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My mom and me are tired of casual sex

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Also a story about my friend from neighborhood

So me and mom have been fucking a lot since a few weeks, we do it even 4 times a day sometimes but just blowing, licking, fucking her is just boring for us. So I’m asking you to suggest me how could we spice it up? Okay so here’s the main story:

Some days ago I had a strange accident at my friend’s house, she’s 13. So my mom and me decided to visit her, we crossed the street and knocked on the door, she opened, I was surprised by her clothing : thin white t-shirt that showed her curves and tight leggings. I tried to ignore it but damn that was fucking hot, so my mom started a conversation with her parents so my cousins and me have gone to her bedroom, it was evening so it was pretty dark and cold. She layed on her bed, spreaded her legs, I could see the green panties she had, she watched some tiktoks and said she’s gonna shower, so I was left alone in her bedroom, while she was gone i searched her drawers but found nothing except some dirty panties with discharge, i licked it and god it was so amazing, I put them back. Since I was horny i came to the bathrooms door to peek at her and damn those little perky tits and a small butt made me hard, I came in silently but there was a plastic piece and I stepped on it and it revealed me, she screamed what the fuck im doing here and that I’m a perv for peeking at her and etc. But then she saw my boner and her tone completely changed, it was sweet and more helpless. She ordered me to take my clothes off and close the bathroom. I did it and jumped in the shower. And it began we both teased ourselves with hands she rubbing my cock and me her clit, she tried not to moan but it was to good for her, she then bend over, and spread her ass, and fuck her pussy was so nice and wet and small. So I slowly inserted my tip, she moaned and I got so turned on that I immediately inserted it all, I popped her cherry we washed the blood off with water and I began to thrust the tightness overhemled me and I came too fast. Even my mom isn’t as tight as her. She cleaned up me and herself and we dried and continued to live like nothing happened. I decided to leave without my mom to explore her drawer. I found some interesting stuff that she’s using but I can’t tell now. And this is the end, also I ask you again:how can I spice up things with my mom?

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  • Reply Josh

    Try some roleplay, if you need more ideas hmu on snap, mojo_jojo3214

  • Reply Anonymous

    Let you mom read and decide.

  • Reply Anonymous

    Sounds like your mom likes dominating you, giving pain, and humiliating you. Make sure she reads this and anything you post here.
    Here’s some ideas she could do to you –
    Get rid of your pubes and any hair below your nose. Use Nair or stuff like that.
    She should change out all of your underwear for girl’s thong panties.
    She should get your nipples pierced with bars. Minors can’t do that but since you have a parent with you —
    She needs to lock a metal cock ring on you, the kind that is put on with a hex wrench. She can get one at a good adult bookstore.
    She needs to use poppers on you so that you can’t resist anything she does to you.
    She should tie you to a bed and see how many lubed fingers she can get up your butt.
    New Year’s Eve she should take you to a hotel with a pool or hot tub. You both should wear tiny swimwear. She should have a bikini and you a racing Speedo to attract the pervs. Then she needs to have them come back to your room to fuck you while she watches. Since you don’t use a condom when you fuck, no one should use a condom when they fuck you.
    Since she likes to hurt you have her ride you in reverse cowgirl and as you start to cum have her punch you in the balls.

    • RoXonB

      Listen its not like humiliating because I like it and she would kill if anyone do any harm to me, thanks for the suggestion but I must take them down. I like it rough but not so rough to feel pain. Anyway thanks again

  • Reply RoXonB

    Yeah we tried

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  • Reply daddy

    Have you guys tried anal

    • Kimberly

      Iv been raped anally in the back of a van when I was 17 . I’m going to tell my story soon