, everything seemed normal until he asked for me to sit with him so I did but he pushed me closer where I could feel something hard on his lap, I tried to move away from it but he kept me there and was touching my thighs getting closer and closer to my pp. he said that he really loves me and needs this right now I was confused but I then felt him pull down my pants and underwear I asked what he was doing and he just shushed me and said it’s ok. He told me to kneel down on the floor and pull out his pp and he will get me a gift if I let him do what he wants. I did it and saw his pp out he asked me to put it in my mouth and suck on it like it was a lollipop so I did really wanting the gift. He said I was doing so good and that he wants me to feel good too. He picked me up and put me on his bed and asked if I knew how babies were made. I was covering myself with my hand and said that i didn’t know much. He explained that when a guy and a girl loved each other they do something really fun and it can make babies. He then asked if I loved him and that he loved me so its okay for us to have fun and that we didn’t even have to make babies and he would give me the gift after. I agreed and he took his pp in his hand going up and down until he dragged me by my feet closer to him. I was a bit scared as he forcefully moved my hands away saying my pusy looked so good and more things. He said he couldn’t wait any longer and he was gonna fuck me and kept apologizing in avance. I was more scared when I felt his pp touch mine and he said I was wet so I want this and it’s okay as he stuck it in my whole. It really hurt and I started crying asking what was happening. He ignored me and grunted as he kept taking it out and putting it in deeper. I asked him to stop and that it hurt and I didn’t want to do it anymore but he wouldn’t listen and just kept doing it sometimes he would speed up, I tried to punch kick and run away because it hurt so bad but he wouldn’t let me move and kept going in and out of me while I was crying. He finally spoke said he loves my whole and was gonna “give it what it needs” going really fast until I felt something warm insideh. He then pulled out of me and said I was so good and walked out. I laid there crying and investagating what he did, I felt something sticky and was confused still in pain and so tired. I was about to pass out but I heard my dog’s crate open and my dog ran inside my room and jumped on the bed, I thought he was gonna lay with me but he stuck his nose on my pp and was licking, I pushed him away and called him bad but my dad walked in and laughed. He said I was a slut and that’s why I didn’t pull up my pants and let the dog lick me but it’s ok he will help. Last thing I knew my legs were pinned down and my dog kept licking me, it started to feel really good and I started to like it until it felt a lot more good and I couldn’t handel it. My sad said I comed from the dog and it was the dogs turn as he pulled me on my hands and knees and spread my legs. My dog jumped up and I could feel him touch my pp until something was pokin it. He did the same thing my dad did but randomly jumped down but his pp still in me. I was really sore and he wouldn’t get out, I felt the sticky stuff again and we stayed like that for what seemed like forever until it finally stopped. I was able to pass out but woke up to the sticky stuff on my face. I looked things up know a bit more that happened and never told anyone that it happened. While researching I found this and wanted to share my story. My dad will still try to get me to do things but my brother has been home. And when I asked what the gift was he said he was going to buy me another dog to play with whenever he finds the right one so I’m excited for that.

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    Do you have sc or KIK

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    Would you want to record a video for me?

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    I wish this happened to me

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    Hi sweet heart…if you want some really nice gifts then lets talk..you can even bring your puppy if you want!! kik sobad4udad

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      Gifts? Huh

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    I wanna see get raped by the two dogs while ur pregnant with my child

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      I don’t think I’m pregsnt

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    I bet she soon learned to love having a hard penis in her pussey.

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      You know she did

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